#239: Why You Wake Up During The Night, Is Too Much Nut Butter Bad For You, How To Get Rid of Food Cravings, Exercise Benefits of Alcohol, And More!

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Apr 30, 2013 Podcast: Is too much nut butter bad for you, why you wake up during the night, how to get rid of food cravings, do collagen supplements work, natural remedies for seasonal allergies, and are there exercise benefits to alcohol?

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Nutbutter says @ 00:19:28
She is a 20-something year old vegan distance runner who is wondering what role you think nut butters play in the diet of a vegan athlete. Lately she has been over-eating the Whole Foods brand cashew butter (that contains safflower oil). Do you think nut butter is necessary for a vegan athlete's nutrition? How healthy do you consider them to be?

~ In my response I mention raw, organic nut butter.

Overactive Bladder says @ 00:27:31
She will brush her teeth, go pee and head to bed but after about 15 minutes she has to get up and pee again. Then she will wake up again in 3-4 hours and have to pee again. She had a cross-country running coach that told her “if you're not waking up in the night needing to go to the bathroom, you're not hydrated enough” and she things maybe that stuck with her. She drinks a lot of water, spaced out during the day, not specifically before bed and never has this type of urgency during the day.

~ In my response I mention these sleep resources: Sleep Pack, Sleep Add-Ons, Sleep Gear.

Jeremy says @ 00:35:52
When he eats, he tries to get in a good amount of fats, protein and carbs – for good nutrition – but as soon as he finishes eating, and onward between meals, he is always craving all types of food. Sugary or salty. And he usually gives in to the cravings. He takes Chromium but that only helps with the sugar cravings.

~ In my response I mention Metametrix ION profile for micronutrient testing, Is being hungry bad, and also the follow helpful carb craving resources:
-VIDEO: 5 Powerful Calorie Control Tricks To Help You Eat Less Food.
-VIDEO: 5 Ways To Suppress Your Appetite Without Taking Any Special Pills or Capsules.
-PODCAST: How To Stop Carbohydrate Cravings In Their Tracks.
-PODCAST: Inner Circle Free Episode: How To Stop Sugar & Carbohydrate Cravings In Their Tracks.
-ARTICLE: A Simple Six-Step System for Eliminating Food Cravings.
-ARTICLE: How To Fight Candy Cravings.

Steven asks @ 00:45:28
He would like to know more about collagen supplements for joints and ligaments – specifically Type 2 Collagen. What do the studies say about it being absorbed? Is it helpful? How regularly do you need to take it? He is 49 and he likes working out. He is hoping this will help with overall tendon and ligament strength.

~ In my response I mention Capraflex, also bioactive collagen peptides, and great lakes gelatin.

Tom says @ 00:49:33
Every memorial day weekend he does a camping trip near a river and the pollen and mold kills his allergies. His nose gets congested and his eyes water. He has tried over the counter remedies but those don't mix well with adult beverages (put him down for the count). What would you recommend he do.

~ I recommend magnesiumvitamin C, and this podcast with Dr. David Minkoff on kids, asthma and allergies.

Brandon asks @ 00:55:18
I recently started brewing beer at home, and wanted to know if there are any health benefits to non pasteurized brew. On the same note, I lift weights regularly and have heard alcohol is detrimental to muscle hypertrophy. I don't drink every day and when I do it's usually only one or two beers.

~ In my response I mention the study Nonalcoholic Beer Aids Marathon Recovery

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10 thoughts on “#239: Why You Wake Up During The Night, Is Too Much Nut Butter Bad For You, How To Get Rid of Food Cravings, Exercise Benefits of Alcohol, And More!

  1. zvolo says:

    Ben, may I ask for your opinion about grass fed cows butter and milk v. grass fed goats butter and milk. Is there any preference you would have in terms of performance and nutrition? I am on low carb, high fat diet. thanks a lot

    1. For the difference between the two, check out this episode. https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2009/02/podca…

  2. Dave G. says:

    I came here looking for this, but had to chase it down elsewhere (wasn't difficult using Dr. Google): http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/24/nonalcoh…

    1. Brock Skywalker Armstrong says:

      Whoops. Thanks for tracking that down. I will add it to the show notes for others to enjoy!

  3. Barbara says:


    All your info is so damn helpful, I love it!!! I just order the collagen from Amazon…you have never steered me wrong! I do bone broths in winter but now that the summer is here this will be a good substitute…you are money!!!

    Barbara (in Boston)

    1. Awesome…glad it helped, Barbara!

  4. CGA says:

    The new intro and transitions become boring because they're too long. Fade out the parts where Jessa is not saying anything. Maybe 3 seconds before and after for transitions, 5 seconds after she finishes the intro. Wonder if I'm the only one.

    1. LOL…thats not Jessa! But we'll work on those transitions…thought perhaps you'd like a little extra music to pump you up. ;)

      1. Becka says:

        I always thought the women was Jessa, too, until she actually appeared on the podcast!

  5. Carlos says:

    Might just be me but I think the new audio intro and transitions are too long. Fade the parts out where Jessa isn’t saying anything, maybe 2-3 seconds and after, the intro maybe 5 seconds to fade out…

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