How Long Can We Live?, The Knight’s Templar Longevity Diet, How To Have Bigger Babies, How *Not* To Exercise, The Best Morning Meditation & Journaling Practice & Much More!

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I spend a lot of time talking to other people on my podcast…

…but I'm not going to do that today.

Instead, today is going to be just me talking to you—a special episode that I affectionately call a solosode.

Anyways, I spend most mornings sipping my morning beverage (whether that's coffee or tea or Lion's Mane), reviewing the latest research on topics such as longevity, caffeine, and exercise. This is because while I've written about nearly every health-related subject matter in the past, what we know is constantly evolving. Today is my chance to share a few of the latest goodies with you.

So without further adieu, let's delve right in!

In this special solosode, you'll discover…

-What we can learn from supercentenarians…07:55

-The Knights Templar diet for longevity…13:40

  • Order of knights in the 1300s with compulsory diet rules (silent meals, a buddy system, and wine “in moderation”) associated with longevity
  • Balance between fasting and cyclic eating
  • Ate meat 3 times per week
  • On Sundays, everyone ate meat together
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, they ate vegetables, bread, potage, fruit
  • On Fridays, they fasted (dried salted fish or dairy substitutes after fasting hours)
  • Everyone drank wine but in moderation
  • Fast—feast—fast cyclic diet
  • Ben's dietary habits:
    • Rotate heavier eating days, lighter days, and fasts a few times per month
    • Occasionally trains in a calorie-restricted state

-How to time caffeine intake for optimal oxidation and aerobic capacity…18:25

-Omega-3 supplementation in pregnancy for bigger babies and children…22:30

-Why HIIT is not the way to train…28:40

-The relationship between exercise and having a purpose statement…33:10

-Ben's morning journaling practice…35:35

-Ben's evening journaling practice…44:00

-Where to see Ben LIVE…48:05

-And much more…

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16 thoughts on “How Long Can We Live?, The Knight’s Templar Longevity Diet, How To Have Bigger Babies, How *Not* To Exercise, The Best Morning Meditation & Journaling Practice & Much More!

  1. Martin says:

    Hey Ben, thanks for another amazing podcast. I’m glad you mentioned your journaling practice. I have a bit silly question :) I’m doing journaling myself for over a year and I wonder what you do with the journal you filled in. I mean I have a journal diary which is for around 100 days, so in a year time I’ve collected 3 full journal diaries. Storing them is rather unconvinced, so what to do with them? Bin it? Burn it?…

    Thank you!

    1. Well, although saving them is laudable, I tend to often lose mine once they're full!

  2. Nice episode, but a little nitpick about the show notes.

    Instead of “without further adieu” (translates as bye), please write / say “without further ado”

    Feel free to zap this comment without further ado after memorizing ;-)

  3. youssef says:

    This diet looks interesting, what do you think about the keto diet, check out this custom keto diet

  4. Dan says:

    Ben – just wanted to give you kudos for your self reflection and acknowledging The feedback from listeners about interrupting guests. I thought you showed good humility the way you acknowledged it, reflected on your interview style, and talked about what you could do better. Keep being awesome!

  5. Sushi says:

    I am very thrilled to hear you publically address the interrupting thing; I was going to mention how I saw you putting that feedback to use during last week’s Q&A, when you went out of your way to allow your fellow Q&A host to speak, but link wasn’t working from Spotify.

    So thank you Ben, for always providing us a ton of technical information and helpful tips on how to live a more joyful, fulfilling, and adventurous life. You’ve been the guiding light in my journey through fitness, wellness, and nutrition. I’ve yet to find a better source of easily digestible information. Can’t wait for your cookbook!

  6. David N Rieger says:

    Hi Ben, great podcast. That was super interesting, especially about longevity and the Knights Templar. My question is, what did you do when the doctor treated you poorly and wanted to remove your colon? Can you name two or three steps you took to get back on track? I am a teacher, with ulcerative colitis. This past year has been difficult staying healthy with the pandemic and virtual learning; it was a lot of sitting. Additionally, I caught covid so that made my situation worse.

    Anything you can add would be much appreciated

  7. Mark says:

    Great discussion!
    Regarding corn –
    Corn as we know it didn’t arrive in the old world until after Columbus. The Knights Templar‘s are generally thought to be 12th-century. In common English parlance of the era any kind of grain was called a corn. Wheat produced wheat corns, barley produced barley corns, etc. People being lazy call whatever local grain they produced corn for short.

  8. The 7-day Knights Templar diet loosely resembles Joel Greene’s brilliant 2-day Core Protocol in the larger 7 Day Protocol.

  9. Adam says:

    In terms of HIRT training, have you changed your view on VO2 max training (4 minutes as hard as you can sustain, 4 minutes off) and whether it is still necessary or advised for a well-rounded program a la the Boundless workout program?

  10. Marie says:

    Hello Ben, I’m just knew to your website and saw about Jeanne Calment (which means “calming” in french). You say about her “a person who is 110+ years of age”. Jeanne is dead now, and died a long time ago (1997) at 122 years and 164 days… She is a figure for my generation as every year, for her birthday, all the media would interview her about how she fells and life was for her. We would saw her in all the chanels! So I saw her basically 15 years, each year for her birthday ! And each time they would filmed her with her Cognac, her cigarette and her chocolate, and she would laugh like a child…..
    Marie Pommier (which means “Apple tree” in french… 😉)

  11. Annie says:

    Thank you for this podcast. I am a long time listener and at times I wonder if you think that you’re repeating information ad nauseum. But it takes repetition and differing approaches just like a good teacher….. Today, some things finally clicked. Thank you!

  12. Earl says:

    Enjoy your podcast. At 65 I enjoy HIIT. From listening to your show, I may need to rethink. Most info does not look at exercise programs for this age group. We are automatically assigned silver sneakers. Do you have any suggestions for exercise programs?

    1. Yep, my book Boundless is mostly built around anti-aging based exercise programs in exercise section.

  13. Angel says:

    what’s with turning off fast forward?

    1. Here’s what my tech guy tells me: “The fast-forward feature should be working. Try doing a hard refresh. Hold down Ctrl and then press F5 (Windows) or hold down Cmd and Shift and then press R (Mac) ”

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