Episode #211: Why Do I Stink When I Workout?

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Oct 6, 2012 free podcast: Why Do I Stink When I Workout? Also: how to get rid of skin tags, remedies for eczema, the correct way to do a single leg quad stretch, managing high blood pressure and high cholesterol, how long should your “long run” be, and even more about muscle cramps.

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As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Gregg @ 00:13:28
Has recently lost weight and is noticing some skin tags. Would like to know how to get rid of them himself (without going to see a dermatologist).

Audio Question from Carlos @ 00:19:35
After every workout he gets a bad odour on his clothes and skin (after 45min-1hr run).

~ In my response to Carlos, I mention Dr. Brommer's soapoil of oreganoHammer Nutrition Cool Feet (use 15% referral discount code 80244). Also take a look at this homemade deodorant.

Audio Question from Lisa @ 00:28:07
She has had eczema for a number of years but it has gotten worse lately. She would like to know if there are any diet changes that would help get rid of it.

Audio Question from XPRS00 @ 00:32:16
He would like to know why you lean forward while doing the single leg quad stretch?

~ Take a peek at my own morning stretch routine.

Audio Question from Kevin @ 00:36:09
Has been trying to change his diet (maybe ketogenic?) to beat blood pressure and cholesterol issues that run in the family. His BP is a little high but not bad (borderline). He would like to try to get it down without taking meds.

~ In my response, I mention NutraRev as a Coenzyme Q10 source. Also fish oil, Minerals, Azumio Stress Doctor and Stress Check apps, and WellnessFX.

Audio Question from a helpful husband @ 00:49:26
He is helping his wife train for a “bucket list” marathon. He wants to know if she should do a 20 mile long run (LSD) even if it will take her longer that 3 hours (she runs at a 15:00/mile pace).

Matt says @ 00:54:57
I recently attempted a 100 mile run and had to drop out halfway because of quad cramping and blisters. I ran 50 miles in 8:36, had good energy during the race and had even splits for the two 25 mile loops. In fact I was in first place in the 100 and would have had third if I hadn't dropped out. Was it the lack of calories (I only had about 200 during the entire race)? When I tired to run faster, or when I had to step up on a rock, both quads would seize up for several minutes. This started during the last 10-15 miles of the run. I want to add that none of this would be possible if I wasn't keto adapted.

~ In my response, I talk about taurine.

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3 thoughts on “Episode #211: Why Do I Stink When I Workout?

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  2. kaishasoldo says:

    well I would start to drink a lot of water before and under the whole workout, it would help

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