[Transcript] – “The Energy”: How A Gastroenterologist Physician Tapped Into 5,000 Year Old Deep Eastern Secrets To Unlock Limitless Cognitive, Spiritual & Physical Power.

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[00:00] Introduction – About Barry Morguelan

[03:01] Onnit/Organifi

[08:32] From Dr. B to “Indiana Jones” of Fringe Healing

[20:21] Barry’s Travel Stories and Near Death Experiences Spanning 18 Countries

[25:08] How Barry’s Medical Colleagues See Him how he kept His Medical Practice

[34:57] Barry and His Chinese Pharmacy Experience

[40:10] Blue Apron/HealthGains

[44:18] A Book Barry found on Chinese Mystic Healing Without Touching

[45:50] Barry’s Discoveries, Adventures and Fulfillments in a Mountain in China

[54:10] How Barry Gained the Grand Master’s Trust

[60:20] Barry after His Training in China

[69:17 & 71:00] Ben’s Experience In Barry’s Center – No Touch

[79:00] Barry’s Big 8

[1:51:34] End of Podcast

Ben:  Hey, what’s up? It’s Ben Greenfield, and hope you’re ready to get your mind blown.  No, I’m serious.  I interviewed this guy who I actually first discovered in a book by Dave Asprey called “Headstrong”.  A really good book.  And in that book Dave talks about this thing called mitochondrial meditation and he describes this special form of meditation that he was taught by a guy who has treated the presidents of multiple countries and a guy who flies in for Tony Robbins’ big events to help keep Tony at his peak, and who develops this special meditative form of energy that, in the case of Dave’s book increases the mitochondria.  It helps to control mitochondrial health and it’s one of the craziest most unique practices I’ve ever heard of.  So I had to look this guy up.  So I hunted him down and I got him on the show for you.  I didn’t just do that.  I actually went down and hung out with him for three days and worked with him.  I had all his treatments done on me.  And it’s crazy.  He was a double board certified gastroenterologist at UCLA.  And he still practices in LA but he literally travelled the world for 10 years studying Ancestral Medicine and Eastern Medicine.

All these 5,000 year old energy tactics that are absolutely going to blow your mind.  And I’ve personally, since we recorded this episode been using the energy treatments that he gave to me and also the meditation series and the things that he gives you towards the end of this podcast, works really well.  And the cool thing is most of it you could do kind of in just through osmosis.  Like I’ll turn on his meditation tracks when I’m on an airplane sitting around and just kind of do them via osmosis while I’m doing other things and they still work.  And I still do the exercise that he taught me in the morning and in the evening.  It only takes about 30 seconds, but it’s pretty amazing.  You’ve got to find out more about this dude.  So I will let you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

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 In this episode of The Ben Greenfield Fitness Show:

“Every single time that you’re confronted by something that you really don’t know how you’re going to do it over there in this program, it’s set up that you’re not going to be able to do it unless you haul in the energy at the next level as you expand.”  “Remember you don’t have a choice in this planet.  You’re either going to be expanding every moment which is great, wonderful, growing, getting better.  It’s the way the law of physics exists or you can keep contracting, contracting, contracting until finally you’re in a black hole and you’re gone or you’ve had a terrible arthritis, you’ve got a terrible disease.”

Ben:  Welcome to the show.  We are officially live.  Today and the day before, have been some of the most crazy days of my life.  I was speaking with my wife yesterday, I was walking barefoot in Arlington Gardens here in Pasadena, California.  I called my wife and I told her that I was in a deep, deep funk in a good way.  Meaning that I was experiencing body, mind, and spirit energies in a way that I never had before, and it was all the fault of the guy sitting across from me who I happen to meet just three days ago face to face who has already transformed my life.  I had to get him on the show for you so that he, Dr. B can explain the mind blowing energy that he’s tapped into that he’s passed onto me and that is I guarantee, going to change your life.

Dr. B, you were a successful 30 years double board certified Gastroenterologist and all of a sudden you went off the deep end.  You became the Indiana Jones of fringe alternative healing methods that I’ve never heard of before until a few days ago.  Tell me about your journey.      

Barry:  Okay the story could be for days I could tell you or I can condense it for this…

Ben:  We’ve got a little bit of time (crosstalk) so start from the beginning.  Start from your days as a physician.

Barry:  Alright.  And I still am a physician Gastroenterologist and Internist in Los Angeles and I still have two practices at UCLA in private practice.  When I started out 30 years ago I was at UCLA working and it was fantastic.  I loved those when we had the breakthrough in endoscopy which is flexible endoscopy, and that would have made me happy because then we could really help people without hurting them you know, by cutting.  So it’s great.

Ben:  Those are the long cameras you go up inside.

Barry:  Yeah, go up inside this way through your abdomen and other places but the key is that it was a revolution at that time and I loved that part of it, and I did research in that and I taught endoscopy.  It was really a wonderful experience.  I really loved the fact that I’ve done research and it was successful and my private practice are already two of them.  I sort of rose to the top of my career very early as I went to best places to learn which was always my goal.  I sort of didn’t want to if I was going to learn to be a doctor I wanted to make sure that I was the best doctor you could ever get to take care of you.  I wanted to be that person standing there for you.  And as I made it to that top position and rapidly, had two offices and a lot of patients.  I was having a great time and then like you referred to, I was one day walking past the emergency room, and I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an emergency room? But it’s…

Ben:  Yeah, I have actually.  I used to volunteer in the emergency room although this was in Moscow, Idaho.  I would go there and it would just be deathly quiet for the whole night so somebody would wander in dude that had a little too much to drink and tripped over a curb, but my experience with an emergency room was pretty mellow.

Barry:  Oh, good.  That’s not the experience that I had.  I had an inner city university.  We take everything.  It doesn’t matter what your pace day or what your problem is.  We’ll take it and they wheel them in and you’re the doctor you have to take care of that person and get them to through the right place.  If they make it out of the emergency room.

I worked in the emergency room and I worked for an endoscopy suite, a surgical suite and it depended on what I was doing each month.  But as I walk past the emergency room and I heard people, the usual screaming of people in pain.  I’m the kind of person and this never changed and it’s only gotten more intense that I really get bothered by people who are suffering.  It bothers me personally.  It’s not only that I can feel their discomfort but I feel like this immense concern for them that I want to like somehow quick to find out what’s wrong with them when I was just in a washroom, and get them out of there as quickly as possible and not use any drugs to make it as straightforward and within your body ceiling capacity right away.  So I was really happy about endoscopy and I was not very happy about people screaming and yelling in pain and bleeding and suffering.  Although, I wasn’t upset about taking care of it, I just didn’t like that you had to go through it.

Ben:  Right.

Barry:  So I went upstairs like I always do on the fourth floor.  And it was time to discharge my patient that I’ve done endoscopy on, and then I’ve had successful results taking tumors out, and they’re good to go home the next day and one chart after another I’m filing out, and then one day, I think as I mentioned to you earlier, this one lady’s room was a nice older lady and I sat on her bed.

Ben: You were telling me about her, Mrs. Rodriguez.

Barry: Yeah, Mrs. Rodriguez and it’s so funny that I knew her from before and she was so happy that she’s good to go and that all she was worried about was  “could I cook my culinary dishes that come from South America and Central America and Mexico.”  She had all these dishes she was worried.  I said, “Now your intestine is fine.  We took the tumor and you can do whatever you want.”  So she was happy and then she start complimenting me.  And so I took her hand and thanked her but then at that point that I was thanking her I was sitting on the bed, sun’s coming in.  It was one of the moments you feel really great.  Sort of an ethereal moment and I looked at her and said, “You know, I’ve been thinking for quite a while, Mrs. Rodriguez that I love endoscopy but wouldn’t it be great if people didn’t even have come to the hospital at all?  Wouldn’t it be great if people’s lives instead of going like this after a certain age it’s all downhill that you’ve seen those books.”  There’s even philosophies about that and how to handle the stages of life.  I said, “Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have those stages defined for you in advance?  What if you could get stronger every day? What if you get more healthy? Would you actually improve and avoid all these? No tumors.  Stay healthier.  Be more able.”

Ben:  Even as you get older?

Barry:  Absolutely, as life goes on.  That’s your process.  And she said, “Well, you’ve done so many things here at UCLA, everybody loves you and if anybody can do it, you can do it.  Why don’t you try?” And so I think at that moment I was looking at her, yeah, I’ve already finished accomplishing all the things I wanted to do in terms of getting degrees and getting ability to go anywhere and use the field of Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, I already learned that.  I was really able to do that and teach that, so I said, “I‘m going to search and look and see what’s there.”  Well, this was at a time that was 30 years ago.  I don’t know if anybody in the audience knows what it’s like 30 years ago in Los Angeles but we didn’t have anything alternative at all.  Not even heard the word alternative.  All we had was maybe donut shops and…

Ben:  It’s pretty crazy driving around LA now and see all the (crosstalk) [0:14:02.2] ______.

Barry:  Now it’s all gym shops.  And vegetarian shops.  Yeah.  It’s wonderful.  Who wasn’t eating vegetarian?  It wasn’t anything.

Ben:  Thirty years ago none of these.

Barry:  None of these.  We didn’t even have croissants.  There’s no Starbucks, nothing.

Ben:  No Starbucks, how did you survive?

Barry:  I don’t know.  It was tough.  No working in it.  It got me excited in a certain way if you knew certain farmers.  But what’s really interesting to me was that I looked around LA and that’s a lot of time what started here almost all my spare time that I could find.  And you would say, “How do you use your spare time, anyway? You’re doing surgery every day?” I still am and you’re also writing research and lectures and things.  When is your time? I made the time because it’s that important to me to find it because I felt this is my new really thing that’s going to be the chance for me to actually fulfill my life goal.  For why would I want to be a doctor anyway, which is to have everybody’s life worth.  That’s what I wanted.  And whether it’s physically or mentally or your goals, that’s your self-expression in your full health.  ‘Cause health is everywhere.  Your brain, your heart, your emotions.  Your way you approach to life.

So I studied with chiropractors, [0:15:16.3] _____.  I learned all about kinesiology.  I learned about all the different… I had a great time.  I’m the only medical doctor they said most medical doctors try to throw us out of Los Angeles.  In those days there were even things some in government in Los Angeles not that I’m being sentimental where they were trying to kick chiropractors out.  They were trying to limit what they can do.  They couldn’t prescribe anything, not at all except certain things.  It was not a friendly environment for them.  It was not a friendly environment for massage.  People love massage.  It was not a friendly environment for anybody to do anything that wasn’t by a certain rule that came out of the legal leagues of Sacramento.

Ben:  So you’re this naturopathic doc travelling around to all these osteopaths chiropractors? When you came to them, what were you telling them?

Barry:  Well, they’re all procedure.  I don’t even practice for wealth so all of them were my clients.  They were already patients for GI.  They all either had ulcers at some time or they’ve had problem in their esophagus or they had a tumor that I had taken out.  I know them so I called them to say, “Can I come by and just hang out? Would that be okay?”  And they’d go, “Are you kidding, sure! But you’re an MD.  Are you sure you want to do that?” And I said, “Yeah, I do.  I want to watch and see what you all got.” And I loved it.  I learned that material and it’s wonderful.  And then more and more I would say, “I need to travel now.” And so I would contact the travel agent and I started to travel up and down the coast of California like every, I got to say every two months every three months she would set up another trip.  And so when I was available in those days and all of the wonderful experiences in different forests up in Northern California that people were experimenting with everything.  There was even, I think you mentioned the water tank that people, the Lilly tank (crosstalk).

Ben:  Float tanks.  

Barry:  Float tanks.  In those days, it’s called the Lilly isolation tank.  Fantastic.  It was all great but I wasn’t going to be able to take a Lilly tank back to UCLA, and also that wouldn’t get you not to go there.  I want you to be able to get better on your way so you don’t need to do anything.  You do not even have to take any medication or if you’re going to do something it’s going to be something that supports you to stay stronger and stronger.  So I wasn’t against penicillin or any of the drugs, I just wanted people to have a choice and the choice would be your body feels good, if it’s healthy maybe your body can heal itself.  Which wasn’t real popular back then.  Do you understand back then it was like, well there’s certain ways to handle everything.  You do this surgery for this.  You take this medication for this.  You do this.  Everything had rules back then and I was going in my heart of hearts that people somehow could have a life where they got better each day but I wasn’t getting any validation from any of the doctors who knew that I was taking these trips every couple of months and ‘cause they have to cover my practice.  And they would always go, “Where are you going? You already have a great practice?”

Ben:  Do these doctors taking care of your practice as you’re off travelling up and down the coast of California seeking all these alternative methods.

