Read Yourself Like A Book, Figure Out Exactly What Makes You Tick, & Increase Your Potential For Meaningful Personal Interactions: How Human Design Works With Luis Portillo.

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3 March 2022

My wife, my sons, and I recently went through a fascinating process called “Human Design Reading” with my podcast guest for this show: Luis Portillo. It was absolutely mind-blowing how much Luis was able to “read me like a book,” armed with very little knowledge besides my birth location, birth time, and birth date. Obviously, I just had to get into the nitty-gritty of how Human Design principles work for today's podcast, as it has truly helped my own decision-making process and communication with other humans, most notably my own family.

Luis started working as a lawyer at an international corporate law firm, on the Mexican side of the Tijuana-San Diego, California Border. In a eureka moment, he resigned and moved to the tropical beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit, Mexico. Being in a new environment, he started to investigate and explore several disciplines of self-knowledge; like meditation, breathwork, sweat lodges, Tapping, Reiki, and transpersonal psychology.

Luis has participated in Healing work with representatives from different traditions, such as the Maya, Lakota, Huichol, and at the Michael Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies in San Diego, California. In 2010, Luis received a Human Design Reading, and since then, he has spent years studying it in-depth and has given Readings to clients from all over the world.

Luis has the artfulness to share his knowledge in a clear and simple manner. He lives in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, and can be seen at nights doing Stand-Up Comedy at local venues.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Luis' journey to studying human design…10:14

  • Desire to “know thyself” led to human design
  • “Type” is based on electromagnetic frequency in the body

-What is “Human Design”?…12:55

  • Neutrinos are subatomic particles that have mass; radiated from the sun and other stars
  • Neutrinos determine our specific characteristics based on date and place of birth; imprinted in our bodies

-The importance of the birth time, date, and location related to Human Design…21:25

  • Astrology – location of planets at the exact time of birth and place of birth
  • Neutrinos affect the air of the place at our birth, which affects our characteristics
  • Neutrino stream

-The four different types of Human Design…21:25

  • 4 different types of aura: electromagnetic fields of the body
    1. Manifestor: 9% of the population (energy type: initiate energy)
      • Closed, tight, repelling aura; only aura that initiates action (takes the initiative)
      • Inform before others take action
      • Likes to be left alone
    2. Generator: 70% of the population (energy type: create and sustain energy)
      • Manifesting generator
      • Sacral center, always on (concepts, thoughts are always on)
      • Wait and respond to what the manifestors initiate
      • Following the gut (inner authority)
    3. Projector: 20% of the population
      • Does not have the energy of the generator to sustain activity
      • Burn out more easily than generators
      • Can guide, coordinate; excellent coaches/guides
      • With a focused and absorbing aura, like a sponge; aware of what is going on
    4. Reflector: 1% of the population
      • Most receptive of all the aura types
      • All of their chakras white; very attuned to the moon cycle
      • Cycle of the moon in making decisions (28 1/2 days)

-The unknown chakra we should be paying attention to…38:08

  • There were originally 5 chakras, then 7
  • Profound change in the year 1781 in human DNA due to the higher temperature in the sun
  • Went from 7 to 9 chakras
  • With 7 chakras, people were designed to make mental strategic decisions
  • With the 9 chakras, the mind is no longer the authority for decision making
  • The two newer chakras: spleen center and small triangle (will power); overlaid over the existing 7 chakras
  • The mind now acts as an “outer authority”
  • Because the mind is conditioned, some people still make mental decisions; still not in-tune with the 7 chakra system

-People you've probably heard of who have had Human Design readings…47:20

  • Manifestors: Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Aniston, Jerry Seinfeld, Adolf Hitler
  • Projectors: Brad Pitt, Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Denzel Washington
  • Generators: Elvis Presley, Madonna, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Bruce Lee
  • Reflectors: Sandra Bullock, Dostoevsky

