Biohacked Superfood Smoothies, Healing Wounds Faster, Advanced Hypoxic Training Tactics, Hormesis & More With Kyle Kingsbury.

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Kyle Kingsbury is a former football player (Arizona State) and mixed martial artist who fought professionally for eight years (UFC six years). While fighting at the highest level he became fascinated with all things diet, performance, and recovery related. Since retiring, his focus has shifted to learning more about longevity, plant medicines, and inner peace.

And the dude is one entertaining son-of-a-gun.

This summer, Kyle descended upon my home in Spokane, Washington and, as you get to hear in this podcast, recorded straight from my backyard, we take a deep dive into the realms of superfood smoothies, fasting, ketosis and the microbiome, biohacking, nutrition tactics, training tactics and beyond.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What Kyle has learned about combining ketosis with MMA and the impact on the microbiome…[12:00 & 30:05]

-Kyle's best hacks for maximizing O2 utilization and best practices for altitude training…[14:55]

-Combining hormetic stressors like fasting, heat, cold immersion, hypoxia and beyond…[24:30]

-Fasting and Kyle's approach for fat loss and for power athletes who don't want to lose strength…[39:44]

-The technology that gives Kyle the best bang for his buck and his must own equipment recommendations for recovery, self quantification and performance…[22:20 & 51:25]

-Caffeine rotation for adrenals and maximizing deep sleep levels…[57:45]

-Kyle's favorite meditation techniques and wisdom on psychedelics…[61:45 & 67:00]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

Ingredients for the Big Ass Smoothie we prepared in the video:

You need to have a blender and a mug.

Blend everything for about 90 seconds, adding bone broth for desired consistency.  Then add the following.

Pour into your mug, and enjoy!

Sauna Suit

Hypoxico hypoxic air generator

Rogue Fitness home box setup

LiveO2 Hypoxic/Hyperoxic training system

Beyond Training book

OURA ring for self-quantification

XPT December in Kauai

Grace Liu

Viome Gut Microbiome testing – use code FITNESS to get priority status in their waitlist

Superlife by Darin Olien

Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls

Plant Paradox book by Dr. Stephen Gundry

What Kyle looks like wearing the Vielight Neuro, Re-Timer and Human Charger

Foursigmatic Mushroom Blends

Stealing Fire book

Sleepstream App

Psychedelic Explorer's Guide


Copaiba by YoungLivingEssential Oils

Four Sigmatic Reishi

Show Sponsors:

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-Onnit – Go to and save 10% on your purchase.

-Earth Runners – Go to and use code “BG10” to get 10% off your purchase.

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7 thoughts on “Biohacked Superfood Smoothies, Healing Wounds Faster, Advanced Hypoxic Training Tactics, Hormesis & More With Kyle Kingsbury.

  1. Amanda Diep says:

    EPIC episode!! Thanks for the content and taking the time out to drill into the details!

  2. Jason says:

    404 on the OURA link. Great cast team Greenfield!

    1. Jessica Renon says:

      Can you copy that link here– we will take a look.

  3. Zach says:

    What kind of decaf coffee are you in to?

  4. James Scopetta says:

    Ben, Kyle is an awesome guy and very intelligent! What dosage do you recommend for oregano oil. I have been taking a drop everyday. Also, have you been making charged water. Do you have a simplified recipe? BTW liking Kratom.

  5. Mike SRQ says:

    What an amazing podcast. Super duper entertaining. Love it!!!! Never a dull moment

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