Episode #212: What Kind Of Yogurt Is Best?

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Oct 10, 2012 free podcast: What Kind Of Yogurt Is Best Also: choosing a bed mattress and treating a dowager's hump, who should use a breath training device, cold feet while cycling with raynaud's syndrome, how and when to use branch chain amino acids, can olive oil be bad for you, and how to deal with bicycle saddle sores.

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As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Dave asks @ 00:17:20
I am curious why your concerns about dairy do not include yogurt? I am not suggesting that they should, I'm just curious why yogurt is not a concern. Second, a fellow triathlete podcaster that I listen to is a big fan of yours but very anti olive oil. I have not heard his reasons so I am curious what you they could be.

Audio Question from Drew @ 00:31:17
Can you recommend a bed mattress that is good for back pain? She tore her trapezius and fractured her tailbone (among other injuries) quite a while ago. She isn't a “sissy” but she doesn't sleep well and it is really starting to get to her. She also has a dowager's hump (hyperkyphosis) from working at a desk. Do you have any suggestions for treating that and correcting her posture?

~ In my response, I talk about the Sleep Number mattress and Brock mentions Intelliskin.

Audio Question from Robert @ 00:36:40
Do you think a breath training device (like the Powerlung) would be beneficial for an older age grouper late to the game?

~ In my response, I talk about the Powerlung and mentions this podcast episode.

Audio Question from Elisabeth @ 00:40:16
Looking for tips to deal with raynaud's syndrome on the bike (and in general). It acts up when her feet get cold on the bike she and sometimes just can't seem to warm them up. She uses neoprene foot warmers but it doesn't always do the trick.

~ In my response, I talk about the GSR2 Biofeedback Device and the EMWave2. I also talk about SuperEssentials Fish Oil and recommend Omega 3-Omega 6 Fatty Acid ratios, plus testing with a company like WellnessFX. Brock mentions Heat Factory Hand Warmers.

Audio Question from Ty @ 00:47:09
He wants to know at what point there is a benefit in supplementing with branch chain amino acids. What threshold, in intensity and duration, should he set to beginning supplementing.

~ In my response, I talk about Recoverease  and also Master Amino Pattern.

Lance asks @ 00:51:41
I have a question about how best to use Master Amino Pattern and Wobenzyme Proteolytic Enzymes to help me recover between consecutive weekends of long racing. I understand to use Nature Aminos before and after but the timing confuses me. Since the enzymes need to be on an empty stomach, and post race calories are important too, what is the best way to combine everything? Also should I continue in the following days? If so, how much and when? I'd also like to ask about tart cherry juice? Is there something special about tart cherries, or is the same effect in other juices like pomegranate, since it looks like the same active ingredient?

~ In my response, I talk about Tart Cherry Juice.

Josh asks @ 00:57:59
In your blog post “The Hawaii Comedy of Errors” you mentioned that you had a bout with saddle sores. I too have had an ongoing battle with them ever since I started cycling. I've tried many different saddles and nothing has been especially wonderful. My saddle is slightly pivoted downward and I have been properly fitted. Tri-shorts make it worse than cycling bibs and, earlier in the season, they were so bad that I nearly had a full-blown infection. I've tried EVERY cream/natural remedy with no relief. I was thinking of getting an Adamo Road saddle, but wanted to get your opinion on what to do first.

~ In my response, I talk about Adamo ISM saddle, Hammer Nutrition Seat Saver (use 15% discount code 80244), SkinSake Ointment, and Tea Tree Oil.

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27 thoughts on “Episode #212: What Kind Of Yogurt Is Best?

  1. vegpedlr says:

    Thanks a bunch for the answers to my question on MAP, enzymes and cherry juice. It was exactly what I wanted to know. Through experimentation, I do mostly what you suggest, but as always I learned even more.

  2. Simon says:

    Thanks Ben! Will look into the test! A day or two off dairy and breathing is just fine!

  3. Simon says:

    Hi Ben, I love dairy, drink organic grass fed milk or cream sometimes some good cheese. However the closer I consume any them prior to bed (ie: after 6pm) I always wake up at night breathing through my mouth as the nose gets completely blocked! Is this mucus or inflammatory related response like the nasal passages swelling etc… The following morning have a lot of flem build up! I don't eat yogurt as trying to keep carbs down. Thanks as always!

  4. Jenny says:

    I recently had a food allergy test and learned that I have an allergy to cow's milk. Does that mean I should stay away from yogurt made from cow's milk altogether? What about cheese?

    1. Yes, jenny…you should ideally go with goat…

  5. Jenny says:

    With regards to the MAP amino acids – I workout first thing in the morning. I also take Tian Chi. I am interested in trying the MAP. Could I take both MAP and the Tian Chi first thing in the morning at the same time and then wait about 30 minutes before having a light pre-workout snack? I would want to get the most out of both products. Thank you

  6. Mike says:


    Just listened to this podcast. So quick to endorse Stonyfield farms…but I was surprised you never mentioned a brand that's based here in the Northwest US and available nationwide: Nancy's. The ingredients of their Organic Greek Probiotic is Organic Pasteurized Whole Milk, Live Probiotic Cultures, and Live Yogurt Cultures. Sure, they offer a non-fat version (so does Stonyfield and everyone else).

