Episode #218: How To Recover As Fast As Possible After A Triathlon or Marathon

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Nov 21, 2012 free podcast: How To Recover As Fast As Possible After A Triathlon or Marathon. Also: losing weight with Type 1 Diabetes, how to get bones to heal fast, how to train and race with an ITB injury, how important is hamstring flexibility, and is the herb Jiaogulan good for you?

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Bee @ 00:14:47
She wants to know if you have any weight loss advice for a type 1 diabetic.

~ In my response I mention Dr. Richard Bernstein's “Diabetes Solution” book, my interview with Daniel Vincent from Triabetes, and Steve Cooksey's website.

Testimonial from Cheryl @ 00:28:44
I fell into marathoning by accident and had no idea how to fuel myself and went from 140 to 100 pounds in a few months and I thought it was great since I was running faster and I had a friggin 10-pack.  I was also thrilled I stopped having menstrual cycles! *rolllling eyes* Little did I know then (and that uber famous running mag which I was using as my “coach” didn't touch on it that much).  Fast forward a few years and I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 35 years old.   I had already stopped running marathons but I was in the military and still doing extreme exercise routines and still not having cycles (and still happy with it because I had no idea it tied into the whole bone density thing!).  I had to go through a ton of blood tests, bone tests, various meds and it wasn't till I upped my good fats (ding ding!) and gave myself rest days (imagine MANY years without rest days/rest weeks).  I FINALLY pulled myself out of secondary amenorrhea and my bone density started increasing as well since I added in more plyometrics and my body weight is back at about 123 (I'm 5'4″).  I no longer have a 10pack, and I no longer care.   It's so much tied into being addicted to the social praise/reward for  being a female and having a washboard stomach (without drugs), and yet when I finally woke up to the fact that for majority of females, it's NOT that healthy to be constantly super lean.  If I hadn't had some doctors to “baby shake” me into realizing the amenorrhea was NOT an awesome thing to have and that it DID tie in to my bone density health — I might have kept going and eventually being a chick in her 30's who breaks a hip bone falling off a sidewalk curb.  I really applaud the fact that you've addressed these kinds of female issues in your podcasts.

Audio Question from Bill @ 00:30:56
Wants to do an Ironman 70.3 on April 6 and a Full Marathon on May 26. He is looking for advice around how to structure the swim and the bike training around his marathon training.

~ In my response I mention: MAP, Antioxidants: Lifeshotz or Solar Synergy, Transdermal Magnesium, 110% Compression gear, Phenocane, and Capraflex.

Audio Question from Tony @ 00:39:06
He broke his 5th metatarsal (in half) while running about 16 weeks ago. He was on crutches for 10 weeks and a walking cast for 6 weeks and despite that, the bone is still only 70% healed. He is looking for advice on how to get the bone to heal faster/better.

~ In my response, I mention Capraflex and magnesium.

Mark asks @ 00:46:40
I'm in a problem hole, and need help! I am 5 weeks out from my first marathon, I've done a bunch of half marathons and 2 seasons racing olympic and sprint distance triathlons. But at 5 weeks out, I have caused a previous ITB injury to flare up and bring my run training to a grinding halt. Its been a week (I've still been riding, swimming and doing gym work, also tried water running and been icing my knee), but ran 10k today, the knee was iffy. If I keep up the aqua jogging and all my other training, am I just setting myself up for creating a larger injury that will cause more problems or is it possible to keep this up and run the marathon? Also, is there any other thing else I should be doing to get myself on track?

~ In my response, I mention www.bulletproofknee.com. I also mention a “run-walk-stretch” protocol from either: Jeff Galloway or  Bobby McGee.

Dave wrote @ 00:52:31
I recently recovered from a back injury and my physical therapist thought a lot of it was caused by a lack of flexibility, particularly in my hamstrings. At the time I was only able to get to about 45 degrees! I'm better now after several weeks but I still can't get to 90 degrees. I'm a hobbyist triathlete and my lower back is often sore after a long ride or a hilly ride. I got to wondering whether my hamstring flexibility is getting to me on my downstroke. A friend recently noticed that I wobble a little in my seat while pedalling. Coincidence? My PT has me doing compress-relax hamstring stretches against the wall. I was struck by your podcast about flexibility where you said it's only required for the range of motion you need, and also how dynamic beats static. Long story short, I'm wondering if you have recommended dynamic stretches for hamstrings?

~ In my response I mention my Podcast on Resistance Stretching by Dana Torres and the DVD.
Dara Torres resistance stretching video:

Emily asks @ 00:59:45
On a whim, I bought an interesting plant from my local nursery called Herb Jiaogulan. Brought it home and transplanted it, then did some research… turns out it is Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, and it appears to have many potential benefits: cholesterol reduction, antioxidant, adaptogen just for starters. Do you have any experience or thoughts on making the most of this plant? The nursery suggested adding the fresh leaves to stir-fry, and of course you can make tea from fresh or dried leaves.

~ In my response to Emily, I mention TianChi.

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10 thoughts on “Episode #218: How To Recover As Fast As Possible After A Triathlon or Marathon

  1. Ioan says:

    Hi Ben & Brock – Another great podcast (and post). As you know I slashed an amazing 2.5 hrs off my IM with your IM Dominator program. Now I've got my first 'straight' marathon coming up soon – so I'm using the the exact same elements appertaining to the run – can't wait to see how I do! Thanks to both of you again – keep up the great work. You're making a significant contribution to our Health and Fitness! Ioan :-)

    1. thanks for the kind words, Ioan!Best of luck in your marathon.

  2. Allan Dodds says:

    My MyList – http://goo.gl/Dh5tI – I've focused on the supplements and nutritional tweaks I've introduced through listening to your show, as well as that arising from professional advice from a nutritionist. I sought that in May 2012 as I trained for my first marathon. I struggle to keep my weight up, and am fairly stagnant at c14% body fat. Would like to drop that closer to 10%, and knowing that I have my first Half Ironman in Summer 2013, I will have to worry about staying healthy as I up my training time to >15 hours per week.

  3. Mark says:

    Hey guys, thanks for answering my itb question, great information, and I’m getting the bulletproof knee program. Only problem I wrote that question in may and ran my marathon in July ha. My training suffered and ended in me doing 3 hours aqua jogs and struggling my way through painful 26k runs, I had cortisone before the race, finished but much slower than I hoped. I took time off post race and the knee has improved, keeping it injury free over the triathlon season here in prep for my first half ironman in march. Now I just need to learn to be able to stomach gels on the run, as that was another major issue in the race after about 20 k.

  4. Kathy says:

    Ben, is it too late to donate? I just listened to the podcast today. Brock, you've added so much to the show – I can't believe it's been a year. I'm really impressed with how the two of you constantly work to improve what is already a great podcast. I hope you guys have a great time in Thailand!

    1. I'm pretty sure you can still donate Kathy!

    2. Brock says:

      Thanks, Kathy! But wait until you hear this week's show… It might change your mind :)

      1. Kathy says:

        Well that's a cliff-hanger of a reply! I am at the edge of my seat waiting for the next show! ;)

  5. Jeff Leonard says:


    my list for Fitness

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