How To Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep, Nap Efficiently, Beat Migraines & More.

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Several weeks ago, I published an article entitled “A Tiny, 1/2 Ounce Piece Of Game-Changing Sleep Technology (And How To Use PEMF For Sleep)“. In that article, I introduced a brand new device called the SomniResonance® DeltaSleeper (affectionately known as the “SR1”) that am now placing on my collarbone each night before I go to sleep and also using if I wake up in the night, and even using for naps and on airplanes.

The results have been nothing less than astounding.

My sleep “efficiency”, as measured by the Oura sleep tracking device, has jumped from 81% up to 97%.

I have gone from an average of 52 minutes of wake time during a night of sleep down to 28 minutes.

My deep sleep has risen from 33 minutes per night to 2 hours and 22 minutes.

My sleep latency (how long it takes to fall asleep) has gone from an average of 16 minutes down to a super-fast 7 minutes.

My heart rate during a night of sleep has dropped from 39 beats per minute down to 36 beats per minute.

The list goes on and on. I plan on a comprehensive article in the future that shows all of these sleep hacking results and delves more deeply into sleep quantification…

…but in the meantime, Michael Lares – the investor, diver, outdoor enthusiast and friend who introduced me to the SR1 – is my guest on today's podcast, and in this episode, you're going to discover:

-How the SR1 works…

-How to use the SR1 for migraines and headaches…

-The difference between the SR1 and other PEMF devices (like the EarthPulse)…

-Where you should place the SR1 during sleep…

-Whether you can use the SR1 multiple times during the night…

-Whether the SR1 is safe for children…

-How it works for adrenal fatigue and anxiety…

-Which meds should or should not be combined with the SR1…

-Which countries the SR1 is legal in…

-How to try an SR1 without any risk…

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

The DeltaSleeper (use 5% discount code “Greenfit10″ – works in both USA and Canada)

The Oura Sleep tracking ring

The Earthpulse PEMF device

A Navy SEAL Physician Reveals How Hard-Charging, High-Achievers Can Fall Asleep Fast

The Man Behind The Advanced Sleep Hacking Tactics Used By The World’s Most Elite Athletes

This podcast is brought to you by:

Marc Pro – The leading electro-stimulation devices on the market and Ben's recovery tool of choice. Use code BEN for 5% off the Marc Pro or Marc Pro Plus system. – Go to and get a free trial of their delicious, whole-food, plant-based protein powder.

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Do you have questions, comments or feedback about the DeltaSleeper SR1 device? Leave your thoughts below and either Michael or I will reply, and you want to try the SR1 for yourself, simply click here and use 5% discount code “Greenfit10” (works in both USA and Canada).

Two important updates on the DeltaSleeper SR1 PEMF sleep-enhancing device:

  1. Due to extremely high demand for the DeltaSleeper, the adhesives used to place it on collarbone (or other areas of your body) are on backorder until early June. But fret not, we have found an alternative adhesive that is very budget-friendly and works just as well. You can cut these in 3 or 4 pieces and really stretch your adhesive budget. 
  2. As of 4-22-16, the DeltaSleeper is now shipping to the following countries: Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland and New Zealand. Please inquire with [email protected] regarding import of the SR1 sleep device and mention Ben Greenfield to get your discount.

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68 thoughts on “How To Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep, Nap Efficiently, Beat Migraines & More.

  1. Beth says:

    So, was it the early version of the SR1 that got Michael’s migraines under control? Thanks!

  2. Eileen says:

    Hi Ben just recently discovered you- really am impressed and appreciate the wealth of knowledge you bring. Just ordered the delta sleeper and have high hopes. Was wondering if it’s ok at least during trial period to place it between eyebrows or 3rd eye instead of brachial plexus. Thought that would eliminate the uncertainty of “do I have the right spot “

  3. Laura says:

    Ben – do you know why this device wouldn’t be ok to use during pregnancy? It says to not use during pregnancy on their website, but I have emailed them more than once to ask why that is, and have yet to get a response. Very frustrating and disappointing. Based on the information, I don’t see what the contradiction would be. Thanks!

  4. Fatih Keçelioğlu says:

    Cannot tell from Insomnia?
    Just the opposite :)

  5. Doug says:

    Good morning Ben,

    I bought and have been trying out the SR1. Unfortunately it is not working for me. You do have a detailed video showing the location but it appears to have expired as I can’t access it. Any suggestions? I am copying the email I sent to the company/Michael Lares this morning.

