#230: Is It Possible For A Vegan To Be A Healthy Endurance Athlete?

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Feb 20, 2013 free podcast: Is It Possible For A Vegan To Be A Healthy Endurance Athlete?  Also: what causes side stitches, how to get through a tough workout or race, healthy ways to heal road rash, what to eat after gallbladder removal, and how to eliminate motion sickness.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Robin says @ 00:22:11
He frequently gets side-stitches and abdominal cramps when he is running and is wondering what could be causing them and how he can avoid them. He also would like to know how to develop mental strength – the ability to push through when things get tough.

Adam says @ 00:34:59
He finds that when he is doing a lactate session, of 10k or more, he starts off tough through the middle of the run but then he starts to get negative thoughts and question himself before coming out the other side and finish off the session really well. He's looking for advice about the middle section and how to become mentally tougher and take out the negative thoughts.

Craig says @ 00:45:33
Wonders if you have any tips for healing road rash, skin abrasions and/or cuts.

~ In my response to Craig, I mention: Emu oilHelichrysum essential oil organicManuka honeyLiquid bandage.

Dave says @ 00:50:44
Is currently training for a marathon but will then start training for an Ironman. He is planning to use your 9 month training protocol but he's noticed that you recommend a lot of meat and he is vegan. Is there scope for vegans in there? He can't be the first to ask (especially after your appearance on Rich Roll's podcast).

~ In my response I mention TriathlonDominator.com or Tri-Ripped.com and

Chris says @ 01:07:45
He had his gallbladder removed about 10 years ago (he is 47 years old now) and is wondering if there are any tweaks or considerations he needs to make in his diet or any supplements he should be taking due to his lack of gallbladder. He works out about 5 days a week and does struggle to keep his weight down.

~ In my response to Chris, I recommend Bitters and Bile salts.

Thomas says @ 01:14:00
He's looking for advice on how to control motion sickness. It happens in the car when someone else is driving but the biggest problem is when he swims. Looking for advice or pointers on how to get over motion sickness in water. He can swim fine but he gets a “really swelly head” and then throws-up. In the ocean but also in the pool.

~ In my response to Thomas I mention practice snorkel swimming, I recommend wax earplugs, and acupressure wrist band.

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8 thoughts on “#230: Is It Possible For A Vegan To Be A Healthy Endurance Athlete?

  1. rassson says:

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  2. OK, now I am back as my mild-mannered alter-ego! :-) Brock, when it comes to Canadian pre-workout drinks/snacks that are probably a bad idea, I prefer Vachon brand snack cakes. :-) I had a box of Mae West cakes frozen for quite a while because I was eating them very infrequently as a treat. Not before a workout, though.

  3. Great podcast as always! I want to comment on Ben's recommendation to use gym time for strength work rather than more cardio, which is good advice. When he said "don't do high-intensity workouts like P90X in the gym," doesn't that ignore the entire strength training component of P90X? I know it doesn't incorporate slow training techniques, and can be done with low weight/high reps, but it is possible to take a heavier weight/lower rep approach with the workouts and still work all the muscle groups as part of the schedule. There are P90X fans who only use the strength workouts, and their primary sport provides the cardio. (By the way, my name is Fred, but I wanted to get my Home Fitness Geek/Tony Horton picture in here to show my support!)

    All that being said, when I go back for another round of P90X I plan to incorporate some of Ben's recommendations, such as sprint intervals during weight training, and maybe even some slow training.

  4. @TheLoneMarmot says:

    I actually did notice the podcast went AWOL last week.

    I thought you and Brock had fallen out big time over some omnivore/vegan controversy, but glad to see it wasn't so! :-)

    1. Brock Skywalker Armstrong says:

      Hrm… am I the vegan in this scenario?

      1. @TheLoneMarmot says:

        Canadian beer vegan :-)

  5. vegpedlr says:

    If it's against the law to mention "vegan" and "athlete" without mentioning Rich Roll, why not Scott Jurek too? Anyway, what about NAC for glutathione?

    1. Brock Skywalker Armstrong says:

      Hey, I don't make the laws – I just follow 'em ;)

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