#272: 9 Ways to Push the Reset Button On Your Body.

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Dr. Jack Kruse is one of those guys who truly unlocked the secrets of healing and optimizing the human machine, both inside and out.

In other episodes, Dr. Kruse has come on the BenGreenfieldFitness podcast to talk about…

-“How To Live Like A Polar Bear And Eat Like A Great White Shark“…

-“How To Biohack The Ultimate Healthy Home“…

-“How You Can Use Cold Thermogenesis To Perform Like Lance Armstrong And Michael Phelps

And today, in a preview of Dr. Kruse's brand new Optimal Reset program, we delve into 9 ways to push the reset button on your body, including:

-Why Paleo diets are lacking and the foods you need to include to go a step beyond Paleo…

-What you need in your kitchen to make your kitchen optimal (including where bamboo fits in)…

-The one most important test you need to get to see if you are sensitive to leptin…

-Two practical ways to get started with cold thermogenesis today…

-What Apple knows about your cell phone that you don't…

-Why magnetic sleep pads so popular among biohackers could actually be bad for you…

-What the three most important blood tests are to ask your doctor for or get tested…

-One simple and easy way to find a doctor who will actually support your biohacks…

-Why women have so much trouble losing weight…


Resources Mentioned In This Episode


-The Optimal Reset

Jack's free “Biohacking 101” course


-The Nori seaweed Ben wraps all his salads in

-Organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs

Organic, grass fed meat that you can order bulk


Bamboo cooking utensils

Cast iron cookware

Resetting Leptin

-a “reverse T3 test

-Install “Flux” on computer so it dims at night

-Wear Encoder wristband

-Wear blue light blocking glasses, especially for evening computer use. Recommend Gunnar.

-Install low blue light bulbs, and put blue light blocker screen on computer

-Jack's redox article

Cold Thermogenesis (CT)

CoolFatBurner.com vest

Reducing EMF

-Use dirty electricity filters in main rooms of house (recommend Greenwave filters)

-Use airtube headset on phone (recommend “Envi airtube“)

Creating Optimal Sleep

Reverse Osmosis filter

-Whole House Structured water filter (that Ben uses)

-The Magnetico sleep mat

-The Biomat sleep mat (sleep on or put your water on)

Blood Tests

WellnessFX testing

Finding A Doctor

CuroSeven.com (for the UK)

Healing Your Hormones

The Heal Your Hormones bootcamp
23andme genetic testing


The Optimal Reset

The Optimal Reset is a free 90 Day program with Dr.  Kruse (and special guests including myself) to help you reverse disease, lose weight, clean up your diet, get in shape, heal your hormones, build your medical team and more.

Speakers include:

-Dr. Bonlie on Super-Detoxing Magnetism…
-Ben Greenfield on Biohacking Sports Performance…
-Dave Asprey on Stress
-Ameer Rosic on Sleep
-Dr. Kendal Stewart from Neurobiologix on Fertility
-Heather Brown from eMeals on Meal Planning
-Dr. Bhavesh Patel on Path to Optimal for Busy Executives
-Gretchen Bronson on The Affordable Care Act
-Michael Neuert on How to Prevent EMFs in Your Home
-Dr. Tim Jackson on Why We Have Trouble Losing Weight
-Dr. John Sorrentino on Dentistry
-Evan Brand on Our Nature Deficiency

The webinars are free for the first 24 hours of the live presentation and the entire Optimal Reset package can also be purchased to listen at your own rate. Click here to register for free for the Optimal Reset now to get the full schedule and list of special offers and bonuses…

…and leave your questions, comments and feedback about the “9 Ways to Push the Reset Button On Your Body” below!


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20 thoughts on “#272: 9 Ways to Push the Reset Button On Your Body.

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  2. kelly says:

    Ben what are your recommendations for EMF blocking phone cases and ear buds and laptops? Looking to protect my boys ages 15 and 11. Also what are your best suggestions for blocking blue light: glasses, light bulbs screen apps etc? Greatly appreciate your input, it’s pretty daunting trying to decipher the best products and where to spend money.

  3. talissa777 says:

    I regularly read Dr Kruse's blog and I am very glad he is back here, too!

    I have a question that might be indirectly related to the topics discussed in the podcast.

    Knowing Dr Kruse's history (I am referring to a huge weight loss that he achieved in a very short time) – I understand how CT, epiPaleo diet, and perhaps supplements like bitter melon could help that.

    But none of this explains how some completely different approaches – like hCG, for one – account for even quicker results.
    Hcg is all about no fat and severe caloric restriction; yet it works so well in so many people.

    Am I missing a link between two seemingly different approaches?

