Part 1: 67 Steps to Getting Anything You Want Out of Life Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness with Tai Lopez

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Welcome to Part 1 of this special podcast series, in which you get to sit in and listen to Tai Lopez coach Ben Greenfield (and you!) using the strategies from Tai's online video series “67 Steps to Getting Anything You Want Out of Life Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness“.

In this episode, Ben and Tai talk about multi-tasking, reprogramming your genetics and checking your e-mail less.

Resources Tai and Ben discuss in this podcast:

-Book: The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

-Book: Inheritance: How Our Genes Change Our Lives–and Our Lives Change Our Genes

-Book: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

-Tai's online video series: 67 Steps to Getting Anything You Want Out of Life, Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness

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19 thoughts on “Part 1: 67 Steps to Getting Anything You Want Out of Life Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness with Tai Lopez

  1. Nxt Skool says:

    Awesome podcast Ben! I love when i see people like you and Tai getting together to spread knowledge. Gary Keller’s book The One Thing is one of my favorites! And i agree i enjoy the Ben/Tai combo also! Keep it coming :)

  2. crice460123 says:

    Tai is very engaging. I enjoy listening to him speak. I have been subscribed to his Book of the Day email distribution for a while now. I learn something and take away something from each one. I also save them and go back through them periodically and find something else each time. He talks a little fast and run-together so I'm glad there are show notes. :-) Tai's perspective is infectious and inspiring. I enjoy the Ben/Tai combo….so please keep it coming.

  3. allaroundjoe says:

    Great episode! I've been listening to your podcast like crazy, but this is my favorite. Just signed up for the 67 days. Thanks!

  4. ssteele1473 says:

    What Ben described was EXACTLY me as a kid. Buried in a book for hours at a time. Even studied violin and painted a lot! I could get lost in it and as an adult I love starting things. Big things! But finding that second 10 hour (or even 2 hour) block to obsess over it is super hard. Not sure if this qualifies, but I think my acceptance to Ben's challenge will be to hold real live office hours (since I create my own schedule for work) and stick to it for at least 2 weeks. Not letting my work bleed all over my family life and not giving my work a sound byte's-worth of attention.

  5. zyzzyva57 says:

    On one show, you and Tai discussed email–how often to check and to respond…I suggest this solution: set up folders to have certain email sent, e..g, spouse, kids, etc–These you monitor often, indeed, get a sound when you receive them…Lot of email, automatically send to spam–once a week, check to ensure wanted email is not sent to your Spam folder…Automatically sending a Vacation Response will suffice to many senders who are not important to you, but you want to think you care
    The key to email is sorting, NOT a hard core only once a day and the like

    No one multitasks…What happens is we continually switch from one thing to another, not doing any one particularly well or efficiently…For example, counting to ten before venting forces you to focus and NOT "multitask"

    3 additional thoughts in the Tai manner:
    Never miss a chance to be quite or go dark (e.g., Facebook)
    Einstein: be as simple as possible, but NO simpler
    When you feel as if you are juggling cats, "de-cat"

  6. Charmaine says:

    Ok I’ve been feeling like I’ve been loosing my mind lately as my focus is sooo bad example cooking dinner and put the left over chicken in the cupboard instead of the fridge!!

    This podcast was life changing and what I needed to hear right now…I so wanted to flick through Facebook and send a text whilst listening but every word I became more and more enthralled going yes! Yes! that at the end I was focused and more importantly excited with what I could do with my life as I had been feeling so unmotivated..

    So I am going to commit to a mountain bike race (I can’t mountain bike) which is 18mnths away perfect as by then I will be reaping the rewards of changing my brain during the next 67 days of learning skills and practicing..those waisted minutes of flicking through facebook I will now utilise and read or watch YouTube on mountain bike skills and set myself homework :-) sorry for the long post but just loved this podcast so thanks…have a great day :-)

  7. Great podcast. I will definitely only be checking my email once a day now. I know this will free up sometime as well as re-train my brain! I have the same problem with starting a lot of projects and not finishing them or getting side tracked by other ideas. Im eager to try the first step of not checking my phone/email. Thanks again.

