Sex, Drive & Hormones Q&A – A Special Podcast Episode For Mature Audiences Only.

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In this special podcast episode, I wear my sexiest pajamas ever and do a live sex, drive and hormones Q&A as part of the celebration of SexyBack Summit week.

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Questions I answer in this podcast include:

Is there any way to know whether your testosterone is low without having to take an expensive blood test?

Are there supplements or diet choices at meal time that can act as an aphrodisiac? aka modern day “Spanish Fly”

What advice would you give someone that wants to get off of monthly testosterone treatments and onto more natural remedies to help with low testosterone levels and getting the boom back into the bedroom?

For those of us that like to have a few drinks on a date, can you suggest a healthy way to counteract the alcohol's negative effect on sexual performance? Perhaps an exercise, supplement, or just good old fashioned hydration?

Do you know of the best time of the day for male and female hormones to both be supercharged? There's bound to be an apex that both partners to maximize their satisfaction. Have you guys cracked the code?

Can you explain the connection between the adrenals, thyroid, liver and gut? Saliva testing revealed I have high levels in the a.m, low levels mid day and very high levels at night. My thyroid levels are slightly low but “normal”. My estrogen and testosterone are both high. A urine metabolic profile showed liver wasn't detoxing properly. Finally, I have lots of issues w/belly distention/painful bloating. It's my understanding that they are all interconnected but I'm just not understanding how.

Many of the things I recommend in this video can be found on the Ben Recommends page.

Questions, comments or feedback about this sex, drive and hormones Q&A? Leave your thoughts below, and be sure to check out the SexyBack Summit for even more great videos!

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13 thoughts on “Sex, Drive & Hormones Q&A – A Special Podcast Episode For Mature Audiences Only.

  1. Kamasu says:

    What a great listen. Good to know some people still think like this.

  2. Invigo says:

    Great Podcast.

  3. 1000MW says:

    What a great podcast. Thanks

  4. MKamasu says:

    Thank you so much for this great podcast. Sticking to a good diet has worked for me.

  5. Alex Blank says:

    I use more natural foods. I combine greek yogurt, honey, and walnuts. It works perfectly.

  6. Thank you so much for this great podcast. It was really helpful in answering many of my questions! I’ve heard of the following being effective aphrodisiac: watermelon, avocado, honey, strawberry, dark chocolate, and asparagus. They’re all natural and healthy!

  7. Progentra says:

    Tribulus terrestris and Tongkat Ali worked good for me as well

  8. girlandman says:

    thanks, it is useful for me.

  9. HTMWS says:

    Tribulus terrestris worked good for me ;)

  10. tom says:

    What about someone who has had a medium stroke

  11. Does "Spanish fly" affect your digestion? I have heard that it causes diarrhea and bloating.

    1. Yes – it can actually be quite poisonous! Symptoms of cantharidin poisoning include burning of the mouth, dysphagia, nausea, hematemesis, gross hematuria, and dysuria. Not to mention mucosal erosion and hemorrhaging in the upper GI tract.

  12. SFP says:

    Perhaps an exercise, supplement, or just good old fashioned hydration?

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