Barry:  Right.  And some medical doctor out there will say, “You do definitely not put your practice at risk because most people once they cover your practice, they try to steal your practice and take with them.” And so they say, “Aren’t you worried they’re going steal your practice?” I went, “No, I’m not worried.” I’ve got a really big goal and finally I’ll explain to them what my goal was and they all went, “Are you kidding? What are you doing? You’re looking for the fountain of youth? You’re already at the top, you should just keep making contributions here in Western medicine.  Look at all your degrees.”  And I said. “Yeah, I’m going to keep doing that.  I’m going to keep doing surgeries while I’m here but I’m really going to look for this.” Like I told you in the middle of the United States, Southwest got great experience with the original Americans who occupied this continent.  And in those days since there wasn’t any news about what their vision quest were, what goes on in those teepees and those…

Ben:  So you went and spent time with the Native Americans and did a vision quest?

Barry:  Yeah, but not like a vision quest like what people go into today.  It wasn’t like something like that or like outward balance or anything that people were sort of like regimented thing.  It was rough.

Ben:  Where was your vision quest?

Barry:  The vision quest was all over there or not just one place.  It was all over the Southwest.  And the more than one place I had to go to.  And Sedona was just one of the places.  It was a number of places where which got me ready for my later trip to China which is the big win.  ‘Cause there was times like, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in El Paso, Texas, if you’ve ever gone down there?

Ben:  Haven’t been to El Paso.  No.

Barry:  Well, if you’re going to some parts of Texas the temperature there can just go up, up, up, up, up.

Ben:  Oh, yeah.  Absolutely.

Barry:  And they have a whole way, you should be able to tolerate this and handle it.  You should go set a teepee where there’s smoke and handle that, and then you should be able to keep growing out of the experiences.  Something I’ve written about it now, you know there’s some popular books but I wasn’t going to bring the teepee back to UCLA and I wasn’t going bring the vision quest back to UCLA.  It’s like I’m going to give you a chance to get better and better as this is an add-on to be a plug-in like we do our software now.  So I said, well I guess I’ve got to travel even more.  So I told the travelers I need to go other places.  Let’s start with Central America.  So Central America that was just phenomenal.  They have great herbs there.  They have all kinds of interesting wild things in the forest that we don’t even have here, birds.

Ben:  Like jungle medicine, plant medicine.  Those type of things?

Barry:  Jungle medicine, plant medicine.  Very weird-looking shamans who come looking with paint over their face and right down the jungle and say, “Take this and this will solve this problem.” And of course, even though I tried all those things which I know people are trying them now and…

Ben:  You’re talking about like ayahuasca and things like that?

Barry:  There’s things stronger than ayahuasca (crosstalk).

Ben:  Like what? Tell me what stuff have you tried in Central America.

Barry:  There’s leaves down there that they use to burn and then they would condense down to this tiny residue and then you take the residue and then this would be an initiation process that started 10 at night and then finish at three, and then the start of the new real process starts at two or three in the morning and then they scrape the residue and you eat it.  And then after you ate them of course, it would be like your experiences I’m sure people will think like the [0:21:31.7] ______ system but it wasn’t just I tell you it’s like all of a sudden you were transposed to another location that you didn’t even know what’s going to happen.

Ben:  Wow!

Barry:  And it was completely unsafe.  It was completely out of the medical (crosstalk).  I did it because I was still looking and I just said if anybody’s going to do this like [0:21:53.6] ______ I’m going to do it.

Ben:  So weren’t just researching you were actually just trying or you were guinea pigging a lot of these things.

Barry:  I was making sure that because no one’s going to do this.  No one’s going to risk themselves to actually find out what this is during those days.  Remember the days I was around, remember all the doctors wear white coats wore a tie all the time? Remember the black glasses everybody wore and like this and the short haircuts?

Ben:  Yeah.

Barry:  That was it.

Ben:  Smoked a lot of cigarettes.

Barry:  Yeah, everybody smoked cigarettes, right? Believe it or not when I finally went to France ‘cause at Central America I didn’t want to bring the leaves back to… it would never get through the IRB all that stuff because it was all impure.

Ben:  You can’t bring giant ass leaves back to a hospital in LA.

Barry:  Yeah, until now if you burn these, make a residue you’re going to have great treatments with it.

Ben:  Yeah.

Barry:  Now, so that didn’t work and then from there like three months later or four months later I went to South America.  South America was fantastic.  I know people have gone there since then all these years and they have modalities down there including shamans, including healers.  All those people are studying with and got to learn so much of their techniques but I wasn’t about to dress up with all these lipstick over my face and hair going down like this just and do ‘cause there are very serious.

Ben:  That’ll be a good look for a little body paint here and there actually.

Barry:  They’re very serious, that if you’re going to walk on these blades here which was one of the tests they had.

Ben:  Oh wow.

Barry:  If you’re going to walk on those you have to have balance.  You have to be able to be sort of in this costume.  But it was okay.  I wanted to see what they had ‘cause I was interested in the other side of the world.  I wanted to see is there something that’s there.  I always knew that every coin you look at it it’s wonderful but it has another side.  Everything has two sides as well and I said, “Where’s the other side? What’s the other side besides.” Everything is Western Medicine science maybe there’s some other side that’s sort of our natural ability to heal.  So what was cool about South America besides the burning leaves and the herbs is this huge crystals.  They are not small.  I mean their crystals big as this table.  As big as you are.  And there’d be a crystal cave like that.  And you’d go in there and you’d meditate and there’d be maybe running water even underneath.  There are little river there or a small lake and they had great meditation experiences with these crystal caves.  And then you actually…

Ben:  And some people will be aware of these for crystals that they stole and they release a lot of energy.  A lot of.

Barry:  Oh yeah, they had a whole process where people when I was there.  People have to make reservations ‘cause I was there long enough I knew how to get in, talk to the people and ‘cause I was a medical doctor too.  So that’s how I got to go to all these places is I kept teaching endoscopy.  I was still teaching back in Los Angeles in UCLA and I would always make arrangements with the doctors in the area.

Ben:  So that’s how you got your way in to these locations as you would come in and you could work.

Barry:  Always.  Yeah, and so I would work with the doctors and say, “Hey, you want to learn some more techniques.” We would write letters back and forth.  No cellphones.  Okay and this land phones and they would go, “Sure, let’s do it.” So I would teach information then after we’d have a bunch of great experience together I’d say, “Hey, what else do you have?” They go, “What do you mean what else we have? You’ve got everything, you’re from the best.”  I go, “Yeah, but I want to know about your culture.  Tell me please.” Until they go, “Well you want to know what my grandmother does?” I go, “Yeah, where does she go?”  She goes in this guy, we have to drive outside the city.

Ben:  You flipped the tables.

Barry:  Yeah, outside the city.  I say, “Can I meet your grandmother?” He’d go, “Yeah, really you want to meet her?” They would always thought that I was… even there.  So back at home in Los Angeles it was like, you are so not acceptable in what you’re doing.  This is not the way to act.  You should be wearing your dark glasses like this.

Ben:  Right.  Why can’t you just fit in?

Barry:  Why can’t you just fit in and keep making your contributions here? You’re already doing great.  You have two practices.  What’s the problem? They didn’t see the problem was the angst of feeling people’s pain and not wanting to ever have pain.  Feeling people’s anxiety or frustration that they want to compete and they can’t get their body to succeed in…

Ben:  And only ever having your band aid.  Your flexible endoscopy tube and your penicillin.

Barry:  Yeah, and you’re only able to help them afterwards.  Even those days they had, you know, Schwarzenegger had this thing with the experimental drugs and everything, and people knew about that but it still wasn’t something that was really going to keep you healthy.  Is this something to compete with? I want to be able to compete with your real body.  The one that allows you to break or have another mile without any enhancements.   So what happened was in South America, you couldn’t bring the crystals back.  It was important to have these too much.

Ben:  Yeah.

Barry:  Plus how many crystals caves could I make? And even if I made one who’s going to pay for all that and it didn’t work.  Plus people signed up like I said to come in there if for tumors, for cancers.  It’s more like going to Lourdes, you know France.  A place where people went and hope that something would help them.  But it was really statistically very poor in terms of getting great results and I really felt there was something real that would be more dramatic.  Not something we go like in Western medicine we have certain medicines where you really go and still work in 20% of the people.  And then 10% probably have placebo effect.  The rest of it won’t work.  That wasn’t going to make my search worthwhile.  I want to see if there’s something real.  Something that we could really find that could help people.

So after South America every three months, so it was going on for a couple of years and I’m getting no support from anybody on medical bill.  Everybody’s going, “”Where are you going this time? Who do you think you are?” Like you said, you think you’re Indiana Jones or something?” And I said, “Looking for the fountain of youth.  That’s where you’re like kidding me. You know it doesn’t exist.”  And so after South America and Central America, I must say I did travel all sort of many other places.  We could go into the Philippines.  We go in psychic surgery.

Ben:  Psychic surgery.

Barry:  Yeah, it’s really fascinating.  I could go in to a more but it’s more about how you can treat people.  It’s this whole technique about how to actually use energy to… there’s many people who don’t know how to do that and they present themselves on Youtube to say that they can.  But there are actually a few people who could do it and I’m fortunate enough to train with two of the guys who actually were most prominent that time.  But even then that wasn’t going to go well.  You see, I could see it all working on people who already have a problem.  I want you to get well before your problem.  Or if you have a problem you get better and better and you can heal yourself.

Ben:  Right.

Barry: So then from there this story goes even more deep.  So then I went to Europe and Europe is great.  I went to England, France, Germany.  All of them has something great.  I think I told you the other day, France had the aromatherapy.  It was wonderful!

Ben:  You mean like essential oil aromatherapy?

Barry:  Essential oil and these little, what do you call aerators and you put the different type of, so not perfumes but they are oils.  And you put one for each kind of thing.  One for health.  One for headache.  One for anxiety.  And that was getting more towards it.  ‘Cause then I was going or maybe we could sum up the environment.  These people are onto something.  But then there were so many different smells and also the room would keep smelling like that.  Again you feel like it’s not going to let you ruin smell like anything.  They wanted all that super clean smell.

Ben:  So you’re still looking for something you can bring back to.

Barry: To the West.

Ben:  Basic urban environment in the West.

Barry:  Yeah, that you can grow up here and still go to public school or parochial school and have a great life and be whoever you want to be without having to go through these…

Ben:  And not have to do with plant-based medicine and aromatherapy.

Barry:  Yeah, and you don’t have to worry about what you see in the future that people will say, “Oh, whatever you do don’t get old.  Don’t have a problem because what happens then is all good.”

Ben:  Yeah.

Barry:  And whatever old is, it will be funny, you know.  People say when you’re young they always say you’re too young to know about this and this.  And then when you’re older they say, “Well you know, you’re too old.  You’re past your time.  This is for young people.” So there’s this confusion in our whole culture about how you really can progress in anything, anyway which I had to hear everything when I was travelling.  ‘Cause people would go, “Well, why do you disagree? Why are you interested in this?” They have the end with the capacity to even to understand all sorts.  Yes, let’s do it.  Come on.  And so I would throw myself in all these.  Like you said, a guinea pig.  Then they knew I was real.  Then they knew I wasn’t just watching.

Ben:  Yeah.

Barry:  So I said, “No do it on me.  I want to see.” So in Germany they still can get these rife machines or electrically plugged…

Ben:  Yeah, rife frequency machines.

Barry:  And it just puts you like this and it has some benefit but again it’s wild electricity and it really isn’t something that is going to keep you from getting that [0:30:12.0] ______.  I want you to be able to get better and better so you can compete better and better every day.  So you shouldn’t now break perform in a mile but break the next one, break the next one.  And keep growing in life.  I want you to be able to keep going up.  And be your own doctor.  Be your own guru.  That was my goal.  And I studied with a lot of people who meant well.  They cared about what they’re interested in and they wanted that to be the thing but it wasn’t the thing for me.  It only brought you so far.  And what I wanted was yourself to be your own doctor.

So let’s see, England actually had puff remedies I think they’re still around.  Which is made from flowers and people use those like an essential oil.  It’s still available today.

Ben:  Yeah, bachiramis.  I’ve talked about those on the show before.  Is it b-a-c-h remedies?  Yeah.

Barry:  They’re available.  They’re good.  They’re fun.  It’s still you’re working is not significant enough.  So finally, this is like about I’ve travelled so many different places.  Not only in Europe but in parts of near Russia and outside Asia and I finally decided that I’m in like my final fifth year.  I’ve burned 150,000 miles air time and eventually I ended up visiting over 30 countries.  No not 30 over about 18 countries, yeah 18 countries I visited 18 countries, and it was amazing each one of them but the problem is I still didn’t find it.

