The Physician Who Personally Advises The World’s Leading Health Authorities, And His Tiny Invention That Pro Athletes Swear By.

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I have several friends who I would consider to be VIP's, bigwigs, and leading authorities in the field of health and biohacking.

Although I will respectfully keep those friends anonymous, I've noted that a relatively large majority of them have one specific man who serves as their personal physician, and he's the same guy who advises some of the world's top Spartans, strongmen competitors and obstacle racers, including April Dee, Hector Mendoza and Orla Walsh, Frank Franco and Joey Patrolia.

That man is Dr. Anthony Beck, and he's my guest on today's podcast.

Dr. Beck is an author, speaker, and leader in the medical world with over 20 years experience in the areas of Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Orthomolecular Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology. He maintains four national medical board certifications, is the Medical Director for Task Force Dagger Foundation (which provides benevolent health care for U.S. military special forces operators and their families), is the founder and chief medical officer for Balance Protocol Institute, is the founder and CEO of Helion Nutraceuticals and is also the CEO of Hydration Solutions Inc.

So not only is Dr. Beck a wealth of knowledge on advanced health tactics, medical testing, and the combination of biohacking and exercise performance, but he's also the mastermind behind a hydration tactic I've personally been experimenting with: a tiny invention called Oral I.V.

In this interview, we delve into all of Dr. Beck's health secrets, and you'll discover:

-Why so many really smart people in the health industry and top pro athletes look to Dr. Beck as their personal physician…

-The exact food allergy panel that Dr. Beck recommends, and why he doesn't like the Cyrex panel…

-The eight different components that Dr. Beck tests as part of what he calls his “Balance” protocol…

-The exact science behind maximizing water delivery into cells…

-How water can carry an electrical charge, and how it creates something called an exclusion zone (also known as EZ water)…

-How much “less” water could you theoretically drink by using Oral IV…

-Why Dr. Beck believes that you do not need to take salt or electrolyte pills during exercise…

-The exact water restructuring and filtration system that Dr. Beck uses in his own home…

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

My podcast episode on the science of water with Dr. Gerald Pollack “What The Bleep Do We Actually Know About Water”

Book: “The 4th Phase of Water” by Dr. Gerald Pollack

GreenfieldNaturals Water Structuring Units (you can use code BG15 for 15% discount)

Dr. Anthony Beck's website

-Oral I.V. (you can use 20% discount code BEN20)

ELISA ACT food allergy testing

Nutrival Plasma Test by Genova

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis by ARL

GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test

23AndMe Genetic Testing

The Quick Coherence Technique by HeartMath

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Dr. Anthony Beck or me? Leave your thoughts below and one of use will reply! If you want to try Oral I.V. for yourself you can click here and use 20% discount code BEN20.

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27 thoughts on “The Physician Who Personally Advises The World’s Leading Health Authorities, And His Tiny Invention That Pro Athletes Swear By.

  1. Heather Sutton says:

    Coming in a bit late on this particular podcast but great content as always. I’m curious for some input on finding a local physician that provides the same kind of individual care and attention that Dr. Beck provides. I’m a very driven Durham, NC based crossfit and Spartan athlete striving to maximize my athletic potential. Somewhat tired of a GP that would suggest treating an injury with antiinflammatory drugs when they know I have a history of Gi issues rather than addressing root cause or alternative treatments. Is there a resource available in order to find like minded professionals such as yourself?

    1. Here are a few directories that may help you find a good functional medicine or naturopathic practitioner in your area:
      That will ensure you find someone who I would likely vouch for!

  2. Healthy1Maui says:

    Thanks Ben and Dr. Beck for the great podcast!

    Do I need a practitioner to order the Hair Mineral Analysis test from ARL? And, do you happen to know how much it is?

    Thanks again,

  3. David says:

    Loved this podcast! Question about water structuring…how would a bottle such as Flaska ( and it’s water structuring properties compare to all of the structuring discussed on the podcast? I know there is no electrical charge from the bottle, but what about EZ properties, etc? Thanks!

  4. Dkp1900 says:

    This podcast seemed to steer into some pretty deep water. (Pun intended in honor of dearly departed Brock)

    You raised an eyebrow when you asked if one could use less water overall when drinking the oral I.v. than would otherwise be necessary in a given physically demanding environment, and the response was yes. That seems to defy common sense. Perhaps an explanation of 'why?' Or how? This is so would help give a better understanding of what Oral I.v. Does in the body. I.e. how does a 'shot' of oral I.v. Affect the entire body's rate of water consumption?

  5. dranthonygbeck says:

    Warm and fuzzies to hear you say that :)) Ben does an amazing job, super happy to be a little part of it.

  6. Serveup1957 says:

    Interesting about the oral iv. Can you put it in a camelback or water bottle and still work? Or must it be taken strait! Can you mix with kaqun water?
    Most of the testimonials are from crossfit type athletes. Are the endurance triathletes getting results? If you were racing Kona would you be able to drink less water?

    1. dranthonygbeck says:

      You can certainly put it in any vessel you desire to exert its effect on the water contained. My recommendation for such a vessel is your body. Take it orally and followed up by water.

      I would not mix it with "alkalized" water. Matter of fact, those waters have a net negative effect on human performance. After 2 decades of experience I can tell you that their is very little if any need for electrocuted water. It is the most harmful effect you can do to waters structure.

      We have resounding appreciation from ultra endurance athletes. This is because the longer and harder one goes and slides into the realms of true pressure on body water function…Oral I.V. more potently shines.

