Beginning of Program

Weight: 145; Body Fat: 28.5%

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When Marji came in for her first round of testing, Ben found her metabolic rate to be significantly lower than expected, indicating that she is not burning very many calories at rest. Her resting metabolic rate is only 686 calories per day. For her first assignment, Marji will need to listen to the following podcast, which talks all about natural ways to increase her metabolic rate and energy levels.

When Ben re-tests Marji in one month, the goal is for the added lean muscle and oxygen capacity, combined with nutrition and supplementation, to have actually increased her metabolic rate by at least 100-200 calories per hour.

Marji's maximum fat burning zone is 107-113, a heart rate at which she burns 300 calories per hour. Her ventilatory threshold occurs at a heart rate of 128, which will be her minimum “interval training” heart rate.

Marji's Two Week Update:

“”I'm feeling great! The workouts are very appropriate. They're challenging without putting me into a painful or exhausted place. I feel energized afterward, and in fact – feel good all day. A lot my little aches and pains are gone and I definitely feel better than just over a week ago.

The nutritional part is going well too………the food is easy to pack up for work, though admittedly the shopping is a little more challenging since I no longer live close to a store. I'll confess that I'm hungry (all the time), but am happy with a four pound weight loss already. It may be wishful thinking, but it seems like my clothes fit better – that's an illusion I'll hang on to.

Only challenge is getting enough sleep. I'm getting up just after 4am to workout before leaving for work at 6am and it's difficult to get some home/family time at night and still get to bed on time. Last night I only got 5 hours of sleep and am paying for it today. ”

Seven Weeks In

Weight: 136; Body Fat: 27.0%

Eleven Weeks In

Weight: 131.5; Body Fat: 23.4% (Starting Weight: 145; Starting Body Fat: 28.5%)

So far, Marji has lost nearly 15 pounds and 5% body fat! In addition, her metabolic rate has increased from 680 to 1420 calories per day and her “Respiratory Quotient” (lower number means higher percentage of fat fuel burnt) has dropped from 0.76 to 0.71. And that's not all – her “VO2” or total oxygen capacity has nearly doubled from 26.1 to 43.1, her fat burning heart rate has gone up 20 beats from 110 to 130, her ventilatory threshold heart rate has increased from 128 to 140, and she is burning nearly 160 extra calories per hour during exercise…congratulations, Marji!

On April 19, Marji ran the 10K Spokane River Run…here is her report:

Hi Ben – I just wanted to tell you how the 10K river run went today……….I didn't run fast (!) but I could not believe how strong I felt all the way through!!!!!!!!!!!I was amazed. It seemed like the further into the run I got, the stronger I got. I was passing people all through the 2nd half. I would like to know what my time could have been had they not started the 25K well ahead of us which meant the fast 25K runners were passing us in the 2nd half. Since they were faster runners and it is primarily single track at that section, it was necessary to step off the trail to let them pass, which of course I did. Also, some of the trail was deep mud and puddles – at one point it was either step into ankle deep mud or walk along a fallen log. I loved it – I think I should do more trails. I was also pleased with my balance and ankle strength. I tripped badly 3-4 times, but recovered each time and didn't go down. Likewise, I stepped on a few ankle-turner rocks, but never missed a beat. Bottom line? The hours and structure of training are really yielding results. Thank you so much. Marji”

Sixten Weeks In

Weight: 130.5; Body Fat: 23.08% (Starting Weight: 145; Starting Body Fat: 28.5%)

6 weeks out from the big half-marathon on June 27, Ben and Marji sat down to create the roadmap. Marji will be reduced to just 2 days per week of resistance training, and 3 days per week of difficult, but highly effective run workouts. She'll have a couple recovery days to truly enhance fitness.

The goal is a breakthrough. Marji is looking great, feeling great, and confident for the next 6 weeks!

Marji's half-marathon report from June 13 (a truly breakthrough performance!):

“Ben – I did GREAT! I had a good running day and a fine finish. Check out my times and place – I met all my goals. The hill work that I did in training was perfect as I never had to walk today on the hills in this course. I did walk at the water stations to give myself a better chance to get my Endurolyte capsule down and adequate water. It was getting hot on the course, and I was not going to bonk! The gel ‘schedule' was perfect and I felt well fueled. This is a really nice course with of course the whole Rock and Roll corporate structure behind it . It was well done and I would recommend this half marathon to anyone. Thanks again for helping me get here and being successful.”

F 60-64
Half Marathon Start: Gun 7:02:17 Chip 7:35:08
Splits: 5 Km 10 Km 9 Mile Finish O'All Sex Div
Times: 36:34 1:13:29 1:45:41 2:31:39 9465 6247 31
Pace: 11:47 11:50 11:45 11:35

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