[Transcript] – How To Charge Any Object In Your Home (Or Your Own Body) With Healing Frequencies: The Future Of Quantum Energy & EMF Protection With Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling Of Leela Quantum Tech.

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Ben:  On this episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast.

When you walk through a busy airport and you're walking past a bunch of people, do you see stuff? Do you think other people don't see?

Philipp:  Quantum Bloc and the Infinity Bloc. You and you have one of those devices, you can do that yourself. It's super, super simple. That's why we just came up with, hey, we could just charge these collars in a specific way to help the dog.

Ben:  How would you charge up a cell phone tower like that or just like have all your healers hold hands?

Philipp:  We would do it in a little bit more modern fashion.

Ben:  Health, performance, nutrition, longevity, ancestral living, biohacking, and much more. My name is Ben Greenfield. Welcome to the show.

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Alright. So, A, I'm wearing this weird thing around my neck that some of you may have seen in some of my social media posts. It's basically like this tube with all these weird titanium balls embedded in it I honestly don't even know what it does. My guest on today's show is going to fill us in on that. And then, I have this cool-looking conversation piece up in my kitchen that has been a topic of many of my dinner parties of late because people are charging up their wine and charging up their food and charging up their cell phones. And, I also have these little plates, one that's under my pillow up in my bedroom that supposedly radiates peace and another one down in my office that radiates the frequency of abundance. And, all I can say is I feel pretty good. And, when I stick my hand inside of that thing that's up in my kitchen, I feel this weird energy radiating into my body that I know is based on quantum energy but I can't quite explain. And so, as you probably know already just in the first couple minutes this podcast, it threatens to get a little woo but that's okay. I realize it sounds narcissistic, but I should say a lot of the stuff I talk about on the podcast like 10 years later everybody's doing. But, when I first do it, everybody's laughing. So, I got to mention that.

Anyways, my guest on today's show has a horrifically difficult to pronounce name. Philipp, how do you actually pronounce your full name. I'm going to try just so people can laugh. This is the comedic relief. Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling. Am I close?

Philipp:  That's perfect. There's nothing more to add. So, I can't do it any better than you do.

Ben:  Nailed it. So, Philipp describes himself as not just an entrepreneur but also an energy healer. And, I'm sure he'll be able to share with us what that means and how he learned to do that. But, literally says he can see through blockages and barriers and energy fields. And, the thing is he's not a hippie living on the beach in Thailand. He's worked as an executive for several well-known companies like T-Mobile International and T-Mobile US where he served as vice president and he also does yoga. He plays tennis. He's a man after my own heart. He played tennis tournaments. He finished in the top eight in U.S. Senior Nationals. And, I would love to be playing in U.S. Senior Nationals to tell you the truth. When I get to be able to play in Senior Nationals, I don't know what age that is. And, Philipp lives in New Mexico now.

Anyways though, his business, his business is called Leela, Leela Quantum Tech, L-E-E-L-A. So, everything we talk about today, you can find it BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Leela. And, apparently, this stuff harmonizes or neutralizes harmful frequencies like EMF and it can optimize the frequency of any organism that's near it or any object that you put inside of it and transfer energies. And, I just find this stuff super cool to play with.

And, I'll correct myself one more time. Philipp, is it is it Philipp or Philipp?

Philipp:  It's Philipp, yeah.

Ben:  Okay, it is Philipp. Okay. But, it's spelled word P-H-I-L-I-P-P, yeah?

Philipp:  Alright.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, got it. Now, that's super important.

Okay. So anyways, before we dive into your backstory, tell me about this necklace that I'm wearing. Because it's probably the thing I've been using the most just because I travel and it's just on my body. But, tell me what it's called and what are these little balls that are inside of it when you unscrew the necklace?

Philipp:  Yup. It's the so-called Heal Capsule. And, it's what you can see actually is this, it's a brass capsule. And, inside there, there are these five titanium spheres. And, the capsule itself is charged with specific frequencies. So, it's actually combination of frequencies. So, there are the molecular frequencies of almost 80 of the most vital vitamins and minerals and organic plant extracts for the human body already in the capsule. And then, there are two specific healing frequencies added to that. So, in the spheres that you mentioned, those are just charged with pure quantum energy. And, what that does if you put the spheres inside the capsule, they boost out these frequencies that are in the capsule. So, energetically, any healer that can see energy would tell you it's a field of about 2 to 3 meters where there's quantum energy and then these frequencies are transmitted in that field. So, your body and your energetic system can leverage these frequencies. And, in the end of the day, we're all frequencies, we may get into that, but that's pretty much what's in there. And, what does it do? It does multiple things. So, usually and you may have found this already, it provides an energy boost. So, we also recommend for this capsule to not be worn at night even though there are some people that even wear it at night because they're like super deep sleepers–

Ben:  Yeah. Well, I have been wearing it at night, but I've been waking up early with a bunch of energy. And, I thought about taking it off. Obviously, I'm an idiot because I didn't actually do that, I liked the way I felt wearing it so much I didn't take it off, I just assumed all these frequencies would help me while I was asleep as well. But, that makes sense because it seems very, very energetic as does any food that I put inside of this charger that we can talk about later.

