[Transcript] – The Most Powerful Cellular Exercise Machine That Exists, How It Works & Exactly How To Use It.

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[00:00] Introduction/Omax/GainsWave

[10:30] How PEMF Works

[14:45] How Cells Respond to Magnetic Signals

[23:30] PulseCenters vs. Other PEMF Devices

[28:30] The Difference Between PEMF Frequencies, Intensities, Etc.

[31:28] ThriveMarket/Organifi.com

[35:30] Using PEMF to “Charge” the Brain

[38:30] Using PEMF to Treat the Testes, Colon, Heart, Liver, Etc.

[51:00] Difference Between the Paddles vs. the Rings vs. the Chair vs. the Bed

[57:00] PEMF to Increase Stem Cell Production

[1:05:15] Overusing PEMF

[1:08:00] How PulseCenters Portable System Works

[1:20:18] End of Podcast

Ben:  Yo, what’s up?  I had this guy named Emilio over to my house and Emilio, he set me up on this Pulsed Electromagnetic Field machine and showed me how to use it and I told him, dude, we’ve got to do a podcast about this.  We didn’t have a chance to do it when he was over at my house because life gets busy, you know how it is, I wanted to have dinner with my kids and my wife and that was more important to me than sitting down with Emilio for a podcast, unfortunately.  But, I got him on the show.  We got together on Skype and it actually turned out well because I got to use this thing for a couple of months before I got him back on the show and ask him a bunch of question about it.  So, if you’re interested in this whole idea of PEMF and what it can do for your body, this show is for you.

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Ben:  I have talked about this thing called PEMF before on shows.  On my bedside I have this tiny handheld unit, especially when I travel, it’s called a Flexpulse and it’s almost like a little, portable DJ for my brain and I can adjust the frequency that’s emitted by it.  I could use a 3Hz frequency to lull my brain into these relaxed brainwaves for sleep or I could use a 10Hz frequency to generate more focus or even 100Hz frequency to hit soft tissue issues that I might be having and I can just throw it in my travel bag and go with it.  There’s another device, I actually am wearing a little PEMF device right now on my knee, another one called an ICES which has been shown to increase blood flow in joints for up to three years after a single treatment session for removal of chronic inflammation.  The range of uses for this PEMF stuff is mind-blowing.  And, these small portable devices, like the Flexpulse or the ICES or another one is called the EarthPulse, I’ve talked about the Delta Sleeper before that you can wear on your collar bone.  There’s a lot of devices out there that emit PEMF, but I consider the true “Cadillac of PEMF therapy” to be this bed that I have at home that connects to this PEMF generating unit which also has rings, coils, and can be used on a freakin’ race horse.  I got a two hour massage laying on this table last night and literally exercised every cell in my body, removing inflammation while I was laying there getting this massage treatment.  So, this thing is called the PulseCenter XL Pro– this table that I have.  Myself, Tony Robbins, Gerard Butler, Brandon Routh, the guy who played Superman, Stevie Wonder, my friend Rick Rubin, a lot of folks I know are now using this big whole-body treatment setup for PEMF.  So, you can use it for muscle sprains or for headaches, for sleep induction, for a whole host of hacks that we’re going to delve into on today’s show.  A lot of American Ninja Warriors, a whole bunch of Nike Master Trainers, the MLB, the NBA, the NFL, host of professional bull riders and motivational speakers, and entrepreneurs, and businesses are using this thing now.  So, it’s taking the biohacking world by storm and I figured, when we’re talking about the most powerful cellular exercise machine that exists, I wanted to get one of the guys who is probably one of the bigger wealth of knowledge that I know of on PEMF therapy, Emilio Palafox.  Am I pronouncing your last name right, Emilio?  I’m horrible with this.

Emilio:  No worries, it’s actually Palafox.

Ben:  Palafox.  I was close!  What did I say, Paleo?

Emilio:  Paleofex or something like that, which is fine.  Paleo f(x).

