Top 10 Most Popular Episodes of Get-Fit Guy

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Ben Greenfield is the voice of the Get-Fit Guy

Over at the Quick & Dirty Tips Network, I write a weekly article, release a weekly newsletter tip, and publish a 5-10 minute free audio episode, called “The Get-Fit Guy's Quick & Dirty Tips To Slim Down and Shape Up”. Each episode is devoted to fitness, fat loss, muscle gain, cardio or weight training.

If you're looking for short snippets that will help you get the body you want, then you'll find Get-Fit Guy incredibly useful, and to get you started, here are the Top 10 Most Popular Episodes of Get-Fit Guy…you can click on any of the episodes to link over and listen (they'll open in a new window).

And the best part?

They're short, available to either read or listen,and you could get through ALL of them in under an hour if you wanted to!

#10: How To Make A Home Gym


#9: How To Run Faster


#8: How to Tighten Skin When You Lose Fat


#7: Which Workout Burns the Most Fat?


#6: How To Make Your Muscles Bigger


#5: How To Start Running


#4: How to Use Weight-Lifting Machines


#3: How to Start Weight Training


#2: How To Tone a Specific Muscle or Body Part


#1: Which Exercise Machine Burns the Most Calories?

What do you think? Do you have any favorite episodes that didn't make this list, but that you think everybody should have a chance to learn about? Then leave your comments below!

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