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It's not often that I bring pro triathletes onto the show, but Tamsin Lewis (pictured above) is not just any athlete. She is also a physician with lots of in-the-trenches experience that all of us active people can learn a lot from.

Tamsin has trained under some of the toughest and smartest triathlon coaches in the world, including Brett Sutton and Cliff English.

She has dealt with muscle injuries, eating disorders, low iron and everything else commonly faced by both male and female triathletes, and active individuals around the face of the planet, and during our interview, she offers an educated perspective on how to deal with these issues.

In this interview, Tamsin and I also talk about:

-Finding the ideal balance between getting enough strength, and having too much muscle…

-Whether endurance training hurts your heart, and the best way to to test if your heart is OK…

-The diet and supplements that Tamsin uses…

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Resources for this podcast:

-Ben's Thanyapura training camp, where Tamsin will be offering a “Medical Q&A For Triathletes”

-Tamsin's website





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