Is This The Most Dense Source Of Nutrition On The Face Of The Planet?

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Every morning I put about thirty tiny spirulina algae tablets on top of my morning smoothie.

Then, in the evening, I often swallow another handful of tiny chlorella tablets to satiate my appetite. After that, I have to rinse out my mouth with water if I want my wife to kiss me, but it's all worth it because…

…regardless of whether you think that us land-dwelling creatures at some point evolved from ocean-dwelling life (a belief espoused by my previous podcast guest Jack Kruse to encourage people spend time in the cold and to eat more seafood), it can’t be denied that fish, turtles, and millions of other large and small inhabitants of water rely on one extremely dense nutrition source for sustenance of life…

…algae – particularly from spirulina and chlorella sources. And (especially for vegans and vegetarians), it is the only way to get absorbable, brain-building DHA from a plant-based source. Chia seeds and flax seeds don't get converted into DHA.

Algae has 40 vitamins and minerals, more protein than steak, more iron than liver, more calcium than milk, more chlorophyll than kale, more antioxidants than berries and provides so much steady energy and focus, that your performance improves all without chemicals, caffeine, sugar, gluten, soy, animal products or stomach distress.

Algae is also an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that releases oxygen while it is growing, produces 100 times more protein per acre than beef and provides the safest, vegan, source of Omega 3. It is grown in fresh water tanks, not the ocean so it protects the ocean’s ecosystem too.

And there's only one calorie in a single tab.

My guest on today's podcast is Catharine Arnston, and she puts my own algae consumption to shame, eating 75 pieces of chlorella and 75 pieces of spirulina every day. She holds an MBA from Western’s Ivey School of Business, and a BA in geography and economic development from Queen’s University. She is  a Board Certified Health Counselor from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a REIKI Master. She is also an algae expert and the CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of ENERGYbits, a sports nutrition company that sells algae in tablet form to athletes and consumers (click here and use code BEN to save 10% on any of their algae products).

Catharine founded ENERGYbits eight years ago after she became aware of the health and athletic benefits of a plant based diet. When she subsequently learned that algae was the most nutrient dense plant in the world and that Asians had been growing it and benefiting from it for fifty years, she made it her life mission to bring algae into the mainstream so others could benefit from this superfood too.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What exactly algae is…

-Which specific form of algae works best for pre or during workouts, and the appropriate hourly dosage…

-Which form of algae has the identical nutritional profile to mother's milk…

-The blue-green pigment in one specific form of algae that has been shown in research to enhance muscle recovery…

-Why, based on RNA and DNA content, sardines and algae are two of the most potent anti-aging foods on the face of the planet…

-How chlorophyll allows the body to produce ATP, even in the absence of calories…

-Which type of algae acts as a natural source of sun protection and prevention of radiation damage…

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

How To Eat Algae (The Ultimate Guide To Fueling With Spirulina And Chlorella).

Mother's Milk and ENERGYbits Spirulina Profile

Mother's Milk Amino Profile from Biological Chemistry

ENERGYbits Label with Amino Acid

Mothers Milk and ENERGYbits® Spirulina, Virtually the Same Nutritional Profile

Do you have questions, comments, or thoughts for Catharine or I about algae, spirulina, chlorella, or anything else algae related? Leave your thoughts below and one of us will reply. You can also click here and use code BEN to save 10% on any of the algae products I personally use, including spirulina ENERGYbits and chlorella RECOVERYbits.

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68 thoughts on “Is This The Most Dense Source Of Nutrition On The Face Of The Planet?

  1. Julia says:

    Hi Ben and Catharine, could the chlorella also be taken simply as a digestive aid after meals? I personally love the taste and so far am loving both the chlorella and the Energy Bits. I think I’m hooked! :) Thanks for your help.

  2. hauziran says:

    is there any proof to the claim ”In Japan, when premature babies are born and they can’t digest mother’s milk, they are


    algae dissolved in

    water ”

    i could not find anything about that and it pretty much seems a lie.spirulina is not mothers milk and this incredible lie might make some people try to deed their newborns spirulina instead of mother’s milk or specific formula

  3. Tilly says:

    Are the freshwater tanks that the algae are grown in exposed to sunlight? Or are they enclosed?