  8. jennymdoss says:

    Great show! Keep them coming. I like the discussion regarding focus. I am also focused in nature. I have been frustrated lately in my job because I keep getting pulled to help on many other projects for days here and there rather than work on my own assigned projects. I tend to then kind of throw my hands up and then get super distracted and not progress on my own work when I do get back to it. This way of working is not in line with my personality or best way to be effective. I have been very frustrated at work and with myself and now tend to dread going to work. I think what Ben said about small wins is a great tip. Do you have any other tips?

    1. Keep listening. I am sure Tai will give us MANY other tips. In the meantime, have you read this… and this… They might help as well.

  9. shaync says:

    Great show and glad you guys are working together. Keep bringing the wisdom!

  10. Kiheidave says:

    Thanks Ben! Please keep these coming. It was great to hear how Tai coaches you and how you can look at yourself and say I do this well and don't do this well. Thank you so much for sharing. We all need to hear this in order to improve ourselves! I put my goals on a giant post it and check things off as I complete them. I think that helps me a lot to see them in front of me every day as a reminder.

  11. mclongo says:

    Really enjoyed this podcast, definitely resonated with where I'm at right now. As far as being disciplined and staying focused goes, for me, how I plan my days has a powerful impact on staying on point. For example, if I write down the night before to wake up at 6am, go for a quick 5 minute run, do a handstand for 1 minute, take a 3 minute cold shower, journal/brainstorm while having a green smoothie and bulletproof yerba mate, meditate for 30 minutes, THEN get to being productive, I'm in the zone and ready to go. Opposed to waking up and checking email/facebook/instagram and starting the day with an ADD state of mind.

  12. Coco says:

    Great podcast – really useful to hear how to apply some of the theory – grateful you put yourself up as the guinea pig Ben. Whilst I suffer with technology like everyone else – I am more thinking through how I apply some of the same points around multi tasking and focusing to get a better work life balance. Currently out the door at 5.30 back through the door at 9pm – 2 hour each way commute. Need to do something to be more efficient and try and get home earlier.

  13. Casey says:

    Great episode. Loved how you brang tai on for also me coaching. I too struggle with shiny object syndrome. Always thinking the next project is the best project. And I have to dial it down. This episode reminded me to go back to what I need to go to go to the next level. Back to the basics. It is. Hopefully I can manage it better going forward by being cognizant of the ADD.


  14. zvolo says:

    Thx Ben, When Tai speaks about getting out and stick your fingers into dirt, he is right. I have been working on small organic farm in Caribbean for well over the year. There is nothing more therapeutical than farming. I use my cell only if I need to make a phone call, I need to improve on the email. Btw, During the days working out on the farm there is no better time to listen to your podcasts. Already signed up for Tai's 67 steps.
    thx a lot for all the great work you are doing. Very very helpful

  15. MoProCoach says:

    Great podcast! Ironically, I had just signed up for Tai's 67 steps over the weekend and listened to Step 1 yesterday. I'm a Productivity and Health Coach and can tell you that Ben's problem is the number one issue with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs from a productivity perspective. I would include myself as having that problem and have to work extra hard to deal with it. As an entrepreneur we wear so many hats and sometimes feel that we have to do everything NOW and that by focusing on one thing we will somehow miss out on an opportunity.

  16. anthonypeter1 says:

    great show thanks ben loved the first pod cast with tai please keep it coming i agree i only check my email once ever 7-10 days i only use my cell maybe 3x a week at most. i think technology is creating a bunch of people who lose the ability to be deep thinkers and readers. besides creating a bunch of young people who don't have good face to face communication skills besides screwing up our spines correct neutral position

    1. Kiheidave says:

      Agreed! I work with a lot of young people and there faces are constantly buried in a screen of some sort. I wonder if they are going to be able to communicate face to face when they are old like me at the ripe old age of 44. I always tell my nieces and nephews that if they can communicate well then they will rule the world because so many young people don't understand face to face communication and their parents put them in front of a screen at 2 years old now to keep them out of their hair further isolating them from the world around them. It drives me completely crazy to see this in restaurants. Ok I am off my soapbox!

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