  4. jackkruse says:

    Jeff it is my job to help others……I just ask you try to help others along when you see the wisdom in nature's laws for yourself.

  5. jeffleonard90 says:

    Thank You for the response! I have some studying to do on the matter. Thank you for being open with all your knowledge and helping people……

  6. jackkruse says:

    I shuck my oyster on the half shell and freeze them on the shell then I cover them with plastic and load them in the freezer……I take them out and thaw and eat them or I make New Orleans style grilled oysters on the wood fire outside. And i do shuck my oysters and save the shell for my compost for the garden.

  7. jackkruse says:

    nothing is similar to magnetico. It is the only unipolar magnetic device on the market. It costs a fortune to manufacture a unipolar magnetic and this is why it is different. An earthpulse does not do this. When you understand what a topologic insulator is………and that liquid water begins to act as a quasicrystal in a unipolar field…….you begin to realize that a magnetico is the best way to protect your sleep and redox potential from excessive non native EMF in my opinion. I am exposed to massive EMF in the OR constantly and this is why I use it. This is a personal decision to make after you understand the physics……..most people do not understand the risk benefit ratio so they think the pad is too $$$. One surgery avoided with me in the OR could buy you 3 pads and the issues tied to those risks.

    1. melheide says:

      Thanks a bunch for taking the time to respond. It is deeply appreciated. Sounds like even though the magnetico is expensive you get a huge benefit from it and in the long run is worth the money. If you were ignoring costs what are 2 or 3 other items you would recommend for maximizing your redox potential/overall health? Would it be a CT tub (i.e. http://coldtub.com/ and nasal infrared therapy ( http://www.vielight.com/product/810-infrared/) and some kind of whole house water filtration system that provides structured water (if so, can you make a recommendation on a brand/model)? or would other items make it on the top 3 list?

      1. jackkruse says:

        CT is critical to the sick person or the elite athlete in my humble opinion.
        It is cheap and easy for anyone to do. If you look at my new post today on water you get my recs….. .http://jackkruse.com/setting-up-your-water-system/

  8. Cory Edwards says:

    I love this podcast and I have been making these adjustments to my life already and I am working to get as optimal as I can. keep it up ben!

  9. mike says:

    Great interview! Jack, thoughts on negative ion generators (ionizers). Are earthing mats similar to the magnetico?

    1. jackkruse says:

      Removing electrons = ionization Part 2:Even though an electron is stripped from atom, its mass is not changed since electrons have no mass. Electrons however, have a negative charge. This charge is under infinite control of the electromagnetic force. Of course, when electrons are stripped from atom or proteins it becomes more positively charged than it was before since it lost an electron. ATP is electron withdrawing protein, (Gilbert Ling) so its goal is to strip electrons to make proteins more positively charged. This makes them very reactive to the electromagnetic force because this force only acts on charged particles. Re read EE11. So the atomic structure of proteins remains identical to a biology textbook metabolic pathways but difference comes in how negatively or positively charged an atom actually is. This is why all neurodegenerative diseases are more sensitive to the electromagnetic force and why they are all associated with low levels of ATP and abnormal protein folding.

      The brain is normally loaded with lipid like cholesterol. Cholesterol and collagen are semiconductors and when they are stripped of electrons they lose energy, information, and spin. This is why memory declines when they decline chronically. Now think about why cholesterol is in the brain's lipid membranes and all cell membranes?
      A small voltage applied to a small electrode above this thin layer (Think Becker's DC current or the current in CSF) can either attract or repel those ions; the ions, in turn, can directly modify the properties of an underlying magnet and halt the flow of magnetic domains. This could lead to a new family of “magneto-ionic” devices that can do some amazing things. Think February 2014 webinar…….or think about the magnetico. Think quasicystalline functions.

      The effect depends on chemical interactions at the boundary between thin layers of "magnetic materials" (water and collagen) and solid-state electrolyte materials that are sandwiched together (think white matter tracts in the brain or in nerves). When you understand this type of solid state physics it becomes obvious it’s really the interfacial chemistry that determines the magnetic properties of matter. Where is the DC current? Interfascial water below myelin and outside the axon.

      Theoretically in practice, such a system would use a "wire (collagen) or strip of ferromagnetic material ( cytochromes/blood/metallproteins) with a series of regularly spaced, small electrodes on top of it. The magnetic bits between these electrodes can then be selectively written or read to form information or memory.