  4. Todd says:

    Hi Catharine, I’ve searched online but cannot seems to find when the best time of the day is to take chlorella. I’ve seen sites that say before meals, others say the morning, and I’ve even seen before bed. I’ve also read that there could be some potential adverse affects if taken with vitamin c. Personally, I would like to take the day’s serving (~5 g) just prior to bed, which would seem to both maximize detoxification and also provide a good evening dose of magnesium. Am I on the right track here? I’d be interested to hear your recommendations on the best time to take chlorella. Thanks!

    1. Response From Catharine: You're right. Taking chlorella before bed is best so they help your body detox but you can have them any time of day multiple times of day!

  5. wendy ralfe says:

    Awesome podcast Ben!!!

    Can we get energybits and recoverybits in the UK, is there a distributor here?

    1. They ship to the UK but it's expensive. Alternatively, you can buy from one of their brand ambassador Mark Kleanthous: Email Address: [email protected]
      Twitter Handle:

  6. Matthew Fried says:

    Hi. So, I was very impressed with your podcast Catherine, and also your replies to the comments here. I hope you are still reading.

    I took your list of 7 questions to ask other chlorella & spirulina suppliers, and asked mine. This is what they said, below. I am curious to hear what you think:

    “We source all of our ingredients world wide, it can vary batch to batch. It has changed often over the years, but we have had both algaes in our formula since day one back in 2009. (We have made over 40 formula changes in the same period)

    We have utilized premium spirulina and chlorella from NZ, Australia, South Korea, and China (non GMO only).

    Cold processed.

    Tested very accurately for heavy metals and any other toxins.

    Absolutely sure every batch that we are well inside heavy metal limits for both FDA and NZ requirements, same for microbials.

    We don’t use any cheap bulk fillers, every ingredient in some format improves the formula. All lend to the taste.”

    1. Eve says:

      Same here. She said so much and when this happened, I wondered what else she was exaggerating: “… here’s what’s really cool for the athletes: it speeds your healing from injury or surgery twice as fast. You will heal twice as fast if you’re taking this stuff because of all the RNA and DNA, and other attributes.

      Ben: Has that been studied? Like that exact value, twice?

      Catharine: Well we’ve had athletes tell us what happens. We’ve had…

      Ben: And I know it speeds up repair and recovery, I wasn’t aware that it had been quantified.

      Catharine: Well, I’m not sure if it’s technically been quantified, but we had our baseball players who were professional players who had shoulder surgery and they told us their doctors couldn’t believe it.”

      The transcript doesn’t catch how bold she was in her assertion and the stammering that followed when Ben asked his question. I don’t like it when people make claims as fact and only when pressed say “well, that’s what I’ve been told.”

  7. Vero says:

    Interesting podcast that is making a lot if interesting claims. Would love to see the research to back all this up!
    Thanks Ben.

  8. gert says:

    Hello Ben / Catharine

    Can you tell something about chlorella and the interaction with heavy metals like mercury. You read a different stories about cholorella use for detox from mercury when removing amalgam fillings in your teeth. Ine says it helps removing mercury, but also warnings that chlorella does not remove it from the body because it cannot bind the mercury well enough? So, can you give some info on this and do you still recommend it when someone has (removed) amalgam in his mouth? Thanks! Cheers gert

  9. Edwin Breed says:

    Great interview! I actually placed an order last week- 5/16 but have not received shipping confirmation. My account on the energy bits site reads “Processing” under Order Status. Have you run out of supply? I spoke with someone at the phone number and they stated they would get back to me but I’ve heard nothing. Can you assist me, Catharine?

  10. Hi. Really Nice to hear all those good advices given without looking down on vegan/vegetarian. My sons eat spirulina like candies he loves it but surprisingly he is more picky with chlorella….

    I really should integrate them again in my diet, they used to give me lots of gaz.

