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[00:06] The Number 1 Workout to Burn Fat

[01:13] What a Litvinov Sprint for Ben Is

[02:09] What the New Website of Ben and Abel is All About

[03:42] Lean Lifestyle Insider

[04:01]  End of Podcast

Ben:  Hey folks.   It’s me, Ben Greenfield.

Abel:  And this is Abel James.

Ben:  And, you may recognize me, Ben, from the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast.

Abel:  Or me from the Fat Burning Man Show.

Ben:  And today, Abel and I want to tell you the number one workout that we’re doing right now to burn fat.  So, Abel, I’ll let you take it away first.  What is it that you’re doing right now when it comes to exercise to get your body as lean as possible?

Abel:  Alright, so the first thing that I do that a lot of people skip is a warm up.  I do about five minutes of shadow boxing and light stretching.  Then I go straight into doing some pullups to failure, doing some burpees, and then I do some heavy squats and heavy deadlifts in my shed in the backyard and that’s it.  It’s easy and I love it right now!

Ben:  Did you just say a shed in the backyard?

Abel:  That’s right.  I work out in my shed or, usually, I work out actually in my backyard out in the sun because it’s just that nice in Austin at this time of the year.

Ben:  I was gonna say the shed’s about as masochistic as you can get.  You see out there doing your squats and deadlifts.

Abel:  That’s where my punching bag is.

Ben:  So, I’ve got this thing that I’m doing.  It’s called a Litvinov sprint and it’s…

Abel:  I love how you geek out all the time, Ben.

Ben:  I have no clue what Litvinov even means.  Anyways though, what I do is I’ve got this 50-pound dumbbell and I take it out to the hill behind my house and I do 15 dumbbell swings and then sprint 400-meters up the hill.  I drop the dumbbell and while the dumbbell is still in midair dropping to the ground, I’m off sprinting.

Abel:  Man!

Ben:  And I do that eight times through and, man, when it comes to fat burning workout that is about the most potent thing that I’ve found yet.

Abel:  So, you sprint back and forth before the dumbbell even hits the ground, right.

Ben:  Exactly, exactly.   It’s like Roadrunner from Looney Toons.

Abel:  That’s awesome.  That’s a fat burning workout right there.

Ben:  Exactly.  So, I guess folks are probably wondering why Abel and I are here geeking out about fat loss since… because we’ve got a new website.

Abel:  That’s right!

Ben:  And it is basically Abel and I following around each other’s houses with a camera, virtually of course since Abel is in Austin and I live in Washington, and we are basically showing you everything that we do from the time we get up out of bed in the morning, all the way through lunch, through our workouts, through dinner, through bedtime to live what we call a “lean lifestyle.”

Abel:  Yeah, and you’ll learn things that are more of the advance strategies.  A lot of times on our podcast, our shows, our blogs we’ll talk about things that are kind of generalized to the public, but these are things that we literally do ourselves every day, all of the secrets of what we’re cooking, what we’re eating for breakfast or not eating for breakfast for that matter, what we may or may not be putting in our coffee depending on the day, pretty much any supplement that we’re taking and tons more.  Ben has all sorts of crazy gizmos that I want to be able to see.

Ben:  It’ll be a blast to watch.  And Abel’s house is much cleaner than mine, as you’ll also find out.

Abel:  That’s true.

Ben:  So, anyways though, here’s what you do if you want to get inside the Lean Lifestyle Insider right now.

Alright, so, Abel, what is the URL that people can go to if they want to get in on the Lean Lifestyle Insider right now?

Abel:  That would be LeanLifestyleInsider.com/B.

Ben:  That’s LeanLifestyleInsider.com/B and I’ll put a link in the show notes for y’all too.  Hey, Abel, thanks for coming on the show.

Abel:  Anytime, man.



For the past several weeks, one of my friends (Abel James Bascom AKA the “Fat Burning Man”) and I have been filming all the daily tips, tricks and tools we use to achieve maximum fat loss, lean muscle and optimized health and performance.

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