Episode #189: Should You Eat Carbs or Protein Before Bed?

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In this Apr 4, 2012 free audio podcast: Should You Eat Carbs or Protein Before Bed? Also: being predisposed to heat stroke, shot-gun vitamins and high dose antioxidants, good swim technique videos, being ketogenic all the time, tendonitis explained, why one muscle can be bigger than the one on the other side, and how to blast away belly fat.

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Audio Question from Kelsey:
What is best to eat before bed? Garret Webber-Gale's nutritionist says carbs instead of protein or it will all turn to fat… is that true?

Audio Question from Patrick:
Wondering about heat susceptibility. If he can't take an icebath, he gets crazy headaches 24 hours after a hot/hard workout.

~ In my response to Patrick, I recommend CapraColostrum.

Audio Question from Mike:
Wants your opinion of the “Longevity” and “Six for Men” supplements.

Audio Question from Jared:
Wants some recommendations for videos he can watch to help his swimming technique as he prepares for a triathlon.

~ In my response to Jared, I recommend Swim Smooth, and especially the DVD's.

Bob asks:
If I train myself to be ketogenic, is that purely for health and fat burning? What about racing? Do I still eat the gels, etc. before/during a race? Or is that counter-productive?

Stephanie asks:
I need some advice on how to manage my tendonitis in my foot once and for all. In fall 2010, I completed my first marathon. During the end of my training, I started to develop pain on the inside of my left foot. I pushed my way through the race but was left limping for a week. The pain subsided enough to allow me to start running in April 2011. However, by August, I had to cease running due to extreme pain on the outside of my foot. An MRI determined that I had tendinitis and I spent 3 months in Physical Therapy. My foot has gotten better but it is still not 100%. What do you suggest in terms of stretching, foam rolling, etc., to enable me to slowly begin a running program again? I would like to try a marathon in fall 2012.

Rob asks:
I lift a lot of weights for strength training. I notice one peck is significantly larger than the other. When I train I use dumbbells so I can't overcompensate with a stronger side. I'm right handed, and my right peck is smaller. Why does something like this typically occur? Could it be related to one side being dominant and used throughout the day? What would be the way to fix this?

Lee asks:
I have currently noticed that my left bicep is longer/larger than my right bicep. I am right handed and have always consciously made an effort to work both arms the same amount. Do opposite biceps normally grow at the same rate? My concern now is how to get the right bicep to ‘catch up' to the left one.

Gerald wrote:
I wanted to get your thoughts on the best way to loose fat that accumulates between my waste and my neck. My legs are very strong and have little fat – if any. I seem to accumulate my fat up north. I know you can't target belly fat loss, however I thought I heard you mention a good fat loss program for this scenario on one of your podcasts. If you could point me to that podcast or any articles you have on this I would appreciate it. By the way I am 38, have a desk job but try to eat organic and drink 8 cups of water during week days and raw milk 2-3 cups per day for calcium. I also take a great vitamin from Dr. Ron. As well as cod lover oil. I'm a husband with 6 children and not as active as I want to be.

~ In my response to Gerald I talk about www.shape21.com

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11 thoughts on “Episode #189: Should You Eat Carbs or Protein Before Bed?

  1. Keerthi Kumar says:

    Hi Ben
    Regarding Gerald's question:
    Can you please provide any links to the studies which show visceral fat responds better to high intensity intervals and weight training? My trainer is also very geeky like you and wants to understand the bio chemistry and reasons behind it :) I'm doing weight training and interval training, light cardio in mornings, eating well etc. but having hard time losing that belly and waist fat. So I want to dive deep and understand this better.

    Keerthi Kumar

    1. Irving; Davis, C.; Brock, D.; Weltman, J.; Swift, D.; Barrett, E.; Gaesser, G.; Weltman, A. (2008). "Effect of exercise training intensity on abdominal visceral fat and body composition". Medicine and science in sports and exercise 40 (11): 1863–1872. doi:10.1249/MSS.0b013e3181801d40. PMC 2730190. PMID 18845966.

      Coker; Williams, R.; Kortebein, P.; Sullivan, D.; Evans, W. (2009). "Influence of Exercise Intensity on Abdominal Fat and Adiponectin in Elderly Adults". Metabolic syndrome and related disorders 7 (4): 363–368. doi:10.1089/met.2008.0060. PMC 3135883. PMID 19196080.

      1. Keerthi Kumar says:

        Thanks a lot Ben :)

  2. kelcey1 says:

    Would a person like Gerald also reduce belly fat by limiting (or eliminating) simple carbs (white flour, sugar)? Also, would hormones be involved, like too much estrogen? This seems to be a really common problem that I see frequently, especially in older men. Does belly fat signal insulin resistance?

    1. Yes, eliminating sugar and alcohol helps a ton too, but those things were not mentioned because he described his healthy diet…belly fat signals both insulin and leptin resistance, and as a cruel catch-22, also causes/worsens it.

      1. kelcey1 says:

        Thanks. Yeah, he said he ate organic, but I see an awful lot of organic white flour and sugar (and alcohol for that matter) at Whole Foods.From: [email protected]: [email protected]: ben_greenfield replied to your comment on Episode #189: Should You Eat Carbs or Protein Before Bed?

  3. Chris says:

    Loved the podcast as usual Ben. I have a question about your answer to the bigger pec issue where you say to strengthen the opposite shoulder. My right pec is smaller then my left, im left handed and my left shoulder is stronger then my right. I tore my right rotator cuff a few years back could this have anything to with my smaller right pec and if so how would I get my right pec to the same size if my left shoulder is already stronger then my right?

    1. If your right rotator cuff was torn, you'll likely just generally weaker OVERALL on your right side, especially if you're naturally left side dominant. Start doing as much as possible with your right side: brushing your teeth, using your fork, etc., and then also do ONE extra set for the right side in the gym…for any exercises.

  4. Andy says:

    Great show, thanks for the refresher on tendonitis good to know.

  5. jeff Hoening says:

    Great show as usual! What is the name of the book on gratitude that you're reading? Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden long-recognized gratitude as the key to happiness. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. "How The New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier": https://amzn.to/2LWalJi

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