So finally one day, I’m in the medical building and again my nemesis, this guy who’s always giving me hell.  This other surgeon.  He’s like, “this is you cell.  You’re cracked.  You’re crazy to keep doing this and keep leaving your practice and that you should stay exactly at your peak and keep developing here.  You should stop this.”  And I said, “Okay, I’m not getting any support anywhere.  It’s all coming from within me and the places I visited still hasn’t given me the chance to do it. Maybe he’s right.”  And I go, “No.”  I still haven’t gone to Communist China.  Remember China in those days with the wall had just come down.  So it’s really Communist and everybody wears shirts like this.  So it was a whole different world.  So when I went to China I said…

Ben:  The people weren’t going back and forth to China like they have nowadays?

Barry: No, there was nobody.  As a matter of fact I got checked by the customs every single time on the way there and on the way back.  ‘Cause they’re going, “Hey, Doc this is like your second trip to China.  Are you Communist or what?”

Ben:  I’d be nervous going to Communist China 30 years ago.

Barry:  Yeah, it was not necessarily at all anything different from the movies, you know.  The whole thing about Secret Service watching you all the time.  That’s true.

Ben:  Wow.

Barry:  It’s true.  Everybody knows there was always somebody watching somebody was watching somebody.  You will never say anything negative about the government or politics.  And still you don’t want too much over there in China.  But it changed massively since then.  But when I first landed in China, it was like I remember pulling the curtain back that morning and it was like, I think I’ve landed on the moon.  You know, there goes nothing out there to look like the United States.  It was like everybody in bicycles.  Everybody in rickshaws.  If you were walking there’s no cars.  There’s like a lot of people.  And it was fascinating but the people was a whole different culture.  They sort of stayed in this little bubble all these years and they didn’t have all the modern technology like they have now.  So I felt that was great.  ‘Cause that’s it.  Oh, here’s something that’s really different I’m going to really find out what all these people have been doing maybe it’s been preserved here.  Maybe there hasn’t been a change and people haven’t been altered.  Maybe there’s something really real here. So I worked in those hospitals and taught endoscopy and got to have very good friends with the other doctors.  And along the way in China it’s a different system than here.  Pretty much people are watching you all the time, like I said.  And then as you develop a better relationship with them, then they sort of open up a little more.  But never all the way.  Then they open up a little more.

Along the way one of the heads of the departments said, “Listen I think you were so interested in other things we do.  I think we should make available to you this other hospital that’s right in about 500 yards away which is a total traditional hospital but traditional Chinese medicine in those days was, and I’ve only been to Shaolin monastery and worked there and enjoyed doing those exercises.  It was really great.  But they said we know you’re so much interested in Chinese original culture, we’ll let you work there too.  So I got to work in the pharmacy.  I got to work in the acupuncture floors and it was great because…

Ben:  Now, I would imagine a traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy is a little bit different than a Western pharmacy.  Tell me about your experience in the pharmacy.

Barry:  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Harry Potter but remember that guy who’s really weird that goes around on this ladder and sends here and sends herb up here.  And this is what you need Harry and this is up to his body, and they pulled out things that were supposed to be helpful to them as far as herbs and this was exactly the same thing only much bigger.  Like ten times that big and also much dirtier and much older.  ‘Cause everything in those days was preserved.

In China, remember I told you that they didn’t have much money, so everything was preserved taking care of even if it was 50 years old or a hundred years old.  You had to take care of everything as if you may never get to replace it ‘cause there wasn’t any money coming from anywhere.  The government wasn’t gonna give you or they might see you do that.  That’s what you’re going to live with.  So they’d send the pharmacy people these ladies were always rushing to make these herbs and growing herbs in a decanted liquid that would just boil and boil and boil.  And then they would take the liquid off and then they will take it up to the patient and they will have them drink it and eventually they let me help them make the herbs.  First I watch them and so they would go over there.  And so I couldn’t… my Mandarin, although I was studying all the time.  I really couldn’t tell what was going to be behind every box.  So I’d open the box reach my hand and pull out an article.  My God, what is this a bat wing?

Ben:  A bat wing (laughs).

Barry:  I knew enough about art, different things in the world.  But what’s this? Oh, this is a clump of spiders.  What is that for? And these are scorpions and their dead, thank gosh.  This is saliva from a swallow.  And eventually, I found out this is saliva not just from a swallow but from a certain mammal.

Ben:  It sounds like an extreme version when I go to Chinatown like in San Francisco in one of the shops there.

Barry:  Yeah.

Ben:  Where there’s big glass jars full of different mollusks and meats.

Barry:  Imagine these little box or these little drawers that have never been cleaned.  Who knows what’s been there all long.  That never would pass anything at UCLA but they boil them like crazy and we give them to patients.  Actually patients use them and I saw them get benefits.  So they did have a break with herbs and the benefit but they weren’t like everybody they can order supplements.  They can order herbs, wonderful now and it’s all standardized and purified.  No, it wasn’t pure as it was like real.  It came right of the forest or right out of a mountain but it wasn’t something that you could say, “I think this is going to be safe.”  No, I was always worried as a doctor but, my gosh, am I giving somebody something that’s not going to work or something that’s going to hurt them? That’s why I had to watch the patient’s first…

Ben:  Actually, how to handle a bat wing in Spokane.

Barry:  Yeah, and so I didn’t know, so I tried it myself.  And I would always drink it too and try it with each patient and of course, then I would have like I told you earlier in certain other places you have these wild experiences and what they experience this herb was.  You know I didn’t drink as much as the patient would ‘cause some of those are anti-cancer therapy something someone would like things that balance all your different acupuncture channels.  It all has foundation which people now learn through some of the basic texts of traditional Chinese medicine.  But what’s interesting is that was all that was allowed to be in the cities.  The rest of Chinese medicine that was it.  This is all that allowed back and with a deep tissue massage and acupuncture.  I got to learn acupuncture also but we knew how to acupuncture here.

As a matter of fact, I remember at my hospital UCLA when they first said, “What about this acupuncture? Can we bring it legally?” No, it’s not good and we don’t have enough research on it.  We don’t have controlled studies.”  Wow, when I was there, no controlled studies there would be eight people in the room and I watched them put this needles about this long.

Ben:  Gosh.  That’s a long needle.  For those of you listening in the audio that’s like eight inches long.

Barry:  Yeah, and where do they put it in places, I would go, “Huh! I’m going to have to resuscitate this patient.”  As a physician, I was many many times going, “Barry, what have you got yourself into?” I mean, what if this patient howls?  You’re going to have to do CPR on this patient.  And they’ve got 10 patients in the room, and there’s all these smoke.  Oh, what’s the smoke for?

Ben: There’s smoke, yeah, why was there smoke?

Barry:  Well, we put the needles in and then they have this little thing you put on top of the long needle, and then on that you put more herbs from the pharmacy that you burn.  So it’s like moxibustion only it’s a lot of moxibustion, and remember ‘cause China was not wealthy in those days, the only separation between the patient was this little curtain between 10 people.  So the smoke from this one’s going up in the air.  Smoke from this one’s going up and the next one and the next one.  So finally the whole room was filled with intense smoke.  And each one is…

Ben:  And you’re all in there working and so there’s smoke.

Barry:  And I’m in there working and I’m going, you know, I know smoke is not really a big thing in the United States anymore.  It’s not something we want to be breathing.  I’ve had patients who had problems with smoke and here I am breathing all that smoke every day.  But I’ve got to find out how this works.  I mean, I’m just going to see if I can handle it and see what goes on.  And plus I got to see and do some amazing things and they taught me acupuncture too and what the whole acupuncture system was for all the ones that have finally been written up.  And it was wonderful and I actually followed, and I had a really good friend both a male and a female doctor who ran the acupuncture clinic and we would have a lot of discussions and I would ask all these questions about what was the shortest time if you’re going to see that get somebody well? Do you ever keep anybody out of the hospital using acupuncture?  As they were developing that they are all saying there’s just too many people in China we don’t time to keep you out of the hospital.  We can barely handle people coming in.  There’s too many people who are sick.  So they weren’t even interested in what I was interested in.  Can you imagine? And so they have this technology but it wasn’t fascinating enough for them to see to pursue that.

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Barry:  So one night when I was over in that hospital, I went to the library and the library wasn’t like in a nice room like we’re in now or any other hospital.  That was an old hospital room part of the room was wood and these books were stacked up.  It’s not like it’s all organized by the Dewey Decimal System where you can just find it.  I was always pulling books out and going, “Wonder what’s in here?” And of course there were tons of dust everywhere.  Nothing was clean.  I’m only saying that because if you come from the university hospitals what’s the first thing a patient says?  “How clean is my room? Is this being kept clean? Has anybody else been in here?”

Ben:  Right.  Copper handles and [44:04] ______ (crosstalk).

Barry:  Yeah, you want everything done.  Where’s the gloves? No gloves.  None of that stuff.  So we never wore gloves at all except when I did endoscopy.  And then we didn’t replace the gloves.  We wore just those.  Totally not done here.  So I found one book one night with this guy who was treating somebody and he’s not even touching them because of the distance and I kept looking at the pictures.  I was going, “This guy is treating with energy.”  I could tell what was going on.  I can understand enough of the writing there and so I carried the book and ran back to my chief of the department, I said, “Listen, this is the guy I want to meet.  This is why I’m really here.”

And he looks at me and looks at the book and goes, “Forget it.”  That was like that, I’m rolling.  I’m all excited and he goes, “Forget it.”  I was like my six years of looking for this and he says, “Forget it.  You’re completely not going to meet those guys.”  They’re up in the mountains.  They’ve been like, they’ve been out of the city since now.  They tell me that’s what he wants? And so, they’re very expensive.  I mean, really expensive.  In those days was way more that I can imagine.  Like $5,000 just to go see one of them plus you’re American they’re not going to want you there.  You’re Caucasian.  You know, there’s not many Caucasians here and there’s none up there.  And so it’s a very serious place up there.  That’s it and I still want to go and they said, no.  There’s no one who’s going to take you there.

Ben:  You’re a crazy white doctor.

Barry:  Crazy white doctor.  It says plus there are other repository of all Chinese medicines.  This is where it all came from.  The hospital you’ve been working in all the things that are in our Chinese culture all comes from…  You know, in the original days of China it was called the Middle Kingdom and they still made people homes that way and so it’s sort of health supposedly in this wonderful magical place where you can define kinds of information that really can help you without having to go, I guess in a scientific approach in ways of being, people would say stories that almost sound like they’re fantasy stories but for them they’re not.

Especially, when I finally convinced them to say look I really want to go and I really don’t care.  It’s okay, but nobody’s going to take you there that you know.  I mean, I can get you my cousin, he’ll take you this far and then he’s got a friend who will take you this far and then in another day somebody will take you up the mountain.  I don’t know who the guy is going to be.  And so finally I went up the mountain about two days later on back of a motorcycle.  One of this old motorcycles like this nothing new.  And then he let me off not even at the top.  And he let me off like I was one third more to go.  So I climbed for another hour or so and then finally I got up there.  And when I got there you would think that you know, seeing a guy in a baseball hat, a Caucasian coming into this big Chinese temple where these people are being treated all the time.

Ben:  So that’s what there was at the top of the mountain, a temple?

Barry:  Yeah, it’s a temple where they were working and people were being brought up and people we’re actually being treated from a distance.  And you would think that it was like something where I would might be welcome as a visitor who’s like from another country.  Wouldn’t this be great? Which was not how I was treated. I was sort of looked at like, “Why are you here?” You know, this is like, “We don’t need you here.”  And so I didn’t get kicked out but I certainly was not invited in.  So I just sort of was watching all the time but what I saw was what I’d always wanted to see ‘cause I actually saw people wounds being healed right in front of me.  And as a doctor I was going…

Ben:  You mean wounds being healed with energy?

Barry:  Without touching the person.  Without putting needles in them or anything and actually I know how long it takes for a wound to heal from our multiple studies here in surgery.  And I saw things that sort of zipped together right in front of my eyes.  And of course, I said maybe my eyes have been tired.  Maybe I’ve been walking the mountain.  I hope I can stay another day.  Which they didn’t even invite me but I stayed anyway.  And they didn’t give me food.  So I finally begged for them to give me some water and things and the next day I saw even more and more until finally I convinced them that I really wanted to stay there and follow them and take notes.

Ben:  Did you stay up on the mountains or you go back down the mountains of China and then come back.

