This show a labor of love that is expensive to host and produce, so please donate via a secure donation!

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3 thoughts on “Help Support the Podcast From BenGreenfieldFitness!

  1. Arend Collen says:

    What app will play podcasts downloaded from your site. What is the link to your premium podcast page. Thanks

    1. Link to premium is here: and you can get the Ben Greenfield Fitness app here:…

  2. Ian Weinberg says:

    Hey Ben and Jessa,

    You two are doing awesome work on your podcasts! Really good stuff.

    My name is Ian Weinberg, and I run a fitness Company in Seattle, WA. I have over a 1000 clients in Seattle and an email list of 7,000. I will be directing them your way! You can check out my website here:

    If you are ever looking for fitness and fat loss expert from Seattle to come on as a guest, I would love to help! I can expertly discuss many topics from fat and weight loss to the motivation and mindset behind making positive changes

    I look forward to hearing from you and keep up the good work!

    Best, Ian

    Ian Weinberg

    Chief Motivating Officer


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