Ben:  Yeah, it almost sounds like Paleo f(x), which is funny because you were at Paleo f(x).  I saw you there.  So, Palafox.  And, for those of you listening in, Emilio actually came to my house and he trained me for a couple of days on how to use PEMF.  He’s the Development Manager at Pulse Centers and this is what he does.  But, he also knows a lot about the human body in general- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  I was pretty impressed by this guy’s body of knowledge.  And so, Emilio, I think you’re the perfect person to come on and talk about PEMF and clear up a lot of the confusion around it.  So, welcome to the show, man.

Emilio:  Thank you so much, Ben.  It’s good to connect again.  Ever since I was at the house providing some knowledge and some application of our technology, one thing I do want to say, just personally, and it’s I think, on behalf of Pulse Centers, we’re extremely grateful and honored to be on this show with your advocacy and this platform.  I truly believe that I’m writing or helping to write a great American business story that is unfolding right now, not only with our company and our founder, but just with everything shifting in the world, the way that it is with health, wellness, fitness, and longevity.  So, with that great American business story, headquartered in Atlanta, and a lot of the places that we are really trying to impact here throughout the United States, it’s really exciting times!  I feel really charged about it- pun intended, I guess.

Ben:  Yeah, exactly.  Actually, that’s a good place to jump in, man.  So, when you say that you’re charged about it and we’re talking about the cells and the way that it respond to charges, I’ve been under the impression for a long time that it’s an electrochemical gradient that the cells operate on and that’s the way that ions more in and out of a cell or metabolites move in and out of a cell.  But, when you call something like this “exercise for your cells,” but it operates, from what I understand, on a magnetic frequency, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, how exactly does that work?  I’m okay with you explaining first of all what PEMF is for people who haven’t heard my previous podcast on PEMF technology.  Then, kind of get into how this actually works on a cellular front.

Emilio:  Yeah, absolutely.  Actually, we can definitely start there.  So PEMF, by the way, for those listening who haven’t heard about this, stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and what I always try to talk about whether I’m speaking at some engagements or events or demoing the technology, is that first and foremost, it’s optimizing the mind and body so that it can heal itself.  The body was able to heal itself, recover faster, perform better.  When it comes to PEMF or systems of the body, the systems of the body need and create energy for metabolic processes, as you know, and to maintain homeostasis.  Now, that includes adapting to challenges that we face in life, like an injury, or an infection, or even an organ in distress, for instance, and that takes even more energy when that happens. So, PEMF is an outside energy source, first and foremost, that creates a magnetic field, like you were talking about, that can not only pass harmlessly through tissue and through the cells as if it was air, but many studies report that stimulation via PEMF is followed by naturally occurring biological reactions that support the signaling pathways necessary to rectify dysfunction.  I think that’s important to note.

Personally, I like the way that our developer, Paul Webb, refers to PEMF and our technology as an adaptogen.  Of course, you know with Chinese herbs and all these things, I do a lot of adaptogens, but it’s true.  Adaptogens in a sense where this is increasing the body’s resistance to adverse influences, has a normalizing effect, improving all kinds of conditions, and really aggravating none.  So, in short, it’s this, to me anyway, building the stress capacity or increasing your throttle response.  This information is supported by thousands of studies and peer-reviewed journals and things of that nature.

Ben:  Yeah.  That makes sense from a general standpoint, but what’s actually going on in the cellular level.  Get down to brass tacks for me.

Emilio:  Yeah, so on the cellular level.  So, with the repeated rise and fall of each pulsate we have, and by the way, we can go anywhere from one to ten pulses per second, we can go into detail and hear that in a bit, but with each repeated rise and fall of each of those pulses, whether you’re sitting on the chair, laying on the bed, or having any of our accessories, it is impossible for charged particles not to be moved by a magnetic field, no matter how minutely.  So, it’s passive exercise on the user’s part, but on a cellular level, things are being put into motion.  So, when the cell has the energy, it’s hardwired to do what it was necessary to do, what it needs to thrive.  So, the electrically charged cell membrane, what’s happening is that, it’s gently pulled by the pulsing magnetic field and the matter as well as the space around that matter is recharged.  And then, on the off phase of the pulse, the cells then relax.  Now, this is profoundly beneficial cellular exercise and rehabilitation.  So, as cells expand and relax, they rehabilitate.  The ion movement improves and the membrane’s electrical charge begins to return to optimal.  As cells recharge themselves, as we often talk about here or that we have talked about, they heal and return to optimal function and a lot of this high intensity PEMF that we have, it’s being able to have varying strengths, function as the cellular exerciser.

