Kevin started his program with a resting and exercise metabolic test at his home. If you live in the Spokane or Coeur D' Alene area, you may be eligible for home personal training. Click here to find out more.

Here is how Kevin’s metabolic test information will be utilized:

During Kevin’s exercise metabolic test, his ventilatory threshold occurred at a heart rate of 133. This is the point at which he begins to breathe hard and gain superior cardiovascular exercise benefits. At this heart rate, Kevin is burning 336 calories of fat and 534 calories of carbohydrate, for a total of 870 calories per hour. At a much lower heart rate of 108, Kevin reached a peak fat utilization of 588 calories of fat per hour. At this intensity, his body is learning how to burn fat very efficiently, and he is gaining aerobic fitness. Click here to read a blog post and hear Ben Greenfield's podcast about Exercise Metabolic Testing.

Because Kevin wants to run a marathon in addition to losing weight, he will be performing a combination of long, slow fat-burning sessions at a heart rate close to 108, combined with more intense interval training sessions above a heart rate of 133.

Kevin’s resting metabolic rate was very normal – about 97% of predicted values. He burns 1980 calories per hour at rest, which is going to be at least as many calories as he needs to eat during the day to sustain a normal metabolism.


The results of Kevin’s resting metabolic rate test will be combined with the results of his exercise metabolic test to allow a calculation of how hard Kevin will need to work to lose 25 pounds by June. Since a pound of fat is 3500 calories, over 130 days, Kevin will need to lose 87,500 calories. In reality, there will be 150 days until June, but Kevin will have a rest day every week, which will take away 20 days. So for him to achieve his goal “race weight”, he will require a caloric deficit of about 675 calories per day.

On some days, Kevin can simply perform 1 hour at his fat burning heart rate and he will automatically achieve be close to this goal, since he burns 588 calories of fat per hour a this intensity. On other days, Kevin will be performing a combination of weightlifting and interval training, and will likely burn more than the easy fat-burning days, since his heart rate will be at or above the ventilatory threshold heart rate of 133 and a calorie burning rate of at least 870 calories per hour. With a combination of easy fat-burning days and more difficult weight training days with cardiovascular intervals, he will easily be able to achieve his goals with an hour a day on the weekdays, and a longer marathon run training workout on the weekends.

Beginning of Program – Jan 5, 2009

Weight: 210; Body Fat: 21.7%

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To give him zero guesswork in achieving his goals, Kevin will be supplied with a monthly workout plan, meal plan, nutritional supplement protocol, and marathon training program…

Two Weeks In – Jan 12, 2009

Weight: 207.6; Body Fat: 21.3%

February 7 Update: Kevin has injured his back. Ben and Kevin are now working together with a local chiropractor to ensure that A) Kevin's back heals as quickly as possible and B) this injury does not re-occur. Kevin is implementing many of the protocols from the website , along with topical anti-inflammatories, heating, and cross-training on the bicycle. In 2-4 weeks, once Kevin has beaten the injury, he will return to his rapid fat loss, lean muscle gain program.

March 9 Update: Kevin has gotten very busy with work and had decided to devote more time to business. He will hopefully be back in action soon!

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