[Transcript] – The Ultimate Human Recharging Station – How To Reboot The Human Battery, Get To Sleep Faster, Increase Energy, & Restore Your Cells’ Proper Electrical Voltage With A BioCharger.

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Ben:  On this episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast.

Jim Law:  In modern life, we just don't spend enough time in nature, which is where our bodies can absorb these vital energies.

Jim Girard:  And, that's what we try to do. We're not using cloud structures and things like that to generate unique sets of harmonics and frequencies. We can vary harmonics and frequencies in each and every one of our lightning discharges that we're generating. They have their series of biohacking ideas that they'd like to do, and they'll stack that. But, that one, I was almost a little nervous with just because of the–

Ben:  Health, performance, nutrition, longevity, ancestral living, biohacking, and much more. My name is Ben Greenfield. Welcome to the show.

So, if you guys have been following me on social media, you may have seen me using this crazy rocketshippy device in my recovery room that's blasting me with lights and electricity and pulsed electromagnetic fields. It's like a cookbook for recovery. My wife uses it for headaches to make her headaches disappear within just a couple of minutes. It's crazy. It's called the BioCharger. So, I wanted to dig into the science of this thing, and I got the guy who invented it, the guys who invented it, actually, on today's show. So, this one's going to be kind of a biohacking geek out deep dive. And, this thing's a total game-changer. If you listen in and you want one of them, I'll put all the links and everything in the shownotes. But, it's crazy, this thing. And, my friends have been coming over and using it. And, I have people just begging to come to my house and stand in front of my BioCharger. So, you got to check that out.

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Alright. So, if you've been following me on social media much, you may have occasionally seen me standing or sitting or bouncing up and down on a trampoline or doing any other weird fringe things that biohackers like myself do in front of this rocketship-shaped device in my basement. It's called the BioCharger, and it makes all these crazy lights and sounds and whistles and hums. And, myself, my kids, even my wife, and that's impressive because it's very difficult to get my wife to use anything, have been using this thing every day for about the past month and a half. And, I have yet to wrap my head around all the nooks and crannies of exactly how it works, but the thing freaking does something. Like, if my wife gets a headache, she goes and stands in front of it, and pushes the little headache recipe that it has on it. I think it's called Clearhead. And her headache just goes away.

I put it in the morning. I play that Clearhead one in the morning. I use another one called Nitro before my workouts, and it's absolutely mind-blowing, as far as what it's doing. But, again, there are so many things going on with this device that I wanted to get the folks who actually designed it on the show to talk about it, because I find it intriguing. It combines infrared light therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and sound therapy. And, I think it has some kind of a noble gas or an ozone type of therapy. It uses these old-school Rife therapies, if you've heard of that, which are a form of pulsing frequency. So, it's pretty crazy.

And, like I said, I think that the people who make this thing and who came up with this crazy idea would do a much better job explaining it than I can. And, honestly, I'm a little skeptical about some of it and I have some questions to ask about the science behind it. And also, I want to know a little bit more about how it can best be used. And, again, if I'm using something every day and it's definitely helping with a wide variety of functions, I want to make sure my audience knows about it, too.

So, I decided to invite the masterminds behind this thing, again, called the BioCharger, on my show. So, I've got Jim law and Jim Girard with me today. Now, these guys are involved with this company called Advanced Biotechnologies. And, Jim Law is the managing member of Advanced Biotechnologies. He co-founded it back in 2013. And, prior to that, he held executive positions, primarily, in the technology world at companies like Apple and NeXT. Then, Jim Girard, he has a huge background, more than 30 years in energy research, using a lot of these frequencies. So, if you've heard of, for example, Nikola Tesla, and who hasn't? At least, you've heard of the car. Jim has done a ton of experimentation with Tesla coils and with what are called wave oscillation technologies. And, I know that's a lot of what is kind of woven into this BioCharger as well. So, I've got both of these guys on the show today.

And, just so we can differentiate between who's who, as is always the annoying case when we're having an online Skype-based conversation, Jim Law, go ahead and say, “hello,” and introduce yourself, man.

Jim Law:  Thanks, Ben. Pleasure to be here and able to address your audience today.

Ben:  Awesome. So, that's Jim Law. Jim Girard, say, “hello,” man.

Jim Girard:  Hi. It's awesome to have us on here. Appreciate the opportunity.

Ben:  Did you, guys, do a BioCharger session this morning?

Jim Girard:  Yes, I did.

Jim Law:  Uh-huh.

Jim Girard:  I'm down for two, so far, today.

Ben:  I know. I've actually been hitting it during the quarantine. I have to be careful about this because I know that you, guys, have plugged in some specific viral frequencies into that, and I have to be very careful with my language. Nowadays, it seems I can't really talk about cures and remedies and all that jazz, but I've actually been running the viral protocols that you, guys, uploaded to that when this whole quarantine first started. I've been running those every single afternoon. I've been doing something like Clearhead or one of the other kind of wakefulness or the Chakra Balancing recipes in the morning. And then, typically, at night, I slip into my little, I call it the Zen Den, at night, and I typically do something a little bit more relaxing or meditative at night, like you guys have your pineal gland one, and then, another really relaxing one, a Solfeggio one for alpha waves. And, I'll go in there and do my devotional reading or scriptural reading at night, or do a little bit of meditation with it. So, I'm literally hitting it three times a day. And, this morning, actually, I did the Solfeggio frequency one, the one that's more musical-based, which I just wanted to mess around. That was one I hadn't run much and felt really good after that. So, all sorts of uses for this thing. I have found that when I use the five-hour energy recipe or I use one of the more pick-me-up recipes, if I do it too close to bedtime, I'm screwed. That thing just jacks you up for a few hours.

But, aside from that, I've been using this thing quite frequently. So, I'm glad to hear that we're all BioCharged for today's interview.

Jim Law:  You've got it.

Ben:  Alright. Cool. Well, let's jump in. So, this BioCharger, it's got a lot going on. And, I don't know who's best equipped to answer this question, but I guess my first question, what is this device? How do you explain it to people?

Jim Law:  Jim Girard can go deep pretty much any of these subjects. And, if it's okay with you, I'll start out kind of give a 60,000-foot level, and then, we can drill down as you'd like. First off, the BioCharger is not a medical device. We make no claims. It doesn't cure anything, and we don't advertise it as such. It's a subtle energy revitalization platform. And, we'll explain more about subtle energies in a couple of minutes. But, the BioCharger is affectionately referred to as kind of the ultimate human recharging station, because it simulates and amplifies four distinct energy types that exist in nature and, frankly, are vital to our health and wellness. These energies are essential for proper cellular function, and that's what it's all about. I know, Ben, that you've been a follower of Dr. Jerry Tennant and read “Healing is Voltage.”

Ben:  Oh, yeah. “Healing is Voltage” is a great book, by the way. I just got to jump in and say that. But, explain what that has to do with the BioCharger.

