Podcast Episode #82: Is Modern Medicine Killing You or Your Loved Ones?

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In this February 17th free audio episode: the latest research on strength and conditioning, timing supplements before exercise, alkaline water, the lemonade diet, women hip issues, more on wheat germ, sitting on exercise balls, which low fiber foods to eat before an event, and death by modern medicine.

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Featured Topic:

In this shocking interview with Dr. Carolyn Dean, one of the nation's leading natural physicians, we discuss Dr. Dean's amazing new book “Death by Modern Medicine” . Be prepared to learn the truth about the travesties of modern medicine that are surrounding you, including:

-Why modern medical doctors are killing people unintentionally…

-How we are being brainwashing by media propoganda and drug companies…

-The real truth about modern drugs and “cutting-edge” procedures…

-Why cancer is now a multi-billion dollar industry that feeds on fear…

-How to conquer your addiction, mis-beliefs and denial about health care…

-Information about Dr. Dean's other new book “How To Change Your Life With Magnesium”

-And much more!

This is a controversial issue. After listening to this interview, do you agree with Dr. Dean? Do you have issues with her opinions about modern medicine? If you'd like to add your thoughts, please comment below. Just click here for a special offer from Ben Greenfield to immediately download “Death By Modern Medicine” as a free bonus.


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Listener Q&A:

Listener Judy asks: I have taken your advice on the supplements and ordered quite a few which I like. However I'm hoping you can clarify how and when to take the “performance” supplements you suggest. Specifically, I have the race caps supreme, the cordygen vo2, and the CREo2. They all say best used 46-60 minutes before exercise and better on an “empty stomach”. How long do I wait to eat, assuming some nutrition is required before an extended period of exercise. Also if I do 2 a days, should they be repeated in the afternoon prior to the next event, lasting approximately an hour or longer. Finally, I have the recover-ease and should that be taken twice as well if there is two exercise periods a day, and should it be taken if you also do a recovery drink? Well, one more question. What are your thoughts about “alkaline H20”? Specifically, will it lessen the effectiveness of any supplements?

Visit http://www.pacificfit.net for more information on these supplements, as well as the triathlon training plans and Ironman training camp that Ben mentions.

Listener Katie asks: My question for you is this:  what has been your experience/thoughts with “the master cleanse”/the lemonade diet?  I did it once a couple of years ago (ironically, before I was as health-conscious as I am now) and I remember feeling good when I did it, but I wanted to see what those more informed than I thought about it.  Let me know if you can–I'd like to start it soon if it really is something as beneficial as it says it is.

Listener Bret asks: On your podcast #51 you mentioned a client you put on HCG. Last summer I went on a 45 day cycle of HCG and dropped about 40lbs. As you know I am 11 weeks out from my Ironman and am maintaing weight…however I really want to drop another 20-30lbs. Would you suggest HCG again? I know that another 20 lbs would really help with my speed and get better results from all the work I am doing, but to do HCG per Dr Simeons protocol says no workouts and I would be working on no calories.

Listener Anya asks: Ben, this is my first time commenting on your podcast and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I have a running question for you. I do some running-nothing crazy-but I can easily run 5 miles and up to 8 miles off the couch without any training. I have been noticing that my knees (esp. right one) are bothering me. I have new shoes–Brooks–fitted at running store–so it's not that. The owner there said being a female who has had children, that is to be expected–having to do with hips or something–and he said to do dynamic stretching. Do you agree with that? I really don't want to stop running–I love little races and 1/2 marathons etc. What do you think? Is it just a stretching thing (which I don't do a lot of)?

Listener Eric asks: Ben, I guess my question is both sugary drinks and diet drinks are a poor choice, but what are some drinks you use?  I have been doing Stevia and lemons in water and is really good, but want some additional ideas for a low calories somewhat sweet drink.

Listener Chuck asks: I thought that information about Octacosanol was very interesting and you gave a really good answer to the question. How much wheat germ would I have to eat daily to obtain the suggested benefits of the Octacosanol? I've seen it avaible in oil extract as well, but would rather  just be able to eat it.

Listener Jen asks: I spend most of my work day sitting at my desk, but as I have learned from you, I know the benefits of standing as much as possible versus sitting. I can’t stand at my desk, but I’ve seen people in the past sit on inflatable exercise balls. Does actually provide any benefit? My back often hurts and I am hoping it may help this as well. What do you think? Thanks!

Listener Chris aks:  Switching to low-fiber foods a few days before an event is advisable, right?  I was just doing a google search on low-fiber foods, and found a lot of lists that contradict each other.  Could you make a short list of foods that actually have low fiber content that are reasonable for an athlete to eat?

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5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #82: Is Modern Medicine Killing You or Your Loved Ones?

