How To Biohack The Ultimate Healthy Home: Part 2

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In the podcast episode How To Biohack The Ultimate Healthy Home: Part 1, Jack Kruse taught us about microwaves, EMF's, infrared lighting, and much more…

…and in Part 2, which you can now listen to below or download for later, architect Stephanie Horowitz fills us in on the best design concepts for a new home, ways that the air, lighting and flooring in your home can affect your health, and how to fix an old home to make it healthier.

During this audio, you'll discover:

-Why a brand new home can still destroy your health and negatively affect your family…

-How your home’s lighting affects your health, and specific lighting strategies to increase your exposure to natural light…

-How the airflow in your home affects your health, and the best air filters to use…

-Exactly what to do about mold, mildew and other mycotoxins in your home…

-Why carpet is one of the worst things you could have in your home…

-How to screen for volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and formaldehyde…

-Why you need to be worried if you have an attached garage, and what you can do about it…

-How you can use alternate energy sources to save money on your home…

-Why a free energy audit is one of the best things you can do this year…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources Stephanie and I discuss during this episode:

Stephanie's Ultra Low Energy Lifestyle TedX talk

Black out shades for the bedroom

HEPA air filter

Green Label plus carpets and flooring

Flor modular carpet tiles

-The Green Housekeeping book

Environmental Working Group (EWG) website

Building A Healthy House (free .pdf)

Free energy audits from

Leave your questions, comments and feedback below, and be sure to tune into “Biohacking A Healthy Home: Part 3” podcast coming up next month with Bulletproof Exec Dave Asprey!

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8 thoughts on “How To Biohack The Ultimate Healthy Home: Part 2

  1. Rashele says:

    Hello! Interested in the “Building a Healthy House” pdf file but the link isn’t working. Do you know if this is still available? Thanks!

    1. It appears they took it down.

  2. linseid says:

    The HEPA filter link goes to lighting info and I really need the HEPA info.
    Can that link be fixed, Ben?
    Thanks so much,

    1. stephanieZED says:

      Here is a product we've used. It has a bit of a hum, so I wouldn't recommend it in a bedroom closet.…

  3. Bob Mulholland says:

    The blackout shades link is searching for “black out lutron” on Amazon. I’m assuming that’s a typo.

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