So, I understand because if you look at the work of David Hawkins who has measured certain frequencies to be associated with certain emotions like love, or peace, or joy, having a higher frequency of vibration, certain frequencies having a lower frequency of vibration like fear, or anger, or shame. And then, I've also interviewed several physicians who practice sound medicine who have gotten down into the nitty-gritty of how even our cells, each cell in each organ vibrates at a specific frequency. And thus, some of these practitioners will use specific soundtracks or tuning forks or sound tones to laser target specific organs like a sound frequency for the liver or a tone for a feeling of love or happiness.

And so, I get it and I've talked about that a little bit before my podcast. But, the thing I'm curious about, I don't know if you can share if this is proprietary or whatever, but how do you actually take, let's say, one of these? I think, you said 80 different vitamins and supplements that you're measuring the frequency of and then passing into these little titanium beads that are within, for example, this necklace. How do you measure the frequency of those?

Philipp:  The frequencies we measure together with our healer network, so we work together with a network of healers that are absolutely exceptional in their field. So, one of them is Roman Hafner from Europe who they call the “Wunderkind” there. So, he was born with the ability to see each and every frequency and vibration. And, he didn't have this physicalcy [PH 00:10:33]. He had to literally learn that over a few years and had to really concentrate to see matter the way that a normal person would see matter. When I look at my microphone here and the viewers see my ring here, that's a physicalcy that you just see matter usually. But, he would see the full vibration of that and all the frequency. And, he would look at you, for example, and he could see your heartbeat, your intestines. He could tell you if there's a neck problem or something–

Ben:  What's this guy's name?

Philipp:  Roman Hafner.

Ben:  Roman Hafner. So, you're using people, not technology to measure or to see frequencies?

Philipp:  Correct. So, we work in a different cadence. So, we develop all of the frequencies and product together that way. And then, we test it and then we know it works because of these abilities. We know it works. Of course, we're then going into the next state of testing and then we go into scientific testing and validation. We give our products to doctor offices and institutes, and they validate each and every time everything that we already knew. But, we do that not for us because we already know it works or what's happening, we do that so that we can show the people, “Hey, this is what it does, and this is happening.” Because most of the people, they can't see energy but they can read a science paper.

Ben:  Well, some people can feel it. A lot of massage therapists, they're good at this. They'll say, “I can feel your energy” or a reeky healer. And again, a lot of people raise an eyebrow at this, but I mean you can't deny with the number of people I've spoken. Paul Chek is another example who can literally see people and even do things like distance healing. And, I don't deny that us humans haven't been studied enough in terms of really realizing our full potential from a quantum energy standpoint. And so, I'm not going to ask you to prove that Roman can see stuff because I know that some of this stuff is difficult to prove. But, I sometimes look at the fruits of what produced while simultaneously questioning how much of it is placebo and say, well, there's something going on here. How did you meet this guy Roman Hafner?

Philipp:  Pretty much through my own journey because as you mentioned in the intro, I was an executive in corporate Europe and corporate America, but pretty early on in the early 2000s, I started to feel that there's a lot more than just this material world. And, I started to dig into that. Now, I must say I was not Roman at all, I was kind of probably everyone else like most everyone else. I had forgotten that I even have these abilities and that there's more than my physical body and my five senses. But, I started to do some meditation, start to do some yoga, read a little bit about this and that. And then, I started to get really interested and went through several shamanic workshops and energy healing workshops. I had some past life progression work sessions and then actually got trained myself into doing that for others or with others.

And, in 2005, I met my wife who was also born with the ability to see aura and energy fields and all of that. And, that catapulted me a little bit further into this world.

Ben:  To see aura. Well, just a real quick interruption. What's that mean to see aura?

Philipp:  Yeah. So, I mean, we all have not just the physical body, that's kind of what we can see with our regular physical eyes but we all have energy bodies. That's been proven multiple times. I mean, I guess, people know that we have energy bodies. And then, you can call that aura. That's basically the energy around your physical body. So, she could see that and she could see if there's frequencies wrong, even diseases or something like that show up usually in the energetic body first before they manifest in the physical body. That's kind of how it works. It's not really a mainstream concept. But anyways–

Ben:  Okay, got it. And, just so I could throw in real quick the whole aura thing. I know that the mitochondria even produce a certain amount of infrared light that is visible via something like a gas charge. Was it is a gas discharge visualization camera like a GDB camera?

Philipp:  Yes, right.

Ben:  You can actually measure the amount of energy someone's producing using a rough approximation of light. But, what I find even more interesting is the idea of the halo, how a lot of renaissance era painters, et cetera. They'll paint a halo around a saint or someone who tends to produce a lot of positive energy. And, when you do these gas discharge visualization cameras on people who are what we might describe as enlightened or in a state of peace or love or joy, you actually see this light radiating from right around the head area where a painter would have painted a halo. And, it makes me wonder how many of these old artists and creatives of old were able to see some of that light as well. What do you think?

Philipp:  Yeah. I mean, I think there's a lot of merit to that. And, I think a lot of those were actually tuned in.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. That's interesting. Okay. So, your wife was seeing auras and you were kind of beginning to experience or dig into this whole idea of the energetic frequencies of the human body, and then what happens?

