Podcast Episode #62: Is Ben Greenfield Actually Healthy? The Blood, Urine and Saliva Results Are In!

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Time to found out the truth about the hidden health risks inside the body of a personal trainer and nutritionist! In this September 30, 2009 free audio episode, I discover the results of my blood, urine and saliva testing for ferritin, vitamin D, essential amino acids, blood pH, testosterone:cortisol ratios, magnesium and calcium breakdown, as well as the outcome of the metabolic typing questionnaire – all tests performed by a company called “Bioletics”. bioleticslogo

The reason I chose to have these tests performed by Bioletics, which is operated by physician Dr. Richard Cohen and pro triathlete/health adviser Tim Monaco, is because it actually allows people to test for all these variables from the comfort of their own home. I didn't have to get shuttled between six different doctors, labs, and clinics. I did this all in my kitchen.

So who needs to listen to this episode?

-The serious athlete, recreational sport enthusiastic or weekend warrior who wants to truly optimize their performance, health and recovery…

-The aging individual who wants crucial information that will allow for lasting and vibrant youth…

-The person who wants a scientific solution to weight gain, low energy levels, chronic fatigue or frequent illness…

-Anyone who really, truly cares about what is going on inside their bodies, and how they can optimize their health…

It is highly recommended that as a supplement to today's podcast, you also listen to Podcast Episode #53 if you haven't already, because during today's podcast, Dr. Richard Cohen and Tim Monaco present to me a comprehensive breakdown of each test for the six crucial internal performance factors we discussed in Podcast Episode #53 , speaking in detail about what each test means, and how I personally fared.

Chances are, if you exercise frequently, then you spend many, many hours trying to get fit, get thin, or get faster. Taking this concept to the next level, if you are a triathlete (as many listeners to this show actually are) then you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on gear and countless hours training every week. But either way, you probably don't know the answers to the following questions:

-Are your levels of Vitamin D optimal?

-Are your iron stores adequate?

-Are your mineral levels balanced?

-Is your hormonal recovery system strong?

-Do you know your essential amino acid status?

-Do the food you eat provide your body with the fuel it really needs?

-Are you a “fast oxidizer” or “slow oxidizer”?

After listening to this podcast, you'll not only know exactly what to do and exactly how to get tested from the comfort of your own home through Bioletics, but you'll also see just how healthy, or unhealthy, a personal trainer, nutritionist and triathlete can actually be. If you're ready, just go to the Bioletics website or e-mail [email protected] .

Finally, in this podcast, I also answer a question about eating before a marathon, and answer all the questions I've been getting about the brand new Triathlon Dominator Package.CEOBigBox


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9 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #62: Is Ben Greenfield Actually Healthy? The Blood, Urine and Saliva Results Are In!

  1. I think it has more longetivity, because now I can “fix” where I know I’m prone to be low, and follow Dr. Cohen’s general rec’s on 1K-2K IU Vit D in the Summer, bumping up to 4-6K IU Vit D in the winter, boosting testosterone year round, etc.

    Obviously in an ideal world I could just re-test every 12 weeks. But I’d start to feel like the Russian robot fighter from Rocky IV, or is it V? ;)

  2. Todd Houston says:

    Thanks Ben! (that’s what I thought you’d say…) But, here’s a follow-up. After training for a few years, I feel like I have my zones dialed-in (the highly scientific term) and of course, do regular testing to see how these HR numbers change. My reason for shying away from Performance Testing is exactly that – these numbers change as fitness and training changes. So with this type of testing, do you think it would have more or less ‘longevity’ than Performance testing? In the podcast, you talked about how these numbers (i.e. Vit. D) could have been different in the off-season when out of the sun more. So would you have to complete the Bioletics testing several times per year to get an accurate picture, or is once a year enough?

  3. Alex says:

    How dose the test result effect your over all usage of transdermal magnesium application. Will you increase the spraying to 30 times. I wonder what your score would be if you have tested with but using the pills instead of transdermal application.

    was this a shock.

    Thanks again for your effort and i greatly appreciate you being the test subject.


    1. I do have some of Peter Gillham’s “Natural Vitality” oral magnesium powder which can be mixed in a glass of water. I’ve been talking with their company about the quality of their formulations and doing a bit of research on it, but I may end up supplementing my transdermal magnesium therapy with a glass of powdered magnesium in the morning. I’ll be in touch on the podcast about what I find.

  4. Todd Houston says:

    Ben, I listened to this podcast (and #53), and have to say I was blown away. I had no idea that the typical non-pro athlete had access to this level of nutritional analysis. Thanks for being the guinea pig, and sharing your results.

    My question is that if you had to choose between Performance Testing (i.e. Blood lactate threshold testing, VO2MAX, etc.) or this type of testing from Bioletics, which one would provide more/better insight to your optimal performance? I think I already know the answer, but was curious to hear your take on this.

    1. Man, that is a very tough call. It’s kinda like saying if you had to choose between eating healthy and exercising, which would you choose? I would say that since you could TECHNICALLY approximate your lactate threshold by hard you breathe, whether your legs burn, etc., you would want to prioritize the Bioletics testing, since it’s stuff you can’t just “guess” at…make sense? I’ll talk about this in more detail in a future podcast.

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