Podcast Episode #97: The Single Injury That Is Responsible for More Than 75% of the Pain You Have While Exercising.

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In this June 2 audio episode: a mystery injury that you probably have, hornet juice, is protein powder toxic, dealing with road rash, more on the carb equation, traveling for endurance events, how hard should you race a triathlon, food vitamin interactions, stomach problems while running, recovering from knee surgery, and homemade gels and sports drinks.

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Featured Topic: “The Mystery Injury.”

In this featured topic, I interview Tom Vachet from Performance Management about the single injury that is responsible for more than 75% of the pain you have while exercising.Our discussion includes:

-Exactly what this injury is, and why it is severely underdiagnosed…

-How to know if you have the injury…

-What to do to fix yourself….

-How to get rid of mysterious leg, back and shoulder problems…

-And much more!

I have personally struggled with the injury that Tom and I discuss, I have coached and seen many, many athletes with this problem, and would highly recommend you listen to this interview if you run, bike, swim, lift, or play any sports.


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Listener Q&A

Listener TM asks: What is your take on hornet juice?

Listener Paul asks: I have a question about consuming protein drinks/powder.  Consumer Reports has put out an article stating that high consumption of these powders can be damaging to your body due to heavy metals which are injested.  You can read the article here:  http://www.consumerreports.org/health/natural-health/protein-drinks/overview/index.htm . Nearly every morning, after I workout, I eat Bob Seebohar Super Oatmeal Breakfast.  You probably know what this is but it is oatmeal, cocoa, protein powder, flax, raisens and banana.  See it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R4cde9IzSc . Sometimes I have a protein drink after my evening workout.  The article talks about high consumption being maybe 8 scoops per day.  I average just over 1 scoop.  I know that natural proteins in chicken, eggs, etc are better but do you think that this level of protein powder intake put me at any long term risks?

In my response to Paul, I mention Living Protein (get it here) and Mt. Capra Double Bonded Whey (get it here, use 5% discount code BGF).

Listener Chris asks: Can you talk about the best way to deal with road rash? (got some, no fun). Also, I have found your post-workout carb intake formula INVALUABLE.  I have always struggled with either over eating or feeling like crap later in the day, or the next day, after a long and hard work. I am definitely eating more during and after working, and starting to drop that last 10 I've never been able to shed, with the post-workout carbs being the only variable I've changed recently.  My question is that since part of the equation is based from your ideal body weight, do you have to factor in calories consumed during your work out?

Listener David asks: Anyway, my question really is more around the logistics of traveling to a distant event.  I need to plan on at least 2 travel days to get there, during a fairly critical phase of training, plus time to overcome any jetlag, time to acclimate, hopefully train a little on the actual course, and then properly taper during the last week.  How far in advance would you recommend trying to get to the event location to take all these factors into account.  Bear in mind, I'm an age grouper just wanting to finish in a respectable (for me) time, probably 13-14 hours.  Any suggestions on planning and logistics for something like this would be much appreciated.  One thing I definitely plan on doing is following your nutrition and supplement recommendations, especially during the travel period, to ensure I don't get sick and bounce back quickly from any jetlag.

Listener Graeme asks: I'm an Irish guy based in London and found your podcast (Ben Greenfield Fitness) through the Tri Swim Coach podcast.  I'm now working my way through your back catalogue and have a ton of notes on tips and advice which is awesome. I have also signed up for the Rockstar Triathlete Academy which I'm exploring and enjoying. I have a couple of questions that I can't get out of my head if you dont mind me sharing:

Q1 – I downloaded (in Rockstar Triathlete) the 70.3 intermediate programme as I have a 70.3 coming up in 3 weeks.  I looked over the last 4 weeks to see what you recommend and was suprised to see power workouts and unless I missed it, no long endurance rides/ runs.  Is it right to work through base, then do more musular endurance and then finish up with some power sessions without continuing to invest in base workouts.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Q2 – I raced an Olympic Tri at the weekend which was my first race of the year and where previously I have used pure caffeine with ‘Sports Legs' as pre race nutrition I didnt like the feeling that a large dosage of caffeine gives me so this year I will race on Sports Legs (I assume you are familiar with this supplement which uses vit D/ Calcium/ Magnesium & Lactate) with ‘Pre Race', a supplement by 1st Endurance which has a bunch of stuff to stimulate the nervous system.  The combination seemed to work really well, my threshold was 15 beats higher on the bike and 12 on the run.  This got me thinking, when I train in ‘tempo' pace I will be training at the right effort with no supplements but on race day my HR will be higher which I assume equates to higher effort/ workload so I may be undercooking my race pace/ tempo pacing.  So how do you factor in race day performance supplements into your training?  If I am to guess the answer I think it is that I need to train at the ‘power' and intensity of my racing tempo pace, which in racing is endurance tempo and in training (without supplements) will feel more intense and I will purhaps be above my threshold.  The area of pacing for my upcoming 70.3 I find tricky enough without my zones going out the window because of some supplements (although I'm not complaining).  So how do you triain for this effect and how do you plan your pacing?

Q3 – I now take, Omega 3/ Vit C/ Magnesium/ multi vits/ Q10 supplements (and I just ordered some stuff from your site today to add to this list).  I consume these tablets together on an empty stomach first thing in the morning mainly so I dont forget to take them.  But when should I be taking these supplements, together, with food, am/ pm or what suggestions would you have to maximise their effectiveness.

Congratulations to Graeme, who was nominated as the top question for this week's podcast! Graeme will receive a free month of membership to the Body Transformation Club, full access to the Club's secret video page, the life-changing piece of Club mail that I will personally send him each week, and much more. To learn more about the Body Transformation Club, click here.

Listener Eric asks: During the last couple of triathlons stretching back to last August, I have struggled during the run segment with GI stress.  It feels like something bouncing around my gut.  Is this a symptom of something that can be resolved?  I read somewhere that this can be a sign of an electrolyte imbalance or shortage.  My usual in-take pre-race is a yogurt/granola mix, bananas, and/or toast.  During a race, I usually take in one or two gels during the bike depending on the distance and a water/gatorade mix.  I am usually racing in sprint to olympic distances and this problem has been most pronounced during longer distance races.

Listener Christina asks: I am a fitness instructor and mom of 3 who 2 weeks ago had ACL reconstruction and cartiledge repair on my right knee. I kept teaching and staying strong up to the day preceeding my surgery and – thanks to God – am up and walking and riding the recumbent bike 2 to 3 miles each time. I don't get to start PT until next week since I have to wait for my script at the 3 week follow up, so my inquiry is this: if it doesn't hurt would doing things like mini squats or very narrow lunges (think chair pose and warrior poses) be more harmful or beneficial?

Listener Mark asks: I am currently preparing for the Ironman 70.3 World Champs. I follow a Paleo nutrition plan which has included eliminating both sugar and artificial sweeteners. One sticking point is sports drinks and gels – most of which contain large amounts of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. Do you have any thoughts on this recommendations of alternatives that I can use both in training and racing?

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