-How design readings affect our mood and perception of reality…55:49

  • Soccer analogy:
    • Manifestor is the forward/striker
    • Generators are the defenders
    • Projectors are the midfielders (direct the game)
    • Reflector is the goalie
  • Readings are beneficial for corporations
    • Projectors are the first in and last to leave; has to delegate
    • Generators need to wait for the stimulation; ideas pop up
    • Manifestors initiate and should not feel bad from rejection
  • All readers mention genetic type, strategy, inner authority, openness, conditioning
  • I-Ching, with 64 hexagrams, is an element of Human Design
  • There are 64 codons in DNA

-Does an additional two chakras change how we should change our lifestyles and connect with the universe…1:00:43

  • This basically comes down to decision making
  • Listen to your gut

-To connect with Luis…1:01:59

  • To connect with Luis, email at [email protected] and provide
    • Date of birth (dd/mm/yy)
    • Time of birth
    • Place of birth
  • Explanation of the charts readings are usually 60 minutes

-Luis reviews Ben's Human Design reading…1:05:50

-And much more!…

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9 thoughts on “Read Yourself Like A Book, Figure Out Exactly What Makes You Tick, & Increase Your Potential For Meaningful Personal Interactions: How Human Design Works With Luis Portillo.

  1. Mike says:

    Short story is it works…wise one once said do what works.
    The reading of my chart revealed more about me then me or my wife of 35 years new.
    I am with Laurie…”For those of you who feel like it was way too woo-woo, I recommend getting a reading before passing judgment.”

  2. Lori says:

    Human Design is difficult to explain in a podcast, simply because it’s complex. You’re combining many systems into one, thus making the details seem and feel somewhat confusing. It’s impossible to grasp the whole meaning in a podcast. With this said, having been introduced to Human Design 10 years ago, I feel it was a great introduction, and I appreciate Louis’s presentation. The best way to understand Human Design more fully, is to get a personal reading. You’ll discover (without a doubt) how profoundly accurate it is. If you implement the basics into your life: following your strategy, and authority (you’ll learn from your reading), and if you experiment with this, you’ll experience the value of the Human Design. If you do this, it will automatically spark your curiosity to learn more, and understand what a profound tool this can be to implement into your life. Thank you Ben for introducing Human Design on your podcast. For those of you who feel like it was way too woo-woo, I recommend getting a reading before passing judgment.

  3. Mike says:

    Seriously, what has happened to this podcast in 2022???

    Were L Ron Hubbard and Dionne Warwick booked?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      working on it 😉

  4. Scott Pressler says:

    Another podcast to avoid. Wow. You must be running out of legit sh#t and have gone off the cliff with these charlatans.

  5. John (not my real name) says:

    That word “Astrology” certainly has been demonised for….hundreds of years. When people wake up to the Mazzaroth they will find that the bible is actually an astrological text that has been mis-interpreted by the clergy. Good astrologers tend to die young these days, or get silenced by certain 3 letter agencies, that alone should tell us that they are hiding the truth from us.

  6. Roy aspiring TOB says:

    Why do the naysayers always struggle with the written word in the modern age of spell check and auto correct. Maybe I’m stating the obvious..

  7. Verita says:

    The Book of Mutations is based on Liber Trigrammaton by Aleister Crowley, a Satanist.

  8. Robert says:

    The guy who ‘downladed’, took the knowledge of different mystery schools aka T. M. O, B. O. T. A, A. M. O. R. C, O. T. O, Golden Dawn, etc.. Mixed and created ‘new’, money making machine. Great.. Anyway in Egypt they used 12 Chakra system. 4000 years ago, and all mystery schools teach that intuition aka gut feeling is more important than brain. Regarding those two ‘new chakras’ aka spleen Chakra etc famously appeared in dna change AD 1781, it is funny to see that both of those Chakra was used by alchemists before that (do research and pictures), regarding using astrology and 4 elements to create personality types, wellll want even go there.. So for people who don’t know this ‘download’, will be vauuuu, for people who research history will be.. So he steal ups ‘download’, those knowledge so he and fws can make money.. Welllll.. Luv it ❤️😘🤣🤣😇

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