    “I have tried the SR1 nine times, three times each in three different locations; under the collarbone on both sides and the third eye area. So far I have not noticed any benefit. I am very careful to follow the pictures and Ben Greenfield’s suggestions but find no relief for my insomnia. My sleep routine is good as I try to follow all the suggestions you list and many more.

    I want this to work,so, any further suggestions or pictures you can send showing the exact location? As it is I will be sending the item back for a refund as it is just not working for me. Thank you for your time and attention.”

    1. The link is here:

      Michael is very helpful and will be able to make further suggestions.

  6. Peter says:

    Hi Michael and Ben,

    Great episode. I have a brother who suffers from constant pain in his trigeminal nerve as a result of gum surgery 4 years ago. Nothing (including multiple root canals, nerve numbing, etc.) seems to relieve the pain completely, and taking painkillers on an ongoing basis is not a wise, practical or desired fix. Sleep quality and duration has been negatively affected as would be expected. I was especially interested in hearing your wife’s story, and was wondering based on all she went through, if you think any or all of these devices might help, or any other suggestions for helping with pain in the face. I’d be interested to hear if either helped her healing process. My brother lives in the N. Georgia area, so he could also seek help from your wife’s former doctor there if you think that would help. Would really appreciate any feedback and recommendations!

    1. Hey Peter,

      I highly suggest your brother seek the attention of Dr. Flick, as he can assist beyond anything we or the device can do. Message me at [email protected] and I will put you in touch with him.

      1. Peter says:

        Will do…thanks so much!

  7. Jerry says:


    what would you think about scenario: starting sleep with SR1, but have EarthPulse turned on whole night at 9.6?

    Does it make sense?



    1. Yes, you could totally do that.

  8. Greg says:

    Ben, I noticed your update on the replacement tape. Which one on that link do you recommend? Thanks

  9. Camille says:

    Message for Michael Lares / DeltaSleeper:

    My best friend & I are both desperate to try the SR1 but we live in England! Have you received customs approval to import to the UK yet? My uncle lives in the USA & is happy to send the SR1 to me but I’m concerned that UK customs could seize it?!

    1. Hey Camille,

      We are hoping to have the European market opened up by the end of the week. Keep an eye on the home page of our website for updates.

      1. Delivery is now available in the European market.

  10. Nicole says:

    This was such a fascinating/heartbreaking podcast!. I can’t imagine going through all of that as a new Mom. Kudos to them both

    1. Thanks Nicole… That means a lot.

  11. Adam Withers says:

    I beat migraines by reducing my exposure to EMF, wifi and cell phones specifically. Also trip to the chiropractor helped as well. But the EMF issue was the primary reason. The encoder you sold me also helps with EMF exposure, it doesn’t completely shield me but it drastically improves my resistance to EMF. Since I’m already typing I may as well say that the encoder gives me more energy as well.

  12. Casey says:

    Hi Ben,

    Has there been any research done on the long term effects of using a device such as the SR1? I really want to give one of these a shot but I dont love the idea of manipulating my brain from an unnatural device.

    1. as we discussed in the podcast, it is an extremely extremely low level of PEMF… less then the planet Earth actually emits. So stay away from rocks too if you plan on staying away from this device. ;-)

  13. Eric S says:

    Hey Ben, great podacast. Two questions: 1. While the improvement in your sleep data is remarkable, what improvements have you noticed in your overall performance including mental focus, work productivity, workout recovery, stamina, etc?

    2. Just curious how the SR1 compares to the iMRS Omnium1 PEMF mat that has a sleep mode? I use the latter quite frequently and it does help. Wondering if you or Michael have compared the two and if the results are magnitudes different.

    Looking forward to receiving my Oura ring so I can begin to quantify my sleep hacks. Based on your #s, I may have to give the SR1 a try!


    1. Working on a big blog post about this, but in a nutshell, overall performance/wakefulness during day has skyrocketed. Compared to iMRS Omnium, I will defer to Michael to fill you in!

  14. Cherylin says:

    Is the SR1 safe to use for me as I have had a couple of concussions in the past year.

    1. No contraindications with traumatic brain injury or concussions…

  15. Alan storey says:

    Ben. Have you done any research as to tinnitus? The issue is: the brain produces the ringing not thef ear. With high frequency hearing loss the brain produces that sound. Is there anything that can destimolate the brain activity ?

