Podcast Episode #24: Are You Making Your Kids Fat?

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Why should you care that kids are getting fatter? Because it is costing you millions of dollars in health care costs,  because it is a direct reflection of the choices and examples that you make, and because we owe the children in this nation a better future. In this Podcast Episode #24, I interview Monica Reinagel, host of The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips Podcast. During this interview, we talk about the seriousness of the childhood obesity problem, and the fact that kids are dying of “adult” diseases that are intimately tied to junk food, fast food, portion control, and other important nutritional issues. Included in this podcast:

-The underlying nutrition considerations behind this problem.

-How to approach the difficult position of wanting your child to be able to “enjoy” perks like McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

-How children can eat healthy and still enjoy food, with examples of meal decisions, substitutions or changes that parents can make.

-Nutritional choices that parents can make that will positively affect the behavior of their children.

-How young is too young to start making smart diet choices for your kid?

During this podcast, Monica mentions a fantastic resource, the “Real Food for Healthy Kids” book, as well as her website NutritionData.com and her latest book (non-childhood obesity related): “The Inflammation-Free Diet”.

Also featured in this podcast:

-A listener Q&A on alternative calcium sources to milk, in which Ben Greenfield reveals the secret vegetable that has more calcium than a glass of milk.

-A special discount code for the Gymstick portable exercise tool (click here to order with your $10 discount code found at minute 10:25 of the podcast!),

-An introduction to the following two highly affordable triathlon training plans written by Ben Greenfield:

Ironman Canada Training Plan, for January 1-August 30, 2009 – just $179 with $20 discount code at minute 13:50 of the podcast!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #24: Are You Making Your Kids Fat?

  1. Karri Hull says:

    Just makes me want to cry.

  2. Jessi says:

    I care a lot about this topic and appreciate the podcast. I’ve personally found that exposure as well as taking the time to teach kids about the benefits of eating healthy are critical!

    One of the other things we’ve found to be successful are even teaching our daughter about some of the signs from your body – in kid language – ‘ouchie poops’, dark colored pee, being sleepy, tummy aches, etc. and relating them to the fuel we put into our bodies. We also talk about how being able to run fast, have energy for swim team, learn at school, etc. is so much easier with all the healthy food we eat.

    I also see that in the ‘fast food era’ there are nights that it is very difficult to make meals at home when we have so many activities going on. I also think there are healthy ‘faster’ choices that we have to make on the run. I think it’s been valuable to share with our daughter all of our thoughts about how we choose a place to eat and why we choose one place (or one entree) over another.

    As a grade school teacher, I see the results DAILY of children who don’t know how to make good food choices. It can be heartbreaking.

    Thanks again – I liked the podcast.

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