Jim Law:  Sure. So, what Tennant first did was proved that healthy cells have three common characteristics. One is uptake in nutrients. Two is dealing with toxicity. And, the third is voltage. And, he goes on to explain that all chronic disease has a common characteristic of inadequate cellular voltage, and, in fact, chronic disease can only occur when you lose the ability to make new cells that work properly. So, at the cellular level, I mean, healthy cells, healthy body, you have to have energy and you have to have the right amount of energy for the cells to function properly. And, our bodies are making cells, new cells, at a rate of two to three million per second. Our bodies are also self-healing, self-regulating, and self-regenerating, but they're all dependent on making healthy new cells.

So, we look back and we say, “Okay, 45% of Americans have, at least, one form of chronic disease. Why the energy shortage? Why is there a shortage in cellular energy?” And, we think it boils down to a couple of primary factors. One is that, in modern life, we just don't spend enough time in nature, which is where our bodies can absorb these vital energies. Think about how much energy you had when you went to the beach or spent a day in nature.

Ben:  Or, even just walk outside barefoot. I don't know if Jerry talks about that much in his book, but just to clarify with folks, when you're talking about Jerry's research and that book, “Healing is Voltage,” it's, typically, a negative millivolt potential that is required for proper cellular function. And, that's related to the entire process, for example, for turning fatty acids into glucose, the Krebs cycle that is converting ATP to ADP that is necessary on a proper electrical status to keep the cell functioning. And, if the voltage drops, then, you get into an electron donor status that causes a change in polarity. And, when the voltage drops really low, that's where Jerry talks about disease setting in and some of the cell membrane function actually being affected pretty significantly, which is actually something I've recently been talking about. And, Robert Becker gets this concept in his book, “The Body Electric,” as well, this whole idea that these electrical feedback loops are very important. But, these voltage-gated calcium channels where you get this steep influx of calcium causes this huge positive charge inside the cell. And, that can ultimately lead to a lot of cellular dysfunction.

And, when you go outside barefoot, for example, you're getting exposed to negative ions that can help to reverse some of that charge deficit. In contrast, when you get exposed to, let's say, a real hefty, we know, for example now, that 4G and 5G signals activate that voltage-gated calcium channel significantly and cause a sharp influx of calcium into the cell. And, this is something we could probably talk about for hours, but, ultimately, this idea that the human body and the cells, in general, are a battery, is something that is pretty profound when you think about whether you can charge that battery or drain that battery accordingly, based on your activities.

Jim Law:  Absolutely. It's similar to a cellphone. The phones work great until you get down around 5%, and there's not a lot of life left in them. And, if you don't charge it, and our bodies are, essentially, the same way, one of the other things, so, lack of access to the natural energy sources, we think, are contributors. But, also, when you're inside, we live in a shielded box. We're not only blocking those healthy natural energy sources, we can talk about the specifics on those, but we're also being bombarded by man-made EMF, which isn't necessarily good, while we're on the inside.

So, we put it this way. When we're outside, you're inside nature, the BioCharger brings you inside nature again by being able to sit next to it, spend 10 to 15 minutes. You don't have to touch anything, exert yourself. You can relax. You can do it with a loved one or two to three people simultaneously. And, the common changes that people notice are improved sleep, more energy, better clarity, fast recovery. And, essentially, whether you're young and healthy or older and, maybe, not so healthy, there's something in it for everyone, because, in general, by being able to help restore that energy at the cellular level, your body can function and reproduce. And, that's the only way it knows how to heal.

Ben:  Yeah. And, I'll link to a really helpful article on PubMed about energy medicine and about how some of these voltage channels work in a cell, this concept of restoring a positive, or not really positive, really, it's more of a negative millivolt potential inside the cell.

But, specifically, what are the technologies that are used in the BioCharger to allow that to happen? Because, from what I understand, it's not just pulsed electromagnetic field frequency, or just, say, negative ion generation, or something like that. I'm curious if you, guys, can, and, we have plenty of time to rabbit hole on this, explain the technology behind the different things that are woven into this thing.

Jim Law:  So, at a high level, PEMF, and you're very familiar with PEMF and the mats, there's different devices that have apparatus or tables and chairs.

Ben:  Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, for people who aren't familiar with that.

Jim Law:  What's different about the BioCharger in the way that we're creating and emanating that energy is that we're able to build a high enough concentration of PEMF, so that, by sitting next to the BioCharger, your body's being bathed in it. And, we can also control the range of frequencies that the PEMF is being emitted.

Ben:  I'm going to stop you as you go through each of these. But, PEMF, that's a mild electrical magnetic current. And, usually, in my own experience with PEMF, because I actually sleep on a PEMF mat, and then, have this table called a Pulse Centers table, that I'll get a massage on or apply certain coils that are attached to that unit to different areas of the body to cause that magnetic field to have the effect that these PEMF frequencies can have on, for example, pain, inflammation, blood flow, even those voltage-gated calcium channels, for example. In my experience, I've always had to be touching the device, laying on the device, or having it touching my body.

Now, with the BioCharger and the PEMF that it produces, how is it that those are having an effect on me without me actually touching it. Do they actually travel through the air, these PEMF frequencies?

Jim Girard:  Yeah. So, it follows your normal inverse -square law. So, if you have a strong magnetic field, and like you're saying, the pulse system, that's one of the high energy instant pulses, if you get away from that five, six, seven inches away, you'll probably still pick up some of that field. So, the field will drop off on the distance of the square. But, the way in which the PEMF interacts is definitely interesting. And, each four of those different energy types has a different effect on the body. So, with the PEMF, for instance, it's not working your traditional electric field. The electric field is a pretty straightforward mechanism that works off of gating the cell membrane, as you'd mentioned earlier, so you make that inner and outer cellular moving the ions in and out and creating that charge that way.

Whereas, with the magnetic field, you're not really, per se, inducing the voltage in anything. But, what you're doing is you're affecting the charged particles as an ion form. So, you have all these ions, different ions, sodium ions that are surrounding the outer and inner cell membrane. And, what it does is it helps to arrange those in such a way that it will make the concentrations of those ions, if it's sufficient enough, to allow it to gate naturally. Whereas, with the electric field, you can make that gate whether you have any of those ions or not there.

So, the magnetic field works a completely different way than the electric field. And, each one of these have a profound different effect on how these ions are being moved back and forth, whether it's intercellular or outer cellular or in between. The electric field and the magnetic field both have its own unique functions.

Ben:  Okay. So, there are two different fields that are being produced by the BioCharger, both an electrical field, and then, also, a magnetic current?

Jim Girard:  Yes.

Ben:  Okay. And, the magnetic current, that is the pulsed electromagnetic field current?

Jim Girard:  Exactly, that's more what you would see with the mats or anything like that. It's producing, whether it's a sudden impulse where it's a short duration of a very strong magnetic field, or some of the mats, where it's a lower energy, but, it's just a continuous wave of a magnetic field.

Ben:  So, if those magnetic fields are being broadcast through the air, how far do they actually travel? You mentioned the power of the field will decrease as a function of the distance from the device, but, we've established I don't need to be touching it. How far away from this thing do you actually need to be to get that effect?

Jim Girard:  Well, ideally, right around if you're within a couple of feet, the magnetic field is the one that breaks off the quickest. So, the magnetic field, we can measure 3,000 milligauss, six to eight inches away from the BioCharger. But, the electric field's a much farther one. So, if you've ever had the fluorescent bulb, for instance, if you light the fluorescent bulb, you're going to light that a much further distance away. That's going to be, maybe, six or seven feet away, where it's producing enough of an electric field to cause the gases inside the fluorescent tube to ignite to fluorescent.