Philipp:  Yes. And then, through the journey of going through different workshops and meeting different healers across the globe, I also met Roman. Roman Hafner. And then, we, at some point, started really working together and exploring this field of figuring out a way how to use products to actually act as the healer for your pocket, if you will. People tend to go to a healer like Roman to fix certain issues. So, we were working on a quantum technology that works with completely pure quantum energy and not with any brute force. So, no electricity, no magnetic force because those destabilize actually a pure quantum energy field. Now, we also develop certain frequencies with him together but also with some of the other healers. And, I think that the key is and how do we get the molecular frequencies of vitamins and minerals, for example, in this capsule was one of your questions.

Ben:  Yeah.

Philipp:  So, the technology we've developed, we don't keep that for ourselves that technology. The extension of that, we call them the Quantum Bloc and the Infinity Bloc. We actually make it available to the people so that, and you have one of those devices, you can do that yourself. It's super, super simple.

Ben:  Yeah, that's the Infinity Bloc, the thing that I've been using to infuse my wine, or my food, or my hand, or whatever happens to be on the kitchen counter. It's fun to play with. But, what you're saying is that you measure these frequencies and you're able to embed them or transfer them into the actual physical material like the titanium balls within this necklace or the metal plate on the unit I have upstairs in my kitchen. And then, the person who's wearing them or exposed to them or the food that it might get exposed to is them absorbing those same energies?

Philipp:  Yes. So, what you can do, so we try to use always just the Quantum Bloc for that which is the little brother basically of the Infinity Bloc. The Infinity Bloc is on that level. Very, very strong and works very fast. But, it's still possible. The concept is the same. You can take a vitamin C pill, for example, or a piece of a healing plant inside this block and just put, let's say, an aluminum card or such a capsule in there with it. And, only within seconds, literally this frequency from the healing plan or the vitamin C pill gets copied onto this other object.

Ben:  Which is in there at the same time as say the vitamin C capsule or the pair or whatever it is that you're wanting to transfer onto that metal plate.

Philipp:  Correct.

Ben:  Okay.

Philipp:  So, you're pretty much merging that frequency of the vitamin c Pill or the healing plant into that. And, it happens very, very rapidly, frankly.

Ben:  How rapidly?

Philipp:  In the Infinity Bloc, it already happens within 10 seconds and we tend to say, “Okay, do it in 15 seconds” because our mind tends to think, “Well, that wasn't enough time.”

Ben:  Yeah.

Philipp:  So, we feel better if it's 15 seconds. But, in the Quantum Bloc, it's about 30 to 60 seconds. And then, the frequency is in there. And then, pretty much the same applies when you charge objects with your Infinity Bloc, 10, 15 seconds is ready enough to get a decent charge in. And, you can leave it in there maybe for about a minute or so. Just metals should not be overcharged not more than three minutes.

Ben:  Okay. So, once I've got that plate charged up with whatever it is that I wanted to copy, the frequency of, let's say it's a vitamin C, then are you saying I could take let's say a glass of water, take the vitamin C capsule out, put the glass of water in there with the metal plate, and then the metal plate is going to transfer the frequency from the vitamin C capsule into the glass of water and makes a vitamin C frequency infused water?

Philipp:  Correct. As long as you put these two things in there together.

Ben:  Okay.

Philipp:  So, the glass of water would need to be in there. At the same time, maybe you can even cut a lemon or just don't cut the lemon, just put the lemon in and then put the glass of water in and just leave it in for 20, 30 seconds at most and then take the water out, drink it. And, you may even be able to taste some of the lemon.

Ben:  Got it. Hopefully, you don't mind me asking all these weird questions because a lot of information is, of course, available on your website which I'll link to from the shownotes. But then, there's all these usage questions that I think people might have after they try this thing out. So, hopefully, you don't mind this.

I got this metal plate. And, it's got let's again just go with the vitamin C analogy, and I've successfully done that. Now, let's say I take that metal plate out, let's say I put it in my pocket, I walk around with it, I leave it on the kitchen counter, maybe I leave it near a Wi-Fi router, whatever, it's getting exposed to all these other frequencies are not inside of that Infinity or that Quantum Bloc anymore. Do I have to then kind of refill it with something new at some point? How does it actually work in terms of the plate retaining whatever you charge it up with?

Philipp:  So, you mean this frequency card basically that we just created?

Ben:  Yeah. So, I got an aluminum card, I got a metal card, whatever the case may be, and I've got it charged up the way I want to charge it up. How long is it going to hold that charge basically is what I'm asking?

Philipp:  Pretty much forever. So, we can't say exactly forever because we don't know what happens in 400 or 500 years and what type of EMFs we may have here that suck out energies out of objects. But, as of today, if none of that were to change at minimum 300, 400, 500 years. So, no need to recharge the material. The metal probably, you would lose it at some point.

Ben:  Well, I'm confused though because what if I put the metal plate back in there and then I use, for the purposes of this analogy, a vitamin D capsule and leave it in there with a vitamin D capsule for 15 seconds or whatever? Does that just override the vitamin C?

Philipp:  Yeah. So, that's a good question. So, that's obviously a different thing. If you start using our technology again with this plate. Let's say, let's take this capsule, we charged it with vitamin C, okay, in one of your blocks. Now, you want to add vitamin D to it as well, then you would have to use a stronger version of the block in order to add an additional frequency to that. Otherwise, it's pretty much sealed and you can't get anything else in here. Whether this is a capsule or a plate, doesn't really matter, which is actually a good thing because it also means it doesn't take on anything else. But, if you wanted to add something to this now, then you would have to use a stronger version of the block which is possible with–one of our products that we offer is the so-called Infinity Bloc package. The idea is not that buy two and then it's a little cheaper, that's not at all the concept. If you have two, you can literally upgrade the concentration of the quantum energy field endlessly. So, even in 100 years, your grandchildren could do an upgrade and increase the concentration of the quantum field. That's pretty much the idea.

