Podcast Episode #40: Milk & Acne, Fish Oil vs. Flaxseed, Self-Massage, Natural Remedies for Prostate Health and Much More!

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In this April 14, 2009 free audio episode, I address the following listener Q&A's:

Listener Jenny asks via call-in audio: Is there any difference between fish oil and flax seed oil? Will I get an advantage with taking one vs. the other? Or should I just take them both?

-In my response, I give Jenny a detailed explanation that goes into the difference in oxidation, toxins, mercury, PCB's and saturated fat in fish oil vs. flax seed oil.

Listener William asks:I was just reading an article in the newspaper about some people who have quit giving their children dairy in an attempt to get rid of skin eczema. How much of a correlation is there between milk and dairy consumption and presence of acne or other skin problems?

-My response to William goes into great detail on all the different hormones in cow's milk and why they may be potentially hazardous, not just for acne, but for many other health conditions. I personally use powdered goat's milk, from a company called Mt. Capra.

Listener Valarie asks: In your conversation with Dr. Akers, you talked about a stick. What is that? Where can I get one? How do you use it?

-In the podcast, I reference a Muscletrac device, which, in my opinion, is one of the better options on the market.

Listener Frank asks: I listened to your Podcast Episode #38, in which you talked about prostate health, especially for male cyclists. Can you talk more about the saw palmetto extract and rye pollen that you mentioned?

-To answer Frank's question, I've featured in the podcast interview section a fantastic talk on the use of natural remedies such as saw palmetto extract, prostelan and rye pollen for prostate health, erectile dysfunction, and urinary issues. This is one of the best talks I've ever heard on the issue. It features Cary Nosler, who served as host of The Wide World of Health on KSTE-AM since 1994, and was previously the host of Best of Health on KFIA-AM, a spokesperson for IMPaX Healthprime and the developer of Captain Carrot Nutritional Products. Here's a link to the “Prostelan” that Cary talks about.

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Also in this podcast episode…

Special Announcements:

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6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #40: Milk & Acne, Fish Oil vs. Flaxseed, Self-Massage, Natural Remedies for Prostate Health and Much More!

  1. Kalli Phillips ND says:

    Absolutely! Keep both fish or flax oil in the fridge and don’t use flax oil that has been open for more than a couple months or so. I use flax oil to make salad dressings and such but not specifically as a supplement.

  2. Kalli Phillips ND says:

    I just listened to your podcast on fish vs flax oil and I thought I’d drop you a line to clarify some of the points you made. I am a Naturopathic physician in Eugene, Oregon and the primary focus of my practice and a focus of my interest is nutrition.

    Flax oil contains the omega-3 fatty acid ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which is a precursor to the DHA and EPA fatty acids that our body actually uses as an anti-inflammatory substance. The body must convert the ALA to DHA and/or EPA and the human body isn’t actually all that efficient at that conversion. This is one reason fish oil is a much better supplement than flax oil.

    Another reason that fish is better than flax as a supplement is that flax oil goes rancid very easily. It is the most unstable oil in our food supply and that’s why reputable flax oil makers put the date of the pressing on the label and bottle it in light-proof bottles. If you’re going to do flax oil, don’t use it after a couple months in the fridge. Rancid oils are very inflammatory, no matter the fatty acid profile.

    I understand the concern with toxins including mercury and PCB’s and these can be minimized with the purchase of a high quality oil from a company that uses a 3rd party to test the oil for these substances. Companies that do this are very proud about it and will have it on the label. Carlson is one such company. (I have no financial ties to either fish or flax oil companies)

    I enjoy your podcast and appreciate the service you’re providing to folks around the ‘net.

    Kalli Phillips ND
    Eugene, OR

    1. Great comment! Do you recommend keeping flax seed oil in the refrigerator?


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