How One Of The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurial Coaches Stays In Killer Shape For Ironman Triathlon.

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Mark Moses coaches 26 of the world's top entrepreneurs, CEO's and companies on how to dramatically grow their businesses, grow their people and elevate their own performance.

He also travels all over the world speaking at industry conferences and company events.

Mark started his first company at age 19, and has successfully built and sold two companies. He  won Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year award and the Blue Chip Enterprise award for overcoming adversity. His last company ranked #1 Fastest-Growing Company in Los Angeles as well as #10 on the Inc. 500 of fastest growing private companies in the U.S. Mark has served on the Board of the Children's Hospital of Orange County for the last several years.

Oh yeah, just a couple other things…

…Mark also won the U.S. National Squash Championship in 1992…

…and he has completed 12 full distance Ironman Triathlons, including the Hawaii Ironman World Championship 5 times.

I'll bet you'd like to know Mark's secrets, eh? Good news, because I was able to pick Mark's brain for this audio podcast. During my discussion with Mark, you'll discover:

-What compelled Mark to do his first Ironman triathlon…

-What Mark has found to be the biggest challenges for a busy and successful guy like you to stay in Ironman shape…

-How Mark's training has changed much over the 12 Ironman triathlons he's completed…

-How Mark tackles feeling mentally confident training “minimalist” vs. putting in more volume…

-Mark's most important lessons he's learned about how to manage your time and still stay fit…

-The #1 hotel room workout Mark does when he travels…

-Where nutrition fits in for Mark…

-What Mark you wish you’d known when you first started training for Ironman…


Resources from this episode:

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Sufferfest Cycling Workouts

Triathlon coaching with Ben Greenfield

-The minimalist “Triathlon Dominator” training plan

-The article: The Zen Of Getting Uber-Fit Without Neglecting Your Friends, Your Family and Your Career.

-The podcast episode with Sami Inkinen “How To Maximize Triathlon Success With Minimal Training Time”

Questions, comments or feedback for Mark Moses or about minimalist triathlon training programs or time management for Ironman triathlon? Leave your thoughts below!

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4 thoughts on “How One Of The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurial Coaches Stays In Killer Shape For Ironman Triathlon.

  1. tomdoran says:

    Great interview. Really love the minimalist approach, esp. as I get older and struggle through injuries.

    Q for Mark: you mentioned chronic calf injuries early in your marathon training. I ran 10-20 miles a week for 20 years with no injuries whatsoever. Beginning about 5 years ago, calf strains started happening. At least 2-3 a year requiring a 4-6 week running layoff each. No apparent cause-and-effect – they happen out of the blue.

    You obviously figured out something along the way – any suggestions? thanks

    1. I talk about chronic calf strains/sprains in this podcast – take a look at Jake's question.…

  2. Frank Garcia says:

    I want to stay in top shape, with less time training. I’m 51 years old. I’m a triathlete and want to train smarter not longer. Can you help. Thanks

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