Inner Circle Podcast #8: The Crucial Information You Need to Know Before Giving Your Kids Another Bite.

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In this free audio podcast from the BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle, Jessa Greenfield interviews Coralee Thompson, who co-authored with Phil Maffetone the book, Healthy Brains, Healthy Children: How Parents Can Raise Their Children in a Smarter, Healthier and More Natural Way”. During this discussion, you’ll learn:

How Macronutrients, Micronutrients, and Phytonutrients affect a child’s nutrition

The importance of a “Rainbow of Foods”

What the ideal food pyramid looks like

What vitamins children should take, and why

The importance of Biological vs. Pharmacological supplements

How blood sugar affects a child's brain and what common “healthy” foods might be contributing to spiked blood sugar

What to do if you’re “late” and now trying to get a child to eat healthy later in life

The role three types of stress play in the development of children, and how a parent can reduces these stresses on kids

How a child’s brain, gut and nervous system is connected

How chronic inflammation affects a child’s body

Common things that cause inflammation in children, and how to prevent them

Environmental issues that can hinder children's health

How good nutrition affects childrens’ eyes, ears and sinus health

What bone muscle and body fat tells us about the health of a child

The importance of sleep for a child and reasons your child may have difficulty sleeping

How to find a practitioner who understands and respects your personal views on topics like vaccines, diet, or alternative medicine

How to know when specific tests are necessary to evaluate your child's need of further diagnosis

How to shop, cook and prepare for children with special needs

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6 thoughts on “Inner Circle Podcast #8: The Crucial Information You Need to Know Before Giving Your Kids Another Bite.

  1. Jeremy Cash says:

    How do I listen to podcasts for inner circle members such as this one when there are no more members being accepted. I am very interested in listening to these.

    Thank you

  2. jessa says:

    I haven't been to the Melaleuca site in many years. But like Ben said I would sooner make mine than buy it. The mark up is ridiculous. It is extremely cheap to make your own and chances are much of the ingredients you will need are all ready in your kitchen cupboard. plain old white vinegar and some water does amazing things and cost you at most a nickle to make.

  3. Emm says:

    I have a question concerning my childrens' health and the health of my entire family. I am so worried about all of the cleaning products I use that are most likely filling my home with toxins. I have recently heard of the company called Melaleuca. Have you heard of this company and would you promote the purchase of their natural cleaning products, vitamins and other items?

    1. Mer says:

      I feel ya Emm! I think they answer more of these questions on the inner circle than here. Just a plug for the cheap trial :) I recommend the video Jessa does of making her own. It's so easy and cheap compared to all the companies claiming to be "natural" or "green."

  4. Jeff Hoening says:

    This should be must-listen-to for new parents. Love the comment "so who exactly is raising who?" My kids were "cured" from asthma/ear infections/chronic congestion by removing dairy and sugary drinks and adding daily fish oil, more water and prayer. Their bodies healed themselves removing toxics from their diet. When we tell parents whose children suffer from these symptoms (they aren't illnesses or diseases), they often remark "I can't take milk away, where will they get their calcium?" or "No Gatorade or Capri-Sun, those are healthy!" Wake up, parents! Could go on and on. One last thing. The MD we took our kids to when they had asthma was named "Partners in Asthma and Allergy Care". I don't want CARE, I want CURE. Basically they prescribed drugs until something worked for a short time. Not once did the MD ask about diet. It's like Headache Care or magazines titled Diabetic Living. Unreal. I'm so thankful for you and resources like yours. Keep it up!

  5. Mer says:

    Kids love color…and that's why they like trix and fruitloops :) but truly, that's part of what makes them so appealing to kids! nice to see the same concept used for veggies! especially after the fda study on food dyes last week (and SNL had that great joke about kelloggs switching to "beige loops").
    I never thought of putting water in a food structure.

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