  7. English Teacher says:

    Haruki Murakami is one of the finest literary fiction writers writing today. His novels do have fantastical and surreal elements, but you sound like an illiterate hillbilly when you peg him as a mere science fiction writer. Stick with what you know.

    1. brockarm says:

      Whoa! I am a huge fan of Murakami and I am sorry if I raised your literary ire by glibly pegging him as sci-fi. It was not meant to be a slight by any means. We illiterate hillbillies offer our most pretensionless reparation :)

      1. alan says:

        i like the show more, now that i know it is run by illiterate hillbillies. can you work that into the show's title sequence? it would probably sound better being voiced over by the sultry young lady at the beginning than by you, no offense.

  8. Bruce M Wallce says:

    Hey Ben listened to you Podcast today on yogurt….good info thanks…didn't hear any information on FAGE Total 0% Greek Strained Yogurt. What are you thoughts on this brand? Didn't see any of the ingredients in it that you said to check for in this brand.. I eat this with fresh fruit after dinner…..good taste…Thanks!

    1. I wouldn't touch it. It's 0% fat and loaded with sugar and corn starch!

      1. alan says:

        ok, what about the FAGE total greek strained yogurt? ingredients are grade a pasturized milk and cream, live active yogurt cultures (5 of them that i dont care to spell and assume you know!). that is it. says nothing about fillers or sugars at all.

        is FAGE just a bad company that puts fillers/sugars in without listing them or is that just a 0% fat issue?

        really going to be pissed if i have been intentionally buying something that ticks all the boxes to be healthy but really is not!

        hope you are enjoying hawaii. cold and wet recently in the midwest. good for cold therapy!

        1. That would be better, although it is not necessarily from grass fed or organically raised beef. Cheers!


  9. Becky says:

    Hi Ben, I am shopping for a good e stim unit for a shoulder and hip injury.
    My doctor thinks my insurance will cover it. Is there one in particular you like?

    1. I like the Compex. That's the one I use. The Sport Elite version…

  10. kem says:

    (not) Interesting to hear you need to search for yoghurt that isn't from grass fed, antibiotic, hormone free cattle, goats or sheep. the US needs to poull it's head out on that one. Making one's youghurt is too easy, anyway. Kefir is even easier. And it sounds as if it isn't too difficult to get your hands on MILK.

    Here, in NZ, if a milking cow is given any antibiotic for any condition, the milk is withheld for a period prescribed for the particular antibiotic. The milk is taken seperately, and generally fed to pigs (sorry pigs), or dumped.

    And you forgot to mention that the best extra virgin olive oil is sold in steel cans (unfortunately mostly lined with bpa containing plastic) to prevent light exposure. That is a good way to prevent rancidity.

    1. Great tips, Kem…thanks!

  11. Carlos says:

    Tips for the olive oil:

    I saw at consumerresearch it said the 365 Organic first cold pressed from Whole Foods scored in the top 3. It comes in a can-like container so no light gets in, I like that about it. It is fairly well priced also.

    If you go for anything else I would also look for small dark containers as Ben said. Usually those producers know their stuff. I've seen one bottle before wrapped in foil by the producer to keep light out! (At Chamberlins)

  12. Carlos says:

    Hey Ben,

    I know you mentioned before too much fish oil can limit muscle growth. Should I take 1-2g fish oil with my workout anyway? Or space it out further away from my workouts?

    I found goats milk at my supermarket but it is ULTRA pasteurized. Is this a better option than almond milk or whole organic regular milk? I'm trying to find a better alternative since raw is not available here and I am a hard gainer so it is good calories.

    Thank you ben, enjoy Hawaii,


    1. I don't I said too much fish oil can limit muscle growth! I just warned not to use oxidized fish oil…

      It's fat soluble and stored, so you don't have to take it "pre workout".

      If the goat's milk is ulta pasteurized, I'd consider going for whole organic regular milk instead, assume you're not lactose intolerant or anything. More complete protein than almond…

      1. Carlos says:

        It was a while ago, something along the lines of too many antioxidants (like fish oil) can negate the effect of your workout since it doesn't let the muscle breakdown to rebuild…. something along those lines. I might have heard this elsewhere also.. not sure.

        Thank you I will stick to the organic whole for now..

  13. Dan Lombardi says:

    Be aware that the Sleep Number beds have mold issues (I believe mold was growing on the pump?)… Its been a problem for years but I just searched this subject and at least they are being proactive about it now:

    1. Dan, very interesting. That's good to know they're being pro-active about it with the antimicrobial form…

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