    Anyway thanks for the podcast and the job you guys make

  11. Michelle says:

    Fantastic show Ben and Catharine, absolutely fascinating! I was wondering if you could expand on your comment that chlorella removes bacteria. How does this affect the gut microbiome and the balance of “good” vs “bad” bacteria? I’m curious to know more as I’ve been on a journey the last year or so trying to restore my gut flora after getting really sick and needing a series of antibiotics and steroids (wish I knew about chlorella before then!). How does it do this? Does it simply support balance within the gut microbiome or does it target bad bacteria? Also, what’s your opinion (if you have one) on how it could support overcoming systemic candida? Could you elaborate?

    Catharine, any plans to supply to international retailers? I’m down under and really keen to try your product but nearly fell over when I saw the cost of international shipping! Will have to save a few pennies first!


  12. Dave says:

    I have no money to buy the expensiv ones. Would you recommend buying the cheaper brands or should I just dont eat them at all?

    1. I'd say, just like eggs, meat, etc., in that case I wouldn't eat them at all.

  13. Jesse Huerta says:

    Love the episode as always, I’ve listened to it twice. But my question is do they have any samples to buy before spending the $115? Thank you, Ben, and thank you Catharine! have a healthy week! LOL

  14. Jake says:

    i have found these possible side effects of chlorella after a quick Google search:

    Weak immune system (immunodeficiency): There is a concern that chlorella might cause “bad” bacteria to take over in the intestine of people who have a weak immune system. Be careful with chlorella if you have this problem.

    “Autoimmune diseases” such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), or other conditions: Chlorella might cause the immune system to become more active, and this could increase the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. If you have one of these conditions, it’s best to avoid using chlorella.

    My wife suffered from c-dif on two separate occasions and had a bout of reactive arthritis that has been thankfully in remission for the last years. My question is would it be safe for her to take your spirulina and chlorella and if it is ok should she take less?

  15. kt says:

    Ben (or Catharine),

    Do you know if the amount of Spirulina and Chlorella in Organifi Green Juice is an adequate daily dose compared to, say, VitalityBits?

  16. Shawn says:

    Of course I’ve been drinking officer, but I took a few green pills 1.5 hours ago so I’m good as new.

    1. Ha Ha. But seriously, this is what’s going to happen. It will probably take 5 -6 years but by then they will be sold at every bar. Everyone should be taking RECOVERYbits after they drink and before they go home. RECOVERYbits (chlorella) will pull all the alcohol out of your blood stream and in 1.5- 2 hours you will be stone sober. Honest. Not only will you wake up the next morning without a hangover, they could save a lot of lives by reducing/eliminating drunk driving. Fingers crossed we can make it a reality! ps I love your sense of humor. With a name like Shawn, could you be Irish? If so, maybe you could help spread the world in the land of green about our gorgeous green chlorella ! Cheers

  17. Tracy says:

    Would you change doses of fish oil or Astaxanthin along with this product.

  18. Nick says:

    I think they use flash heating though.

    1. I think you’re right. And flash heat destroys enzymes and reduces the nutrient values.

  19. Nick says:

    Hi Ben and Catharine,

    What is your opinion on the Earthrise brand of spirulina, grown in California?

    also, just bought a bag of energybits thanks!

  20. Eric Frohardt says:

    Such an interesting conversation. Any concerns for people w/ kidney issues taking algae? I lost a kidney while serving in military. Now I’m on a protein, sodium and oxalate restricted diet. Lots of oxalates in dark leafy greens. Is algae high in oxalate as well?

  21. Bill says:


    If you are taking both of these would you still recommend taking a multi vitamin?

    1. Hi Bill, I am actually going to differ on my response from Bens and suggest that you do not need a multi vitamin if you are taking both of these algae every day. I don’t take any vitamins of any kind any more and haven’t for the last 5 years. But its really up to you to pay attention to your body and if you feel great without a multi – that’s the answer for you. If you find you are dragging then maybe you need to take a closer look at your entire selection of choices in both nutrients but also lifestyle, stress and exercise. Good luck with it! Keep me posted. Thanks!