Ben:  Okay. Well, I still don't understand because it sounds to me like what I would need to do then is take a card that's already infused with something if I want to override that, put it in a different block, like a stronger block, with whatever new thing I want to put into it, and then I'm stuck with that. So, it sounds to me like the workaround here would be you just have multiple frequency cards that you could have one frequency card that you've charged with one thing one with another thing rather than using one card and trying to charge it up with different things. That makes sense?

Philipp:  Yeah, correct. Or, just to make up your mind before you do it, let's say, okay, you figure, okay, what is your nutritional need on a regular day? And, let's say you have these five, six, seven supplements that you like to take, then just put them all in together and charge them all onto one card. You're going to have to have seven or eight different cards. I mean, you can take two different healing plans, 100 different vitamins, 50 minerals, whatever you want all in there together with the card and all those frequencies.

Ben:  Okay. That makes sense. So, that's what I need to do then.

Now, what happens if I put a phone in there?

Philipp:  So, that's a great question that I definitely recommend to do that because EMFs are obviously something that has been around and it's not going away and does have an impact on the physical body. So, if you charge your phone, basically, I don't want to say you have a healing device in your pocket afterwards but you certainly don't have the EMF emission anymore that you had before charging. It's actually very fast–

Ben:  Have you measured that?

Philipp:  Yes. We've measured that actually with Dark Field Microscopy and with Bioresonance testing and Biofeedback Analysis.

Ben:  Wait. Those are all measurements you do on somebody's body not in the phone itself.

Philipp:  Yes. So, what doesn't happen with your phone is that suddenly the EMF is blocked. So, EMF blocking and harmonizing and neutralizing EMF are two different things because you don't want your phone to be fully blocked because then you can't use it anymore. So, what it does is that the energy, the quantum energy converts or transforms the EMF in a way that when it hits the body, there's no harmful effect anymore to the body.

Ben:  Okay. And, you were describing the tests that you've done to verify that. Tell me about these tests that you've done. Whether on the results of the cell phone or just the results of using this thing in general. And, I realize I'm interrupting you a lot, but I just have so many questions and I want to squeeze them in. So, tell me about the testing that you've done related to either the effects that happen when someone uses a phone after they've placed the phone into the Quantum Bloc or the effects that you've seen after someone just say, where's the necklace or has one of these piece or abundance cards planted around the home, or you guys have clothing as well. What are you measuring on the human body and noticing?

Philipp:  Yes. Clothing is a little bit separate because the clothing is indeed filled with high premium and high purity silver fabric. So, the clothing actually indeed blocks EMF. So, if you wear one of our T-shirts or hoodies, they block EMF literally.  I mean, over 99.9%, that's very easy to measure. You just take one of those devices and measure those. We got that certified by multiple institutes. That's very easy. The more tricky part is that the harmonization and neutralization part, how do you measure that? And, we've tested, we had institutes testing, HRV, which is the Heart Rate Variability, Dark Field Microscopy, and many, many other tests.

Now, I'm going into some of the really exciting ones because at some point, we wanted to take it up a notch. And, really the Quantum Bloc, for example, or the Infinity Bloc that you have, you could just put them in your home and don't do anything with it and they harmonize and neutralize EMF and frankly other harmful frequencies as well in your whole home, the Infinity Bloc can do it actually in more cases. And, you can put your hands inside, and then it has an even faster effect. So now, we went in and had Dark Field Microscopy pictures taken before and after what happens and then what happens if EMF gets introduced. And, in 100% of the cases, we saw amazing effects or the doctors that did it so amazing effects. Then, we went in and said, “Okay, that's not enough.” Even though we show that every time, there needs to be a randomized [00:28:14]_____ controlled double-blind and single-blind studies.

We had Dr. Beverly Rubik here in the U.S. who is one of the absolute experts in that design certain studies. And, she came back now, and I guess two weeks ago with the second of those studies and she confirmed with statistical significance that 100% of all the harmful effects of EMF on the blood can be reversed by the Quantum Bloc within only 10 minutes and actually more. And, most cases actually the blood was even better than before Wi-Fi was even introduced. What does that mean? It means that stage 1 and stage 2 of blood clotting was able to be reversed in 100% of the cases with statistical significance in only 10 minutes. Plus, which is maybe interesting for your listeners because we want to have a healthy body, right? What is part of that is the immune system. So, the immune system relies on white blood cell activity and motility. So, what EMF does is it sort of paralyzes white blood cells. So, they start to be less active suddenly if Wi-Fi gets introduced. And, it was shown again in 100% of the cases that the white blood cell activity and motility was increased again in just these 10 minutes. Yeah.

And so, those are some of the tests you've done. And, that's the neutralization or harmonization effect that I'm talking about.

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So, I'm going to give you a link. You can buy it if you're in Southern California, you can buy it at Sprouts, but you can also go to this link HVMN.me/BenG. That's H-V-N-M–hey, if I can talk, H-V-M-N.me/BenG. Gosh, they got to make that easier to remember, but H-V-M-N.me/BenG. So, you can go to try these ketone esters.