Barry:  No, I would stay.  I didn’t want to leave.  And after I finally found what I wanted after a 150,000 miles around sort of pulling the globe by airplane miles.  I was like I was not going to go no matter what.  Even though they were not pretty friendly at all.  And they said okay we’ll let you watch.  But they used to call me Gwailou which means not as a complimentary term.

Ben:  Gwailou?

Barry:  It means white ghost.

Ben:  White ghost.

Barry:  Which means you’re not part of the people who’s coming over the mountains to get us cause a problem.  You’re not safe to be around but we’ll tolerate you because the walls come down and supposedly the world is trying to connect.  So we’re not going to just throw you out like, you know, if what the term means.  You shouldn’t be around.

So I actually got to see great things happening.  I used to come back every few months to study with them and watch and learn.  It was great.  The most amazing things with people’s injuries were being fixed right in front of my eyes.  People’s mental case mental situations were changing.  One who came there just because they had something they wanted the master there to help them with their business and tell them things about their future and things that concern, help things about the future and the present.  What they needed to do and then the people would come back on other trips and see they were being successful.  And so I kept following things and the whole time as a doctor I’m going, “This is so wonderful and this is so not what anyone knows about on the other side of the world.” Nobody knows about it.

So when I came back to UCLA every after each trip, there wasn’t even anybody that I could even talk to about it because no one was even interested in that, plus they wouldn’t even believe it.  So that even made me more excited.

Ben:  Do you run back to UCLA in between your China trips?

Barry:  Oh yeah, I was still doing surgeries.  So then finally the greatest thing happened after a couple of years of not having any respect, any appreciation.  Not even given a place to sleep.  I had to find my own place to sleep.

Ben:  Every time you’d come back to California and go up this mountain you had no hospitality?

Barry:  The number one comment they said, “Why are you here? Why did you come back? Why are you here? No one invited you.”

Ben:  So you would just kind of fend for yourself and watch and sleep where you can sleep and get your hands in the food and the drink that you could.

Barry:  Uhmm.

Ben:  Just hang out and watch.

Barry:  Uhmm.  I figured if they’d have that they throw me out.  If they get me out.  I was that much that I finally found what I wanted to see how this actually worked.  And plus remember the beginning I was like, “God this really is real but how are they doing it?”  And I don’t even see it in between the hand and the body and yet you can see a reaction.  So I sort of always studying and checking and asking if there was books on this.  And there was no books.  This discipline is the discipline that was used to protect the emperors.  And so it’s never been allowed to be written down.

Ben:  To protect the emperors? What do you mean?

Barry:  In other words this energy discipline is in that area was what’s called the root energy system for all of the other energy systems that have the world since found out about.  So you know, everybody loves doing Tai Chi.  Everybody loves the Chi Kung.  People love doing acupuncture.  People love acupressure. People love toning.  There’s all this different energy different branches they’re like branches yet but they’re all.

Ben:  Yeah.  And in medicine that’s currently more popular now.

Barry:  Yeah, but they’re all branches of a tree but every tree must have a root and that root has to go all the way down and be strong and feed all those.  That root was this discipline.  And that root discipline was not to be written about.  It’s only passed on from one person who’s really able and who’s qualified to then pass on to you, either as a treatment or if you’re ever going to be trained which I finally after a couple of years.  And I never thought this was going to happen that the grandmaster said, “Will you be interested in being trained in this discipline?” And I was like I went through the roof, I said, “Yes, I’d love it.” And so he warned me at that time, he said, “You know, you’re an American and we know you’re a doctor and that you have some notoriety but this discipline is not set for any of that.  I know you think it’s been tough over here since you’ve been here it’s not getting any worse because this system is set up so that you’re not supposed to make it.  It’s been this 5,000 year old.  The only people supposed to make it are those people who were meant to make it.  And that means you actually make it through each one of these levels, these tests.”  And I said, “Yes, I still want to do it.”  I was so excited like anybody would be, right? You’d be that excited if you have a chance.  And you said, how bad could it be? It was bad.  It was really bad.  The people that I saw who were also trying to be trained are those so many people who got injured.  There were so many things and I was like left on the side of a mountain one time.

Ben:  How did they get injured?

Barry:  Because you’d be left on the side of a mountain no one’s there to take care of you.  You have to fend for yourself and with every single one of the tests.

Ben:  Kind of similar to a vision quest except you’re on the side of a random mountain in China.

Barry:  Not a random mountain.  No one speaks the language.  There’s no one there to help you.  There’s no food.  You have to wait for the guide to come back and you’re not allowed to come back successfully unless you got the message that you were supposed to get from that particular mountain that there was energy.

Ben:  How long did you get left out there?

Barry:  It depends.  Sometimes it would be for just like three days.  Sometimes it would be for one time, it was like, uhm, I think close to six or seven days.

Ben:  You say it’s just three days that’s a little while.

Barry:  Well, if for a little while you have no food, you’ve got to find water and your thinking you know, just a week ago I was doing surgery and you see a way and everything is like clean and lean, and you’re telling nurses what to do and people bringing in patients on gurneys and everything flowing smoothly, and here I’m out here I may die.  And I was going, why are you doing this? Are you really going to get what they want you to get which is there supposed to be, get this, you’re a Western doctor, they said, “There’s a message in the mountain.” I’m like, “In the mountain? Where in the mountain.”  And they said, “You’ll see.  You will have that experience if you do the techniques that we’ve taught you while you were there.” So I consciously was doing the techniques.  I was doing the practices which many of which I’ve now brought back to the United States.  What you ought to do some of us never did in those a little earlier.

Ben:  You do the things you call “The Exercises.”

Barry:  Yeah.

Ben:  So some of the things you brought back are the same things they had you doing there on the side of the mountain.  What was the grandmaster like?

Barry:  You wouldn’t if you’d liked it.  I don’t know, have you ever seen the movie Kill Bill 2?

Ben:  Yeah.

Barry:  Yeah, that’s what he looked like.  And it was never ever a fun way ever and he did smoke the whole time and he was always looked at you a stance like, you know.

Ben:  He smoked a cigarette the whole time?

Barry:  Well, always and he would never look at you like you were going to make it or that you were great.  I don’t think I saw him smile to the very end when I passed a couple of tests that were pretty bizarre.  I think I was telling you one time he led out to this lake and it was a walk from the lake.  It’s a small lake.  It wasn’t that big.  Maybe about 20 yards but we walked around, he pointed out the yellow snakes in there.  Lots.

Ben:  Snakes?

Barry:  And he says these were all poisonous, so be careful.  And I was like, “Be careful.  What seems to be careful we’re walking around them?”  We got to a certain place where there was like this ledge and he starts walking out into the lake and I’m going.  This is interesting ‘cause this is a demo.  And so he’s walking but as you watched him walk you could barely see where his feet were touching.  We’ll he had to be touching the rocks unless his levitating but I actually couldn’t see that and as a doctor again I was going, “Am I really seeing this correctly?”  And I try to catch if he is actually floating along there or was he actually got to the other side very quickly and then he turns around and he goes like this.  You know, no smile just one finger.

Ben:  Point to you to come?

Barry:  Yeah, we’re all on this.  It’s like four of us, okay? And I’m going, “Wait a minute.  We just saw the snakes.  You just scared me about that.”  I’m a doctor.  I don’t like snakes.  This isn’t about some kind of thing.  Those are poisonous.  So I said, again that’s another test.  Every single time that you were confronted by something that you really don’t know how you’re going to do it over there in this program, it’s set up that you’re not going to be able to do it unless you pull in the energy at the next level lest you expand.  And really since then I learned you know, of course physics that the world is always expanding or it’s contracting?  Depends.  You know, the universe always getting larger and larger out there as we keep looking farther out there.  We know it’s this planet you can’t find the end of space and that’s an interesting thing and now people understand it has something to do with humans.  The fact that they were looking and all that the quantum information but what was really interesting was that every single one of those tests you didn’t know what was you’re supposed to learn in advance.  It wasn’t like, “I want you to learn how to which I had learned in Chinese calligraphy [0:56:43.1] ______.”  There’s a message here or there’s a way to walk across this using the things we’ve taught you in the past and something else new which you’re going to have to discover in the process of either making it or not making it.  So you’re always learning and you’re always scared out of your mind.

Ben:  Did you walk across this lake with a poisonous snake?

Barry:  Aah, I was scared out of my mind.

Ben:  You didn’t [0:57:04.3] ______ it?

Barry:  No, but I also was very careful to see every rock as I was going over and go as light footed as I could, and also be complete in the energy because what my biggest concern was not only slipping off on the rocks but actually if I actually fell in the water whether the snakes would all be interested in me.  So one thing that was always very important in the energy is there’s not another way out.

The reality you’re living in is the reality that you’re always going to be able to pull in these higher and higher frequencies that are going to allow you to actually be one of the people that can do these different techniques.  And I just had this trust which a lot of people would say, “How could you trust these people.  You don’t even know what’s happening.”  But I just feel that it’s really real that they can do this and I really felt the world needed this and I wanted to find out.  So I was willing to risk it on and see what I would learn as I cross that lake.  Of course, when I got to the other side I was completely relieved and but to make it across to stay balanced perfectly on each one of these small rocks and actually make it without having to go like this and slip and hold on to things of was part of the test.  And what you’re doing is you are actually opening up in which I was able to finally get trained and bring back to the United States.  Opening all these sensors in your body that you can withhold in vibrations such as the body feels like a tightrope walker.

Ben:  Wow.

Barry:  But I wasn’t a tightrope walker.  I’m a doctor.  I’m a person who does surgery.  I have no business being out in this lake.  And of course, everybody else have that little voice in your head that keeps going, “What are you doing? This is not easy.  This is difficult.  Are you sure there’s going to be a lesson here or you’re just going to die here?”  And eventually there were some of the people in the group over the years, I actually had seen one guy die which saw a lot of injuries.  I had a lot of injuries.

Ben:  How did he die?

Barry:  I’m really not going to go into it but it was really one of the tests that he really felt that… he’s a guy from Hong Kong and he was over there a lot.  A very nice guy.  Very smart.  I like the guy a lot but he was very much like “Okay, this is real difficult but there’s another way to it do it than the way they’re teaching you.” He was always trying to find another way around rather than through.  And what the benefit of this program is as you got through each thing the thing you find out, you’re capable.  You have the ability to do this.  You actually don’t even realize how wonderful the inside of you is able to compete and be able to do things that you’ve only imagined when you were like five years old.  Remember when you were five years old somebody says, “What do you want to be doing when you grow up?”  “Ah, this week I want to be a fireman.”  “Okay, I thought you wanted to be Superman last week?”  “Yeah, I’m going to be a fireman and Superman.”  You mind if I’m going to be a fireman and Superman and Batman.

Ben:  And the President.

Barry:  And the President.

Ben:  We’ll get the President.

Barry:  It really saw you’re on the oval seats? Yeah.  Where does that interest and excitement and desire come from? You didn’t give it to them.  You’re the parent.  You didn’t say that’s a good idea.  All of the sudden you’ve got this sensors when you’re young.  Later they get turned off unfortunately.  Nothing so great about this discipline that I brought back is that it lights you up so you can actually be back in that general state so you can create a new job, a new relationship.  Wonderful things that the energy has effects in.  And so there was more than a couple of dangerous things.  You want more dangerous things or not?

Ben:  What happened? What eventually happened after you’ve gone through all this training what was the end result?  Did you have a graduation ceremony?

Barry:  Yeah, eventually there was not any other people around in my group.  I was one guy left standing over a long period of time and finally the grandmaster came to me and said you’ve got.  I was having a good time at that point which is like rare.  It was actually people weren’t as mean to me.  And they weren’t throwing things at me in the kitchen.  Remember a lot of times I get there straight from UCLA and I’d get them out and I’d go, “Hey, what am I going to learn?” And they’d go like this, like you’re the wrong person.  You shouldn’t be here and I’d be thrown into the kitchen.  Well, I’m supposed to be a doctor, a surgeon guiding things.  I’m not only washing pots what I’m doing this one tooth lady who’s throwing things at me and speaking loud Chinese language which I didn’t understand but I knew that she wasn’t happy with me ‘cause I wasn’t cleaning fast enough.

I had a lot of those rotten experiences but believe it or not, every one of those rough experiences was meant for you to either not make it in that experience or find a way to find the value with the energy that this could be a contribution to you.  What could you do in this space that you actually could expand through and make this a contribution to your life, too.  And every single thing which started to become that way and as I grew and grew and grew and able to do all the different practices and techniques and work on all kinds of people, I was having a great time…

Ben:  So they let you begin working on people?