And then, you also have the visible light which goes much further. Visible light's going to go as far as you're going to be able to see it. And then, the radio frequencies and harmonics are the same way. That's also breaking down as the distance squared, but, if you have an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer, you can measure that 10, 20, 30 feet away very easily.

Ben:  So, one of the actual therapies that is being produced by the device is the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. And, that's something that is going to impact, for example, everything from, I know it impacts, for example, red blood cell flow, inflammation, oxygenation. And, I've been using PEMF for a very long time. I have multiple podcasts on it. And so, I think that my listeners might be familiar with that. But then, in addition to PEMF, what are the other, I guess, currents or features that are built into this?

Jim Girard:  So, part of that magnetic field that is out of phase with, we have an electric field, also. So, the electric field is completely different. That's the one where we're not gating, we're not arranging the ions with the magnetic field, but the electric field responds completely different on the cell membrane. So, if you look at the cell membrane, it acts like an insulator dielectric, much like a capacitor. And, when you apply voltage to it, you can stress that excitable membrane. And, when you do that, you start to create tiny holes in it, which become ion channels.

So, with the electric field, you begin to create different types of holes that are in within the cell membrane, and these different ion hole sizes create different channels for proteins, amino acids. There's all sorts of different things that could be carried in on that electric charge with it. But, it all begins with creating that tiny hole in order to create everything to happen.

So, I look at it, the BioCharger is not so much as a true battery charger like your cellphone. So, if you look at your cellphone and you plug it in, it charges up a battery. How I look at how it actually works is it's not so much that, but it's so if you could imagine having power or not having power to your outlet and you're plugging in your phone to charge, nothing's going to happen. Even though you have power on the other side of the breaker box and you're plugged in to do it, nothing's happening until you flip the switch on. And, what the electric field does is actually flip the switch on to allow the sodium basket pump to kick. It allows all your normal cellular functions to happen with it. So, it's that gating of the electric field through the cell membrane that's an important feature. Whereas, the magnetic field, it's all about arranging the ions on the outside and on the inside, which is a completely different effect. And then, we also have the frequencies and harmonics. So, if you think about it, everything vibrates. First, on an atomic levels, we have atoms vibrating at the speed of light.

Ben:  Now, the frequencies and harmonics, I'm going to interrupt you again, we're getting into a different territory now than the electrical fields or the pulsed electromagnetic fields, which are two of the features that are built into the BioCharger. I got a comment, by the way. You mentioned its potential effect on the sodium-potassium pump. And, I got to throw this in there because I know some of my listeners may question that, because I've commented before that I think that Gilbert Ling pretty much disproved the concept of a sodium-potassium pump. And, I suspect that the electrical field is more acting on the actual cytosolic components in terms of the gel-like form of water within the cell in the intracellular compartment. I think that's what's being affected by the electrical field, not necessarily the sodium-potassium pump. And, I think the voltage-gated calcium channel is likely being influenced as well by the magnetic fields and the electrical fields. But, I'm not convinced that the sodium-potassium pump is that important. But, nonetheless, the exposure to these electrical fields is, of course, very important for maintaining that negative charge within the cell, as you've alluded to.

And so, we have the pulsed electromagnetic field, we have the electrical field. And then, you were starting to talk about these frequencies and harmonics that it produces as well.

Jim Girard:  Yes. So, frequencies in the harmonics are responding completely differently. So, when you look at frequencies and harmonics, as I stated earlier, everything is vibrating. First, you have atoms that are vibrating at the speed of light. So, in physics class, when you're studying the light frequency spectrum as it relates to color, they'll excite different gases to fluoresce. They release photons of light. So, atoms are vibrating at the speed of light.

Now, when you take atoms and you make molecules, they vibrate slightly slower. So, they'll vibrate at the molecular spectrum. So, the molecular spectrum is more lower frequencies because you have these different energy states between atoms that go in to create a different vibration. And, that goes from about a half a gigahertz up to nearly just a light. And then, you have the nuclei, atomic nuclei, vibrates. And, that's sort of what the MRI is based off of. So, with the MRI, they put you in the magnetic field and they bounce radio waves. And, how they absorb the emitted frequencies, you can determine specific characteristics of almost anything based off of its electrical signature.

So, what we're doing is we've produced a wide range of these frequencies and harmonics. And, the idea is to resonate them. The idea is that, I always like to use the analogy of two tuning forks of the same pitch. So, if you hit one through a sympathetic vibration, the other one starts to vibrate. Similarly, on a cellular level or an atomic level or a molecular level, if you hit that light radio frequency, you can begin to transfer energy. And, that's the third source. So, you can design recipes or programs to target for specific outcomes based on that idea.

Ben:  Based on the actual hertz frequencies.

Jim Girard:  Based off of the hertz frequencies that have been laid out from whether it's Rife's original works to physicists laid out the whole spectrum to scientists, universities, colleges that are investigating the effects of radio frequencies. And, a lot of this is getting very well-documented and those are sources for a lot of our recipes.

Ben:  Okay. I want to back up and clarify just a few things here. First of all, lightning. When lightning strikes the ground, I know that it charges the earth with these negative ions. And then, the energy from those discharges, if you were to go outside barefoot, for example, are something that's going to help with that cell voltage. However, I believe, from what I understand, that some of these frequencies, some of these harmonics, are actually, also, something that are related to the striking of lightning, which is one of the primary ways in which the earth kind of maintains its electrical charge.

Now, when I'm using the BioCharger and I'm looking at it, especially, this top little kind of stick coming out the top, it looks like I'm seeing thousands and thousands of lightning bulbs, or lightning bolts, literally, at every second. So, I'm curious, is this very similar to bringing lightning into your home? And, if so, how exactly does that work?

Jim Girard:  Yes, it's exactly what it is. And, that's where the basis of all this is. I believe in the electric universe. So, if you think about it, we have 100 lightning strikes every second. Each lightning strike produces a unique set of harmonics and frequencies that span all the way up to the gigahertz range, AM, FM, short wave, long wave, UHF, VHF, millimeter, all the way up to visible light when you look at it when it's exciting the air and stuff, and you get the photons of light from it.

So, light is a very important part of it. And, if you think about it, every other planet is doing the same thing. So, those are our sources of these wide range of natural EMFs that we're really not getting when we're inside, shielded in the building that's got three bar in the walls, or you've got a metal roof on it. You're blocking a lot of that natural energy. As well as we get it from the sun. And, the sun's the largest source of EMF in our solar system. And, that's still just a small part of what we get outside of our solar system. So, if you think about it, everything that's spinning in the universe is generating these plasma discharges that generate unique sets of harmonics and frequencies. And, when you look at it onto the spectrum analyzer, it looks like it's a continuous thing. But, it's actually, like you say, it's a series of lightning discharges that are current everywhere.

And, that's what we try to do with the BioChargers. We're not using cloud structures and things like that to generate unique sets of harmonics and frequencies, but we've figured out using electronics that we can vary harmonics and frequencies at each and every one of our lightning discharges that we're generating.