Ben:  Yeah. I was a little skeptical on with your website. And then, you actually have all this research published on your website. So, I'll link to that if folks want to check it out if you're skeptical and want to see some of these studies.

Now, I don't know if the answer to this question and it might be a little bit of a complex question. But, people are listening to this and it seems a new podcast comes out every day about the new EMF blocking device bro and the radiation frequency protection harmonizing block and the little thing that lights up that you wear around your neck or you put on your desk. And, there's even people who are coming and doing a full walkthrough the home like the bio geometry of the home. How's this different?

Philipp:  For my understanding, actually the bio geometry also works. It's earthbound though and it works differently and it's with a lot more effort, frankly, but it does work. Most of the stuff out there though that we see does not work at all. So, for example, these little stickers that you put on the back of your cell phone, we had an institute test 12 different types of these and none of those work whatsoever. And, we know that for a fact because we were actually looking into these and we're figuring, “Well, if those worked and we charge them with quantum energy, they make work even better but they didn't even work to begin with.” So, all that, you can totally forget.

Ben:  They're cash cows though, they got pretty good margins, those little stickers.

Philipp:  Yeah. I mean, you have margins on those stickers and they don't work and it's working with fear. We're not at all working with fear because I'm saying that there's a lot of benefits to EMF to the positive side of it because we have a lot of benefits. Now, we can talk, we can use Wi-Fi, we can use our cell phones. There's a lot of benefits. It has negative effects though. Also, we can do something about it but certainly not with some stickers. So, if you look for something, then check out really. Is there real studies and testing done and ideally look into real studies?

Ben:  Yeah. That's what I look at because I don't deny the placebo effect. Look, if putting a polka dot on your iPhone case makes you feel better about yourself or feel better about the way that your phone is treating you and also results in you having lower levels of salivary cortisol or higher HRV upon your own personal measurements, great. But then, also in addition to that, ideally look for studies that have been done on a larger number of people preferably double-blinded and that might give you more clues about how much time or effort or money you need to be putting into a certain device. So, I appreciate that you guys are doing the research.

And, by the way, just so folks know. I figured this would be another flash in the pan but as I do with a lot of these shows, I test the heck out of stuff before I say, “Okay, there's something going on here and I invite somebody on my show to talk about it.” So, there is something going on here. I think, it's beyond placebo. So, what would happen if I put–so I got this beautiful Infinity Bloc. If people go to the website to see what it looks, it doesn't take up a lot of space, I have it up on my kitchen counter right now. And, like I mentioned, a great conversation starter for dinner parties. What happens if you put food into it? Will that mess it up or change the frequency of the block? Can I ruin the block by putting something in it that it shouldn't be in it?

Philipp:  No. There's no way that you can ruin the block like that. And, actually, a lot of people do that. So, that's one of those things to charge your food, to charge your water. Is one of those things where you can optimize the food that you put in or the water. And, just for people, I'm not just saying this again, and we've tested this with lots of tests.

And, some of your listeners may know the Emoto Institute. Emoto is from Japan and he was the one that actually proved as the first scientist that you can change the energy in water, and they found a mechanism on how to visualize that. So, they freeze water, and then they can visualize crystals and water, and you can change the energy. So, they tested our products as well and they found that the Quantum Bloc changed water to the positive faster than anything else they've tested before. And, that was actually three minutes.

Ben:  Although granted they did do. So, I'm just going to say this because I know somebody is. They did do some triple-blind follow-up studies on that and failed to show any effect. However, my father was in the water industry and I've seen some of his tests. I've seen some of Dr. Gerald Pollack's research on the ability of water to be influenced by frequencies, by light photons, and arguably by the energy that the human body creates. So, I'm not throwing Emoto off to the side, but I am going to say that there's some big question marks around the research that he did.

Philipp:  Okay. Yeah. What we do is we don't concentrate just on one institute, so I think we have about seven, eight different institutes, testing methods, and doctor's offices that all look at the products. And, all of them in 100% of the cases come back with positive results and studies. And then, again, that is then validated again. So, you indeed optimize the water with the Quantum Bloc or the water bottle, for example. I can't speak for other people that just use the Emoto Institute maybe for just one isolated test. I can't speak to that. I–

Ben:  Yeah. I would say that Emoto's research is just kind of something that could be added to the clues that we have about the effects that frequencies and energy can have on water. Unfortunately, the main scientific paper that was published today to demonstrate the phenomenon that he reported was it was basically a photo essay he wrote himself and published in a journal of alternative science. I would actually love to see the dude given a fair chance and have his technique of praying and positive energies over water actually studied in double-blind clinical research. But, I mean, I can tell you, even my own father, he makes the Teslas of water filters like the best and the best. He imports all this cutting-edge technology in the filtration industry from Israel and pieces together these really great double carbon block filtration and reverse osmosis filters. But, if you go to like, I don't know if I'm supposed to say this or if my dad's going to get mad at me but I'm going to say anyways. If you go to the very back secret room of his water filter production facility, there's water there from Lourdes in France surrounded by icons of saints where the water gets prayed over, and one drop of that goes into each filter that gets sent out. And, people report on these filters. Agriculture facilities would be like my cows are growing faster and my plants are growing faster. People are bathing and showering in this water and loving it. I want to sound like a commercial for my dad's products, but I get it, I get that and appreciate that food and water can respond to these energetic frequencies. And, I think it's cool. And again, might be placebo, but when I pile up my sweet potatoes and salmon from last night and put them on there, after I got home from Salt Lake City and had dinner with the family and very last thing before I eat, I put it on that plate for about 15 seconds. And, I don't know, I think there's something different about the flavor, and the way I feel afterwards and the way that I digest it. So, I'm rolling with it, baby.

