The world of supplements is confusing and a hotly debated topic. Are you wasting your money on supplements, or improving performance, health, longevity, sleep and more? Do supplements work? Find out in my podcasts about supplements! Here I discuss supplements everybody should be taking according to some experts, how to use supplements, how supplements are made, supplement purity, how supplements are absorbed, supplement dosage, antioxidants, muscle-building supplements, fat loss supplements, vitamin and mineral blood levels, common things like fish oil, vitamin D, vitamin C, the best multi-vitamins, supplements for depression, supplements for digestion, nootropics and smart drugs, and so much more!

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Episode #144 – Full Transcript

Podcast Episode#144 from Introduction: In this podcast, everything you need to know about colostrum, is birth control healthy, why can pro athletes eat bad food, what is a parasite zapper, how to train for...

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