Podcast Episode #70: Can a Mouth Piece Actually Make You More Fit?

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In this free November 25, 2009 audio episode: performance enhancing mouthpieces, cannibalizing muscle mass, protein for vegetarians, pre-workout eating, the podcast awards, and is there really any reason not to eat breakfast?

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Featured Topic (Please vote for our podcast at http://www.podcastawards.combefore November 30!):

Today's featured topic is an interview with Bob Molhoek and Dr. Dena Garner. As CEO of Bite Tech Industries, Mr. Molhoek has vast experience in sports, retail, and health and wellness, and passion for enhancing performance in the military as well as the gaming and recreation industries. As an independent researcher, Dr. Garner is a professor in the Health, Exercise and Sports Science Department at the Citadel. Through her independent research, Dr. Garner has led all of Bite Tech’s research efforts at the Citadel including reaction time studies, rifle team studies, and cortisol, lactate, and endocrine studies. In our discussion, we talk about the new Under Armor Mouthpiece, and include talk about:

-How a mouthpiece could actually reduce lactate levels, improve oxygen uptake, or decrease cortisol…

-What sports a mouthpiece could be used for, and which top-ranked professional triathlete is already using one…

-How the device actually fits in the mouth, and how to use it…

-Exactly what you need to do if you want to get your hands on one…

-Whether I'll actually be trying one of these mouthpieces for myself…

-And much, much more!

Stay tuned for more updates on whether a mouth piece can actually make you more fit, and enjoy the interview!


Listener Q&A (please vote for our podcast at http://www.podcastawards.com before November 30!):

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Listener Jennifer asks: “Recently I've been in the process of turning vegetarian due to some ethical reasons. As an athlete I'm worried I won't be able to get protein in my diet due to the elimination of meat. Are there any substitutes I could make to help this? I've heard some controversy on soy and how it could actually damage our bodies, so I'm afraid to use that type of product. Do you think this transition is good for me as an athlete or will it only cause more damage in the end? Thanks Ben!”

In my response to Jennifer, I reference this Kenzen Body Balance Meal Replacement drink, comprised of pea and hemp protein.  kenzen-healthy-meal-detail

Listener Brad asks: “Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. My first question is, do you know of any effective ways to shed muscular bulk/ I remember hearing in one of your podcasts that you went through a bodybuilding phase in your past, and that your first few triathlons afterwards (specifically your runs) were some of the most painful races you’ve done.

I am in the process of getting ready for a series of half-ironman races next year (our seasons are reversed) with the goal of culminating my season with a full ironman. Hence my purchase of the Dominator plan (great info, by the way). Here’s the problem, I’m coming off a year of intense CrossFitting which has sent my anabolic fitness through the roof, but bulked me up to about 90kg (I’m 178cm tall) in the process. How can I best get rid of this bulk? It’s killing my knees and back on the runs.

I’m taking a full range of supplements at the moment based on your recommendations, however, I am hesitant to take any protein supplements. How did you shed your muscle mass?

My second question relates to running efficiency. I am familiar with the Pose running method and am slowly building my proficiency in this technique. However, given a recent case of runner’s knee, I would like to incorporate a more targeted set of exercises geared towards strengthening my running technique. I’ve heard that Craig Alexander puts a lot of focus on building his core strength. I am currently doing lunges, one legged squats, fire hydrants and recently, hip hikes.”

Listener Jennifer asks: “I love your podcasts and all the advice you give to athletes and non-athletes. I have a nutrition question for you.  I eat alot of Vitamin A/beta-carotene products, and for the past couple months my hands and feet are starting to turn orange. The doctor tells me that in the long term I could be damaging my liver. Do you have any advice on how I could substitute some of my food products? I'm currently eating pumpkin puree mixed in with my oatmeal in the morning, and then after my workouts I tend to eat a sweet potato with some almond butter. I'm trying to stick to vegetable products that can give me carbs as well as some substinence to my meals. I don't want to have to deal with these oompa loompa features any longer and end up hurting my liver as a result. If you can give me some advice that would be great! Thanks Ben, can't wait to hear from you!”

Listener Eric asks: “What do you think of the following website: 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Eat Breakfast“?

Listener Miguel asks: “Sometimes I do workouts (run, gym or ride) in the afternoon and I would like to know what is the best pre-workout meal at that time (after lunch and before dinner)?”


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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #70: Can a Mouth Piece Actually Make You More Fit?

  1. Lance says:

    I’m a recent addition to your podcast audience, and I’m enjoying it a lot. (yes, I rated and commented on itunes and the podcast awards) I wanted to thank you for taking the vegetarian listener question. As a plant based athlete myself I would like to mention that all whole plant foods are complete proteins, especially starches and green vegetables. If you look at the essential amino acid content, you will see that there are no zeroes. Furthermore, the amounts are greater than the needs established by Rose’s research that determined which amino acids were essential. Food combining is a stubborn myth that should be dispelled. If one consumes adequate calories from whole, unrefined plant foods, protein is not an issue. Perhaps in the future you can interview someone more knowledgeable than me like former pro triathletes Brendan Brazier or Rip Esselstyn for a different perspective. (like the salad destroyer you mentioned in the podcast!) Thanks again for an always intersting, thought provoking podcast!

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