    Millions suffer with no reprieve.

    1. Alan,

      We cover it in this episode:…

      Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

  16. Ives says:

    Hi Ben,

    does the Earthpulse or SR1 help with lucid dreaming.



    1. I have found that, similar to phosphatidycholine supplementation before bed, that they do indeed. Especially when you put SR1 on third eye chakra between your two eyes.

  17. Simon says:

    Hi Ben,

    Do we know if getting your brain to produce Delta waves via the use of PEMF confers all the benefits of deep sleep achieved without the aid of PEMF? I’m just wondering whether the delta waves are just a secondary effect of another bodily process that triggers deep sleep as opposed to the causal factor. If that were the case then perhaps producing delta by itself would’t guarantee all of the same benefits achieved by natural deep sleep.

    Hope that makes sense?



    1. Hey Simon, the delta wave emitted by the SR1 is a patterned natural body rhythm, which is typically produced by the brain during the normal sleep stages. Thus, when the sleep device prompts the brain to entrain to stages 3 and 4, being the delta wave states of sleep, it is a normal organic process for the brain to then generate the normal sleep patterns, and ultimately into stage 5 REM sleep. The benefits are the same as if the brain is performing all stages as nature has designed.

  18. Cathy Cooke says:

    Would love to know if you have any Lyme patients that have had success with this. Most EMF’s just agitate them, sleep is elusive!

    1. We are not privy to all the patient information under the various physicians care. However, I do know that the device is being successfully used to assist with sleep issues deriving from Bipolar and Fibromyalgia. I just have not heard any feedback directly related to Lyme. Keep in mind that the SR1 sleep device puts out .05 Gauss, which is minuscule compared to most other PEMF devices on the market.

  19. Brent says:

    Are the reported sleep improvements independent of other variables like diet and sleep position? So would a person who eats a typical western diet, sleeps on their back, and snores experience the same improvements as a Ben Greenfieldesque super athlete? I’m somewhere in between.

  20. Henry says:

    Hi Ben

    Firstly thank you for all the great podcasts, you bring up some brilliant topics. I am fascinated by the science behind PEMF and I am starting to do my own due diligence on some of the products you mentioned (earthpulse, SR1). As part of that process I wondered if I could ask how you are linked financially to these companies. I don’t want all the details, but do you get commission, a one off fee? I am keen to understand how you get rewarded here and your motivation to talk about these particular products. Thanks for all the great stuff you do and sorry for the odd question!

  21. Katie says:

    I have two small children who don’t like it to be completely dark at night. Do you have any recommendations for lights/ night lights for kids?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, one of these low blue light nightlights for kids:

  22. Becky says:

    Can you post a link for the correct replacement batteries?

  23. Keith Freeland says:

    Can you use both the SR1 and Earth Pulse at the same time?

    1. we address this pretty extensively in the podcast. Short answer is: no. It would be like combining a really powerful signal with a really weak one. I'd recommend choosing one or the other and, as I do selectively using depending on how much actual signal your body needs. After jet lag, inflammation, a very hard work out, etc., I would use something more powerful like the earthpulse. But for regular use, use the Delta sleeper.

  24. Richard Price says:

    Apologies for being overly critical of to your style Ben , often quite stressed no back biting teethe , surrounded by ghetto drinkers finaces low etc etc .

    Generaly your podcastes are very informative and usefull podcastes, partic on the key subjects sleep , nutrition & training tips etc.

    Keep up the good work will listen to this later my time split beteween spiritual stuff at Easter , sorting the basics of my life out de clutterring, tidying, organizing cleaning flat and training stuff plus the need ultimately to transcend the “body-mind identification” .

    God bless R

  25. Jason says:

    Hey Ben & Michael,

    Just wondering what frequency the SR1 is tuned to? I currently have the Earthpulse (upon Ben’s recommendation :) and now am looking at the SR1 as well…thanks!

    Great job on the Canadian Podcast too!


    1. Michael says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jason! The exact combination of frequencies in which the SR1 sleep device functions at is proprietary, and not public information. However, it is emitting a delta wave frequency that mimics the natural sleep patterns of the brain, which entrain the brain into stage 3 and 4 delta wave sleep. By the sleep device aiding the brain into the normal stages of deeper sleep, the brain then follows the normal sleep cycle into stage 5 REM sleep. Hope this helps answer your question.

