Is Weed Healthy? The Controversial Truth About The Science Of Marijuana.

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The video below tells the story of Sadie, an 11-month-old baby who suffered from 300 seizures per day. She was given Cannabidiol, an oil-based extract of marijuana.

What happens next blew my mind.

Grab a Kleenex and watch.

The truth is, marijuana – although an extremely controversial drug – has been proven to be effective for medical issues like:

-Epilepsy (seizures)
-Muscle Tension
-Crohn's & Colitis
-And much, much more…

My guest in today's podcast, Dr. James Schmachtenberger, has made it his goal – as the executive producer a new documentary called “The Science of Weed” – to put the truth and real facts in the hands of those who need marijuana-based medicine, so they can make informed decisions about utilizing cannabis not as a recreational drug per se, but instead as an effective treatment method for health issues.

In today's podcast, James and I discuss:

CBD Oil Extract

-The difference between medicinal cannabis and weed…

-The best medicinal uses of marijuana…

-How you can use marijuana without side effects of endocannibanoids…

-Why the WADA has marijuana listed as a banned substance for athletes…

-How you can use marijuana to sleep better or beat insomnia…

-Whether marijuana is effective as an anti-inflammatory…

-Do you have to be careful with mold and fungi in marijuana, and how do you know your sources are “good”…

-Is weed addictive?

Do you have more questions about weed, and how it can be used as medicine? Leave your thoughts and comments below, and check out The Science of Weed documentary here.

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20 thoughts on “Is Weed Healthy? The Controversial Truth About The Science Of Marijuana.

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Ben, do you happen to know the active link where we can watch the Science of Weed documentary? The one in the transcript and in this post doesn’t work. Thanks!

  2. Erika Ice says:

    If you take the CBD product, will you test positive on a drug test?

    1. No. There is no THC in the product.

  3. matt says:

    Where would someone from a state other than say Colorado or Washington get?

      1. Leslie Hower says:

        I’ve researched this for years now. CBD otc is hemp seed oil which is not the same as CBD from a medical dispensary. It has some benefit but not as much. I find that certain strains of CBD from my medical dispensary far help me more.( Specifically for my neuropathy) Not trying to offend you, I’m reading Boundless currently and LOVE it. Please advise, thank you😊

    1. Heya Matt, lots of info on legal CBD Rich Hemp products available, they are getting better in quality all the time, and available for purchase in all states.

      Wow, that video was absolutely amazing!

  4. steve1915 says:

    Question: I have heard that chronic marijuana use can lead to "man-boobs". Is there any truth this? Thanks,

    1. This wouldn't surprise as excessive plant sterol intake can be similar to high phytoestrogen exposure.

      1. katescup says:

        So does CBD from hemp oil worry you if it's high in plant sterols….I love it!!!

        1. No because I'm not overdoing it and I use an extremely high quality extract that is mostly just the CBD (from hempmeds)

          1. katescup says:

            Ok Good! The products I use are from hempmeds as well!! Can't wait to hear if you've noticed a difference in your joints like so many of us have!! Sent you an email about the products I have been using…so exciting and innovative!!

  5. isell731 says:

    Great podcast and fascinating subject. I look forward to seeing the film! There is so much positive potential for weed as medicine, and this may also help to exonerate recreational use. That said, I do need to point out one glaring error in Schmachtenberger's presentation, and one that I fear will end up calling into question the great deal of positive information that he is presenting. I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and I can assure you that cannabis CAN produce physiological dependence, in a small number of users. In this, it is similar t o alcohol, in which the great majority of users can drink safely and appropriately, but in a small percentage (generally put at around 10-15% of the drinking population) dependence develops. One of the markers of dependence is physical withdrawl symptoms, which in alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening. In cannabis withdrawal, the symptoms are not life-threatening, but then, opiate/heroin withdrawal symptoms are also not life-threatening – just miserable. CAnnabis withdrawal produces irritability, sleep problems, sweats, nausea and loss of appetite – all of which are pretty uncomfortable and often drive the user back to relapse. What makes it more difficult is both the prevailing myth that cannabis "is not addictive" and that the symptoms can last a month and up to three months depending on the length and extent of use. Often the cannabis addict begins to believe that they "need" the weed in order to sleep, calm down, etc – without recognizing that these are (transient) withdrawal symptoms, driving compulsive use and driven by the brain. As in any powerful medicine, the potential of dependence and misuse should be weighed against the benefits; recreational users should approach use as they do alcohol, recognizing that while most can use in safety, some can not and will need to abstain to be safe.

    1. Sherrie says:


      You are wrong. Just wrong. No one is talking about addiction here. Besides Marijuana IS NOT HABIT FORMING. Just because you think you have a brain does not mean you do have one. Obviously you think you have the facts but in reality you have no idea what you are talking about. so shut the fxck up

      1. Ásgeir Ómarsson says:

        Way to get overprotective Sherrie..

  6. Lisa says:

    Will one test positive for job drug tests by taking the non-habit forming hemp product?

  7. EdwardsNH says:

    The legality of this plant is one of the many things that surprises and angers me, the more I look into it. I find it baffling that not only is it illegal, but that most people (including myself until I started reading) have just gobbled up the propaganda against it.

    Personally, I wish it were perfectly legal, so that I could add it to my lineup of greens to make smoothies with. I'm very confident I would notice a beneficial effect.

    On a side, but semi-related note. I have only done high dose mushrooms twice (I'm in my forties), but I frequently (couple times a year, will do it twice a week, for 2-3 weeks) will take low, .5 gram, doses before doing yoga. It is a unique experience (especially in Bikram) and every time, my HRV goes sky high for days.

  8. Kamil_1 says:

    Great interview, thanks for sharing info about cbd

  9. Kate says:

    I get so fired up about this and thank you for bringing CBD to light! I’ve been researching this a ton and living in CO has exposed me to the truth as well. The plant has healing properties and it’s time people understand it’s not just about getting high! I feel like a hemp activist now trying to educate everyone about the benefits of products rich in CBD hemp oil! I’ve noticed a drastic difference in my joints and know it’s doing more than just that! Thanks for this podcast and you were on my list to share some amazing CBD products with! I honestly believe this will be something everyone will want to supplement with for it’s neuro and immuno protectant qualities. As more and more research comes forward, I think CBD may surpass tumeric as the all mighty anti inammatory!

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