      1. Natalia Duque-Wilckens says:

        Well I guess that is also highly related to your diet, physical activity and place where you leave (even lifestyle).

  22. Marty Kendall says:

    Here are some other options for quantifiable nutrient dense foods once you’ve had your fill of alge and chlorella……

  23. Deon says:

    Great podcast… Already ordered my first batch of EnergyBits this morning right after the show. I am busy preparing for my first Ironman in October and my coach and I are wanting to do the whole Ironman on a liquid diet only. The current plan is to take Hammer Perpetuem chews to get protein. In your opinion, will Spirulina be a safe and improved source of protein during Ironman?

  24. Matt Miller says:

    How much Chlorella is okay to take in a day? Is there a possibility of taking too much especially when starting out because of its potentency?

    1. Hi Matt, great question. Most people can jump in and take the minimum serving size of 30 tabs of ENERGYbits because 99% of the population can easily absorb the nutrition of spirulina. But RECOVERYbits could cause some detox symptoms if you have a lot of toxins to remove. So if you think you could be a candidate for a detox, you might want to start with just 15 tabs per day for a few days so your body can get used to the toxins being pulled out and then if you are asymptomatic, move up to the recommended 30 tabs per day (or more if you are ill and/or want to really do a detox). Once you are cleaned out (like I am) your body could easily take up to 100 tabs of chlorella per day -its close to what I take EVERY day and I have taken this much EVERY day for the last five years and it has kept me healthy and frankly I am even younger looking than ever before (yeah for all that great DNA/RNA in chlorella!). It is your natural way to protect your health and sure is better for you (and then environment) than taking prescription drugs or going to the doctor. Just be sure your chlorella (or spirulina) is from a very reputable source so you are SURE it doesn’t contain any harmful metals like mercury or lead (lead is found in chlorella that has been cracked by the older method of tumbling it with glass beads which is NOT the technique we use – we pass our chlorella through a sound chamber so the sound vibrations are what cracks the chlorella. Its a more expensive process but guarantees our chlorella is lead free). BTW your pets will love both algae too – and they’re smarter than most of us. Ha Ha. Thanks again !

  25. Neil says:

    These algae bits are expensive. Any coupon code available?

    1. Emery says:

      Here is what is listed in the notes from this podcast

      (click here and use code BEN to save 10% on any of their algae products).

    2. Hi Neil and thanks for your question. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality algae, grown using the highest quality techniques to provide the safest, most nutrient dense algae. We also do our very best to help educate consumers and athletes about why algae is so great for them. Unfortunately all of this leads to our algae being a premium product that is priced higher than the lower quality, cheaper algae you can purchase in places like Walmart. On the other hand, you can have peace of mind that it is the safest food in the world. And you would likely need 10x as much as the cheaper algae to get the same results from a single serving of ours. But the good news is that Ben has a 10% discount code! All you need to do is type the word BEN into our coupon box when you check out. Its located in the lower left hand corner of our shopping cart and you will see the discount applied on the screen. You can use this discount on anything and for years to come! I hope you get to try some soon. Your body will say thank you…and so do we! All the best, Catharine

  26. Russ McBride says:

    Interesting conversation. I realize there’s a lot to discuss, but I’m a little surprised the topic of mercury did not come up. Chlorella is a huge topic of discussion in the mercury chelation circles and a standard piece of the protocol for the Dietrich Klinghardt crowd and many others (I shadowed patients with Dietrich for a week at his clinic). But I’ve also spent a couple of hours on the phone with Hal Huggins, the “grandfather whistleblower” for the dangers of mercury fillings, and he believes that you should never take chlorella for mercury chelation precisely *because* it’s so good at sucking mercury from its environment. It will often have extreme levels of mercury just from having sucked it out of the air during its growth phase which you then do not want to put into your body. Of course if it does accumulate mercury during the growth phase then it will, presumably, be great at sucking it out of your body (although for extreme cases I always go straight for the DMPS, and the only thing that will pass through the blood-brain barrier to pull hg from your brain appears to be cilantro). The greatest bio-accumulation of mercury in fish comes not from the transition to big predatory fish from small fish, but rather in the move from ambient ocean levels of mercury to the phytoplankton, about 1000x increase if I’m recalling correctly.

