Rewilding In Miami, How To Rid The Body Of Calcification, Cacao Nootropic Elixirs, Iridology & Much More With John Schott.

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Two years ago, I raced the South Beach triathlon in Miami.

Afterwards, I met up with a local bodyworker and gourmet whole food chef who had offered to come work on me. I expected the usual ho-hum “rubdown” with some kind of coconut-beef jerky-kale snack, but was instead treated to not only some of the most intense and effective bodywork I've experienced (including the use of a walker – you know – like old people or surgical recovery patients use), but also a cornucopia of everything from bone broth doughnuts to organic local beef tacos to fermented vegetable salads and beyond – along with some very stimulating intellectual discussion on iridology, fascia, detoxification, magnesium, water and much more.

So who was this guy? His name is John Schott, of Schott Health. Establishing himself as one of South Florida’s most groundbreaking and pioneering leaders in the health field, John Schott set himself aside from the pack with the opening of his restaurant and retail space, Lifefood Gourmet, South Florida's first gourmet whole food restaurant. His wellness services have touched the lives of high profile celebrities, athletes, and executives. John leads workshops and detox retreats in Florida, New York City, and South America. He has attained certifications such as Iridologist from NY Center for Iridology based on Bernard Jensen Iridology, Lifefood Culinary Chef & Phoenix Fastician from Jubb’s Longevity Live Food Culinary Chef from NYC.

John has studied closely with the top pioneering authors & practitioners for the last 12 years in the alternative health field. His knowledge of and experience with detoxification, nutritional cleansing, bodywork, wellness & lifestyle coaching has led him to create a unique model evolving from a decade of apprenticeship, self-study, and hands-on application with hundreds of clients. He has in-depth insights into areas of health pertained to nutritional timing (or “ time conscious” eating), trigger point & fascia bodywork, nutritional cleansing, near infrared therapy, and other alternative healing modalities & longevity strategies. John has created health and performance programs for some of the world's highest performance professionals.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why John uses an “old-person” two-button walker for deep tissue massage therapy…[9:35]

-John's theory of calcification and the mentor in California who taught this to him…[12:00]

-Why John uses deionized water, and how he ensures the water removes areas of calcification within the body…[16:00]

-How something called “iridology” can be used to allow health assessments via photographs of your eyes…[36:40]

-The camera attachment you can get for your iPhone to do your own iridology photos…[48:15]

-How John is “rewilding” himself and his family while living in a relatively urban area of Miami…[56:35]

-Why John uses near-infrared light therapy when he does deep tissue work…[61:55]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

The two-button walker John uses for deep tissue massage therapy

Glen Caulkins (Johnathan Schott's mentor)

The structured water filter than Ben Greenfield uses


The macro-lens you can use for iridology

-The Pemaculture podcast by Pema Schott

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22 thoughts on “Rewilding In Miami, How To Rid The Body Of Calcification, Cacao Nootropic Elixirs, Iridology & Much More With John Schott.

  1. Beatrix Cronin says:

    Hi Ben, Hi John
    Thanks for all the info you have provided here! I have a few comments as a LONG-TIME health researcher.

    I have met John in that famous Lifefood restaurant and ate the delicious foods there. One day Lindsey Davenport was walking out with a huge takeaway, so the sort of quality WAS THAT GOOD!
    The ‘real’ food he is now making made me think of chef Holden’s Milk&Honey fully organic+++ restaurant in Asheville, NC. Check it out and perhaps do a podcast with him too, he is pretty amazing.

    I have a testimony about Glen Caulkins myself- in the days before we had access to actual spring water (nowadays we collect 10 five gallons of actual spring water every few weeks for our drinking and cooking water supply) we used to buy his at Pristine Hydro in Laguna Woods, Ca.
    Furthermore, drinking a few of his 16oz Electrolyte Balance bottles literally saved me from an imminent heart attack, (I had chest pain and panic attacks due to a huge acid build up, and in those days I didn’t know about strophanthus, the herbal remedy to prevent a heart attack, I found out about via David Wolfe) so Glen definitely deserves the praise.
    If John was able wouldn’t he rather drink actual spring water? I know Florida has a hundred places named some kind of spring but mostly they are used for swimming and they do flood at times.

    And about calcification- I thought the best explanation and decalcification methods were in David Wolfe’s Longevity Now book. I would probably add that based on new research on taking charcoal may just help detoxing bad calcium too. Most importantly switch out the toxic impostors, and replace your conventional cal-mag supplement to a pearl- cacao powder elixir maybe in a nice chaga- reishi tea base or in your bulletproof coffee!!