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Ben:  Okay. And, are you using, because I know that there are different tubes, if you look at this BioCharger, and folks can go to the shownotes for this episode. If you go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/BioCharge, as in just BioCharge, just what it sounds like. If you go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/BioCharge, I'm going to have a picture of what this thing looks like. But, there are multiple tubes inside it that, from what I understand, are full of gases. Are you charging these gases to create that lightning bolt kind of effect? Or, are those there for a different reason?

Jim Girard:  Yeah. So, lights, actually, are the fourth part of it. So, what we're using is the energy from the coil to excite the gases in the tubes to release photons of light. So, if you ever went outside and wondered what causes that blue in the sky. So, the blue in the sky is a result of all these different gases in the atmosphere that get excited by solar radiation that excites the gases and releases photons of light. So, what we've done is we put individual gases in each tube and you'll see what spectrums of frequencies that they're producing. And, like I mentioned earlier, in physics class, when we're studying it, that's what they do. They put different elements in each one of the tubes. And, you'd see specific spectrum lights associated with each type of gas produced.

And, for instance, the neon produces that far-infrared infrared. And, that's why it's orange. And, that's why you see devices like Joovv that utilize that. It's because of the type of gas that they're exciting to fluoresce and actually release those spectrums of frequencies.

So, what we're trying to do, instead of what Joovv is, where you're just focusing in on one narrow spectrum of the visible light spectrum, is we wanted to add different spectrums of frequencies. So, by adding gases to it, we've actually added, I believe, about 152 different wavelengths in the visible light spectrum with all the different gas tubes that we're doing, instead of just in a narrow band where you're only producing a handful.

Ben:  So, these tubes are full of things like argon, krypton, neon, helium, mercury, etc.? Those are actually vibrating and producing photons of light. And, we know that that's just basic chemistry. We know that biophotons can be produced. And, that's the visible light that we might see. But, when it comes to the actual nanometer wavelength, when you look at something like a Joovv light or a lot of these red light therapy devices folks are using, typically, it's 600 to 900 nanometers of wavelength or so. What exactly are we getting from something like a BioCharger?

Jim Girard:  Well, we go much higher into the visible light spectrum there that just the far-infrared, infrared that's slightly lower than that. But, like those spectrums of frequencies, it goes, I can't say offhand the nanometers. But, the frequency spectrum would be between 10 to the 12th hertz and 10 to the 16th hertz or the spectrum of frequencies indivisible light spectrum. And, the type of tubes that we're generating are within that spectrum.

Ben:  Okay. Got it. Now, does this mean that, when I'm using it, I need to actually be looking at the device to get the beneficial effects of that light? What exactly is the best way to be absorbing that light? And, what's the proposed biological effect that light is having?

Jim Girard:  Well, I think light is a big part. I look at it as almost our bodies are photosynthesis-designed, also, not just plants grow off of it, but our bodies do. And, if you think about it in the morning, how important light is. Light isn't just about waking up our mind, but there are so many different functions that are awakened when that happens. And, if you think about how much more energy we have during the summer months where we have more light [00:39:50] ______. From that perspective of that full-spectrum and how it works, there's many different mechanisms that have been defined, and, you have to spend a couple of hours. In scholarly Google, you'll find hundreds of different articles that define all sorts of different benefits of these different types of light.

They use it in the form of seasonal affective disorder to bone healing to stress, to recovery, to the infrared stuff helps to flush, detoxify, that sort of thing. So, there are many different functions that are associated with light. So, Max Planck Institute was investigating the effects of these natural EMFs. So, what they ended up doing is shielding completely a group of people, not shielding completely a group of people for short periods of time, over a long period of time. So, they didn't want to create long-term effects, but they were studying these short-term effects of natural EMF and the blocking of it. And, they found so many different things, whether the sleep, anxiety, hormones secretion, so many different aspects were affected by that.

And, what they also find within that study, that when you reintroduce the natural ones, like the circadian rhythm frequencies, many of these, not all those things were completely restored in a very short period of time. So, there is an aspect of our bodies are really designed to be in this white noise, wide spectrum of frequencies and harmonics. And, a big question always is, really, what is the difference between these natural EMFs and these man-made EMFs, because when you look at it, they're both producing a type of frequency of things. But, what are those, really, the differences? And, why is it that one may be helpful, one may not be helpful?

I think that that's partly what science is starting to really investigate. And, I really think that the big difference is and why the BioCharger is different than man-made is the fact that, in nature, as you alluded to, that we're constantly having plasma discharges everywhere in the universe. And, each one is its own unique event. It's creating its own unique sets of harmonics and frequencies. For a short period of time, their pulse is off and on. And, when you see it, as you mentioned earlier with the BioCharger, you have these plasma discharges that occurred. But, they're a bunch of single events that are happening. And, it's that pulsing off and on that makes it unique or different.

Whereas, with the Wi-Fi and things like that, you're dealing with a continuous wave, where you have to have that continuous wave of information going. You can't chop it off and on, or you lose the signal and the power, like our 60-hertz power line. You can't turn that off and on all the time. And, the advantage of why you want to have it off is to allow the cell to go back to its own natural resting potential and allow it to be its own resting potential.

Ben:  Which would occur if that signal were pulsing, for example.

Jim Girard:  Exactly. Whereas, with the continuous wave or what you would see with Wi-Fi and things like that, it doesn't allow the body, or the cell, to actually go back to its natural resting position. And, that's why it's so powerful. And, that's why the BioCharger is powerful. And, that's why you see some of these PEMF, these systems that are out there that are working, is it's because of that.

Ben:  So, basically, in a nutshell, we've got the PEMF. We have the actual voltage, which is what you'd get very similar to, if you were outside barefoot, or you were exposed to, say, a lightning storm or something like that. And then, you have these frequencies or harmonics, which are sounds. You could hear them when you're using the BioCharger. And, that's more, also, related to the effect of the discharges that are brought in by the Tesla coil that's built into this thing. And then, finally, you have the so-called photobiomodulation, the production of light, specifically, by charging the gas particles that are in these tubes that are inside the BioCharger. Those are the four different energies that are being used in this thing, correct?

Jim Girard:  Exactly.

Ben:  Okay. I got it. So, I have a few follow-up questions, obviously.

First of all, as I briefly mentioned, but I wasn't quite clear on this, with light therapy, in many cases, folks say you need to be looking at it, or sometimes, you need to even have your clothing removed so that you actually get something like infrared or red light exposed to the skin without the clothing blocking that effect. Any best practices as far as getting the most out of the photobiomodulation, the actual biophotons of light being produced by this thing?

Jim Law:  With the light part, from our experience, we've always kept the clothes on just because it gets a little bit a different experience, I think, if you're standing, sitting around naked, especially, if you have a group of people doing it. But, from our experience, with the way we've had it set up, it's worked very well for us. I think that there are parts that, even with your eyes closed, or there's a part of the light is going into you, anyway. If you ever shut your eyes, you can see some of the different shades that are going on there. And, I know that as light is pulsed, it responds different than continuous light. And, that's why if you see many of these devices that they're using, they're not using continuous light. But, many of them vary the way in which they pulse it. And, that's partly because of the way the wave hits the body when you're turning it off and on like that. There's different things that have different effects as a result of that. And, it's been pretty well-documented.