    It sounds, unlike most supplement manufacturers, that the EnergyBits folks have more commitment and the resources to confirm product quality, as evidenced by things like the NSF certification goal. Maybe you can ask Catherine if they’ve done lab tests on the mercury levels, or heavy metal levels in general. I’d love to know. Some very clean (toxin-free) chlorella and spirulina that pulls mercury and radiation out of the body, and has adaptogenic effects would be a real score.



    1. Russ McBride says:

      I talked to Catherine on the phone for awhile so I’ll save Ben a bit of work and post my own reply. EnergyBits is running an assay on the spirulina now and will be doing an assay on the chlorella in a couple of weeks, the results of both Catherine hopes to be able to share. Cool!

    2. Hi Russ and it was great to speak with you yesterday! My apologies for this delay in responding to your excellent post here but we have been working until the wee hours every night to get all the orders out from Ben’s awesome community who heard the pod cast. You raise a very important issue and I am so glad to clarify it here for you and for Ben’s followers. There is NO mercury in our algae (neither chlorella nor spirulina) and this is because unlike what many people think, our algae is not grown in the ocean -which as we all know is contaminated and loaded with mercury. The great news is that our algae is grown in pristine, fresh water tanks that are tested every day for purity and there is no chance there is any mercury in the water it is grown in so there is no mercury for it to absorb and end up in our chlorella or spirulina tablets. And since ENERGYbits has just been selected as being one of the World’s Top Fifty Sports Innovators in an international competition that is part of the 2016 Summer Olympics, we were asked to provide them with independent lab results to prove there were no harmful substances (including mercury) in our algae so they could recommend us to the Olympic Teams, sponsors, Olympic committee members and athletes that we will be meeting with over the next three months leading up to Rio (we might even be flown to Rio for the Games!). We just ordered the lab tests last week for spirulina (ENERGYbits) and are also ordering the same lab tests for chlorella (RECOVERYbits) and will have all the results back by June 1st which I will be happy to share. It will hopefully provide critical third party confirmation that our algae is “clean” and totally safe and can be used by anyone for any purpose – including removal of mercury or radiation in the body. Thank you for raising this very important issue and I look forward to staying in touch with you and hopefully connecting with Deitrich Kingharft and Hal Huggins once we have the reports back that confirm we are “clean”. The next step after that is we will get the NSF certification, which is extraordinarily expensive but which will provide athletes (and anyone ) with further assurances of our quality and clean status. Please stay in touch and let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you. Terrific post. Thanks!

    3. Ben offers a 10% discount with the promo code BEN. Hope you can use it! Thanks!

  27. Tina says:

    I’m a big fan of the spirulina and chlorella, great info!

    I have the answer to your popcorn issue! In Hawaii I have found Spirulina Pops. You can only get it there but it’s easy to make!

    Popcorn popped in coconut oil (they used macadamia nut oil) sprinkled with salt, spirulina and nutritional yeast… yum!

    1. Wow sounds delicious! Maybe once we are a bigger company e can sell these too. I love popcorn (Organic Non GMO) and naturally I love algae so this sounds like a perfect match – for me and Ben too! Ha Ha. Thanks for your great suggestion! Sweet.

  28. Steve says:

    Concerned about heavy metal toxicity with the algae, products I’ve seen lab reports from products out of China that are high in lead. I understand it’s best if the water is of good quality that the algae is growing in.

    Fukushima continues to dump some hundred thousand gallons of radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean daily – has anybody seen any studies on seaweed and radiation. I know they’re finding elevated levels of the Fukushima radiation in the tuna off of San Diego.