Anyways though, so we talked about the necklace and we talked about the main thing what I would say, and correct me if I'm wrong, your flagship device, this Quantum Bloc. And then, there's also basically these items of clothing, everything from dog collars to cat collars to T-shirts, to hoodies, to jackets. Are these just giant Faraday cages that block harmful frequencies like EMF? Or, is there something else going on with the clothing and the wearables?

Philipp:  Yeah. So, good question actually. So, the clothing itself is for EMF blocking, but we did charge all the clothing items also with pure quantum energy. So, not only if you wear these, do you get the effect of the EMF blocking, but the positive quantum energy is also transmitted which means that if you have the quantum jacket as an example and you wear that, it blocks all the EMF but it has the positive effects as well. And, you can measure that as well. You can measure that with the blood, with heart rate variability. Lots of different testing methods. And, it's in that sense way more than just an EMF blocking clothing item because it gives you even more back to your system.

Now, the dog colors and cat colors that you mentioned, those do not block EMF, they harmonize EMF though. Because it's not enough for blocking it frankly if you just have it here, but it does similar things like the one of those cards would do for the human body. Now, a cat wouldn't wear a necklace, they wouldn't wear a card, that's why we just came up with, “Hey, we could just charge these collars in a specific way to help the dogs or the cats.”

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. Now, the idea of harmonizing EMFs like using some of these hacks like you have like you're reproducing to help our bodies better be able to deal with the impact of EMF makes sense. But, I've always wondered if there's anybody, and you might know this being a guy who is in T-Mobile and in tech, et cetera, who's coming at things from the other angle and saying, why don't we alter the devices themselves, the Wi-Fi router, the phone, or whatever, and based on the hertz frequency that it produces allow it to still communicate, still allow us to exchange information on that frequency but produce a frequency that is already in more harmony with the human body? Let's say a Wi-Fi router that's able to run on the love frequency of 538 hertz or whatever it is rather than millions of gigahertz or whatever. Does that make sense what I'm asking?

Philipp:  Yes, absolutely. And, I think it's a great question, it's a fascinating question. It may be a rabbit hole ultimately, but my perspective is that they're not going to change the hertz, they're set on that. But, what would be possible with our technology, for example, is to charge all those phones in a relatively easy manner actually. And, before they get sold, they already are charged. And, you could even charge cell towers. And, with that transform the harmfulness that they have without a doubt into something that is way more harmless. And, maybe at some point, I will need to talk to some of my former colleagues at T-Mobile to see if anyone is open there in regards to that. But, so far the whole industry has not even been acknowledging that or looking into that because if you think about it, it's a multi-billion-dollar industry. It's huge, absolutely massive. And, if you now start to acknowledge in one way or another that there may be difficulties with EMF and that it may be harmful to the body, that's a wave of craziness that'll hit you.

Ben:  Oh, yeah. Well, just imagine though if there was a Wi-Fi router or cell phone company who was able to produce a device that had frequencies in a greater harmony with the human body, I mean, honestly, it sounds not a lot of people be interested, but there's a lot of people interested in health these days. I'll bet that if one company were to do it, if it were something that could be pulled off and didn't work the old 28.8k modems, it could actually be something that could take off in my opinion.

Philipp:  I think it will happen.

Ben:  The thing you said about charging a cell phone tower though, surely you aren't going to put a whole cell phone tower inside of one of these little blocks that I've got on my kitchen counter. So, how would you charge up a cell phone tower like that or harmonize a cell phone tower? Just like have all your healers hold hands and gather around it and pray or something?

Philipp:  We would do it in a little bit more modern fashion. So, there are two ways to actually do that. One is to build a device that's large enough so that you can put even the biggest parts of a cell phone tower into that. So, basically have it in your production line, and then it just flows through that. That would not be a problem at all. But then, remote charging is something that's also possible, frankly, also for you already. And, that's one of the amazing things that blows people's minds, but nevertheless, it's absolutely possible and has been verified multiple times. As an example, you take a picture of yourself and put it inside the Infinity Bloc and see what you feel.

Ben:  That's some voodoo magic right there, dude. 

Philipp:  I know, I know. Absolutely, yeah. It blows people's minds. But, the best thing is to not even just talk about it so just go do it, feel it, go outside, go take a walk or do some physical activity and something where you're present in your body because you don't want to be completely distracted with stuff because now in the interview, for example, you're focused on the interview but allow yourself the opportunity to actually feel and check-in. And, I'm pretty certain that you'll feel it.

Ben:  That's important. I'm glad you brought that up with a lot of these devices because I find at least with a lot of the driven curious hard-charging high achievers or people who are trying out a lot of the things which would probably describe many of the people listening to the show will buy something. Well, for example, “Here they show, but how can I get quantum blocking? Put stuff on there.” Rushing around your kitchen and maybe trying out some wine in there, but you're never actually sitting and tuning in to what's actually occurring with the body. I wear one of these infrared light therapy devices for my head. It produces a alpha brainwave signal and then it's also got a button that will produce a gamma brainwave signal. So, one for more of a relaxed state of focus, one for more of a very alert state.

