Training & Diet Secrets of a Vegan UFC Fighter.

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What's it take to be a vegan UFC fighter?

Is it even possible to fight MMA and eat a plant-based diet?

How does a UFC fighter train, and what are some of their underground training tactics?

You're about to discover all the answers, and much more, in this podcast with James “Lightning” Wilks, an English professional mixed martial artist and the winner of Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter.

Even though I eat animals, and James doesn't, you're going to get a ton of value and an insider peak into the life of a serious fighter…keep reading to find out more and to download the audio or listen now…

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5 thoughts on “Training & Diet Secrets of a Vegan UFC Fighter.

  1. Sofia_VF says:

    What a really interesting podcast, love that a UFC fighter is doing what he does as a vegan – very inspiring!

  2. Kevin Hansen says:

    Listened to this out on my ride today. You asked great questions and Mr. Wilkes provided great answers. I like the concept of the letters he uses to remember what he needs to watch out for as a vegan. I'd love to hear some more science on Vitamin K2 some time. I've heard about the MK4, MK7 stuff a little bit, but I just wonder how important it is to have versus how much our bodies can crank out from our diets, if at all.

    Great Podcast!

  3. Dave says:

    I've been a big fan of MMA and UFC, i do remember James retirement from forums but can't recall hes fights because there are so many good guys out there, its hard to keep track on everyone. What i like about the podcasts, is you get to know the real person like we would hang out. Damn he fought with broken neck for all this time, what the hell. I'm gonna go check and see if i can find some of hes fights online.

  4. rcrc says:

    you have problem with podcast

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