Ben:  Well, that's my understanding as well. That's based on a lot of the research of the Russian biophysicist, Alexander Gurwitsch, I think his name was, who show that there's a certain amount of cellular mitochondrial stimulation in response to some of these light frequencies. And, they're not dependent upon retinal exposure. We're talking about either photoreceptors on the skin that are exposed to light or even the UV radiation that you get mild exposure to from these light frequencies.

So, I've never been convinced that you got to have your eyes open. I think, probably, if you had your skin exposed, you get a bigger effect, compared to not having some of those photoreceptors on the skin exposed. But, I personally don't necessarily stare at the BioCharger the whole time I use it. Often, I'm reading a book or stretching or doing something that doesn't involve me looking directly at the charger.

Jim Law:  Yeah, and that's my experience, too. Sometimes, I'll leave my eyes open. Sometimes, I shut. Sometimes, I sit and meditate. Sometimes, I focus in on my breathing. Sometimes, I focus in on an intention, because, as we all know, that intention helps. It's been proven that the placebo effects work. So, if you have a positive intention while you're doing the things like that, all those little subtle things will help in the experience that you have with the BioCharger.

Ben:  Okay. Got it. My next question is regarding the actual, and I told my kids I was going to interview the folks who designed this BioCharger, and they wanted me to ask you this, because they like to touch it when it's turned on being used. And, you get this arcing of electricity from the device to your fingertips, almost like a lightning bolt into your fingers when you touch it. Is it safe to touch? Is it therapeutical to touch? What's the deal? What's happening when you actually put a finger on the device while it's on?

Jim Girard:  Well, what's happening is, technically speaking, you have a higher potential at the top of the coil and your body's at a lower potential because you're standing on the ground. So, it will naturally want to arc to the lower potential. So, as you bring your hand closer to the arc rod or other points up near the toroid, you will see, sometimes, sparks that will jump out. They may startle you. Depending on the frequency it's running at, you might notice a little mark or something like that on your hands more at the higher end. But, definitely, not necessarily to do it. The idea of why we use the high voltage is to allow to sit comfortably a little further away through the air to conduct the voltage. And, by time it gets to our bodies, it's not nearly as high voltage. So, you don't really have to worry about actually sparking over anything else like that.

Conversely, also, if I was sitting near the BioCharger and somebody else came up close to me and they touched me, they may also feel slight shocking between them.

Ben:  Interesting.

Jim Girard:  And, that's also as a result of those differences of potential between the two sources.

Ben:  Okay. Got it. Got it. So, just very similar if you were to rub your feet on carpet, and then, go touch someone. You're just getting electrical discharge. Now, it makes sounds. It makes a lot of sound. It'll go from low pitch to high pitch, back down. I've noticed that different recipes, I know, you call them in terms of whether you're choosing a recipe for headaches or a recipe for lime, or a recipe for digestion, or anything else. The sound frequencies seem to change quite a bit. What's actually producing the sound frequencies as these sounds change from low pitch to high pitch and back down as you use it?

Jim Girard:  So, there's a specific function behind why we have those different tones or pitches. So, as I was mentioning earlier, in music, when you have two different notes, you generate harmonies or harmonics. And, if I vary one of the notes, I generate different sets of harmonies or harmonics. And, that's the principle behind what Royal Rife was doing. So, as you change these pulsed frequencies, you hear those different tones changing. But, from a scientific perspective, we're generating unique sets of harmonics and frequencies. So, as you hear those different tones changing, just know that we're also generating, literally, hundreds of thousands of different harmonics. And, they're constantly changing every second.

So, depending on how we create our programs or recipes determined on how we space those out or do we just slightly change them by a thousandths of a hertz or do we increase it by hundreds of hertz each time, helps to drive the type of harmonics and frequencies we want to generate.

Ben:  And, who is creating these recipes? That's what I'm curious about, because when I scroll through, there's over 800 different options. And, I've got about 20 core ones that I tend to use. But, in terms of deciding which frequencies are going to target which cellular functions, or which frequencies might target a specific virus or bacteria, or elicit some kind of an effect, like energy or relaxation, for example, as you're programming the frequencies into this BioCharger, and I actually have mine plugged in via an Ethernet cable, so every time you guys add a new recipe, it'll just automatically kind of upload there if I click the little “Fetch” button on it. Where's the actual research? Are you guys just coming up with, theoretically, which cells would respond to which frequencies? Or, are you relying upon some kind of a research body to determine how frequencies are going to affect the body in a certain way?

Jim Girard:  That's a great question. So, we have many sources for how we create our recipes. So, each recipe has four characteristics. They have frequency, duty cycle, output, and duration. And, there are many sources beginning in the, like I mentioned earlier, with Royal Rife. He began to document some of these frequency lists and their open-source frequency lists that he's created, as well as physicists started outlining the atomic spectrum, the molecular spectrum, the magnetic resin spectrum. We also have sources like scholarly Google where there's universities all around the world that are investigating all four of these types of energies.

So, as we scour some of these research documents and we're finding research that points the way that certain frequencies or magnetic fields or voltages or light creates a specific effect, we could create recipes based off of that. We also have sources like the frequency foundation list. So, there is a group of people researchers that are investigating different frequencies and publish those particular frequencies. We draw on sound research or brainwave research. So, you'll hear about the binaural beats and the brain waves and circadian rhythms and the Solfeggio frequencies. So, that's driven from more of an esoteric perspective. So, the Solfeggio frequencies were based off of the early religious music that was developed, and, Solfeggio or the Gregorian chants and things like that.

So, we have many different sources that we draw on as well. We have many, many practitioners that are using the BioCharger. And, they have years and years of experience working with other frequency devices as well as their own. And, they've also helped to create some of these recipes that we've created.

And then, what we always do is we vet all that information. We create the recipes. We make sure it's working within the parameters we need to work in. And then, we make that available, like you say, to the general public or we could customize the recipes and make it for you, specifically. So, we've done it all different ways with that. And, the beauty is the platform. The platform allows us to be creative on how we find our different recipes and programs that we use.

Ben:  Interesting.

Have you found that people tend to combine recipes with other, I guess, biohacks or supplements or foods? Have you, in your discussions with people who have begun using this, found people stacking multiple modalities when they're using the BioCharger? And, what I mean by that is, for example, just yesterday, I used a topical transdermal peptide that's supposed to be really, really good for mental function. It's called Dihexa. And, I smeared that on either side of my carotid artery, which is technically where you're supposed to put it. But then, my reasoning was, “Well, I want to engage in some amount of vasodilation afterwards.” So, I went down and ran the Nitro program on the BioCharger, which is kind of a nitric-oxide-releasing type of frequency. And then, paired that with something like a topical nootropic. That's one example, the type of thing I'm thinking of. But, have you guys come across and all the folks you've been talking to certain things that seem to pair really well with this BioCharger?