And, for the first few weeks that I used it, it's called a Vielight, V-I-E-light. For the first few weeks I used it, I did not pop it on, I go to work in my office, I'd be like, “Oh, I'm doing infrared light to my head. I feel good about myself.” Then, I actually went into a meditation session wearing it, and holy cow, I could feel every cell in my body vibrating. I was tuned into the actual effects of the device. And, it's a subtle nuance but I think it's an important thing to bring up for people. Anytime you're trying something new whether it's an in-ear light device or infrared device or one of the frequency generators that Philipp and I are talking about right now, try to give your body and brain a fair chance to really sit with it in silence and give it a fair shake in terms of analyzing what's truly happening. Because what I've found is when I now take something that arrives at my house I'm supposed to try out and I go down into my quiet Zen den where there's no EMF or anything and I sit on a meditation cushion and mess around with it, and then I'm just quiet and breathe for a little bit, not only do I get more tuned in to what that device is doing or is supposed to be doing to my body but then what happens is now that I'm familiar, I'm training my subconscious. Now that I'm familiar with the sensations that device is producing, I can then go out and wear it while I'm checking emails or wear while I'm walking around the kitchen making breakfast and I'm subconsciously tuned into those signals that I otherwise might not have even given my brain a fair chance to be able to identify and separate from all the other confusing frequencies, conversations, and activities going on around me. Does that make sense?

Philipp:  Absolutely. And, I'm glad you're saying it that way and that you're also trying these things out like that. So, it's a great way to do it. So, yeah, give it a try and let me know what you were able to feel.

Ben:  When I got my shipment to my house of this Leela Quantum Tech devices, like I mentioned I got the necklace, I got the Infinity Bloc, I've got the water bottle which obviously does as you'd imagine. It kind of charges up the water in the way that we've described. And, I've got a couple these plates like the Peace one and the Abundance one, which seemed to work pretty well whether in my pocket, or under my pillow, or on my desk. A lot of them came inside of these pouches and I just put all the pouches into my pantry but it got me thinking they're these beautiful purple pouches with guys' wonderful golden star logo on them. I don't know. Let's say I'm traveling. Could I put a handful of chocolates in there? Is there anything special about these pouches that you're shipping in?

Philipp:  For shipping and storing purposes, so you want to actually take the cards outside of the pouches because the pouches are designed to actually contain the field and the frequency. It's not the material, it's the way that the pouch is charged. And, you can put chocolates in there, whatever, but it wouldn't really do anything. It's really just for shipping purposes and storing purposes that you basically contain the frequency because the frequency and the quantum energy pretty much goes through any matter. So, even through a concrete wall, it doesn't matter, it would still go through it but the pouches contain it.

Ben:  So, if I'm traveling and I didn't want something I'm going to eat to get exposed to a bunch of harmful frequencies and I kind of wanted to be in a little bit more of a positive state or maybe I put it in the charger before I travel, I could then slip it into that pouch, keep it safe and eat it or use it at a different time.

Philipp:  That should actually work. Yeah. We haven't specifically tested that other aspect of it, but it should also work this way. Yeah.

Ben:  Okay, cool. Cool. And then, you've even got baby hats, you've got, like we mentioned, the dog collars and the cat collars. It is pretty cool.

And, one thing that intrigued me about your website–and again, I'll link to all this stuff if you go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Leela, L-E-E-L-A was we talked about this guy Roman, this healer you found who was apparently born with the unique ability. Some people are born dyslexic and are great artists. Some people are born with Asperger's and wonderful computer programmers. I realize I'm stereotyping here. And, some people are born perhaps with some type of social awkwardness or whatever, but they're able to see energy fields. And, I think that's really cool. But now, you've got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight different healers listed on your website. These people, do they all live in the same place? Do you have them all hold away into the same factory where you're producing this stuff? What do these people actually do? I'm just intrigued.

Philipp:  No. So, those people, they are actually located in various different continents from Asia, Europe, U.S. and other places. And, they go about their normal day in life. They're professional healers and that's all they do. They pretty much help people and also businesses, frankly, around the clock. And, usually, they train other healers. Most of them actually train or have trained thousands of other healers across the globe, but they help us with specific products. So, it's sort of a loose network if you will. So, they're not sitting in our office and they're constantly just doing work for us. No, they're our systems and go about their business and their things, but they also work with us.

Ben:  How do you find these people? It's like The Avengers. Is it The Avenger? What's the movie where there's the mutants? Is it The Avengers? No, it's the X-Men. How do you find these X-Men?

Philipp:  X-Men. Yeah, X-Men. Exactly, yeah. Yeah, that was really through my own journey because I got really into that. And then, I met some of these people and amazing healers. Some of them I got even trained, others I worked together with. And, yeah once we were launching and working on these products, I kind of one and one together and was like, “Okay, so who are the best ones to know help with this?” And then, I called them up and asked. And, they said, “Yes, I'm totally in. This sounds amazing.” Because in the end of the day, we all have some of the same mission, if you will. And, we are a conscious business, so we don't do this for business reasons. I've started this because it was an inner calling. And now, we see that we can help people with this and that's what we try to do. That's always the focus. Everything else is secondary and those healers have the same mindset in that regard.

