Podcast Episode #68: Everything You Need to Know About How Training Is Affecting YOUR Hormones.

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In this free, November 13 audio episode, how to pick your pasta, weightlifting for triathlon, rest day diets, vitamins for kids, and a medical mystery.


Featured Topic: I once again feature the incredible “Dr. Fitt”. A medical physician, Dr. Roby Mitchell consults world wide with other physicians interested in transitioning their patients onto regimens that take them off drugs and on to healthful regimens using nutrition, exercise, bio-identical hormone replacement, and targeted supplements. With a strong athletic background himself, Dr. Mitchell specializes in figuring out exactly what is going on inside your body, and fixing it. We’ve had a lot of questions on the show about athletes & hormones, and during our interview, Dr. Mitchell and I cover the following topics:

-How hormones affect performance and health in both men and women, and which hormones are most important…

-What happens when a female athlete, such as an endurance athlete either A) suppresses her cycle through vigorous training or B) takes birth control pills during heavy training, and whether there is a risk…

-If there a risk of permanent infertility in any of the scenarios described above…

-Between progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, which one an amenorrheic athlete lacks and what impact that has long term…

-How this scenario differs for a post-menopausal woman…

-If someone actually be tested for hormonal imbalances, and, if so, what type of things should they be looking for…

-If the athlete has a healthy diet and had enough calcium, potassium, vit D and magnesium in their diet, whether the risk having osteoporosis is still present…

-And much, much more!


Listener Q&A:

Listener Eric asks: “Ben, I have a question about the miracle noodles. I have read your review and listened to you talk about them on your pod casts, but are they really ideal for an athlete? It seems like with the number of calories that someone training for a big event burns would need the calories that come from the pasta. Also, aren't there other important things that come from whole grain noodles that these noodles don't have? Can you elaborate a little on your review with the endurance athlete in mind?”

Listener Chuck asks: “I usually take one day off each week; how should my diet change on this day?  Obviously I would omit by pre and post workout nutrition since there isn't a workout, but should the rest change?  I usually try to keep my calories lower, especially from fat, on these days.  Is that right, or since these rest days are usually after an intense day, should I just eat normally so that my body can recover correctly? Also, I was wondering if you could give an example of exactly what a day of eating looks like for you?  Thanks Ben, I really appreciate it and I look to your answers.  Thanks for taking the time to do these podcasts each week.”

Listener Todd asks: “I was most interested to hear Dr. Mitchell's take on the history of H1N1, and the reasons for the global ‘panic'. As I have 2 young sons, I was especially interested in hearing about naturally protecting kids. I had 2 questions about kids' supplements – what Vitamin D, Green Food, or Multivitamin do you suggest or use in your family to ensure your kids levels are optimal? Our kids have a pretty clean diet, but we all know that getting kids to eat their vegetables can be a tough endeavor. Any suggestions you have would be great, as we are trying to avoid giving H1N1 shots to our kids despite enormous public pressure.”

Listener Kevin asks: “Ben I love the show in fact my whole family listens in to every podcast. My question Is actually for my mom she Is 62 still very active and actually watches what she eats pretty closely. She gets sores in her mouth and gets pains in her stomach. She thinks it might be candida or intestinal yeast infection. Right now she is taking a myriad of things from garlic, acidophilus, oregeno, enzyme supplement, cultured probiotic yogurt and apple cider vinegar. So even with all that she Is still having symptoms. Any suggestions?”

Listener Tom asks: “I have visited many tri sites for assistance in the how to's. I am a beginner to the realm of triathlon but have worked my way up to a mile swim (pool) and can bike 25-35 miles and run 5 miles without injury so far, and without any speed involved, just the distances. My question is an important one and that is the use of weight training during the week alongside the bike, run, and swimming. this seems to be a lot to do. I have done 2 a days with combos of bike-swim, run-swim, but can it safely be done doing a body group in weights and also add these other exercises? I think I know the answer (moderation and gradual build up) but at 43 yrs of age is it necessary to add on weight training to an already 5 day a week program? I live in the midwest so the days of biking outdoors are over so spinning on my own at the club along with the treadmill are here for several months. what do you think and are there places to visit that incorporate the weights alongside the 3 disciplines. my goal is an olympic length by May 2010.”


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6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #68: Everything You Need to Know About How Training Is Affecting YOUR Hormones.

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Ben, I’ve recently found your extremely interesting podcast. Thank you. Especially interesting was this last podcast as it is a topic near to me these days.I live in Canada and am what you call a serious hobby endurance athlete. I am 31, been doing endurance sport for 18 years. The first 12 years I competed as an elite cyclist. At 25 I quit this and started running marathons. I do it as a hobby, but 236 is my pr. In the past 5 months I have my blood tested 4 times and each time has shown low testerone (aver 5.5 nmol/L) and also LH (aver 1.0 IU/L). I live in Canada so things move slow, I see the endocrinoligst next week, where I expect him to schedule a mri as i understand this could be pituatary related. My question is, I know our hormonal system can be suppressed with endurance training. Can there be long term effects? I’ve taken this year the easiest in years (nagging injuries)so have not pushed it at all. Could the non recovering injuries be related as well to the low testosterone? Any suggestions on directions, questions to ask? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Greg, I’ll respond in the next podcast!

  2. ace says:

    hey ben!
    awesome podcast and thanks for answering my questions. too bad the interview was cut toward the end.
    good luck @ clearwater!

    1. if you “redownload” the interview, it is now fixed and no longer cut.

  3. Peter says:

    Hi Ben,

    Good luck this weekend at Clear Water! Have a great race and I look forward to hearing a “Special Edition” race report podcast, full of your thoughts on your performance.


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