Barry:  Oh yeah, and it was great.  And then the grandmaster said it’s time for you to leave and you are going to be charged with the responsibility now that you’ve found this since you’re the only medical doctor, you’re the only English speaking, the only Caucasian that’s ever been trained in this discipline to bring this to the West and see if they’re ready for it.  See if they’re interested in this.  And of course, remember we still were and this is like 20 years ago, 15 years ago now we were growing a little bit and there was more interest but when I brought it back to the West I still was not given much approval from my building doctor and all the doctors were saying ‘cause they knew I was using these techniques along with my other things in my office but I had a lot of patients.  And patients would say, maybe they’re working well with certain medication rather than changing the medication I would say, “Okay, send us a second medication.  Would you like to see some techniques I learned when I was staying in China?” They were my new lab tech with my office had all these different things that I brought back from China on my trip.

Ben:  I’ve been in your office.  I was there three days ago for an initial session.

Barry:  You saw that it’s not like the regular doctor’s office?

Ben:  No, well not quite like that pharmacy that you described but more like some ancient traditional Chinese medicine workshop.  You got paintings and rocks and crystals and all manner of kind of like strange Asian artifacts in your office.  So it is very atypical for like a Western medical office.

Barry:  Yeah.  And they all represent different levels of attainment with the energy.  For me this represents all that Yellow Mountain where this happened at five in the morning.  This I was walking along the Buddhist trail.

Ben:  Oh, those paintings in your office are places that you’ve been.

Barry:  They’re all different places all represent something that happened there.

Ben:  Interesting.

Barry:  See this discipline goes all the way back to Laozi and Erling.  Remember Laozi was one of the people who invented Daodejing.  Remember the Daodejing one?

Ben:  Daodejing, yeah.

Barry:  And the people loved that here in the West now because they like to do the fortunetelling and they like to say, oh I can guide my future with that.

Ben:  Explain to people who aren’t familiar with the Daodejing with others.

Barry:  Well, it’s the [1:03:52.6] ______ of the black and white symbol which people think.

Ben:  With the Yin Yang symbol.

Barry:  Ah, but people can get sold to this thing or it’s supposed to be this way or that way.  Actually, it’s supposed to be rotating all the time ‘cause you’re rotating and then you’re supposed to be able to figure that out according to mathematical formulas that this time.  But back in those days actually wrote down and devised basic laws of physics that we eventually were able to pull in and was able to predict things and the stars.  Some people think the Egyptians were some of the first fewer group, but actually he and some other people, Wangi, other people who were back in those days actually discovered so many great things that we’re still using today.  But in the way that [1:04:32.9] ______ was designed is so that you can actually understand your existence and he had the way for you to connect to certain energies as to see there’s more than one vibration to connect to.  I think people here are used to sensors in your body like Vitamin D the sun gets on your skin and then you see your skin turns a little brown because the melanocytes grow a little big because they absorb the vibration of sunlight and that makes your cell grow, and so we’re used to vibration we just take it as like something to that goes on and how much control but actually have tremendous opportunity to grow if you open your sensors and use all those vibrations for whatever your goals are.

Ben:  You’re saying many of us in the West are desensitized to even being able to feel energy or feel vibrations properly?

Barry:  Right.  And you don’t need to feel you just have to be able to do the practices and start to experience it in results.  With all the things that I brought back, they’re just practices you think they’re doing.  Watch a video ‘cause the energy vibrations in there and your body just sucks it up and allows it,.  I’ve got this audios and people listen to it and that remember your ear how’s your earlobe?  Your ear has three little bones and a wafer, that’s it.  And what does that do?  It vibrates.  So what you’re doing again is getting a vibration and that vibration we call language where it says vibration which you now want to call this thing called language but then the vibration then goes to your brain and then we use that depends on where country you’re in.  A certain language and a certain interpretation and unfortunately a certain fixed approach to life or a fixed way of seeing life.  And you’ve heard all those stories about islanders who see boats coming in in the old days and they go, what’s this boat?  Is this real?

Our people could never see themselves in a mirror then everybody laughs about that.  But the truth is it’s just to show you that they have a fixed way of looking and really can control what you can see.  And they have a fixed way of looking at life that you don’t have this ability to succeed and develop and allow all these sensors or these practices to come in and you don’t do the practices, you’ll never know that but the greatest thing I loved about being up there was I saw some really grumpy people.  I know there’s Chinese people are so happy if there is of course, clients or patients until after the treatment and you know, it worked anyway.

And when I try it back in the US in my office building with the patients I’d say, “Okay, you want to try this Chinese technique thing today?” You didn’t have to have a positive attitude.  You don’t have to be a positive thinker.  You just have to say, Ï want this resolved.”  Which I like that.  It meant that even when you’re in times of suffering or sadness or whatever you know the way out.  Just give me the solution and I’ll do it.  And so I would give them the practice, I turn the light out.  I would do something and then they would then have to just report to Rosie in the front office maybe two weeks later if whether it worked or not.  And then we kept records about what was going on.  And the reason I did that was because 1) I still have my nemesis in the building who was never nice about anything I was doing.  You know, you’re going to have a problem.  This is not something that’s medicine that’s proven and someday one of these patients is going to really be or you’re going to find out something’s not going to be great.  Well, eventually I don’t know it took like four or five years he developed some neck problem and couldn’t do surgery very well ‘cause the neck was always giving…

Ben:  This doctor who’s giving you hard time?

Barry:  Yeah, he says, “Does that damn stuff  work?” I went, “Yeah, of course it does.  You see these people.” He said, ‘cause my goal of doing it just in my office was I wanted to prove in the United States that one; it worked on every race and two; it worked on every age group and three; it worked on every illness I can get it in touch with.  Really severe illnesses I work on and the next number is I want to do it before people had the chance to say, “Well, do you have any proof?” I want to have a lot of proof.  So now I’ve over 10,000 testimonials that after a lot of gaming, a lot of people’s success Rosie kept collecting all these information for me and then we collated it on how many things had works on and we had great results.  And so finally, then some people came and said you’ve got to start you’ve had tremendous results with some diseases of people who are not supposed to get well from, could you start giving lectures?  Could you start creating media for people?  And I did.  I created these videos that you can get the energy from.  It’s imbedded in there.  You just…

Ben:  I want to talk about those later because for people listening or watching this we want to make some of those available for you to try this stuff out but dude, what I experienced in your office was nuts ‘cause we sat there and talked and now some of the stuff that we did together are supposed to be confidential and I certainly respect that.

Barry:  Yeah, being careful.

Ben:  But you brought me into your treatment room next to your office and what I experienced there blew my mind.  Not only how I felt during but the way I felt after I was seeing things.  I felt high even though I wasn’t on any type of medicine or smoking some kind of plant or taking an herb or anything like that.  Aside from the fact those green tea.  You were touching me and you were using, am I allowed to say you were using?

Barry:  Glass.  Sometimes I use cups, sometimes I don’t.  The only reason I use cups on the one on one treatments is they’re totally not necessary.  It just allows me to go much faster.  ‘Cause as I showed you didn’t take that long to actually to blow the entire place apart.

Ben:  How long were we in there like a half hour?

Barry:  No, about a little less than an hour.

Ben:  Okay, and why am I really fast?

Barry:  It goes very fast and I find most of you go, “Really, that was it?”  And then I go, “Well, you just check with Rosie whoever else is in the desk and might be half an hour or so and see if you’re ready to walk.”  And they go, “Ah, I’m ready to walk?”  And then people get off from the table like “Wait a minute.”

Ben:  Yeah, I was laying there and my whole body was vibrating afterwards.  You know I’ve gotten massage, I’ve got cupping done before but you know, I know we can’t share everything that you did.

Barry:  This cupping is completely different than the cupping you get from China or in Russia or in San Francisco.  Fire cups and all because this discipline does not hold that you are somehow deficient in any way.  You’re actually able.  And so I’m never taking bad things out of you.  You don’t need me to do that.  You need me just to put the good things back in.  You just need to open the sensors over here for this part.  Open the sensors over here then you will start to heal yourself.

Ben:  My major exercise to do too.

Barry:  Yeah, I get it.  The exercise you’re supposed to do.

Ben:  Especially the exercises I’m supposed to do.

Barry:  What you see energy as many times as you want during the day or the evening so I do some outside surgery in between cases.

Ben:  Right, and I walked out and my instructions were very specific.  I was supposed to rest all day yesterday.  I’m not supposed to touch anyone.  Why am I not supposed to touch anyone?

Barry:  Well, yeah, remember I told you back in the days of Lao Tzu of the Laws of Physics and even though energy cannot be destroyed Einstein used them [1:11:26.2] ______ E-MC2.  The Laws of Thermodynamics – if you light a cigarette here and eventually carbon smoke goes up and then it goes somewhere and then it comes down and it becomes some other thing.  But it doesn’t go anywhere it just stays in one continuous cycle and energy cannot be created or destroyed and also energy has certain principles that you can study and benefit from.  So one of them is that if you go to Niagara Falls the falls are going down.  Energy always falls from the highest point to the lowest point.  It always dissipates out.

So if someone comes up and starts working on your body and say their energy level was really super low and you now are at the level of Buddha, then your energy is always going to flow out towards that person which is a good thing.  That’s why God set it up.  I believe in God and you say you believe in nature or mother nature or the intelligence of the universe but the way it’s set it’s actually good ‘cause if you have a ton of energy and you have children or something and they need that energy and it will naturally balance out.  Bu then you’ll have to do your practices to build back up so that you keep your sensor’s open which is also a good thing which keeps us all growing.  But if you after this it would be a shock to somebody.  So I touch your body and I go, ‘Woah, what happened?” They would hang on…

Ben:  Put all this energy into me.

Barry:  I opened up everything and moved the energy.

Ben:  Passing onto other people too soon if someone were to touch you.

Barry:  Yeah, it would be a shock to people and plus you wouldn’t like it because you’re already growing every day after a treatment you’re… and the same with the videos.  Every day you’re growing.  Remember you don’t have a choice on this planet.  You’re either going to be expanding every moment which is great.  Wonderful and growing, getting better.  It’s the way the Law of Physics is or you can keep contracting, contracting, contracting until finally you’re in a black hole and you’re gone or you’ve got terrible arthritis.  You’ve got terrible disease.  And you’re finally dead.  Which is no movement at all.  And those are the two choices.  Either two continuums and before I got to go to China and finally found this discipline and bring it back pretty much people like I said were stuck with, you know the books called The Stages of Life.  These are your stages and you’ll eventually going to have to go this way and try not to be too upset about it.  Get some golf in before your day comes.  And that’s it.  What if it wasn’t that?  Well, what is it?  That’s one thing to have to bring back for people.  That we already have three great things about your disciplining your life above the top of your [1:13:56.3] ______.  And what sort of the groundings of that sometime.  I mean, I could tell you more.

Ben:  Yeah, I’d love to hear more about what happens to people when they experience this energy.  But even my own.  So I’ve been a little bit low the past couple of days.  It’s almost like as you explained to me my energy is going to go down a little bit and it will start to climb.    

Barry:  Your perception of usable energy.

Ben:  Right.  But weird things have already started to occur with me.

Barry:  Weird good things or weird bad things?

Ben:  For example, I’ve told you before that I’ll occasionally like those santrums before I go on a nature mercinary hike and I see lots of vibrancy and color and emotion and I feel more connected to nature and more connected to the energy around me but I’m not using shrooms the past couple of days.  And I’m walking through the Japanese gardens here at the hotel.  The red bridge was popping and every single red flower I could see and distinct in detail.  I went to the gardens yesterday and every single pomegranate hanging there was shining and red and was just popping off the tree and I haven’t told you about this but last night I tried to call my wife and I got a voice mail.  And so I called her back again but before I dialed I said she’s going to pick up and she picked up.

This morning I was craving a bowl from SunLife Organics, okay, and this is one of my favorite stores that I go to and usually when I’m in Malibu.  I didn’t even know they had a store in Pasadena.  Your assistant texted me about five minutes later and told me that she was at SunLife Organics picking up these bowls and chooses that exactly what I was craving right at the moment it came to me.  So all these weird things are happening to me is this normal?

Barry:  Yes, this is the Big 8.  The whole thing.

Ben:  The Big 8?

Barry:  The whole thing is centered.

Ben:  Oh, Big 8.