    The term you were looking for is POTENTIATE OR POTENTIATOR, when you were talking about shilajit. Mega-hydrate would be one of those things or when you take berries with cacao/chocolate, you absorb two-three times more anti-oxidants, right?

  2. Joe Schaefer says:

    Hi John and Ben,

    I live in South Beach and would love to come hang out as you indicated in this podcast. Do you know when this will happen?

    1. Not sure when I'll be back, but it'll definitely be on my calendar.

  3. Dave says:

    Ben there are NIR bulbs for $25-$35 on Amazon with wavelengths of 700nm – 1200nm . Is Joov really worth an extra $375? What’s the difference?

    1. I can't really comment on products I haven't tried, but that's the price of one bulb, you'd need more, and who knows what kind of quality they are. So in my opinion, yes.

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi Ben,

    You’ve commented on reverse osmosis water filtration systems frequently, most recently I heard this on your interview from the Joe Rogan podcast. Do you have any recommendations on a high-value system for in-home use?

    I live alone in a 1920’s apartment, and am considering a few high rated 5-7 stage systems on Amazon by iSpring, but wanted to get your take first.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Love what you’re doing here!


    1. I have used the AquaTru system in the past and would definitely recommend it.

  5. Joe says:

    Hey Ben, If I were to move homes, would it be easy to uninstall your recommended water filter and reinstall in a new home?


    1. I'd think so, just as easy as it was to install at least.

  6. jason says:

    Would you mind listing what I would need to make a DIY infrared, light system? I do not quite have the funding for a Joovv, but I recall John touching the DIY subject. Great episode and thank you!

    1. This is a great Q to call into the podcast as it's pretty involved:…

  7. Dan Tudor says:

    Hunza Valley……read about Henry Coanda and Patrick Flanagan!

  8. Kjetil Thuen Tønnesen says:

    Hi. Great show :-)
    Would tou mind sharing the recipe for the Cocoa nootropic ? And How do you use Shjilajit for best results (dose and what to take it with)

  9. Jill Lampert says:

    I’m a massage therapist of 13 years and am interested in learning about this GC massage or walker massage. Yes, I could prob buy a walker and figure it out for myself but since I need CEU’s anyway and “research” is a tax write off, is there a class where I could learn the technique in depth? I am interested in learning all I could from either John Schott or Glen Caulkins. Loved this episode. Thank you!

    1. John Schott says:

      Hi Jill,
      Thanks for the message and interest. And, yes, you’ll definitely loving this modality to what you offer;) I’m more than happy to show you the techniques and set something up with you hands-on if you’re in South Florida. Glen is in Laguna Beach in California. If you’re anywhere in Cali, it’s definitely worth making a trip over there and they’ll definitely guide you through the process. This is their site in case you want to learn more about what they do.

      My email is [email protected]

      I’m opening a one of a kind wellness spot here in Miami in the coming month. I’ll be sharing and teaching a lot there as well.

  10. Richard O says:

    When is the food cooking sampling session you mentioned in Miami? Sounds good

    1. John Schott says:

      Hey Richard,
      We’ll be keeping people updated on events with Ben in Miami as soon as it comes up. He was here recently but the timing didn’t quite match;)

      1. Richard O says:

        Thank-you would appreciate – I’m here in Miami another 2 months, hopefully before then :)

  11. Mat says:

    Any links for making liposomal vitamin c or the cheap infrared lights he recommends at the end?

    1. John Schott says:

      Hey Matt,
      As far as inexpensive or do it yourself near infrared saunas, here’s a link on my site to a full PDF I wrote about all things Sun & Sauna. For directions, links, and videos on do it yourself, just go to the last few pages which is all resources for that file.

      As far as liposomal vitamin C, it’s not that difficult. The main thing is to take a high quality vitamin powder and blending it with sunflower lecithin to make it liposomal. Adding MCT oil to that also optimizes it and adds great benefits as well.

  12. Cat says:

    What was the brand name of the macro lense you used to take pictures of your eyes, Ben? I just want to be sure I buy a good quality one.

    1. John Schott says:

      Hey Cat,
      If you scroll up, Ben listed an amazon link for macro lenses to clip onto a smart phone. Any of those work. The key for a good pic using that is that the phone ideally be placed on a tripod and stable. Also, sometimes the macro lens may not even be necessary. These smart phone cameras are so good right now that if there is enough light and shot from a decent &close enough distant, if the pic is in great focus, I can zoom in and get very close to 90-100% of the info.

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