Podcast Episode #72: Double Interview Super Special – Barefoot Running & Esssential Fatty Acids!

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This December 9, 2009 free audio episode features the following topics: barefoot running, essential fatty acids, more on amino acids, ankle injuries and the Genotype diet. But before you go any further in the shownotes…check this out…

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Featured Topic:

The first interview in today's featured topic is with Tellman Knudson from RunTellmanRun.com. Tellman is currently running across the entire country in his bare feet, to raise money for youth homelessness. I called Tellman while he was actually running. During our interview, Tellman reveals the following barefoot running tips:

-What is the most natural running surface for barefoot running…

-What type of injuries are sustained by barefoot runners…

-The differences between barefoot running and minimalist running shoes like Vibram Five Fingers…

-Tellman's top piece of advice for the listener who wants to start barefoot running…

After you listen in, be sure to visit Tellman's barefoot running website, at How To Run Barefoot dot com!

This podcast also features an interview with Dr. Rick Cohen, from Bioletics. During our interview, Dr. Cohen discusses the powerful potential of essential fatty acids for use in both health and sports performance. In the interview, I ask Dr. Cohen the following questions:

-Why have you added EFA's to one of your recommendations for internal performance factors?

-How can I be tested for my essential fatty acids levels?

-What do you do if you're deficient in EFA's?

-Is there an advantage to fish oil vs. flax seed oil vs. chia seeds or any other number of EFA sources, or all they all the same?

If you want to know more about essential fatty acids, you're going to want to listen to this interview. Dr. Cohen really knows his stuff, and presents the concept of fatty acids in an entertaining and unique way! I'm personally just 6 weeks into my supplementation with Bioletics, based on the interviews about the six key performance factors in podcasts #53 and #62 (which you can find by clicking here). If you’re ready to get started, just click here to go to the Bioletics website to begin your six key performance factor testing or call Bioletics at 888-371-1033, ask for Dr. Richard Cohen, and tell him that Ben Greenfield sent you.


Listener Q&A:

Listener Joe asks: “One question that i have not been able to get a straight answer on, is what exaclty do bodybuilder do, exactly how does the diet & workouts change to get that paper thin skin? I would like to, at least one time in my life, experience walking around the earth tan and in high definition. Will you Please help me with this!”

Listener Scott asks: “After watching the video you posted on MAP, I'm wondering how sold you were on the product?  There was a mention of over 40 tests or clinical trials yet no links to this information are on their website (I couldn't find them).  I would think if there was scientific evidence of effectiveness it would be plastered on there.  If you do believe in it, would you recommend substituting NatureAminos for whey protein or even your recipes that include Mt Capra protein powder?”…

…he goes on…”I recently injured my right posterior, distal calf just above my ankle.  I believe it is a muscle injury since it feels like a “Charlie horse” type of discomfort or spasm that occurs when I walk or with plantar flexion.  I bought an ankle ace wrap which made the spasm sensation go away and felt like it allowed my ankle to relax.  I was able to perform a sprint interval session on the treadmill this morning with minimal discomfort.  When the ankle began hurting, ensuring I was using proper form seemed to alleviate the pain.  I'd like to be able to continue exercising but do not want to injure my ankle further.  Do you have any recommendations?”

Listener Dave asks: “After listening to John Kenny's high stroke rate per minute (SPM), I realize I have a very poor SPM in comparison.  I think my low SPM correlates to my slow IM swim times.  My stroke is a stroke-and-glide routine.  I am beginning to realize I am losing momentum with each glide resulting in a slow swim, particularly in open water. My question:  What would be a good course of action(s) in order to train and development a quicker arm turnover in freestyle swimming?”

Listener Matt asks: “I saw a naturopath doc yesterday and they reccomended I start the Genotype Diet and it may help my stomach issues. I am not sure about this no nothing about it so I was curious if you have come across it? Its the same guy who started this as the Blood Type diet.”


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14 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #72: Double Interview Super Special – Barefoot Running & Esssential Fatty Acids!

  1. Lance,

    Give this a read!


  2. Lance says:

    I disagree. It’s called the produce section, and it’s the most important step to take. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, occasional nuts and seeds; I feel Nature trumps the labcoats. On the other hand, I have been impressed by the research on Vit D and magnesium presented in the podcast.