Barry:  Well, remember I told you about the 10,000 testimonials and then I had the number of people who were facilitated volunteers since to collate all the victories people were having with this energy and every single discipline.  But actually of course, I learned this in China but I had these people working in the United States they filtered down after everybody collected all the different victories in the eight specific areas that you could count on if you do these practices that you’re going to have a victory in that area.  These are my goals that the practices, pull and the vibrations you’re on to it.  So one of the eight is that people who have any kind of health situation whether it’s health normal or want to get stronger or health problem.  You’re going to heal faster.

We had one lady who broke her hip and she’s older and her name’s Lucia.  No one would expect her to really get well very quickly.  You know, usually when you’re older you break your hip people don’t want to be around because they know that you’re on your way out.  And she called me and she said, what do I do?  I said, well just listen to these audios we have.  You know you’ve got those the guided breathing exercises and the other exercise you can’t do it ‘cause you’re in the bed but it’s okay you can listen, you can watch ‘cause you’ll still absorb the vibrations.

Ben:  Right.  The same type as you gave me in the app after.

Barry:  Right.  Yeah, and…

Ben:  And we’re going to give to you guys watching by the way.

Barry:  Yeah, we’re going to have some.

Ben:  And listening.

Barry:  We have some things that we’re going to make available to people and it would be truly great.  Thank you for doing that.  So anyway, so she listened to this on her own and then I would check on her every couple of days and then finally she was discharged and before she got discharged her doctor said, “I don’t know who is this other doctor you’re working with, but keep working with him.  ‘Cause we don’t have anybody your age that’s would heal this fast.  Plus Lucia you were voted best patient in the hospital this week.”  ‘Cause she was always a bright shiny penny.  Plus there’s a person going on a [1:17:40.8] ______, she emerged didn’t take any painkillers.

Ben:  Best patient in the hospital that’s some award you want to hang in the wall.

Barry:  Yeah, she got that without that.  And she got discharged to some physical therapy thing and she became the star of that place and so you know most people are so worried about osteoporosis and some are worried about your bones not healing. In China…

Ben:  She had access to this energy?

Barry:  Yeah, because she was watching the videos.  She did the videos and she listened to the audios.  The audios have different guided visualizations and all you have to do is just sit there with your eyes closed.  Or you can just listen in the background and the vibrations are in there and those vibrations are like a tuning fork.  You know you’re a tuning fork if somebody is I think, it might be super common.  You know, what the people believe that if they have a tuning fork and you have the right vibration, you can break a glass. I think some people know that, right?  If you’ve got…

Ben:  Oh, absolutely.  I’ve done sound ball healing and tuning fork.  Intense pain like a bone.  If you hold a tuning fork over a bone and it’s broken you have teeth-gritting pain.

Barry:  Right.  So those are what’s called palpable but believe it or not just like white light you just think, okay its white light.  No it isn’t.  If you run through a speck or through a prism you realize, oh my gosh, what’s been creating all these different colors?  Lots of colors.  Not just 10.  Not just freaking over hundreds.  Just like the vibrations there’s over 200 hundred of them.  And each one of those is that your body wants it.  It’s ready. It’s just like sunlight.

Remember we’re talking about that you take a plant and if it’s nice and doing well then you move it into the shade a little bit and the sun’s over here in the window.  You come back in a week the plant will be like growing there.

Ben:  Uhm, growing towards the sun.

Barry:  We’re the same way.  Our sensors really want all these universal vibrations to bring them in and you don’t need to even feel them.  Really, you don’t.  It would be distracting if you felt all of them.  For me it’s okay because I’m using them to check you out.  But if you want to go out and be able to put the ball in the basket like when I treat Catholics.

So one thing is health of the Big 8 and other one’s high performance.  If people can actually do things that they really would like to do and compete.  And so I had a lot of you know, NBA, NHL all kinds of athletes ‘cause I was only treating these in private for so many years on an exclusive basis.

Ben:  Oh, yeah, you were telling me last night and how we have to keep it confidential that you we’re working with guys in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, the UFC, US Senators.  Crazy number of people, you know. Are you able to say any names, by the way? At all?  I’m sure we have to keep things pretty confidential.

Barry:  If they come to me and I ask them and say, would you do a testimonial then we eventually put them on the website.  But I usually don’t prey the name around because, you just go to the website and you can see.  Tony Robbins and some.  There’s all kinds of people that are on there.   

Ben:  Tony Robbins. 

Barry:  Yes, he’s had a testimony on there.  We have been treating for a long time.

Ben:  So he comes to you for treatment.  You charge him up with this energy.  The same type of energies you have in the videos and the audios but you’re doing it personally to him and then he goes off and crashes it afterwards?

Barry:  Yeah.

Ben:  Interesting.

Barry:  It’s all available for everybody.  I want everybody to have that.  You get to be what you want.  It’s just that people get tired.  So up to the part of the eight though is you did speak what you want.  That’s why remember when you….

Ben:  Right.

Barry:  Remember I said you’d rather have goals?  What I was listening for is which of the eight you were looking for and I was like, “Okay, we can do that.  We can do this.”  So the second thing was you actually have more prowess.  You can develop talents that you don’t even think were possible and also you could heal injuries that you don’t think possible.  So you could be in NBA Finals which happened with one player and he was one of the best shooters on the team and he got a big injury in his hand and so they said, “Oh, man I’ll play or the team’s going to lose.”  And so I got to treat him it’s really great.  And so he got back in the game eventually his hand no one could believe that it was able to be fixed and without any cast or any surgery and he was able to play and put the ball in a basket.

Ben:  (chuckles) I know who you’re talking about (laughs).

Barry:  Yeah, so that people get stronger.  You can get healthier with time.  You don’t have to get weaker with time.  Even the healthy or through an injury.  As a matter of fact, one of the rules of this discipline and the discipline does have a name it’s called The Get Younger Treatment.

Ben:  Get Younger.

Barry:  Uhm.

Ben:  So that will be like the translation from Chinese?

Barry:  Uhm.  Or to a New Life Energy.

Ben:  So this is your 5,000 year old energy?  This is called New Life or Get Younger Energy for you to translate it from Chinese.  And basically after all those years in China you were able to figure out a way to package it without any of the big leaves or the heavy crystals or the [1:22:21.4] ______ (crosstalk) therapy to bring it back.

Barry:  Yeah, because that’s not the way.  It’s all vibrations.  It’s what we’re really made of.  It’s the other side of the coin.  Remember it’s how we’re made and you don’t have to cut something off if your own body can start to heal and it will disappear for you.  You have the ability to do all kinds of things and here it’s usually people have one person who was able to do that you don’t need anybody else to do it.  No, it’s all of us have that ability.  Our bodies are all made.  We’re all human beings.

Ben:  Creativity.  Another that I know you told me about.  I started to write.  I’ve had a singing songwriting journal that I’ve travelled with for about the past six months.  I still haven’t cracked the cover on it because I want to write music but I just have not had that muse yet to begin doing it.  I started to write my first song yesterday.  It’s creativity.  And those weren’t my goals but it just came to me.  Right away.

Barry:  It’s all the vibration.

Ben:  And then another one that you talked about was serendipity.  And this relates to like the smoothie and calling my wife…

Barry:  Serendipity on command.

Ben:  Serendipity on command.  What does that mean?

Barry:  It means that you know inside of you that today I would like to have contact with my wife and I also want this person to make a contact with them plus I want to do business with this person plus I need to figure out what to do with that and I want to get home to be with my kids.  Well, if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t turn out you’re very upset because life becomes complicated and you will say, oh you just need more time management or you need to declutter your life.  No, what you need is serendipity on command.  When you’re vibrating at a certain level of continuous success, I forgot the name of the whole company that have for all these has got energy for success.

Ben:  Energy for success?

Barry:  And they never needed advertisers.  All sustained by word of mouth.  Like what people had I wanted not to have a company that relied on anything but people’s results.

Ben:  Yeah, I’ve never heard of you before.

Barry:  Yeah, everybody had to have results.

Ben:  Until I believe, Dave Asprey, who talked about you in his book.  He talks about this thing called mitochondrial meditation in his book “Head Strong” after the book came out all these people started tweeting me and emailing me, have you heard of this guy, Dr B?  Who is he?  Is he for real?  So I had to come down here and see what you did and it’s mind blowing.

Speaking of the creativity component, you told me that you worked with this kid who walked into your office just basically in his pajamas living in his parent’s garage or something.  What happened with him?

Barry:  Yeah, for years.  We’re going to do a whole video on him and put it on the website because he’s a riot now.  He came in and I threw him out.  I said I’m not going do it.  You’re too far gone.  You’re Dad let you live in a garage.  You’re not 21 he’s like I think 26 at that time and he should have already had something going on.  He says, “No, I’ve always wanted to be an artist and a musician songwriter and I’ve been working on my songs and I live in the garage because somebody I’m going to be good.  And my father who is always upset with me lets me live in the garage.  So he came in with his pants his old gym kind of things you know, made out of cotton.  This Nike kind of things with a tie on it and his wallet looked like some horrible piece of leather with this one thing in it.  It was a riot ‘cause we asked him, you have to put that on your demographics.  And then his shirt was torn, a t-shirt.  And he says, “I really, really want you to give me the access to be able to be creative.  I really want to become a great songwriter.” And I said, “Really you’re just too far you’re gone.  I mean you’ve been living in the garage this long.  How many songs you have written so far?” He says, three.  I go, “How long did it take you?” He said, “I totally have been living there five years.”  I said three songs in five years, oh, this won’t work.  This is not [1:25:50.2] ______.  You sure you want to go through this?  You want to have this ability.  Maybe you want to do something else?  He said, “No, I really want to be a musician actually write songs.”  I said, “Okay, I’m not going to do this for you unless you’re very, very you know, how serious I was with you?  I was even worse with him.  I said, “I’m not going to.”

Ben:  You were very serious with me.  I thought you didn’t want to work with me.

Barry:  That’s right.

Ben:  You asked me all these questions, are you really going to take this seriously?

Barry:  I know.  I was going to throw you out.  I’m always going to throw everybody out.  Really.

Ben:  No, I felt like I was going to get thrown out.    

Barry:  Yeah, I was going to throw you out because I had to have you realize that this is going to be your chance and you have to see that and you have to want that.  If you don’t want that then you can go back to the world as it is which I call a certain culture which is calm.  Which sort of always tells you you have limitations.  As time goes on you have more limitations.  As time goes on you have more to complain about and your life isn’t this expanding wonderful thing where you get to find out that you can hit what I do with the golfers or that you can sink a 40 foot putt.  Or that’s another one and said you have the ability to be way more high performance.

Ben:  So we’ve got health and then so this series where you turned out to be successful?

Barry:  It’s really a funny story.  I finally said I will treat you only if you and under this many people that you have to text me every day.  And for me I’m still doing surgeries every day.  I’m just doing treatments in the evening and on the weekend and then lecturing all weekend and travelling.  That’s how I’ve been going for the past ah yes, 15 years.  And some people always go, “How can you keep going like that all the time.  Don’t you need a break?”  I’m like, “No.”  Because the energy is like a riot.  I’m loving it.  I’m loving life.  The whole thing is one…

Ben:  You have exercise that you do in your travel.  Which will tell people about it.

Barry:  I do all the exercise.

Ben:  Wait until you get some cool at the [1:27:35.8] ______ podcast.

Barry:  All the exercises I put up for people to do, I can do them all.  I’ve been doing it for years.  And will find a way to do them.  That’s another one that people find out that we’re able to do which is that you don’t have to have anxiety about being able to get everything in.

As I told you before we have a neuro surgeon from Johns Hopkins she has to get to the hospital at five in the morning to do these great operations and they’re serious operations.  So she came and says, “I can’t get all the exercises, what do I do?”  I said, “Do it in the shower.”  Do them in between surgeries like I do.  She actually has her nurses finally learn to do them with her in between cases and her results were like mine over the years which is, because I was so busy I had to have perfect results at all my surgeries so I can get to you in the evening and the weekend.  So my results in surgeries all these years for over 30 years has been stellar.  I’ve had really great results.  I might not tellthat this is new.  That if I come in so I can have complications.  There’s going to be a great result.  Which I was happy for not as an ego thing but happy for a place that you know the energy works even in surgery.  It allows you to have your hands, just like with the athletes, way more flexible and your perceptivity is more specific.  So that you can actually see things more clearly.

Ben:  I’m already experiencing some of that.  And I’m still on kind of like the energy low.

Barry:  Now you’re on the very beginning.  Very beginning.

Ben:  Health.  Performance.  Prowess.  Creativity.  Serendipity.  Decreased Anxiety.

Barry:  Well the decreased anxiety is what’s really funny is like a really quick story on that?

Ben:  Yeah.