      What is special about this physics? Once the orientation of the magnetic bit between two electrodes has been set by this device (think unipolar magnetico or the native magnetic field), it inherently will retain its direction and position (spintronics from redox rx or Feb 2014 webinar) even in the absence of power. So, in practice, you could set a magnetic bit, then turn the power off until you need to read it back (sleep and memories). This memory is built in to your mitochondria, collagen, and nerve cells over time. You collect the data and wisdom of subatomic particles to sharpen your senses with time with the information contained in these particles.

      Because the magnetic switching requires no magnetic field, there is next to no energy dissipation in this arrangement……..sound zero entropy no?
      Understanding the detailed origins of these effects could allow the creation of simple, low-power information-technology devices…….sounds a lot like how a cell works huh?

      1. wiglebot says:

        I have Epilepsy and have been on nasty meds for 10 years to dampen the electrical / chemical signals in my brain (body). The ketogenic diet works well and allows me to take 1/2 the meds. It makes sense that ketone bodies allow an optimized metabolism for neurones….also exercise (depleting glycogen) also helps with seizures…

        So, an MRI controls spin of hydrogen atoms and then measures the wobble as it slows them. On another atomic level, the mitochondria uses a chemical gradient to set up for electron usage. The neuron passes a charge and uses a chemical gradient as well to form a brilliant network.

        Where I run into a dead end is where current science uses the word "encoding" of memory — it is too simplistic when the rest of the system is manipulating electrons. So, Along with Epilepsy came uncontrolled memory flashbacks (referencing). Thus, I always read about quantum memory in computing and it seems easy to theorize the encoding of memory in the brain works on the same level as reading spin, manipulating charge of atoms, or something that makes it solid state at the lowest level. And, capable of holding so much info whether we want it or not.

        take care

    2. jackkruse says:

      Complex Mike. PART 1 Here you go from this thread <a href="http://:http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/ppp-and-glycogen.9798/#post-111529” target=”_blank”>:http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/ppp-and-glycogen.9798/#post-111529 Electrons make the world go round……..I told you we are designed to collect a lot of them……..now let me help you understand the secret of the key to life. It opens many gates. The temp and cytokine level and charge determines the fate of the electron:

      Magnetic fields are very hard to localize in proteins……..so how do they take their chaos and make them scalable for a cell? Consider that if you’re trying to create tiny magnetic bits on a nanowire, collagen, water or a track, the magnetic fields from the electromagnets used to read and write data tend to spread out, making it difficult to prevent interaction with adjacent strips, especially as devices get smaller and smaller.

      What if I tell you we can stop this magnetic spread with a simple action? We can now stop magnetic domains on demand simply by toggling the applied voltage. Think the redox potential is a small issue?

      Remember human membranes ARE fat and generate/store electron charge. Sulfated proteins attach to these saturated fats and produce voltage! Now you know why. Everything is important at a molecular level in 3 D.

      Lady evolution built a new type of device that controls magnetism in much the same way that a transistor controls a flow of electricity. The key ingredient is a layer of ion-rich material in which atoms have been stripped of electrons, leaving them with an electric charge. You might begin to look at mitochondria and collagen differently. Think about what happens to water next to collagen……charge separates into H3O+ and -OH. H30+ has its electrons stripped. Water surrounds proteins……when ATP is present. What does ATP do? ATP strips electrons from proteins………..it is electron withdrawing.

      If electrons are stripped from atoms to form an electric current, why doesn't the atomic/molecular structure of the material from which they are stripped change you ask?

      So what happens when something happens to remove electrons from semiconductors?

      Removing electrons from an atom is called ionization.

  10. danco1212 says:

    Great podcast as usual…. especially like the resources listed above…. A+

  11. jeffleonard90 says:

    Dr. Kruse mentioned something about plugging in a devise to sleep, I assume he was referring to the Earthpulse. What are his thoughts on the Earthpulse, if any? Also did he tell you what his technique was for freezing Oysters?
    Great Episode as always with Dr. Kruse!

    1. melheide says:

      I am also interested in getting an answer to this question. I have an Earthpluse so I am just trying to figure out if it is something Dr. Kruse would support or if it causing the bi-polarity issues discussed during the podcast. Basically, I am just trying to figure out if an earthpulse is good or bad for me based on Dr. Kruses perspective.

  12. kelcey1 says:

    I have a friend who sells a product called ASEA, which is a salt water that has been treated to supposedly contain redox signaling molecules. The studies behind the product are small and conducted by the company. Will orally ingesting redox signaling molecules increase your redox potential? It is backed by Rich Roll, among others. I am not crazy about the way it is marketed, and it's expensive. Any information appreciated! This podcast was pretty amazing, I am going to have to listen to it a couple more times! Thanks Ben!

    1. I talked about ASEA over here https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/02/episo… look for the question from Jeff.

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