Ben:  This is obviously a foreign field to the human body.  Is this different than a cellphone signal?  Is it different than what we might experience from getting exposed to 5G or other forms of dirty electricity?  It seems to me that when I’m laying on the table and there’s this magnetic pulse, that’s a little bit like shaking my whole body, part of me questions whether or not that’s natural.  How do you rectify that whether this is ancestral or natural… or the long term effect on the human body of doing something like this?

Emilio:  Yeah, that’s a great question.  So, one that I think is perfect timing right now when we’re talking about non-native EMFs and things that really hurt our biological systems, really there’s now an increasing amount of information that it does, especially with 5G which I’m really scared about and I think in the biohacking space, doing everything that I can to minimize that, which is why one of the biggest biohacks that I talk about, hence why I’m here on the show, is that this PEMF… and Dr. Mercola talks about this, I know you’ve had him on the podcast, Upgrade Labs who has our stuff, as well as a lot of other facilities talk about some scientific literature showing that Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, ones that are more resonant to the body, are actually washing clean of those non-native EMFs.  And so, that’s the way that it’s stated in a lot of things and that’s a summary of what a lot of the scientific literature is saying about this more resonant to the body, resonant to earth.  One of the first things I say too is people who don’t about these Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields is I point them to two things: I point them to various documentaries and literature that talk about lightening hitting the earth 11 million times a day around the world, which is kind of a crazy fact, which is it causing, at the core, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on the ground.  So, when you’re grounding or earthing, that’s why there’s this physiological effect, this natural, more resonant to the earth, to the body, situation of course I also point them to a lot of books that I read, one of them is “PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health” which I believe is by Bryant Meyers, just showcasing a lot more of the natural, rather than the harmful, non-native EMFs out there.

Ben:  But, even when I’m camping, like outside, I’m laying on the ground, it’s not shaking my body in the same way as this.  What’s the difference between this and grounding or earthing?  Obviously something is different.

Emilio:  Yeah, I’m so glad you’re talking about this.  So, here’s the thing, the fact that we’re able to, with our technology, go from very low to very high voltage where you’re pulsating, you can really feel the difference.  A lot of the times, people when they’re testing this out, I always say the proof is in the experience.  One reason is because they can feel it, whereas a lot of other PEMFs they cannot.  Secondly, it’s able to identify any electrical imbalances in the body.  But, the fact that we can drive it…  Well, why would you want to drive it?  Why would you want to go high-power?  Let’s paint a picture here.  I think it serves everyone to paint a quick picture.  So, according to experts, we have 100 trillion cells in our bodies, right.  Each one of those is literally a wet battery that requires electricity.  Now, based on our genes, epigenetics, what we’ve done to our bodies over time, what we do to our bodies now, and more importantly, what we’re talking about now, what the environment is doing to our bodies at this moment and every day our battery level, that energy, that voltage has been, and continues to be, depleted.  Now, in addition to that, what I’ve been hearing from other companies like Energetic Fitness Systems and other scientific literature, is that because of the way we’ve treated the earth, the environment, this Schumann resonance or the magnetic fields that do or did exist on the ground are a lot less potent.  They’re a lot less…  They’re not as strong as they used to be.  They’re not as, I guess, therapeutic as they used to be and of course it varies depending on what part…

Ben:  Really?

Emilio:  Yeah.  It varies depending on what part of the world that you are…

Ben:  How do you measure something like that?  How do you know it’s weaker?

