Beginning of Program

Weight: 219.5; Body Fat: 28.2%

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After David's appointment for metabolic testing, he left with his Gymstick for home workout lean body toning, Enerprime superfood multi-vitamin for optimum energy and immune system development, and the Thermofactor metabolism-boosting, fat-burning supplement.Initially, David wants to see how much fat can be taken off it a short period of time, from Jan 1- 22. He then takes off to speaking engagements in Vancouver, during which Ben will be helping him with travel nutrition and travel fitness.

David's maximum fat burning heart rate occurred at 140 beats per minute, at which he burns 550 calories per hour. On some days, he will be spending most of his time doing early morning and mid-afternoon or evening fat burning in this range. His ventilatory threshold occurred at a heart rate of 157. He will be performing weightlifting workouts with brief bouts of cardiovascular intensity during which his heart rate will need to exceed this number.

His resting metabolic rate turned out to be higher than average, probably because he has kept himself in relatively good shape, and has a higher than normal amount of lean muscle. At rest, David burns about 2150 calories per day! This means that Ben can prescribe a healthy diet full of proper lean-muscle maintaining foods, without a high amount of caloric restriction.

Update: At the beginning of January, due to David's heavy travel schedule, Ben created two custom “hotel-room style” travel workouts for David to complete during his journeys.

4 Weeks Into Program

Weight: 210 (Starting Weight: 219.5); Body Fat: 24.6 (Starting Body Fat: 28.2%)

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Just 4 weeks in, David has shed nearly 10 pounds and 4% body fat! If he keeps this up, he's going to be lean, mean machine and among the fittest 55 year old men around. After measuring David and giving him more Enerprime and Thermofactor, Ben “threw a curveball” at David's body with a completely new regimen of workouts for the next 4 weeks.

8 Weeks Into Program

Weight: 210 (Starting Weight: 219.5); Body Fat: 22.8 (Starting Body Fat: 28.2%)

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16 Weeks Into Program

Weight: 204 (Starting Weight: 219.5); Body Fat: 19.05 (Starting Body Fat: 28.2%)

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The final goal is 15% body fat, which would put David in the ranks of the healthiest middle-age males on the planet! As we progress into summer and David's busy season for conferences and events, Ben will be working with David primarily online, via e-mail tracking of his nutrition and fitness, new workouts, and most importantly, “accountability”!

On July 4, 2009, David seemed to “plateau” for 2 weeks at 203 lbs. Here was Ben's e-mail response:

“OK…here’s the deal, despite good exercise and solid meal plan, we’re not busting the 200 mark, and it may be necessary to shock your body.

We’re going to incorporate THREE depletion days during the next week. These need to be your lowest volume days, or travel days.

Goal on each of these THREE days (they don’t need to be consecutive) is:

-Water, water, water, tea, tea, tea. Always have it by you. No sweeteners except Stevia, Lemon Juice, or the “Natural” essence flavors such as in Pellegrino or Perrier. 2-3 liters on these days.

-2 salads. Veggies only. Vinaigrette dressing or apple cider vinegar + lemon juice + stevia.

-2 apples or any piece fresh, raw fruit. An entire pineapple or watermelon does not count as one piece of fruit ;)

-IF you workout on any of these days, 1 of your recoverite, enerprime, cyto shakes immediately post workout.

We need to tap your abdominal fat reserves. This is NOT  long term diet, but may be necessary for next 2 weeks.”


After just 7 days of this protocol, David's body was “shocked” for sure. He weighed in at 198 and 15% body fat on the day of our next visit! That is a drop of 21.5 pounds and 13% body fat, between January and July 2009!

Weight: 198 (Starting Weight: 219.5); Body Fat: 15.39 (Starting Body Fat: 28.2%)

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