Podcast Episode #65: Research, Q&A and How To Fix Injuries With Tape.

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In this October 21, 2009 free audio episode: understanding your “fat-burning zone”, how to break sugar addictions, what number of weightlifting repetitions gets you the best results, a new women's multi-vitamin, mercury in fish, and how tape can fix injuries.

Featured Topic:

Athletes and weekend warriors are constantly searching for new ways to manage nagging injuries, or allow them to compete in their basketball league, 5K or triathlon without aggravating a sore spot. The latest solution comes in the form of something called “Rock Tape”. To give you a more thorough understanding of Rock Tape, I conducted an interview with one of the designers of Rock Tape, Greg van den Dries. During our discussion, Greg explains the concept behind taping your injuries, the difference between Rock Tape and traditional “kinesiology” taping, who can benefit from Rock Tape, and which injuries it can actually be used for. For an example of Rock Tape in action, check out the video below, where Greg uses a taping technique called “The Zapper” to teach you how to quickly address an injury anywhere on your body:

If you like what you see, then surf over to Rock Tape where they're offering an exclusive 10% discount to anyone who uses the special discount code “greenfield”!

Listener Q&A:

Listener Todd asks: “My question this week is around nutrition and curbing sugar craving, especially at night. I'm working hard to control my insulin levels during the day, and for the most part am doing well. However, after a modest dinner I find myself having the strongest cravings for sweet.  I am using whole fruits and nuts during the day, and complex carbs before and after workouts. Is my body trying to tell me something with these cravings (i.e. something I'm not getting during the day), or is this just part of breaking the sugar addiction?  Anyone else having this challenge at night?”

Listener Ace asks: “I follow your podcasts on a weekly basis and read your articles very frequently. i am an avid triathlete and watch mu nutrition very carefully. however, i am a tuna-fish freak, full-protein-packed food source, affordable and very tasty! however, i have  read tons of articles about the potential hazard mercury (and maybe other toxins) poses via canned tuna consumption. Any thoughts/solid research studies on this? How can one substitute ? Also, do you think that, even w/ 6 cans of tuna/week (lunch), the potential harm of mercury can be hindered if the diet consists of tons of raw fruits and veggies, mainly greens? Finally, any tuna species that is less prone to toxins than others (light vs albacore or yellow fin)?”

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Special Announcements:

1) We've mentioned the HCG diet a few times on this show, which is a special supplementation and nutrition protocol designed for men and women who have tried literally “everything” for weight loss. You can see the progress of one of Ben Greenfield's clients in the video below. If you have questions about whether or not the HCG diet would be right for you, just e-mail [email protected].


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