Jim Law:  I could touch on some of that, Ben. So, we work with several biohacking centers. And, what we found is, typically, that the BioCharger as an augmented therapy complements whether it's something like CRYO, even the chambers, hyperbaric chambers. If you're doing a breathing technique, Wim Hof breathing, or you're meditating, it tends to enhance that other therapy or that other practice. If you look at OsteoStrong, one of our clients, the fastest-growing biohacking center worldwide. They have 100 locations in US. They're growing internationally. The BioChargers become a standard issue in one of their top therapies. But, they're all about showing how to increase bone density. And, they have some very cool biohacking techniques to do that. But, the BioCharger, as a complement to that, has shown even better results.

And then, when you go into kind of uptake in nutrients and think about the cellular level, the importance of nutrient absorption, Jim can touch a little bit more on it, but high voltage enhances as a drug delivery system, or as a nutrient delivery system.

Ben:  Okay. Got it. Yeah, it's very interesting. When you say something like hyperbaric therapy, I actually have a hyperbaric chamber and I theoretically have the BioCharger running outside the chamber, go into the chamber, and still be getting some of the effects of that BioCharger while I'm inside the chamber?

Jim Girard:  I would recommend that one just because of the oxygen part of it. There's always those issues with sparks and things like that. But, doing it like you say is a stack in the series, not a problem at all. I know many people that do both. They have their series of biohacking ideas that they like to do, and they'll stack that. But, that one, I was almost a little nervous with just because of the pure oxygen.

Ben:  Yeah. With the home models, at a slightly lower pressure, typically, you don't have to worry about things like spontaneous combustion or sparks flying or anything like that. But, I was just curious just because I happen to have a hyperbaric chamber next to the BioCharger.

Now, what about pets or kids? Is this safe for kids or pets to use? Are the people that should not be using a device like this?

Jim Law:  We have kind of the standard fear of contraindication. So, if you have a pacemaker or some type of electrical implant, we don't advise using it within a six-foot radius. But, as far as kids, with adult supervision, no problem. In fact, it's kind of interesting, the BioCharger, in a family setting, has proven to be one of the few … It's kind of like sitting around the campfire. We have several clients who's said, “We can't get our kids to sit down with us at the dinner table. And, if they do, they're on their phones, or they don't want to talk. But, we have the most wonderful experiences BioCharging together.”

Ben:  Yeah, that's funny. My kids go down there and read. They're homeschooled, so they go down there and they'll do their work next to it, and just flip a recipe on. And, I like it, because I know they're getting four different forms of therapy the whole time they're sitting down there reading a book.

Jim Law:  Yeah, that's great. And then, as far as animals, they love it. And so, you've heard this 100 times, you can't use placebo with the animals. I have two older dogs, a golden that's 12, and a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle that's 14. They BioCharge with me and have been for the past four and a half years. They are the most energetic 12 and 14-year-old dogs you'll see. And, what's great, they don't get sick. They're drawn to it. And, what's even more interesting is we live in a wooded setting and animals actually come into the yard when the BioCharger is running. And, my dogs who are normally on top of it would know if anything set foot near the house. But, they just kind of are zoned out. And, no telling what might show up at the window.

Ben:  Yeah. And, speaking of gathering around and using it, one thing it does seem to really interact with is phones and computers. I like it. It seems like you can't use the touchscreen on a phone, and the computers kind of act funny if you got a computer in there. Why is that? What's it doing to phones and computers that make them act kind of funny when they're in close proximity to the BioCharger?

Jim Girard:  Well, the main thing is it's your touch capacitor on your screen. So, your screen works by you touching on it. And, there's a voltage change that's going on to the screen that you'll find where your finger is. But, what happens with BioCharger is it's acting like you're touching the screen all the time. So, if you actually had your phone off and in your pocket, not a problem. But, if you actually leave it on, not that you're using it, but, at least, the screen is enabled where you can do the touch screen part, then, it's not going to be a problem. But, we've had people use the BioCharger, 15 minutes later, they get a phone call from a friend frantically saying, “What's going on? You just called me 100 times.”

Ben:  Yeah, okay. Yeah. I was just curious. I typically require, if anyone's going to go in this special room I have downstairs, it's got the sauna in it and the hyperbaric and the BioCharger, it's, again, my special place, I don't let anybody in there with their phones on, unless they're in airplane mode, and, typically, frown upon computer use in there, anyways. So, that's just fine with me. I like paper books and magazines in that room. It's just my safe little sanctuary.

So, how about the little arc rod that sticks out the top of this thing? You sent that to me after I already installed the BioCharger in my basement, and it screws on to the top. And, it's got a little cylindrical container that goes on top of that. What's that doing? And, I also noticed, if I take that off after I run the BioCharger sessions, it smells a little bit like ozone. So, what exactly is going on there?

Jim Girard:  So, the arc rod, the function of that, we look at it as a couple of different things. One is that it's that wow factor. So, when you look at it, [01:01:26] _____ is a big fan of it. And, that's what he calls, it's the wow factor. But, there's also a safety part of it. As you noted also, there's generating some negative ions with it. But, when you look at it from a spectral frequency perspective, with or without the arc rod, you're generating virtually the same harmonics and frequencies. You're generating the same amount of voltage. You're just generating the same spectrum and light. The only really big difference would be a slight bit of ozone. And, that's what you noticed inside that container.

Ben:  Okay. Alright. So, having that thing on top of it is actually allowing for a better concentration of some of these frequencies.

Jim Girard:  Well, with the arc rod, it's not so much the concentration. Normally, what happens if you don't have the arc rod on, the voltage is stored on the toroid itself. That's a big aluminum toroid at the very top below it. When you put the arc rod on, it allows some of that voltage to leak up. And, that's what you're seeing it as in corona discharge.

Ben:  Okay. I got you.

Jim Girard:  From a technical point of view, they're virtually the same, whether it's your harmonics, your frequencies, your voltage, your light, they're all the same. The only slight difference would be is a little bit of ozone that you're getting from it.

Ben:  Got it. Now, in terms of these recipes, I've alluded to a few that I really like, the Clearhead for the morning. It's like a cup of coffee for my brain, or, when my wife gets a headache, it destroys it within 30 to 60 seconds. I like the Nitro pre-workout, or, a lot of times, if I'm using a supplement or a nootropic, I'll run that one. I love just the peace of mind of the whole viral and immune system ones. And, again, I have to be careful with my conversations around that, but, I know that that Mr. Royal Raymond Rife who originally designed a lot of these wave-generating devices had found that they could have some effect on things like bacterial cell walls. He caught a lot of flak for this, but many of his machines were used as alternative cancer treatments. And, I think that's a whole discussion for another day, the controversy behind that.

But, there's obviously a lot of different cellular functions and a lot of different biological systems that can be affected by these frequencies, especially, when you combine them with things like the light and the PEMF.

Now, what have you, guys, found to be some of the more popular recipes? Because, I know at a Tony Robbins event, I know Tony Robbins is a huge fan of this thing. He'll get thousands of people using BioCharger over the course of a weekend. And, I'm sure you've gotten some amount of feedback over which recipes people really feel or really dig.