Barry:  There’s this lady who came.  She actually saw one of the people who was in one of the courses that I have and she heard her talking about how her victories were in the airplane and she leans forward in between.  You can imagine this little head up here in between two seats on the airplane.  And she says, “What are you all doing?”  And this lady was in med school and she was about to drop out of med school.  She’s on multi medications ‘cause she had all the anxiety disorders.  Severe.  And she was going to drop out.  And they said, “Oh, you just go see Dr. B.  One of his courses.  You’ll be able to find a way through.”  So I actually met this lady and she did well.  She did all the exercises.  She practiced and she eventually stopped all her medications and she eventually not only a graduate in medical school but she got to be president of her class.  And the next thing which you would not have expected that this is the lady who shook when I met her, like this.  You know a lot of people are very nervous were just really nervous all the time.

And she was able to move out of her parent’s little sort of Hovercraft existence ‘cause she was from the Middle East and was very, very serious about what the parents tell you to do.  They tell you what to do.  You have to do it.  Who to marry.  She eventually married the guy she wanted which wasn’t from their race or from their ethnicity or from their religion.  And he like fit right in this typical American guy.  And then she went on and got a great job and she’s doing excellent as a physician and a teacher and she even has time ‘cause it allows you not to have anxiety.  You’re able to just keep going on to the next thing and the next.  You know, keep doubting yourself.  So that’s one of the biggest things that you don’t know overwhelm.  No anxiety.  You can multi task.

Ben:  So about relationships?

Barry:  Relationships is that people want to meet the right person.  People want to get and we have 50% of divorce, right?  And so many people came to me and said, “You know, I really am not doing so great in my marriage.  I’m really not good on my marriage.  Or I’m thinking about getting a divorce.”  And I went, “Okay.”  They said, “But just help me.”  I go, “Yeah.”  It’s one of the eight.  Just do the practices.  Make your goals if you want to stay together or if you don’t know yet.  As you start feeling better and better you’re going to be returned to that place where one, you don’t have to take all these medications that calm your anger down at the other person.  Two, you’re going to be more like you were when you met them so you’re going to actually be more clear who’s over there.  You’re not going to be this person who’s built up all these grudges and then you can make a good decision.  So a lot of people come who are on the verge of divorce and they decide they’re going to stay together and you can meet lots of those people if you come to these seminars.  Or meet people around the United States they’ll tell and we have testimonies about that.  Which I’m very happy about that because people then renew their love for each other and I didn’t have to do anything.  I tell you it’s the best thing about this energy is that you did the work.  All I did is give you the access and then you just make yourself.  If you want these eight to be present you’re life every day, you get to do it just listen to the video.  Watch the video for 15 minutes twice a day or do the exercises.  It’s very…

Ben:  And these are all the things that they just get access to within an app.

Barry:  Yeah, the app on one of the programs that we’re going to make available.

Ben:  Gotcha.

Barry:  So the relationships can do good.  And also you can find your soulmate.

Ben:   Not to put you on the spot but you also talked about how you’re able to do things like work on people from afar, like you told me that you would actually be somehow passing on energy to me or working on me or working with me somehow after I left.

Barry:  I think this is a really interesting topic but it’s really much larger because it all deals with the energy’s really about which is Physics.  So I know that…

Ben:  Get in that a little bit.

Barry:  Okay, let’s start with this.  Everybody thinks this is a cup and its fine or this is a table and this is a hand.  Okay, there’s three different things.  But actually if you look on an electron microscope and you keep lower and lower what do you see?  You see cells and then you finally see cells in the wood and you see…

Ben:  Atoms.

Barry:  And then finally get down to molecules and then atoms and then inside neutrinos and all these things and then finally if you go really, really far it’s just a dot and a dash.  A dot and a wave and then the worst part about it which is one of the quantum people that throw them out.  Which is that you know, when you look at the dot it doesn’t stay it comes away from and a way it becomes a dot.  So the human has the interaction.  So really.

Ben:  A human’s thoughts and energies are…

Barry:  So what we really are is whatever’s going on if that’s the base of everything is a dynamic it’s an action process called the vibration.  And that’s what life is like.  Life is moving and expanding.  So if at the base of everything is really the same thing, a vibration then you really have access to that.  And you really can affect that and people like to make I guess, fantasy stories about it.  It’s not a fantasy at all.

And I’m sure you’ve had ‘cause you’ve got what two kids, right?  And sometimes it’s occurred to you that, “I better call home.  I better call home and talk to my child about this thing it’s been bugging me.”  And you call and the child will be right there and that will be exactly what the child’s thinking about and that’s what you’re thinking about.  And you’ll go, “Oh isn’t that unusual?” But no it’s serendipity on command.  You actually were hooking in to the fact that there is a connection that you can make between people that if you study Physics even more and you can just go into all the Quantum Physics is about.  The fact that you were not separated from everything that you think you are.  You’re actually, all the benefits come from recognizing you’re not…

Ben:  Yeah, there’s just great books about this ‘Biology Belief’ by Dr. Bruce Lipton.  ‘Healing and Recovery’ by David Hawkins.

Barry:  Right.

Ben:  Healing is Voltage’ by Jerry Tennant.

Barry:  Right.  And the benefit is that some people go, well how far does this go?  I go, you limit it.  And they go, I’ve limited it if I go.  Why is it you think when you see The Hubble it’s those beautiful things out in the outer space that you think that’s the way from you.  Why do you think that you’re on a small planet and the little tiny planet in a distant constellation far off somewhere in the universe and you don’t really matter that much except in you know, whatever you call society and that’s how it’s going. What if you were connected to all that?  Now if I present that to the medical community if the science behind that even physics there is.  They figure what a connect if there’s a lot of connections that we have and if you use those things from Physics you can calm down a little bit but if you use these practices you start to experience it.  So you can say, I want to talk to my wife in 15 minutes and then as soon as I finish this and she’ll call you right then and there and you go, “How did you call me right on time?” ‘Cause she had this urge to call you.  ‘Cause you start to communicate in a different way.

Some people talk about wanting to have a baby.  They go, “Oh, I think I can tell a thing from the baby and connect back and forth.”  Mothers with their children the first year or two they go, I can tell everything that’s going on with them.  We’ll that’s not just that distance.  They can be a far distance and with these techniques you can actually have a great benefit.  So that’s part of the eight that you are actually are not limited in terms of what your future’s going to be like.  How far you can have effect in your life.  You don’t have to just be a good say, construction worker.  You don’t have to be just a good student.  You don’t have to be just a good athlete.  You can be a good athlete and you can be a creator of things.  You can be someone who is an artist.  You can be a musician all of the same time.  Or going back to this guy.  What happened to him was sort of made this rule that he’d be doing this.  Yes, yes please do it.

Ben:  The singer-songwriter?

Barry:  Yeah, I said if you don’t do this I said this is not going to work.  You’re going to have to do the practice and I’m going to check on you because you’re so like in the opposite way.  Sort of sucked in the world is my garage.  Well, within about six to eight months he ended up writing 12-13 more songs and has an album.  And then after he created the album he said well, now I want to really get it out in the public ‘cause that’s my real goal.  And so I said, okay, let’s start doing this practices and make goals.  And then eventually as I told you he even got initially somebody from the Rolling Stones one of the managers from them to look at his work and finally he settled down with even better manager and then got referred to Radio Head.  And he is now with them.  And so his music is coming out.  And since then he’s done work for Beyonce.  He’s done work for a lot of famous people.  In terms of songs sometimes come out and Beyonce will do the song but she doesn’t think it’s great enough so they do a thing called.. they rewrite the thing, redo it the way she wants it.  So he’s been doing a lot of that kind of work.

Now he comes and he goes.  This happened about just about a year ago, he said, “I’m really messed up again.” I go, calm down what is it?  He says they want me to sign these contracts and I’ve never signed a contract in my life.  And I said, so should I sign it?  I go, no you have to read it.  He goes, I don’t know how to read a contract.  I’ve never learned that.  I say, who are you going to trust to read it?  He goes, well, I made my day.  And I go, no you’re going to learn how to read a contract because you’re alive.  You can do it with the energy, your brain.  And that’s another one.  Your Einstein part of your brain.  Your intelligence can actually expand with life.  You don’t have to all look forward to getting less and less intelligent.  You can actually have your brain get better and stronger.  And so I said you can learn what’s in a contract.  So he became able to look at it.  He became able to even understand it and finally he said, well, this part looks weird.  I go, yeah, it’s not in your favor, is it?  And so then finally he got another lawyer and then they discussed it and he is very happy.  He finally signed a contract that he’s safe in and he’s not in danger.  You see, a lot of people sign contracts in the music industry and you hear horrible stories about it.  You know, they didn’t have success.

Ben:  Now obviously, not everybody is a rock star or a professional athlete or…

Barry:  Or living in the garage.

Ben:  Yeah, living in the garage, or US Senator able to pay ‘cause frankly I’ll be honest like you’re expensive for someone to come down to Pasadena and get these treatments one on one with you it’s kind of the next level.  But you’ve got all these inside of an app.  All these breathing exercise.  All the physical exercises.  All the lectures from you.  You’ve actually designed those and you’ve made them available in an app that people can download and actually what we’re doing for this podcast and Barry’s been very generous to do this because I don’t believe this is something you’ve done before is this app is available to you guys to actually download for free.  And not only are we putting in some specific breathing and meditation exercise that Barry’s has handpicked for the app but what I’m talking about was how many of you who are listening in or who are watching.  You’re out there doing some crazy things.  I know you guys are living a limitless life and doing triathlons and Spartan Races and marathons and Crossfit workouts or you’re just hard charging, right?  You’re trying to achieve as much as possible in life.  And so what I wanted Barry to also do was a video.  A video to actually enhance your physical performance.  If I’m not mistaken one of the similar videos that you do like when you travel when you get off an airplane?

Barry:  Yeah.

Ben:  ‘Cause we all feel like crap when we get off an airplane.

Barry:  Right.  ‘Cause airplanes unfortunately there’s like at least hundred things that are not good about airplanes.

Ben:  Right.

Barry:  How you are breathing with all the fumes and the fuel.  Not only recycled air.

Ben:  Solar radiation.

Barry:  Solar radiation and also being placed into a sardine can seat.  It’s shaped like this.  It’s not ergonomic so that when you get out all the people are like this, you know.  And then…

Ben:  Weird stewardesses.

Barry:  Yeah, and the stewardesses, yeah ‘cause they’re the hero, so they become like this.  Which you know, it’s no fun.  There is no person there to relate to.  So I have this exercise I always do either on the plane or while I’m waiting.

Ben:  How long will they take?  These exercises that you do?

Barry:  All the exercises are short.

Ben:  Well, this stuff’s fast.  I’ve been going through the app myself we’re talking like 10 – 20 minutes for this stuff.

Barry:  Exercises in this discipline, remember I was hanging on the mountain to discover these vibrations so that I can get off the mountain successfully and not slip all the way down because I don’t have any crimp-ons or anything to hold me there.  And plus it’s winter and it’s cold and I’m supposed to be able to generate heat and I’m not even dressed appropriately for that.  You don’t have to do that.  You’ll just get the vibrations which you’ve got loaded into each one of these videos or audios along with some translation that material from the ancient days of what I was trained in China.  And then the exercises are very quick.  See the trouble with…

Ben:  What you have me doing in the morning and the evening takes me about 60 seconds.   

Barry:  Your exercises really, what do you want?  Do you want an exercise that’s difficult or want an exercise that gets result?

Ben:  Right.

Barry:  Let’s get results.  So that’s why you’ll see me doing me every morning.  I would not go through a day without doing exercise in the morning and the afternoon.  That’s how I was able to do surgeries and have such a great record.  Thank goodness.  Every year, year after year and also going then in the evening for treatments or write lectures in the weekend.  And so people now all you need to know is you have these sensors right in your body.  And you only have to feel like you do with time.  You’ll start to notice things like you’re seeing witches.  The world really the way it’s here in reality not this something you call veils in front of your eyes and you have to go through tons of hours of meditation to finally hopefully the veils will separate and you get that automatically.  You don’t have to do the thousand million hours of meditation.  You can still do the meditation but your meditation will now work.

That is the great thing I found out that these energy techniques work with people who it doesn’t matter what your faith is.  What your religion is.  What your ethnicity.  I’ve had people who were priests.  One cardinal.  People from the Islamic religion, Jewish.  All those people different countries.  Different races.  It all worked for them because people really were so much similar.  You have no idea.  I think it was only surgeons who really know this and they will not talk that much.  Is that when you cut open a person who’s African and you cut open a person who’s Norwegian.  It’s the same system.  Everything’s there is pretty much.  We have this glaze.  This cultural thing where we make everybody different so much in a bad way rather than we’re very similar in a way that we can really work with each other.  So some of the videos are about you having a relationship in your community.  You feeling, remember we’re talking about relationship itself?  You feel love more for people because you’re feeling sufficient.

