Episode #155: Way Beyond Naturopathic Medicine.

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Due to my recent medical emergency, I'm bringing you one of the most popular archived episodes on medicine: my interview with Dr. Todd Schlapfer of Coeur D' Alene Healing Arts.

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between an ND and an MD, what kind of conditions can be addressed with naturopathic medicine, or if physically active individuals can benefit their performance with naturopathy, then you're going to learn a lot in this episode. We cover topics like:

-how active individuals can determine proper dietary protocols via specific types of testing…

-what the optimum nutritional philosophy should include…

-how to enhance recovery and muscle repair with mineral intake…

-why excessive protein intake can be harmful…

-the importance of the right type of fat, and ideal dietary sources…

-how chronic inflammation, an acidic body pH, performance, and health are interrelated…

The physicians that come onto this show, guys like Dr. Todd or Dr. Roby Mitchell or Dr. David Minkoff (all of whom you can search for in the upper right side of this website) and mind-blowingly smart, and I think you'll enjoy this information.

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7 thoughts on “Episode #155: Way Beyond Naturopathic Medicine.

  1. tririg says:

    ugh! It almost seems this podcast kind of contradicts Paelo!!!! I never know what to think anymore about how to eat….

    1. just do what I do: eat real, recognizable food that tastes good to you and don't get nitpicky about your diet. It's not worth the stress.

      1. tririg says:

        I agree!! But after my last triathlon of this season, I really want to focus on losing fat (not necessarily weight, just fat), and I know diet will come into play. I guess that's when I will hire you!! ;-)

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