  26. Ashley says:

    I have an Earth Pulse and it helps but I still cannot get good sleep. I toss and turn all night even with sleep 4, or 3 (but sleep better than without anything) is this new sleep device better for certain people?

    1. yes, you are probably experiencing some of the wakefulness that a stronger signal can produce. This sleep device may work better for you.

    2. Paul Becker says:

      i agree with Ben, perhaps it’s a bit strong for you. In the v.5 you can simply turn down the amplitude using the up/down arrows. With the v4’s just loosen the core one full turn… that’ll drop the field amplitude about 20-25%. try that or move the magnet position to under the mattress under the lower back; or try both. contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help you sleep as well as we do.

  27. Ray says:

    I know he’d mentioned possibly being able to wean off of sleep medication by using this device, but is there a possibility that you could wean off the device itself? Meaning, could it essentially “train” your brain to go into the sleep patterns without having to use the device?

    Thanks Ben and Michael!


    1. that is an interesting idea, and theoretically, due to the concept of brain entrainment, it could work. I think it would be worth a try.

      1. Ray says:

        Okay, great! Thanks for the great podcast!

    2. Michael says:

      Hey Ray, some customers have found that they do progress past their original issue with sleep, but continue to do maintenance uses with the device when they fall back into a similar less than supportive pattern. That being said, the benefits of nighty use for the health and wellness benefits should keep it off the night stand and on the brachial plexus. ;)

      1. Ray says:

        Ha, true enough!

        We just ordered one for my wife right after listening to the podcast. We’re hoping it’ll be here Saturday and deep sleep will be on it’s way shortly after.



        1. Hey Ray,

          Email me your order number and I’ll check the status on your shipment. [email protected] .

  28. Fred says:

    Yo Ben. I already snapped up one of the sleep units and it’s been awesome. Now going to get me a MarcPro that you talked about. I’ve had some wicked tendonitis in my elbows from too many pull-ups. Hope to heal that. Q for U: Is the MarcPro enough, or do I need to get the MarcPro Plus?

    1. If you're going to spend the money anyways, I'd get the Plus…

  29. Mike says:

    Is there any incremental benefit to wearing two of these at once, ie, one under each collarbone?

    1. probably not…Michael lares may know…

      1. Michael says:

        Hey Mike,

        Wearing two devices is a bit aggressive for the application. One should do the job.

  30. Madeliene Painter says:

    Hey Ben,

    I suffer from migraines as well…not that often but still…they suck. What is the name of the device that your friend paid $500 dollars for?

    Thanks so much,


    1. Michael says:

      Hey Madeliene,

      That migraine device is no longer on the open market but we will be bringing it back under our flag, most likely in the next 2 years. Sorry I don’t have better news.

      1. Brian says:

        There is a device very similar to the one on the podcast that is for migraine treatment. It is like a crown that covers the third eye and emits the frequency.

        1. Gregg S says:

          Wendy Brenna, I don’t see

          The Ceflay device on Costco web site.

          The Ceflay page indicates a prescription is required, can you elaborate?

    2. Wendy Benna says:

      You can buy a Cefaly at Cosco and of course they have a money back guarantee so you can’t go wrong in trying. They are around $300 and honestly, they work!

      The genius neurologists who designed and developed them know precisely where a migraine starts and why.

      The only people who cannot use them are those who also have Meniere’s.

      Otherwise, I HIGHLY recommend the purchase!

      1. Great feedback on the Cefaly device Brian and Wendy! I have gotten a few inquiries about treating migraines, and as you know are focused with the SR1 on sleep. So I hope readers see your recommendation.

  31. Jack says:

    Hi Ben,

    Have you tried using this device without the adhesives (because they’re pretty expensive)? It seems to me that there would be no problem with doing so considering that you only need to to use the device for 22 minutes so all you need to do is lie on your back, put the device on chest and activate it and re-do that if you wake up later on. Just to confirm though, the device is only active for 22 minutes right (not throughout the entire night)?


    1. I've used everything from the normal adhesive to kinesiotape to anything that "sticks". Even scotch double side tape works. So plenty of options! And yes, just 22 min.

    2. Mike says:

      The adhesives are at most $.20 apiece. Not bad, imo.

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