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It includes crazy stuff like…

1. Why the Paleo diet is totally WRONG about grains.

2. How to get a huge aerobic capacity without touching cardio equipment.

3. Why the advice to “eat several small meals per day” is a total MYTH.

4. When yoga can be a complete WASTE of time.

5. Why they're lying when they tell you crunches “don't work”.

6. Why “healthy” whey protein could be very bad for you.

7. How to exercise starved *without* cannibalizing muscle.

8. How Ben stays lean and muscular for months at a time without EVER stepping into a gym.

9. Step-by-step protocol to 2x testosterone levels in men and automatically maximize sex drive in women.

10. How to instantly become a faster swimmer, cyclist or runner with ONE potent workout.


For you party-goers, this book includes a *BONUS* where you'll learn how to engage in an “off-the-cliff” binge and experience zero hangover or headache.

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