Podcast Episode #78: How To Stay Fit When You’re Partying.

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In this January 20 free audio episode: vitamin D, good carbohydrates, using weight vest and ankle weights for calorie burning, skiing for triathlon training, too much urination during exercise, exercise and hashimotos disease, and how to stay fit when you're partying.

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Anonymous asks: Hi there Ben, i have a question on what is considered the safest least  injury free running form?  heel to toe   or  midfoot to forefoot? Also  any thought on Newton Running shoes? i run in a new pair of Asics  pronation support shoe..i roll inward ..ive had trouble with hip and  knee when .physical thearpy said hip is rotated and gluteus medius is  weak. He also suggested midfoot to forefoot running is better on the  body and he wears Newtons.  i looked up proper running form and seems  more people run midfoot to forefoot as well. Any thoughts or advice on this. Thanks.

Anonymous asks: Hi there Ben have a question about the pros and cons to white rice?  I  eat quinoa rice on occasion and had a couple bobybuilding friends tell  me to eat white rice and chicken pre-workout to help increase energy  levels. im a triathlete and very clean eater and am anti-white rice. i  am struggling with getting enough good carbohydrates in. i rarely eat pastas or  rice or potatoes. usually two days out to a race is the only time i eat  them. struggling with energy levels and recovering and my friends  suggested it was due to no substatial carbs. i eat quinoa oats in the  a.m on a swim and bike day and weight days/ run days i go with egg  whites in the a.m. Any helpful advice?  THanks

Listener Sal asks: Hey Ben, I have a question regarding weight vests and ankle weights.  I am   a student, and I spend much of my time in the library or in class sitting   down.  However, I do walk quite a bit to and from class, going up lots of   stairs throughout the day as well.  I was wondering how beneficial it would   be to throw on some ankle weights or even a weight vest underneath my   clothes.  Since it is winter, and i am usually wearing pants or a   sweatshirt anyways, I doubt anyone would notice.  Would this extra weight   cause any substantial calorie burn throughout the day?  Would it build leg   and general body strength? Also, what are the downsides to having this   stress on the body for such a long period of time.  I am not expecting much  from this idea, but thought that positive effects might be worth it since   it would take up no additional time in my day.  I would appreciate any   suggestions or comments on this topic.  Thanks, Sal

Listener Lance asks: How can alpine skiing fit into “off season” base building? I am an avid skier who lives 4 hrs away from the hill, but still manage 30+ days a year from school vacations and weekends. In the past, I just skied until the snow ran out, then went mountain biking until it snowed again. This year I want to participate in a long triathlon season, so endurance training is the priority. Unfortunately, skiing is an anaerobic sport, and in the past it kept me unfit on the bike. I am unsure about how to balance the sports. There are two points of conflict:

Weekends: Usually the only available time either to ski or do long rides or runs. Spring: There is often quite an overlap between spring skiing and training that needs to be done for spring races. How can I fit together my disparate interests so I can enjoy the ski season, but still have reasonable fitness for spring Xterra races?

Listener Diane asks: Ben,  I don’t know if you have ever come across anything like this  but I am getting desperate.  My docs are stumped.  For the last few years during stressful exercise(mostly races) of any length I start urinating every 10-15 min copious amts. I am very competitive and successful (won my age group in Kona this year), and this is negatively impacting my times as you can imagine.  If it starts during a triathlon usually doesn’t start until the bike portion.  If a marathon usually after first hour.  It is rare for it to happen during training unless out very hard for long time.  I don’t feel bad just very wet.  My primary doctor thought maybe diabetes insipidus and gave me DDAVP to take before race.  This worked maybe twice. He sent me to urology who didn’t feel they could help.  I take electrolytes and have tried different ones and it doesn’t change anything.  During a recent Ironman event in Nov at mile 20 on the bike I started every 15 min and then on the run hit the portapotty every mile. This is an example of how it usually goes. If you have any suggestions I would be very appreciative.  I have not found anyone else with this problem.

Listener Chuck asks:  I have a trip to Las Vegas planned for April 16-19th.  I plan to have a good time, not kill myself, but probably drink a fair bit each night.  Of course, I'll try to get in as many good workouts as I can, but how will this affect me for the half Ironman on May 8th? And what can I do maintain as best as possible on the trip?

Listener Carmen asks: What do you know about exercise and Hashimotos thyroid disease and how it affects adreanal health? Limitations?

Listener Brad asks:  I just got turned on to your podcasts on my new phone through Google Listen. Your advise and podcasts are awesome and now I look forward to the advice you give each week on your podcast regarding triathlons. Last year I got in a few Ironman 70.3 at 42 years of age under my belt in just my second year of doing triathlons with a best of 5:14 in Kansas with a fractured foot. Had way to much energy when I finished both of them. I wish I would have known about you before committing my current coach here locally. He is one of the best here in Dallas area with 20+ yrs experience so I know I am in good hands. Maybe in the future it work out. I heard your latest podcast about the UA mouthpiece and I should be getting mine within a week. My dentist was able to pass it off as a sleep aid for grinding my teeth at night so after insurance I only paid $62 of the $495 price tag. I will let you know how it works for me as I increase my workouts. Still doing off season work and light workouts. Again, please keep informed on your findings with the mouthpiece.

Listener Dave asks: I have been following your podcasts on the benefits of goat milk.  I have an acquaintance that has a friend that raises goats.  The milk is raw, unpasteurized straight from the goat.  He has offered to let me have some.  Would you have any concerns about this milk and implementing it into a diet?

Listener Todd asks: Ben, I've been reading alot about Vit. D3 sources, and that the tablet form (small white disc, that comprises 90% of the Vit. D3 out there) is not very well absorbed by the body. Because D3 is oil soluble, we should be taking it in oil form (i.e. a gelcap).  It was even suggested that this form is better that the sublingual spray.  Any thoughts on this?


For  the next 2 weeks, the podcasts from Ben Greenfield Fitness will primarily focus on “Listener Q&A's”, due to Ben's undertaking of a huge triathlon-focused side project that is going to bring you an instant and affordable way to get customized triathlon training advice! For more information on that project, and to stay in the loop on what's going on with that project (called the Rock Star Triathlete Academy) simply go to http://www.rockstartriathlete.com.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #78: How To Stay Fit When You’re Partying.

  1. Ben says:

    Because so many people are still in the rigours of triathlon in October and September, we’ll probably repeat this camp in late January 2011! Check out all the videos at https://www.youtube.com/bengreenfieldfitness

  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks for answering my question Ben. Wish I could have made it to the Triathlon camp– from the videos it looked awesome. Any chance you may do another later in the year, like September, to help pre athletes for end of the season races?

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