Podcast Episode #52: Do You Know What You’re Eating?

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In this July 23, 2009 free audio episode, I cover the following topics: an amazing expose on the dangers of genetically modified foods, double-bonded protein, running with low back pain, an update on the Shape21 Fat Loss Challenge and ProstElan for cyclists.


Featured Topic:Seedsofdeceptionlarge

Listen to this episode for an explosive exposé by Jeffrey M. Smith, who documents significant health dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods and the intense industry influence and political corruption that allow them on the market. His book, Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating has been hailed as the best book on the topic, and many believe that the revelations in this book can topple an industry. In the talk, he documents how the world’s most powerful Ag biotech companies bluff and mislead critics, and put the health of society at risk. Smith describes how biotech companies rigged research, hid health dangers and pressured government regulators to approve food that even FDA scientists said was unsafe!


Listener Q&A:

dbp_bottle_smlListener Paul asks: “I have a question about Mt. Capra's new double bonded  protein. I'm looking to lean up and put on some muscle. A lot of the other  protein powders I checked into use some kind of acid treatment and  higher heat which I've been told makes the protein dead. How is double  bonded protein processed and how much heat is used?”

Listener Janet asks: “Is it ok to run with some lower back pain? What things should I be considering before going ahead?  Any help would be appreciated. I am very grateful for your help.” In my response to Janet, I reference the website http://www.runwithnopain.com.

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Also mentioned in this podcast…Special Announcements:

1. Vote for Ben Greenfield as the best cycling tip on twitter! http://www.mindsettriathlon.com/mst_tweetcontest.php

2. The Shape21 Lean Body Challenge ended today, and the results are rolling in! Check out the photos below, then surf on over to http://www.shape21.com to get your brand new copy of Ben Greenfield's Shape21 Book/DVD package (the same book the woman below used to lose 25 pounds in 63 days and still feel fantastic) mailed to your front doorstep, along with the opportunity to win 1 full year of online personal training and nutrition guidance from Ben!


3. For those of you in the Spokane, WA area, on Thursday evening, July 30 from 6pm-8pm, Fresh Abundance is launching a Lecture series called “Take Charge of Your Health”. The first lecture focuses on The Biology of Dairy, Soy Milk & Dairy Alternatives and will cover the following topics:

– History of dairy
– Pasteurized milk
– Raw milk
– Goat milk
– Powdered milk
– Pasteurization
– Dairy cows
– Hormones & antibiotics
– Dairy feed then and now
– Kefir Grains
– Soy milk, rice milk, nut milk
– Calcium
– Vitamin D

This lecture is about the facts. This is a non-judgmental lecture with the goal of giving you real answers so you can make real decisions about your health. This lecture is open to the public for $25 per person or at a
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4. Gotten excited by the Tour De France and cycling season? If you are a male cyclist, you need to watch the video below about ProstElan.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #52: Do You Know What You’re Eating?

  1. David says:

    Hey Ben:
    I listened to podcast #52 and recently viewed the film Food, Inc. My question is around the labeling of “organic”. In food stores many products are labeled organic with a USDA certification stamp. I am a little cautious of gov’t certifications. For example, I am aware of and you have spoken about how food manufacturers manipulate the serving size and such which allows them to claim no trans fat, when in fact there is trans fat in the ingredients. Being able to claim something and manipulate rules is common when dealing with any gov’t agency, such as the USDA. How accurate is “organic” labeling in our food supply? Could there really be GMO and other bad ingredients in the organic labeled food that has been hidden due to rules which allow not reporting of such ingredients and methods of farming not considered organic in the true sense of the term? Thanks.

  2. Tommy says:

    I thought podcast 52 was overkill. Picking and choosing the right foods to eat is important. However, in this case, pretty much all foods we eat at restaurants contains GMO food or food products; It’s practically unavoidable. People who this far just need to start digging their graves early. Relax, don’t be so nervous, and continue to eat healthy organic foods. I also don’t like being compared to mice and rats when it comes to our health.

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      I agree that you can take it too far. I personally don’t check a restaurant for GMO foods, but I *do* try to eat at the restaurants in my city who get most of their food from local farmers, grow their own organics, etc. Gotta say I pull into good ol’ Subway every now and again as well though!

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