See one of the great things, one of the big three about this whole energy system is that it’s easy like you said, it’s not difficult.  You say you’d practice them but then also your body is set up so that in you’re really meant to be competent.  And you just don’t know it, you’ve been trained that you need to be confident.  You know confident?  There’s all these courses of books on hey we’re going to bang you up.  We’re going to get you motivated.  You’re going to really feel like confident.  You’re going to go out there.  You’re going to do it.  That actually inside and you starting to experience this as your health and your vibrational sense of your body starts healing itself, you become stronger and you become competent.  And then you don’t have to have jack yourself up.  You don’t have to take on medications.  ‘Cause you’re actually able.

Ben:  Amazing.  Yeah.

Barry:  I once treated, I don’t think I told you this.  I once treated a little guy about six and a half years old or seven years old.  His mother came to me because he was failing at T-ball or baseball and he wanted to quit.  And she’s like, I don’t want him to quit he’s so young.  He’s really in form so I said, okay.  Same amount of time treatment so I brought him in the room and we beat up the energy and this source energy is it a lousy?  It doesn’t matter what the age people all of the sudden go, I know what this is.  I felt this a long time ago.  I just don’t remember how to get it back.  But now I got it.  I don’t want to lose this.  So I start talking to this little guy.  I go, what is going on with you?  And he goes, oh, I can’t catch a ball and I can’t throw the ball.  I can’t hit the ball.  I don’t want to play baseball anymore.  I go, okay.  I said well, who taught you how to play?  He said, a lot of coaches. I said let me see how you catch a ball.  And so he goes like this with his hand down like that and I go, no.  And I said, show me another way.  And he refuses.  Well, like this, like that and he said, no.  I said who taught you these techniques?  He said a lot of coaches.  I said, let me see you try to hit.  And so he tried to hit.  I had tennis balls in the center.  I said so you know, you’re doing everything wrong.  He goes, I’m doing everything wrong?  That’s why you’re not succeeding.  I said, you’re trying to hit the ball from here or you’re trying to catch the ball from here or from here.  That’s not how you catch the ball.  The inside who you are, you’re confident.  You actually were made to be able to catch a baseball.  You can’t think fast enough to do what you ever see those guys in the outfield who like they’ve won do two or three flips on the grass.

Ben:  That’s subconscious.

Barry:  Yeah, and then loves who you are.  It’s every time you’re just going to be conscious.  You know, I’m going to catch that ball somehow and you start running like hell and somehow you and the ball interact and then finally, boom!  You’ve got the ball in your glove and you love the experience.  So I said, you don’t need to use any of these techniques you’ll just forget them all.  They’re not going to help you anyway.  I said, you’re going to catch the ball from your whole body.  Your whole trying to pulling in the energy of your body.  The body can pull it in so that you can be competent.  You don’t have to develop some new technique.  You were made to catch ball.  And so then I started to take and I said, I’ll show you.  So I started to take a ball like this and I would just throw it at him at a different angle or I would throw it out in the air or I would throw it in a different place and he’d also go khhhh!  He’d catch it.  And he catch it I said, see you don’t really need to think.  Your body is set to do it.  And so then I started making it very difficult.  I bounced one.  I throw off the wall and eventually and then we did the same thing with hitting.  I found out with mother that the following week he did too well in his sport that he now is at home he’s always juggling.  He’s throwing fruit up in the air and catch with his mouth.  He’s always catching things.  Catching things is the most fun thing in the world because you realize it’s inside of you.

Ben:  Right.  It’s become effortless.

Barry:  Yeah, it’s who you are.  It’s what you’re made of.  It’s not positive thinking.  You don’t have to think positive.  Who you are is you are positive.  You are set up to win.  That’s part of the eight.

Ben:  Amazing. Now what Dr. B and I are doing for you guys is we’re making this App available for you to download for free.  You can go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/efs as in Energy for Success bengreenfieldfitness.com/efs.  Now go there to grab the App but pay close attention because after you get the App there’s going to be a page that thanks you afterwards.  And I’m making a couple of special videos for you on that page.  For any of you who want to take this to the next level, pay close attention to the video.  Pay close attention to what happens after you go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/efs and grab that App because I think you’re going to really like what Dr. B and I have put together for you.  I really, really want you to experience what I’ve just begun to experience the past few days and what many other people have found to be completely epic in life transform.

It doesn’t matter who you are soccer mom, pro athlete, CEO.  This is the type of thing that is going to take you to the next level.  Enhance performance, increased creativity, serendipity on command, improved health.  All the things that Dr. B and I have been talking about.  So bengreenfieldfitness.com/efs.  Grab the App there.  If you have questions or if you have comments for Dr. B or me, I’m going to keep track of all the show notes so you can read Dr. B’s bio.  Go to his website.  Take a deeper dive into some the other things that we discussed.  That’s going to be at bengreenfieldfitness.com/energy.  That’s bengreenfieldfitness.com/energy.  So show notes are at bengreenfieldfitness.com/energy.   The App that you can download right now for free is at bengreenfieldfitness.com/efs.  Dr. B, crazy white doctor Chinese five thousand year old sorcerer man, you are one of the most unique guys who I have ever met in my life.  I’m super, super happy to have made your acquaintance.

Barry:  You’re going to have all your get the lives you always wanted because then who knows what we can do together, you know.  And when you’re feeling phony energy and you’re actually, well think about when you’re ever on the flu.  When you’re on the flu and somebody goes, hey would you do this for me?  And you go, please not today I don’t feel good, you know.  Or worse if you go like this you sort of hit them and or knock them and they go, please I’m not feeling well.  But if you’re feeling full of confidence and capability by doing these exercises each day you become more open and you become more helpful to other people.  So my goal with people is not only that their personal lives get better and their goals get better but then they start to have teams and they try families that everybody gets along…

Ben:  We certainly can use this?  Can you teach this to my family all my boys to discover all that stuff?  So bengreenfieldfitness.com/energy for the show notes bengreenfieldfitness.com/efs the App.

Barry:  One more link?  Also?

Ben:  That’s it.  That’s all people need to remember.  That’s it right there.  Now Dr. B, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Barry:  Thank you.

Ben:  Until next time.  I’m Ben Greenfield along with Dr. B signing out from bengreenfieldfitness.com.  Have an absolutely stellar week.

Barry:  It was a pleasure.  Thank you.



I first mentioned Barry Morguelan in my review of Dave Asprey's book “Headstrong”.

In a section of the book, Dave describes something called mitochondrial meditation, and I was actually quite intrigued…

“I have been meditating for years, and in many different ways (including with lots of sensors glued to my head), but I wanted the Head Strong meditation to specifically benefit your mitochondria. So I sought out a five-thousand-year-old Chinese energetic medicine practice used to protect China’s emperors. It translates to New Life Energy, and Dr. Barry Morguelan is one of twelve remaining grandmasters of this form of training in the world, as well as a highly respected UCLA surgeon. He spent years at the top of a mountain in China while he was growing his Western medicine practice, studying and doing the kind of training where you sit with your shirt off and learn to melt snow around you with your body heat. Talk about mitochondrial function!

Barry is one of the most powerful energy medicine workers I have ever met; he has helped me in many tangible ways, he has treated the presidents of multiple countries, and he flies in for Tony Robbins’s big events to help keep Tony’s impressive energy at its peak. I could not imagine a more qualified person to design this meditation for you. The entire practice of New Life Energy is built around increasing and controlling the mitochondria, allowing them to create more energy and to direct it with more power. This is a core meditation from the practice, one Dr. Barry selected specifically for mitochondrial function.

There are no clinical studies of this specific form, but I’m happy to go with five thousand years of observation from the creators of this school of energy medicine. And if I’m wrong, it’s still an amazing meditation!”

Needless to say, I was intrigued.

So I hunted down Dr. Barry and got him onto the podcast.

Who is this guy, exactly?

Turns out that Dr. Barry graduated from the University of Louisville Medical School in 1973. He is a double board certified Gastroenterologist and Internal Medicine doctor trained at UCLA and now practicing in Los Angeles. Throughout his time as a western doctor, he has been profoundly interested in cutting-edge techniques that would more efficiently treat, heal and prevent disease. In 1980, Dr. Barry Morguelan’s desire to advance the western medical field resulted in a worldwide search for alternative forms of healing that could complement western medicine.

The Asian symbol of wholeness, the Yin/Yang, is an analogy representing the complement for which he was looking. If Western medicine is one side of the Yin/Yang symbol, then the other side of the symbol is what his worldwide search was seeking. He learned many alternative practices over a ten year period of time.

In 1990, after extensive worldwide travel, Dr. Barry Morguelan began exploring China. He exchanged his work as an accomplished Gastroenterologist and Internal Medicine physician for information on Chinese healing methods. During this time he was introduced to a select group of people in remote areas of China who resolved multiple illnesses without drugs or surgery. He realized that this was the modality he had been searching for all these years and which could powerfully complement western medicine.

Energy For Success (EFS) was created by Dr. B to provide people with access to the energy source he discovered that profoundly supports success towards personally defined goals. In addition to achieving personal success, people have found that by learning how to use this Energy in their everyday lives gives them a greater sense of peace and fulfillment. EFS believes that this unique method can be used on a global scale to achieve peace throughout the world. This unprecedented opportunity to affect positive global change is what fuels Energy For Success. Since its creation, EFS has supported world leaders, entrepreneurs, health-care professionals, scientists, professional athletes, attorneys, politicians, teachers, moms, dads and many more.

Energy For Success provides the support necessary to stay connected to this Energy in order to successfully accomplish your personal goals while simultaneously enhancing relationships in your personal life, local community and ultimately the world. Dr. B was invited by the elite group he found in China to train in an over 5,000-year-old system of Energy Treatments referred to as the “Grow Younger” Treatments. He traveled to China several months each year to undergo the rigorous training that was required. He accomplished this while still operating his western medical practice in Los Angeles.

In 2000, Dr. B began offering his Energy Treatments to the public. The Energy Treatments that Dr. B provides reacquaint one with the core and sacred body of Energy that they had as a child. This Energy may be used in developing a successful life and is a vibration that connects one to lifeforce. It can connect you to everyone and everything else in the world. This Energy affords a huge expansion in one’s ability to love oneself and other people as well as a huge expansion in happiness. Participants report that this Energy has expanded their general knowledge, freedom, and power so that they experience higher degrees of success in their lives.

Dr. B now delivers these Energy Treatments in various forms: an Individual Energy Treatment in Los Angeles or Austin, the Energy for a Successful Life Course Series in multiple cities, private Personal Success Calls with him, and the Monthly “Stay Connected to the Energy” Audio Series for people worldwide.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Barry went from being a double-board certified, successful gastroenterologist to becoming the “Indiana Jones” of fringe healing methods…[8:15]

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I'm interested in…*

-Crazy stories and near-death experiences from the 13 countries Barry visited – spanning Central America, South America, Europe and finally China…[20:20]

-What Barry's colleagues thought of all this and how he kept his medical practice alive…[24:18]

-The gross experiences Barry had while learning to work at a pharmacy in China…[35:00]

-An old book Barry discovered about a Chinese mystic healing people's horrible diseases without even touching them…[44:18]

-What Barry discovered on a tall mountain in China, and the crazy things he witnessed there…[45:50]

-How, after two years, Barry gained the trust of the Grandmaster who looked something like the guy from the movie Kill Bill 2…[54:10]

-What eventually happened when Barry completed training in China…[60:20]

-Ben's mind-blowing experience working with Barry in his treatment room, and why he wasn't allowed to touch anyone…[69:15 & 71:00]

-The 8 distinct areas you can use Barry's special energy for…[79:00]

The Energy For Success free app you can use to tap into Barry's energy and meditative practices…[]

-And much more!

Resource from this episode:

Click here to work with Barry one on one in Pasadena (be sure to add in the “referred by” section the named “Ben Greenfield). Please note that for one-on-one treatments, participants are asked to register for the Mastery Course or Energy Immersion Course before being able to get treated, and are to be registered for at least 90 days and have successes before being considered for a treatment. 

-The HD Video interview, accompanying article, and breathing exercise video

-A Personal Letter To Dave Asprey, 7 Biohacking Discoveries From Near And Afar, And How Dave Cost Me $440.31

-The Energy For Success free app you can use to tap into Barry's energy and meditative practices.


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