  1. Chuck,

    Just like max heart rate there is no “perfect” LT for a person. It varies highly from individual to individual. The most important thing is that your LT at a percentage of your maximum heart rate go up over time…


  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks a lot for answering Anya’s question last week. She is one of my personal training clients and I referred her to your podcast and she loves it now!

    I have a question about my Lactate Threshold. I did the LT test today according to my Triathlon Dominator package for the bike. I felt like I was really pushing hard, yet my average heart rate for the test was only 142, and I only got it to peak at 152. I’m in pretty good shape, but I’m pretty sure this number is way below what my LT should be. Am I just not going hard enough or am I maybe testing incorrectly? My HR is higher during my runs, but seems to average around 154 and doesn’t seem to go about about 164, although I haven’t performed my actual LT test for a run yet. This still seems low as compared to the LT of other people I know.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts, thanks a lot Ben,


  3. Carolyn Dean says:

    Hello Heather,
    Thanks for your comments on the podcast I did with Ben.
    I’m sorry you were a little disappointed with the negative brush with which I painted modern medicine.
    Actually, I’m more than a little disappointed that there is so much going against doctors like your husband and myself when we want to help people.
    Consider a recent client of mine. A 45-year old gentleman who took antibiotics for years for his acne. His chronic intestinal symptoms were investigated thoroughly and no one considered that they were due to the side effects of antibiotics. He was an athlete and developed severe muscle cramping, anxiety attacks and heart palpitations and no one considered he was losing magnesium during his workouts and not replacing it. Not until he read my books did he realize he had yeast overgrowth and magnesium deficiency.
    I didn’t learn about these conditions in medical school but I should have. Doctors could have more answers if they would expand their gaze to include naturopathic medicine.
    Of course doctors save lives, we depend on them to do that. But we could be saving many more if we, as a profession, were more open-minded.
    If you look at the continuing medical education that we are offered, there is rarely anything about nutrition. There isn’t even a nutrition specialty in medicine. The closest we get is Bariatrics (the specialty of obesity). We are trained to diagnose disease and treat it with drugs. Many like your husband don’t just do that. But if a doctor consistently practices outside the standards of medicine, he or she will be investigated. Drug companies keep records of the prescribing practices of doctors and their medical board can investigate them for not prescribing the standard medications.
    Patients go to doctors for reassurance and to try and stay healthy but if all a doctor works with are drugs and surgery, they will overuse these powerful tools when something much more benign would suffice.
    As for people taking responsibility for their own health. Absolutely. But where do people get that information? There are no more health classes in school and doctors don’t have time to educate their patients.
    My entire focus is on that topic. My Future Health Now online wellness program is all about that.
    As I said on the podcast. This is one of 19 books I’ve written and it shines a bright spotlight on the problems. The other 18 books and everything else I do give the solutions.
    Listen to the podcast I did with Ben about magnesium or get the eBook, How to Change Your Life with Magnesium. I’m sure your husband would like The Magnesium Miracle. It’s well referenced and an excellent way to help people with a simple mineral.
    Thanks again for your comments, they were heart felt and I appreciate them.

  4. Heather says:


    First I must say thank you for the great podcasts and information you have. As I listened to this last podcast I was a little disappointed in the negative propaganda against a group of hard working people.

    How many lives have been saved by doctors? How many people have been able live without polio or other diseases? I can’t imagine having the responsibility that doctors have on their shoulders. They are as human and the next person. I believe that most doctors are not just “out for money”, but to really help people feel better. Look at all the advances we have in medicine today, compared to the blood letting that went on years ago. I know that medical schools teach doctors that their education does NOT end after medical school, but that they should stay abreast of all the new information that is out there. Whenever a doctor gets a new case, they have to use the information they are given to figure out what is going on- like a detective.

    We should not place the blame of peoples bad lifestyles or heath on the medical community. People should use their brains find the common sense that is, unfortunately, not so common.

    I guess I just get annoyed when all doctors and medicine are put into a category of evil. People do need to take the responsibility into their own hands. There are some poor doctors out there, but many are gems. Even if they don’t have all the answers.

    Forgive my rant! I am not a doctor, but my husband is and I see how much he cares for people. Every day people call our house and come over with medical problems, so he is always working even when he is not at work. He can only do so much. I know what Dr. Dean is getting at, but I feel bad that she needed to place a lot of negative stuff on doctors.

    I really do love listening to your podcasts. The information you have provided is excellent. I so appreciate the quality you put out. I have learned so much from you! Thank you!

    Keep on keepin’ on!
    Heather P.

  5. Jackie says:

    Great podcast, as usual.

    One aside for those listeners who had questions/concerns regarding stubborn weight loss: If an athlete is putting in the time and distance and STILL not leaning out, a vitamin D deficiency may be the cause. Recent research indicates a strong causal link.

    Thanks to recent developments in laboratory technology, Vitamin D levels can be assessed easily and inexpensively at home with a simple finger stick. For more details, please visit www.bioletics.com.

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