Jim Law:  Sure. You see example of it at Tony Robbins event, which, as you know, can go on four or five days. You're in at 18 hours a day. And, Tony's such a fan. He wanted to allow his participants to benefit from the BioCharger. And so, now, we set up these BioCharger lounges at some of his premier events, 8 or 10 BioChargers, and people just coming in all day long. But, the things that they're running there are, we have one called Ultimate Adrenal. So, obviously, our adrenals are overused now. We break a fingernail, it kicks in our fight and flight mechanism. So, that's a very popular one. One called Get the Edge. So, when people start to dip a little bit with clarity and brain fog, that kind of puts you right back in the state. We have one called Pineal Mastery that activates the pineal gland that gives you that kind of third eye and different perspective. That is a great one to do if you're sitting down for a brainstorming session, or as Keith Cunningham calls it, thinking time. Just awesome to just kind of get you to the next level.

For sleep, Theta Wave. And so, people at the events, they may only get four hours of sleep total per night. They'll come and BioCharge. Folks that they know us, they'll come to BioCharger just before they leave. This might be 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. And, their head will hit the pillow, and they are in the deepest stage of sleep. And, they wake up refreshed.

Ben:  Which one is that called?

Jim Law:  That's called Theta Wave.

Ben:  Interesting. Okay. And then, this one called Happy Days, I actually really like that. It puts me in an amazing mood. If I run that thing in the afternoon, I'm like a real treat to be around it by dinner time. Not that I'm not, normally, but, I'm even better with that Happy Days one. What's that? Is that more like an alpha brain wave? What's that one doing?

Jim Girard:  That one was created by our head chef. We call him David DeFebo. He's in naturopath, and he's been with us since the beginning. And, he's really talented when it comes to creating special recipes. And, that's just one of the ones that he pulled out of the quiver that we created early on. And, that's been a favorite for many people.

Jim Law:  A little bit of background on that, because that's a really good point. And, an example is that, when we first started, we did some case studies. And, we tested athletes, old, new, old, young, current athletes, injured athletes. And, one of the things that we weren't looking for that emerged in the study was that they felt happier, that many of them, due to concussions or injuries, had difficulty sleeping. They had difficulty focusing. Depression, in some cases. Anxiety, and David had created this Happy Days, trying to be an anti-anxiety, anti-depression type of recipe. And, that has become one of the number one downloads worldwide. And, we see people use it all the time to kind of get them in a better happier state.

Ben:  Yeah. And, I think it's pretty slick. Again, I got an Ethernet cable. I have it plugged into the back. So, I don't even need to have Wi-Fi turned on anytime you, guys, have a recipe or I ask you for a new recipe. I guess, you've got 800 plus recipes. I don't want them all in my BioCharger, just because I don't want to have to scroll through them all. But, I've got about 30 of my favorite ones on there. And, when I hear you, guys, talking about a new one, like, the other day, you emailed me about the pineal gland one, and, I just go press a little “Fetch” button and voila, it's there within a few minutes. So, actually, it's pretty slick. I like the idea of this whole concept of having your own collection of recipes. And, I know you can have different users on the device. I can have my own collection of recipes, and Jessa can have hers. So, I think it's really cool.

I like the way that you've done that. Now, a few other questions that I have. Could I, theoretically, be overusing this? If I'm using it two or three times a day right now, is that too much?

Jim Law:  If it's after the first couple of weeks of use, Ben, you listen to your body and you can use it as you feel compelled to. Two to three times a day is not out of range, by any means. I'm kind of a three-time-a-day guy as long as I'm not traveling, or as long as I have access to a BioCharger. What can happen early on is, because we're very effective at detoxification, is you can have a kind of a healing crisis if you use it too much before your body has a chance to adjust to it.

Ben:  Got you.

Jim Law:  So, what we'll normally say is, if you were coming in and you had an issue, let's say you had some back pain, and you tried everything else, and we have recipes in support of recovery from back pain, so, you might come in and run that three times a week, and we'll say three to four times a week for two weeks, and 90% of the time, in the first week, people are saying, “Okay. Now, yeah, this is definitely doing something.” And, they haven't put their bodies through a healing crisis once. They've gone through the first couple of weeks, how about it? We're at those events and we're doing it for 12 hours straight. And, we sleep like babies. We never get sick. And, we have more energy and clarity than a lot of people, especially, by Day Five and Six.

Ben:  Yeah, it's amazing on a day where you have low sleep. You go and run one of the more energetic sessions and you're good to go again, without having to tweak your neurotransmitters by drinking an extra cup of coffee. So, not that I want this thing to sound like one huge commercial for not sleeping. But, at the same time, it's pretty impressive to have this in my back pocket where I can just slip downstairs. I wish you, guys, would have a portable fold-up version I could have in my hotel room for when I travel. But, ultimately, it's very, very cool to have this in my basement.

Now, the thing that I know a lot of people are probably going to balk at is the fact that, I think, the price of this is $14,000, $15,000, something like that to actually just buy a BioCharger out, right?

Jim Law:  Yes, $14,990.

Ben:  Okay. Got it. Now, I know you, guys, are offering my listeners a $500 discount on that. But, I think, more importantly, you do have options for financing, don't you?

Jim Law:  Absolutely. So, we work with two different companies, one for commercial financing. And, even if you have a sole proprietorship and a one-man band, we're able to generally work something out through that financing partner. They have programs that require no down payment, no payments for 90 days. And, there's no prepayment penalty, especially, for a business. And, with these times, as we're coming back into business and into real life again, or whatever the new version of real-life is, it's great to know that you could have a tool like this and be in positive cash flow before you have to write your first payment.

Ben:  Okay. Got it. So, a couple of $250 around that per month, somebody could be able to get their hands on this thing, and have it in their house, or in their training facility, physical therapy clinic, anything like that?

Jim Law:  Absolutely. And then, we have, for our consumers, we offer financing through Bread. So, if you go to our shop page, a modal will pop up and you can apply instantly for Bread Financing, which doesn't quite cover all of the price. You still have to put a down payment down, but it's a pretty good setup.

Ben:  Okay. Cool. And, I know you, guys, also have a special VIP package you're putting together for my listeners, all the folks who like to own nice things, where you get the 800 plus different recipes, you get the BioCharger, you get a personal consultation with you, guys, you get a training session with you, guys, and then, any software updates if you ever need, those just automatically happen. I think, you, guys, are giving a $4,000 discount on that. I'll just put all the information for all this over in the shownotes. If you go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/BioCharge.

And, by the way, there was one other thing I wanted to ask you. From what I understand, there's a built-in speaker on it, and you, guys, are going to start allowing for the production of music or the overlaying of music on top of these frequencies. Is that correct?

Jim Law:  Yes. So, one of the things that we've done in making the BioCharger a platform versus a product, and by building out the cloud infrastructure, it gives us the ability to continue to enhance it, as you pointed out. So, all the software updates. And, more importantly, believe it or not, we're now over 1,000 recipes. So, that whole idea of it wasn't just the ability to technologically be able to provide people a dynamic database of multiple recipes, but it's more of the community-inspired recipes that researchers and practitioners that are using the BioCharger platform are able to work together on. So, that's more than a dream come true for us.

So, one of the things that we provided upfront when we developed the BioCharger is some additional hardware that gave us future capabilities. And, part of that was audio modulation hardware. Another part of it is there's an optical port on the back of the BioCharger. So, we're very close to releasing an audio modulation feature that allows you to stream music, voice, sound through the arc rod, so you're actually hearing sound play through the BioCharger. We also support sound therapies today. But, just this takes it to a whole new level. And, every client will be getting that.