      Any time you use Oral I.V. you will be able to require less water.

      1. Serveup1957 says:

        HiThank you for the speedy reply.I am uninformed about the alkaline water. The kaqun water is oxygen water and used for cancer healing. According to dr minkoff it raises blood oxygen levels and increases performance. I don't know if that means it is alkaline. The kaqun water was what I was considering mixing.Thoughts?BestLuciaSent from my iPad

        1. Anthony G Beck says:

          I had thought you were speaking of Kangen water.

          As for Kaqun water should be fine, however, keep in mind that its simply just not possible to have oxygen stay in bottled water.

  7. L. C. says:

    Can oral I.v. Be used mixed in a camelback or water bottle?

    Could it be mixed with kaqun water? (Oxygen water)

  8. Permie says:

    This independent analysis was less then glowing:…

    1. dranthonygbeck says:

      Let me be very frank on this one….that blog WAS NOT an "independent analysis". It was a couple dudes who call themselves BFE Labs (Bum F*** Egypt Labs). They are not medical professionals, not scientists, and created a completely false narrative to attack. I am shocked at how many people they unwittingly fooled to just assume that charade was valid.

      Almost 3 years ago, the fellow who is a custom knife maker and military gear junky took it upon himself to create an entirely false narrative. Basically, a straw man argument that Oral I.V. was not a sports drink or an oral rehydration salt. The ironic this is that ….nope, its not! Never has been nor has it claimed to be. That's the whole point of the technology.

      Oral I.V. is exactly opposed to such things as I spoke of in the podcast. No one needs sports soft drinks or salt products in the realms of athletic performance. What they need is for water in the body to work efficiently, stay with you longer and to have greater bioelectrical potential. Salts and sugars do just the opposite of that.

      That elaborate false exposé presented by this grossly under qualified blogger with zero education, training or knowledge in the realm he is speaking about was part of what we revealed as a shill attack from a major ORS manufacturer who was threatened by the resounding accolades we received from military special forces groups with regard to the product Oral I.V.

      Lastly, the "lab analysis" smoke and mirrors presented in that phoney lab report was not performed by a certified lab and was not a type of test that would be applicable to the product of Oral I.V. nor its method of action.

      Whereas, a metals test tells you ZERO of what the product does in the body. Ex. Grind up your smart phone in a Vitamix and turn it to powder. Run an element analysis like they did. Would it tell you what apps were installed? How many gigs of memory the phone had? How much charge the battery had?

      Of course not. Composition can not reveal function. All we spoke about in the podcast is beyond the understanding of those pundits who's obtuse understanding cripples them.

  9. John_Colter says:

    Question for Ben or Dr Beck – Pre race, can I add Oral IV to my water in the water bottle I carry for a race instead of having to carry the extra little Oral IV vial during the race? Does diluting it in a drink diminish its benefits? Thanks.

  10. corryfitz1 says:

    This is one of the best podcasts I have heard on your show. I really like a lot of your podcasts, but this was one of the most informative and eye opening I have heard in a while. The biology, and the guest were just awesome. Nice work.

  11. ChelseaT says:

    Hey Ben, you talk a bit about muscle cramps and refer back to your previous podcast .. wondering in the case of a non-athlete who experiences isolated muscle cramps either in the calves or feet what the general approach you would recommend to help resolve it and what is typically the cause of these cramps. Cheers

  12. 9MD says:

    Is the ELISA ACT test available for direct testing? Or do I have to go through a doctor? I've had the other IgA testing that Dr. Beck says is kind of pointless, so I'd love to get the ELISA ACT one done (preferably not through my dr). Also is the comprehensive GI test the same one in your store, Ben? Finally, I was unclear about the 23 and Me testing. How do we use those results? Thanks!

    1. Yep, ElisaACT is available through DirectLabs:

      Comprehensive GI is the 3 day panel here:…

      23andme…I'd recommend you look into this:…

      1. 9MD says:

        Awesome thank you! When it says that "It is your responsibility to arrange the blood draw for your kit" — is this something I can do safely from my home or does that involve having to make arrangements with a local lab? Thanks so much for being such a continually great resource for personal health! Really appreciated!

    2. dranthonygbeck says:

      Actually it is, however, understanding how to leverage the results and implement strategies in your life from he data is the key! I am more than happy to provide assistance to availability to any testing. I'll put something together especially for Ben's folks to save a significant amount of money for those who would like to do the test.

      Feel free to contact me via my website.

      1. wildly_rooted says:

        Hi Dr. Beck, great talk! Wondering your thoughts on MRT test? I've heard back and forth about ELISA vs MRT from various clinicians… I have used ELISA but have yet to use MRT (mainly due to high cost) for my clients but lots of other practitioners I know do. There def seems to be a camp MRT vs camp ELISA (camps for nerds no doubt ;) Thanks!

  13. TrickiDicki says:

    Any information if OralIV can help with migraines?

    1. dranthonygbeck says:

      Please keep in mind it is setting yourself up for failure whenever you "take something…for something".
      ie….substance a,b or c for symptom/disease x,y or z.

      You must quest to discover the root cause of the imbalance you are referring to as migraines.

  14. Jay Jones says:

    Do you happen to know which brands of reverse osmosis filter, re-mineralizer, and water structuring unit that Dr Beck uses? Also, other than using oral iv's, what is a good way to then take that water to work? i there like a good water bottle to put it in or something? Thank

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