  3. Unfortunately for most people, whole, unrefined plant foods are very hard to find in their unadulterated form. Hence the need for supplementation…

  4. Lance says:

    I believe Nature got it right the first time, and that all the EFA’s we need are already present in whole, unrefined plant foods. There is no need to add any concentrated fats. Worldwide, fat intake correlates strongly to chronic disease risk, whether it is animal, saturated, extracted or what have you. I know that for myself, eliminating animal fats and vegetable oils is the best thing I have ever done. If I stray by eating food that I did not prepare myself containing oils or butter, I can tell the difference for several hours in decreased energy and focus.

  5. Christine says:

    The type and ratio of fatty acids is the key to health, not eliminating them, and that ratio has been upset in many American’s diets. One example is when Americans shifted from consuming mostly butter (and no liquid oils) to consuming mostly vegetable oils and the concurrent dramatic rise in heart disease and cancer which were practically non-existent at the turn of the century. Another example is our shift to consuming mass-produced battery cage eggs in which the omega 6 content can be up to 19 times the omega 3. In a free range, organic, pasture fed chicken egg, the ratio is the healthy 1:1 ratio. This is also true with our meat. Factory-farmed grain-fed beef can have ratios that exceed 20:1 whereby grass-fed beef or bison is down around 3:1. Studies suggest that health problems start to arise when the ratio exceeds 4:1. One study states “In the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, a ratio of 4/1 was associated with a 70% decrease in total mortality.” Don’t eliminate fats, just eat the right kinds, in the right ratio from a healthier source.

  6. Lance says:

    The China Study studied populations throughout China, from rural to urban to get a large sample with the same genetics (Han Chinese). They used the range of macronutrient intakes to look for disease correlations. They aimed for as large a sample as possible, so did not single out a subgroup called “athletes”. However, the rural subjects worked very hard physically, so would be quite athletic by our standards. But many subjects, probably urban, were probably more sedentary. The general conclusion is that a high carb, high fiber, very low fat diet resulted in maximum disease prevention. This is echoed in the Wilcox brothers’ study of Okinawan centenarians’ longevity. Both of these studies contradict Cohen’s claim that no populations ate a low fat diet, since rural Asian diets are typically measured at about 10% kcal from fat. There is also the example of the Tarahumara, who ethnographers estimated ate 90% of their calories from two foods: corn and beans. I’ve heard they are pretty good runners…

  7. Chuck says:

    In this podcast it is sugessted that a ratio of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s should be about 1:1. What would a diet that achieves this actually look like though? Thanks!

  8. Ben says:

    I’m curious if the Campbell study was done on athletes, general population, or other. Regardless, you raise some very good points. I am going to see what Dr. Cohen has to say.


  9. Lance says:

    I enjoy the podcast and columns for Everymantri. I was a little disturbed by the fat discussion. Research done by Campbell in the China-Oxford-Cornell study show fat to be problematic at best, deadly at worst. Ornish and Esselstyn REVERSE heart disease by using a whole, unrefined plant foods diet at about 10% kcal from fat. Vogel has demonstrated the endothelial damage done by a single fatty meal. Since Cohen mainly talked about functions of fat and Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios, I was at a loss as to what guidelines one should follow. Of course we need, EFA’s, but research suggests we need more than what is already present in whole, unrefined plant foods?

  10. Hi Clif,

    My book will be coming out next year in bookstores worldwide. It is entitled “How to Get Fat”. Keep your eyes open!

  11. Clif says:

    thanks for the link to that article Ben!! Now I have another thing to do in addition to catching up to all the podcasts; catch up on all those articles as well. That was one of the more “to the point” and focused articles regarding fat sources I’ve read. I wish the general population, and not just people you help or I try to help at the grocery store, had more mainstream coverage of exactly what you wrote.

    Thanks again,

  12. clif says:

    I have a question regarding what Dr. Cohen had to say regarding butter, and other animal fats. Up to this interview, you generally would suggest that people should stay clear of those fats due to the saturated fat and cholesterol content (while of course giving out great advice that people should eat more fat). Now that you have had Dr. Cohen on and he talked about those fats not being bad (from grassfed beef) do you think that you will change your suggestions at all?

    Dr. Cohen was a great interview, although I’d like to get more info on barefoot running, as I am not a runner, but do train in vibrams or barefoot. Looking forward to the next podcast.

    1. Hi Clif,

      I have never suggested people should steer clear of fats due to the saturated fat and cholesterol content. I have only ever suggested that individuals pursuing fat loss limit their consumption of calorie rich foods…including butter, chocolate, milk and *any* high calorie food. But not due to cholesterol or sat’d fat content. As a matter of fact, here’s an article I wrote back in September 2006: http://pacificfit.net/newsletters/newsletter16.html

  13. penstinjoney says:

    another good article about barefoot running and a website that has some good options is here

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