Ben:  When you walk through a busy airport because you're listed on the healer page and you're walking past a bunch of people, do you see stuff do you think other people don't see?

Philipp:  Yeah. You can. So, you can observe a lot more, but all of them actually can turn off this part because you don't want to constantly see everybody's stuff basically. Like it's–

Ben:  Yeah, it sounds exhausting.

Philipp:  Absolutely. So, yeah. It's something that I think some of them early on in their lives had to learn to shut that off because it's not fun. But, you then turn it on as you need it. If you work with someone, you just turn it on.

Ben:  Okay. So, this stuff is not inexpensive. The Quantum Bloc, is it $1,000 or something like that?

Philipp:  Yeah. So, the Quantum Bloc is actually $1,499, the Infinity Bloc, $1,599, and then the cheapest products start at $39.

Ben:  Okay. So, if I want to feel this for myself and I'm listening in, I don't want to slap down 1,600 bucks. What do you think is the best product that's maybe in an affordable price range for everybody? Let's say the $50 to $199 price range that you think someone could try just to see what they feel. You know what I'm saying?

Philipp:  Yeah.  I think three products I would mention. One is the so-called Heal Capsule that you mentioned initially. I think that's a great all-rounder.

Ben:  The one that's in the necklace.

Philipp:  Yeah. That's the necklace, the Heal Capsule. And then, the other one would be the so-called Inner Peace Card. We have about 22 different cards and there's no way I could go through all of those right now. They're all for different use cases, but the Inner Peace Card is probably the one that if anyone struggles a little bit with anxiety, or stress, or panic attacks even in between, or whatever that may be, then this card will just be a blessing and be super helpful. The third one would be the Water Bottle. You can do all the things that the Water Bottle does with the Heal Capsule though also. So, really the Heal Capsule is probably the all-rounder, but the Water Bottle certainly adds convenience because you can fill your water in there and then you go to work, you are in your car always with the bottle so it's pretty easy.

Ben:  Okay. And then, opening the kimono behind the scenes. I have this team that manages partnerships. And, a lot of times they'll negotiate some kind of a discount for people if I'm going to do a podcast about something. And admittedly, I've been traveling I rushed over to do this interview. And, I don't even know if we have a code that will allow people to save a little bit of money. Do we?

Philipp:  I think we do, but I'm not on top of it.

Ben:  Okay. Well, I will find it. Yeah. I'll find it. And, I think we have something like that. Yeah, my team usually negotiates some kind of thing. So, I'll ask them and I'll put it in the shownotes and we'll hunt it down for folks. But, the shownotes is going to be at BenGreenfieldFitness.com/Leela, L-E-E-L-A. And, like Philipp said, just try a necklace. That's what I tried first. I liked it. And, water bottle if you really want to have a crazy dinner party. I get one of those Quantum Blocs. And, me and my son set up took five minutes to assemble and now it holds a hallowed place in the kitchen.

So, Philipp, thanks so much for sharing this with us. I just find this technology fascinating and I'm grateful to be able to show my audience cool things that help to make their lives better. So, I appreciate you, man.

Philipp:  Well, thanks for having me on. Really appreciate it.

Ben:  Alright, folks. I'm Ben Greenfield along with Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling signing out from BenGreenfieldFitness.com. Have an amazing week.

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My guest on today's show, Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and “energy healer.” In parallel to a successful international business career as a VP for several well-known companies, including T-Mobile, he was able to work through blockages and barriers that he says prevented him to be able to truly connect with his true self. In his journey, he started to be able to literally see “energy fields” and thus developed his unique skills as a healer. Subsequently, he went through two decades of training in shamanic and other energy healing practices.

Philipp's primary business now is Leela Quantum Tech, a company that makes some very interesting equipment I've now been messing around with in my own home, one of which is a unique technology that he claims can “imprint pure quantum energy” into any object without any brute force. This technology—right after assembly—is supposedly able to harmonize and neutralize harmful frequencies, including EMF of any kind. In addition, it can apparently be used in a very simple manner to optimize the well-being of any living organism (humans, animals, plants, etc.), to copy any frequency into any object, and much more.

With this same technology, Leela Quantum Tech has developed various products that come in handy in daily life that all have a focus on well-being, strengthening one’s self-healing power, and harmonizing EMF. Using information from “healers” (like European “Wunderkind” Roman Hafner) Leela Quantum Tech develops frequency sets for specific use cases in the form of frequency cards—for example, to promote inner peace, support the weight loss process, to enhance healing, and more.

Leela Quantum Tech is a small privately funded company with the mission to do its part to help heal the world and increase consciousness (use code BEN10% to save 10%).

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The necklace Ben is wearing during the interview that utilizes quantum energy…06:44

-How to know what's actual healing vs. placebo effect…12:40

-How the plates mitigate harmful EMF from your smartphone…20:50

-How these products differ from the various “bio-geometry” devices on the market…34:15

-What happens if you put food into the block…36:54

-Why more consumer goods are not made to protect from harmful EMFs…41:17

  • Leela quantum clothing is not only EMF-blocking but also charged with quantum energy
  • Other brands only harmonize EMF, do not block
  • There is a possibility of cell phone makers “pre-charging” their products before selling
  • Vielight (use code GREENFIELD to save 10%)

-About the healers Leela uses to manufacture their products…52:08

  • The healers live in different continents; are training other healers and work together to develop products

-And much more!

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