    1. Hi Steve and thanks for your post. You are absolutely right about the high lead in algae from China and you are also absolutely right to be concerned about the radiation from the Fukushima disaster. The great news is that WE do not grow our algae in China – we grow it in Taiwan where the standards are much higher and our partner has ISO9000 certification which is an international certification (and GMP certification) that provides you with the assurance that there are high quality controls in place at every step as we grow our algae -including clean water with NO lead and NO radiation. It is also important that I explain that the water supply used for our algae comes from a completely difference source than the water supply in Japan and there is no radiation in it. The way the ocean currents are set up, the radiation was pulled away from areas like Taiwan but has drifted eastward to the West coast of the USA like San Diego which is why there is so much contamination there. is is heart breaking to see the damage this is causing to our eco system. That is why we urge people to use our algae – it is not only the most nutrient dense food in the world, it is also probably the safest. And by the way it is also the most eco-friendly, sustainable crop in the world. That is why I am so in love with algae and want to encourage everyone to use it. Thanks so much for your great questions. Please let me know if I can answer any more. All the best

  29. Emery says:

    Any suggestions on other companies who sell these? Are the bits or a tab better for you than the powdered form? If you use a lesser quality product, will you still gain some of the health benefits? We order from a local company called Frontier and they have both but in powdered form. It tells the country of origin but what should I ask when finding out how they process it? I actually thought about ordering some last month but wanted to find out more first. Thanks for another great podcast!

    1. Hi Emery, you get the same benefits from the algae regardless of whether it is in powered form or tablets. We currently only sell tablets because we wanted our algae to be EASILY transportable. When you purchase a bag of 1,000 tabs from our website, we provide you with an attractive, small travel tin so you can refill it every day and tuck it into your shirt pocket or gym shorts, handbag or briefcase and thus always have a healthy, energy booster with you that you can take when ever you are hunger or tired, where ever you are (in the car, at the office, in an airplane etc) There is no mess like there is with powders. And of course you can always grind up our tabs to put into your smoothies so its like having a powder! Two in one:) If you are considering another supplier you will need to ask them a number of things: 1) what is the strain of algae 2) where is it grown 3) how do they dry it – do they use heat that kills the enzymes or do they air dry it 4) do they test it to be sure it is free of heavy metals 5) do they package it in UV Ray protected packaging 6) what is the shelf life 7) are there any binders in it 8) is it raw 9) is it vegan 10) how long have they been growing it 11) how many other products do they sell -if they sell a lot, they might just be a contract manufacturer and don’t pay a lot of attention to detail like we do since we only sell ONE product – algae which is why we are experts in it. Hope it goes well for you and we’re here for you if you would ever like to try ours! Be well!

  30. Cortney Burns says:

    Hi Ben- If I am intermittent fasting should I wait to take these or will they not mess with the processes at play there?


    1. Wait. NO calories during a fast.

    2. Cortney says:

      Fats like brain octane have calories… differnt beast as there is no protein correct??

  31. Nori says:

    I was born and raised in Japan. Never heard of giving spirulina to a baby.

    Asked my mom and grandma about it. They looked at me like I’m crazy.

    1. Hi Nori and thanks for your comment. Your mother and grandmother have not likely been reading all the same research that I have been reading about spirulina and chlorella so its understandable they wouldn’t know about this. And as I mentioned, its only used for pre-mature babies who can’t digest mothers milk – so its likely not used very often since this probably represents 0.000001% of babies born. Let me know if you have any other questions. All the best,

  32. Mandi says:

    Hey Ben,

    Would you recommend taking these energy bits and the marine phytoplankton you talked about on a previous podcast? Or is that over kill? Just would love to know what you suggest. Also, love, love, love your podcast. I have learned so much listening to you and your guests. Keep up the good work!!! :)

    1. You can totally do both, yes. Not overkill. Just better living through science.

  33. chad says:

    Ben and Catharine,

    Thanks for the great podcast! I was consuming Energy and Recovery bits often, but noticed my ferritin was elevated on a blood test (303 ng/ml). Since a serving of each is at least 100% RDA of iron, I quit taking them. I was consuming creatine and ashwagandha as well, which I’ve learned can elevate iron. I haven’t retested yet, and I’m unsure which of those caused the increased iron. I’d like to get back to enjoying the bits; what are you thoughts?