Ben:  That's cool. I can't wait, because I love music, and I can see it pairing really, really well with this. So, that's very cool. Obviously, this thing is one of the more advanced or spendy tools that I've talked about. But, oh, my gosh, it's been a game-changer for me. And, I've got all sorts of crazy devices littered around my house. But, I'm not joking you, guys. I've literally been using this thing three times a day. So, it's something I really appreciate. And, I want to thank you, guys, for coming on the show and explaining this to everybody.

Jim Law:  Thank you for having us.

Jim Girard:  Thank you.

Ben:  I'm going to put everything in BenGreenfieldGitness.com/Biocharge. If anybody wants to jump in, check out more about this thing, check out the research, and, also, look into getting one of these for yourself, super easy to set up, again, super easy to update, really cool feature to be able to put together your own recipes. Both Jims have been very, very helpful to me, anytime I reach out for support on this thing. So, I highly recommend the BioCharger. I was skeptical at first, but this thing just works. So, BenGreenfieldFitness.com/BioCharge, if you want to check it out. And, until next time. I'm Ben, along with the double Jims from BioCharger, signing out from BenGreenfieldFitness.com. Have an amazing week.

Well, thanks for listening to today's show. You can grab all the shownotes, the resources, pretty much everything that I mentioned over at BenGreenfieldFitness.com, along with plenty of other goodies from me, including the highly helpful, Ben Recommends page, which is a list of pretty much everything that I've ever recommended for hormones, sleep, digestion, fat loss, performance, and plenty more. Please, also, know that all the links, all the promo codes that I mentioned during this and every episode help to make this podcast happen and to generate income that enables me to keep bringing you this content every single week. So, when you listen in, be sure to use the links in the shownotes, use the promo codes that I generate, because that helps to float this thing and keep it coming to you each and every week.



My guests on today's show are Jim Girard and Jim Law. These two Jims are the masterminds behind something called the “BioCharger,” a crazy new biohacking device I've been using for “recipes” such as sleep onset, relaxation, athletic recovery, nitric oxide production, headache clearing, “5-hour energy,” immune system boosting, and much more. The BioCharger utilizes four different energy types—light, voltage, frequencies & harmonics, and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs).

Turns out Tony Robbins is a huge fan of this thing and uses it at all his events, and a host of biohackers I know seem to be incredibly excited about it and use it nearly every day, so I finally decided to try a BioCharger out for myself and interview the inventors on today's show.

Jim Law has served as a managing member of Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC since co-founding the firm in 2013. With a focus on strategy and business development, Jim’s entrepreneurial track record includes founding/co-founding two prior start-ups that implemented innovative and disruptive technology-based solutions that changed the way their respective industries did business. Both firms were sold to public companies (Siemens and Comfort Systems USA) and were successfully integrated into these firms’ product and service offerings. Prior to starting his own businesses, Jim held executive positions in the technology world at companies such as Apple Computer and NeXT. Jim is married with 4 children, lives in Orleans, MA, and is a daily BioCharger user himself.

Jim Girard brings more than 30 years of subtle energy research and development experience to the team, which led to the introduction of the original BioCharger concept in 1993. In 1988, Jim was privileged to have studied under Dr. Orville Fitz, a protégé of Nikola Tesla, which led to Jim’s experimentation with Tesla coil and multiple wave oscillation (MWO) technologies. He then experimented with combining various noble and inert gas-filled tubes to incorporate the visible light spectrum and applied the concept of pulsing frequencies from Rife and Lakhovsky to form a unique and hybrid subtle energy platform. In a few short years, his company Advanced Technology Concepts (ATC) had accomplished what no others previously had by discovering how to unlock the benefits of multiple subtle energies simultaneously and wirelessly. Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC acquired ATC in 2013 and Jim is now a lead on the BioCharger product development team. Jim attended the University of Akron and Kent State University where he studied applied math and resides in Brewster, MA with his wife and 5 children and is also a daily BioCharger user.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What the BioCharger is and what it does for those who use it…11:00

  • “Subtle energy revitalization platform”
  • Simulates 4 distinct energy types found in nature
  • Essential for proper cellular function
  • Dr. Jerry Tennant's book Healing is Voltage
  • 3 characteristics of healthy cells:
    • Uptake of nutrients
    • Dealing with toxicity
    • Voltage
  • All diseases have the common characteristic of inadequate voltage
  • The body makes new cells at a rate of 2-3 million per second
  • Healthy new cells are vital for proper healing, regenerating of the body
  • We're low on energy because we don't spend enough time in nature
  • Buildings contain non-native EMFs
  • Robert Becker's book The Body Electric
  • When you're outside, you're “inside” nature
  • Energy Medicine: Current Status and Future Perspectives

-The technologies used in the BioCharger…17:55

  • High concentration of PEMF (magnetic field)
  • Electric field
    • Different response on the cell membrane
    • Create tiny holes in the cells called “ion channels”
    • Allows sodium-potassium pump to kick in
    • Gilbert Ling on the sodium-potassium pump
  • Frequencies and harmonics
    • Everything is vibrating at differing speeds: atoms, molecules, nuclei…
    • Resonate frequencies and harmonics
    • Similar to two tuning forks at the same pitch
    • Energy is transferred at specific hertz frequencies
  • BioCharger is similar to bringing the effect of lightning into the home
    • Lightning releases negative ions onto the earth
    • Produces unique set of harmonics and frequencies
    • Each tube contains differing gases, all of which releases different frequencies

-The best way to absorb the light from the device…39:05

  • Our bodies perform photosynthesis just like plants
  • More energy during the summer, seasonal affective disorder, stress, recovery, etc.
  • Max Planck Institutes
  • Our bodies are designed to be in the harmonics and frequencies generated by the BioCharger

-The effect of the BioCharger on various parts of the body…44:15

  • How to maximize the photobiomodulation element of the device:
    • Keep your clothes on
    • Pulsed light triggers a more efficacious response in the body
    • Don't look directly at the light
  • What happens when you touch the device:
    • Energy wants to arc to the lower potential (the body)
    • Someone close to you may feel a slight shock
  • On the sounds the device makes:
    • Two notes in music generate harmonics
    • Changes in pulsed frequencies result in changes in tone
    • Constantly changing every second
  • About the sound “recipes”:
    • Four characteristics: frequency, duty cycle, output, duration
    • Medieval chants used as a base
    • Affect circadian rhythms
    • Many users contribute to the recipes
    • Can be customized or created for general use

-Whether other biohacks can be “stacked” with the BioCharger…53:54

-How the device affects pets, children, and cell phones…57:20

  • No problem with proper adult supervision
  • Many clients make it a quiet family event
  • Animals love the experience
  • Touch capacitor on the screen is affected by the voltage
  • As though you're constantly touching the screen

-The most popular recipes of BioCharger customers…1:03:30

  • Tony Robbins has the devices at some of his events
  • Ultimate Adrenal
  • Get the Edge
  • Pineal Mastery
  • Theta Wave (for sleep)
  • Happy Days

-Whether it's possible to overuse the BioCharger…1:08:10

-And much more!

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