Beyond Dehydration: Why Cramping Really Happens And What You Can Do About It.

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Last month, I read one of the best scientific treatises on cramping that I've ever seen. The title of the article was “Cramping In Sports: Beyond Dehydration“, and was written by today's podcast guest, Andrew Buskard.

If you've ever scratched your head about why the heck you won't stop cramping during your workouts or races, this episode is for you! During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why a cramp during exercise is way different than a medically associated cramp…

-What's really happening inside your body when you cramp…

-Why the traditional theories of what causes exercise associated muscle cramping are incorrect or have been mostly disproven…

-Why neurologically related cramps are the primary cause of cramping during exercise…

-Why simply tasting something very salty can reverse a cramp…

-How your environment, your relaxation level and even your genetics can affect your susceptibility to cramping…

-Strategies to stop cramping when you have adequate electrolytes and hydration but you're still cramping…

Do you have more questions about why cramping really happens? Leave your comments and thoughts below…

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9 thoughts on “Beyond Dehydration: Why Cramping Really Happens And What You Can Do About It.

  1. Peter Toh says:

    Hi Ben,

    After a round of 18 hole golf ( walking ) and on hot days I will get calf muscle and finger clamps after the game. It usually happens after the game when I am sitting down eating and drinking. I have tried taking tonic water and sports drinks but it does not provide any relief . Do you think taking salt tablets will help?


    1. It could. But I'd also do soft tissue work…

  2. Andrew Busch says:

    Hi Ben,

    Great podcast on cramping. Since exercise fatigue is one of the main risk factors responsible for the potential of cramping discussed by Andrew Buskard, I thought my article on (Exercise Fatigue Redefined) would be applicable to discuss in relation to cramping. There is certainly a reoccurrence of the two main themes: Central Control vs. Peripheral Fatigue, and the article explains how exercise fatigue is more of a behavior than anything else, one that is constantly regulated by the CNS, and is a multidimensional phenomenon that cannot be limited to one single factor. Here is the link to the article:…

    Let me know what you think!

  3. Alli says:

    Awesome thanks Ben!

  4. Alli says:

    Ooos i meant 45 minutes not 45 hours of HIIT, haha sorry!

    1. Ha ha! I guessed that ;)

  5. Alli says:

    Hi Ben! I am a 22 year old women, and I have a question about losing fat (woah how strange). Anyways, i have been eating low carb(50-100g) high fat moderate protein for about 3 months now, i eat about 1500-1700 cal/day, I run 1 hour OR do a HIIT/strenth workout for 45 hours 6 days a week, i do 3 days a week of fasted easy cardio, and i dont overeat. I am 5’5 120 lbs with about 19% bodyfat. I am have been working out like this for about 2 years now, and I just cant seem to get my bodyfat any lower, like 15-16%. I feel like i have tried everything, between going super low calorie or increasing/decreasing carbs etc and my bf% doesnt seem to change. i have also cleaned up my body/beauty products too and using natural/homemade stuff. And it seems to all acumulate right below my belly button above my pant line like a freaking fanny pack under all my tshirts. I have had this this 2 inch pudge ever since i could remember being concious of my body. Even one time i got down to 107lbs and 17%bf and I still had this 2 inch bulge right under my belly button. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on loosing that last bit of body fat, and if i am doing something wrong to have it all stored right on my “pouch.” I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much for all of your podcasts they are awesome info and i have learned so much!

    1. I have written a bunch of posts about Belly Fat, do a search on the website for "Belly Fat" also, consider booking a consult with me at and we can really get into some specifics.

    2. mungall2014 says:

      what's wrong with 19% bf? sounds like you're in awesome shape and healthy. Maybe 19% is just the way you are built. none of my business, and it doesn't answer your question, but I wonder if maybe you're asking the wrong question?
      good luck either way.

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