    1. Jim M. says:

      Give blood twice a year. You should be fine. What’cha think Ben?

    2. Hi Ben and thanks for your question. ENERGYbits (spirulina) have the highest known concentration of iron (48 times more than spinach and 28 times more than liver) but the iron in algae is plant-based iron so it’s easily absorbed and very gentle on your digestion and body -unlike iron supplements. But frankly I don’t think it was the iron from ENERGYbits or RECOVERYbits that was elevating your iron because algaeis what’s referred to as an “adaptogen” which means it adapts to the needs of your body automatically. SO if your body didn’t need the iron from the algae, it wouldn’t have absorbed it or elevated your iron levels above what they should have been. So I am guessing that it might have been the creatine or ashwagandha that may have led to your elevated iron. I hope this helps! Keep me posted and thanks again! We’d love to have you enjoying our bits again too! Fingers (and toes) crossed! Cheers!

  34. beth says:

    Thanks for the podcast – very informative! What are your thoughts on wakame/seaweed salad? I always liked how it tasted at Japanese restaurants, and recently found an Asian grocery store that sells wakame salad frozen. I am not one for pre-packaged foods, but I figured it was high in iron and other nutrients. Curious your thoughts on this, especially regarding health benefits (or not!) of a seaweed salad or concerns regarding toxins, etc.

    1. Hi Beth and thanks for your great comment/suggestion. I love seaweed salad too and its ocean grown, unlike our algae which is fresh water grown. Seaweed thus has iodine in it (fresh water algae doesn’t) so seaweed is a great complement to algae. But it doesn’t have nearly as many nutrients as algae which has the highest nutrient density in the world and over 40 vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is great but it doesn’t come close to algae. You mentioned iron but, spirulina (ENERGYbits) has 48 times more iron than spinach and 28 times more iron than liver. It has the highest concentration of iron in the world and definitely more than seaweed. Just be careful with the quality of seaweed since our oceans aren’t exactly clean any more and you don’t want to absorb toxins when you eat it. BTW our algae isn’t grown in the oceans – we grow it in fresh water tanks that are tested every day for purity so you can be sure that our algae is safe. But I will say that seaweed probably tastes better! Thanks again for your great comment! I hope this has helped. Be well.

  35. alexander says:

    Mr,Ben.suggestion on DHA supplement for mega dosing?

    1. HI Ben, I”m not quite sure what your question is. Do you want to rephrase it so I might be able to help? thanks!

  36. Jordan says:

    I love Energy Bits and Recovery Bits and was actually sitting down to a bowl of them with my morning smoothie as I saw this episode pop up in my news feed. And yes, I do swallow them like pills with my smoothie. I once tried to chew them but it was way too green tasting for my tastes. So now I just down them alongside my thick Ben Greenfield approved ketogenic morning shake.

    1. Hey Jordan, thanks so much for listening to the post and for including ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits in your shake every morning. Our algae are totally supportive of ketonic diets (and all diets frankly since they are also paleo, vegan, raw, high protein and low carb). Man mother nature sure knocked it out of the park with algae! Thanks again for being such a great fan of our bits! We’re a fan too. Ha Ha

  37. Alan Trammell PT says:

    Good info. Any problems with constipation using Energybits?

    1. Hi Alan, thanks for listening to the podcast. And no there isn’t any problem with constipation particularly if you drink a full glass of water with or after you take ENERGYbits. As you heard on the podcast, ENERGYbits are 100% spirulina which has the highest concentration of protein in the world and your body needs more water to process protein than it does to process fruits or vegetables (which have a lot of water in them). But the great thing about spirulina is that it is absorbed SO quickly so it is in your blood stream within 10 minutes and it never gets to your GI tract undigested so you never have stomach distress. Interestingly chlorella algae (RECOVERYbits) has been used for over 20 years to help with Chrohns and other GI tract issues and it corrects digestive or other GI tract problems – so its a great complement to ENERGYbits! Thanks again for your great question!

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