Podcast Episode #26: The THREE Main Causes of Illness and Poor Performance

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In this December 16, 2008 podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews Dr. David Minkoff, a complementary and alternative medicine expert, owner of Body Health, director of the Lifeworks Wellness Center in Florida, and finisher of 35 Ironman triathlons. Dr. Minkoff explains his fascinating theories on the three main causes of illness and poor performance and outlines a series of unique steps individuals can take to optimize their body systems and return to health naturally, without drugs. Included in this interview:

-The ONE vitamin that Dr. Minkoff observes to be the single greatest nutritional deficiency

-How to test your personal levels of this ONE vitamin and how to naturally get it

-The most effective method to have your body analyzed for food allergies

-How to understand “toxins” and understand whether you are at risk for exposure

-A unique strategy for affording supplements, organic foods and preventive health care

-How Dr. Minkoff went from being an injured vegetarian to a 35 time Ironman finisher

-Dr. Minkoff's description of his enormously Body Health and Optimum Health Report newsletters

-And much, much more!

Also in this podcast:

Listener Q&A: Can you damage your lungs by running in the cold?

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