Here you’ll find every fitness podcast I’ve ever recorded. In the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast, we discuss everything from how to increase endurance, how to train for Ironman, how to train for Spartan, how to increase VO2Max, how to use heart rate zones and heart rate variability, how to build muscle fast, how to increase speed, power, and strength, how to become more flexible, the importance of mobility, the benefits of yoga, and a bunch of fringe fitness hacks including training masks and altitude training, blood flow restriction training, the benefits of sauna and cold thermogenesis for fitness, and much more! Take a deep-dive into the minds of the world’s fittest athletes!

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Episode #132 – Full Transcript

Episode# 132 from Introduction:           In this podcast, aphrodisiac foods?  Is textured vegetable protein healthy?  How long does it take to recover from energy drink addiction?  Are tiny, red bumps on your skin dangerous? ...

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