Episode #196: How To Eat Healthy On A Shoestring Budget

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June 6, 2012 – free audio podcast: How To Eat Healthy On A Shoestring Budget Also: what to eat after a gastrectomy, dealing with iron overload, fasted workouts and glycogen storage, different types of olive oil, treating jock itch naturally, visualizing exercise while injured, improving running efficiency using powercranks, how diet can effect mental health, refueling timing, and more discussion about cramping.

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As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from anonymous:
His mother, in her late 60s, had an unfortunate surgery and ended up with a pacemaker and her stomach removed (gastrectomy). She eats very little and gets nauseous easily. Do you have any ideas of what she could try eating that would not make her nauseous and would be easy to digest.

Audio Question from Nancy:
She is taking Living Fuel SuperGreens, Soleil, Himalayan Crystal Salt and has Iron Overload in her body but she doesn't have Hemochromatosis. She is supposed to stay away from Iron (which is included in SuperGreens) but she wants the detoxification properties. Is she doing something right or wrong?

~ In my response to Nancy, I recommend Capragreens or Enerprime as an alternative.

Graeme wrote:
Just catching up on some old episodes and listened to Episode 175 and the interview with the Hammer Nutrition ultra cyclist, Steve Born. Q1 – I'm hearing a seeming contradiction where you have talked regularly about fasting overnight and doing a morning session to promote fat burning based on a low glycogen state. In the interview he said that waking up you still have your muscle glycogen full and you are almost ready to race. (and, if racing, you only need 100-300 cals, which sounds very different to my belief that we are in a low glycogen state). Do I understand correctly? Q2 – he says on a long event you can get 2/3 of energy from fat. My understanding was that 20-40% is as high as you can expect, is this simply because the intensity is super low for ultra endurance?

Jim asks:
Just wanted to know if you have any info on light olive oil vs extra virgin olive oil. I used to use the extra virgin but start to get nauseous so I been using light olive oil on my salads but did not know if this stuff was healthy.

Anonymous asks:
I'm an ultrarunner trying to get rid of a nasty case of jock itch. I tried the toxic over-the-counter products, but it won't go away. Before I make a doctor's appointment, I want to see if you have any alternative ideas to deal with this. Because of my ultra running, I spend several hours in sweaty under armour – on a race day I may be in the same compression shorts for 24+ hours. I purchased Oil of Oregano from your site. I slathered it on last night and it burned like hell! It was like fire. Can you talk about J.I., how to use Oil of Oregano to treat it, and any other recommendations to get rid of it? Is it contagious to my girlfriend?

~ More info on oregano: Mysterious “Product X” Destroys Microbes, Blowtorches Body Fat, Fights Fatigue, and Powers Performance.

Jenny asks:
Is there any research that shows whether or not visualizing exercises will help physically strengthen an area of the body? I was thinking that since I cannot exercise my left leg, it still may be helpful to picture myself doing exercises, running and racing. What do you think?

~ In my response to Jenny, I recommend the book Psychocybernetics.

Christian wrote:
I recently saw an infomercial on YouTube for powercranks touting an improvement in running efficiency by using powercranks 30 min 3x per week. What are your thoughts about this?

~ You can find out more about my racing and training at Ben Greenfield's Triathlon Adventures

Rob wrote:
I am a mental health counselor and if I were 10 years younger, I would pursue a PhD in mental health nutrition. With this said, I was wondering if you would be willing to comment on your thoughts on our poor food choices and mental health. It is my hypothesis that of all the environmental stressors that we are exposed too, food leads the decline in mental health over the last 30 years. What are your thoughts on this? Also I work with the very poor and I am wondering what you would have to offer as advice to me to offer my clients who cannot make the greatest food choices due to limited income. It is my thought that there needs to be a paradigm shift on the individual client and family level. How would you initiate this shift?

~ In my response to Rob, I mention Primal Diet On A Shoestring.

Rob asks:
In reference to carbs after exercise, about how many carbs should a 150 lb person consumer after a 1 hr weight training session or a 1 hr long run? After weight training I currently drink a protein shake, eat a turkey wrap and an apple. I also take 1 gram of L-Glutamine. After listening to the recent podcast, I am assuming it would be better to consume the shake at a different time of day and eat more carbs after weight training. Is this correct? Also, am I “wasting” the L-glutamine by taking it on weight training days and not running days. Can you give some examples of carbs that would be easy to take with me to consume after weight training?

~ In my response, I reference this article: Putting the Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition Debate Into the Grave!

James says:
The dreaded cramping question! I'm a competitive age group triathlete and I've been having cramping issues in races. I know the usual answer is your not training at the same intensities as I race at and/or you're not taking in enough nutrition/electrolytes. In my case, neither are the issue (I think). I train 15-18 hrs/week which includes a lot of intensity and I am spot on with my diet, training nutrition and race day nutrition. I take all of it very seriously, so when it comes to cramps I am stumped. The cramps can come on as early as the swim. Often I get them near the end of the bike though and almost guaranteed in the run. I never get them in 10k's or 5k's, just the longer stuff half marathons, olympic triathlons and especially half ironmans. Do I need to just load up on the salt tabs? Tweak in the diet? Race week I eat clean, take Hammer's “Race pre-load” stay hydrated, avoid coffee race day morning… HELP!!!

~ In my response, I reference this podcast with David Warden. I also reference my book: Fueling Myths Exposed.

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10 thoughts on “Episode #196: How To Eat Healthy On A Shoestring Budget

  1. Hollie says:

    I was looking for the link to the grocery list for eating on a budget. What you listed (butter, beef, pork chops etc) don't address breakfast or school lunches, I am not on food stamps or on such a limited income, but think it's unlikely a family would follow or be able to follow the plan if there isn't money left over for a tin of coffee, lunchbox snacks etc.

  2. @Kisukun says:

    Hey Ben
    My number one tip for newbies to Japan is always keep a pack of tissues with you.
    Porta potties at races are notorious for being OTP out of toilet paper.

    1. Good tip. I'll bring some action wipes! You think I need to be worried about radiation at all?

  3. Barbara says:

    Ben, I love these podcasts….you draw from such a variety of sources either I learn something new by what you have to say or you confirm what I was thinking…you offer terrific stuff…thanks alot…


  4. Jill says:

    Hi; I was listening to the Jock Itch question; I am a physician, and I always recommend my patients use a hairdryer for 40 seconds twice a day to the area that has jock itch; you want to get it REALLY dry. You don't need to use heat if that is irritating. Thanks

  5. Eric says:

    Ben, is there an alternative that you take or recommend instead of ibuprofen?

    1. Yes, Eric – I recommend this as an alternative to ibuprofen: http://pacificfit.net/items/phenocane/

  6. Jenna says:

    Do you have any recommendations on a brand of ems muscle stimulator?

    1. I like the Compex brand, Jenna. It's very dependable. Also, check this out: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2009/12/episo…

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