Emilio:  I recently…  One recent thing that I talked about, I’m sure you may be familiar with Primal Hacker- they do a lot of hacking.  They recently came off a retreat and I think they had Energetic Fitness Systems, another type of PEMF there, and they were exposed to some literature and some… and this type of question of that, that it’s been lowered over time, I’m not sure what mechanism, what’s being used to showcase that, but I’ve been hearing it more and more…

Ben:  I wonder if it’s like the fact that power travels back to the substations through the ground or maybe something to do with how wired we are in terms of telephone poles and stuff like that.  I honestly don’t know.  But, what you’re saying is we’re actually changing the earth’s electromagnetic field somehow?

Emilio:  Yeah.  So, on one point I’ve been hearing that  a lot and so it’s like we’re already inside the house, rubber shoes, all that stuff, not getting that and for those of us who are, like you and I…  Because a lot of people ask me that question.  They’re like, well can’t I just stand out there and get overall health and wellness?  It’s like yeah, but here’s the thing.  So, when you’re looking at people, whether it be want faster recovery or peak performance or remember I talked about the battery level?  So, let’s say somebody has experienced pain or has in chronic pain for many years or some kind of disease in the body or chronic disease in the body, their battery level, their voltage, and this has been talked about with various doctors that when in those states, the voltage level is so low, right.  When they’re in a chronic acid state, the pH is very much married in sickness and in health with voltage.

Ben:  Okay.

Emilio:  Dr. Jerry Tenant of “Healing is Voltage”, it’s a book that he wrote, talks about this.

Ben:  It’s a really good book.

Emilio:  Yeah, so you know, the thing is here.  The fact that we can really drive the voltage to where you’re really, really feeling it, people might say why do you want to do that.  Well, in severe cases, and it doesn’t have to be severe, it could be, again, if you want peak performance, faster recovery, really getting therapeutic results in short amount of time, then you can do that by amping the voltage.  And so, I think that’s kind of something that needs to be said as why we’d want to go really low sometimes and why we’d want to go really high where you’re really feeling it like you’re bouncing off.

Ben:  So, coming back full circle to the question that I asked though, when I’m laying on this PEMF table, what’s going on that’s different than, let’s say, if I were grounding or earthing or walking outdoors?  What’s causing my body to shake?  When I attach one of these coils that plugs in and I wrap that thing around my knee, it’s like, you know how I do that GAINSWave therapy on my crotch where they blast you with acoustic soundwave therapy, you can freakin’ feel it, you’ve got to put numbing cream all over yourself.  This is kind of like that, too.  It’s different than any other PEMF device I’ve used in that it feels very powerful.  What exactly is going on?  Why is it doing that?  I guess one question I have is that is it more beneficial than other devices you can’t feel?  Is it supposed to be shaking your body like that?

Emilio:  So, I’ll say two things.  One, being with the company now a year and trying various PEMFs out there and learning a whole lot more, the reason why we’re more powerful than a lot of PEMFs out there, and I’ll talk about why it’s good here in a second, is truly a lot of investment dollars- a lot of time, a lot of research and development, and a lot of R&D to engineer a delivery system like this that can push the power.  So, the reason it can is because it’s military grade.  It’s solid state engineering that is able to not only in one session, but many sessions in a 24-hour period, 365.  These units are made for an entire person’s lifetime.  And then, of course, we’ve got a team and customer service to help out throughout that person or business’ lifetime.  And so, we’re very proud of being able to do that.

I will say bioelectric professors from Old Dominion University actually published numerous papers on the positive effects of this nanosecond PEMFs and what they discovered is that powerful, ultra-short voltage pulses, like what we’re talking about now, are able to harmlessly slip pass the cell’s exterior to shock the vital structures within.

Ben:  Wait, within the cell?

Emilio:  Yup, within the cell.  The effects of those pulses on living tissues are profound and varied.  And so, when you look at some of these bioelectric professors from the Old Dominion University in some other studies, that’s what we’re seeing with a lot of those powerful pulses and voltage.

Ben:  So, in terms of power, I’ve heard this before that the power of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field doesn’t matter as much as, I think what would be called, the frequency.  But, can you walk me through whether or not that’s true or why you’d want more power if that is the case?  And, what the difference is between all these settings on this device, like the power, the amplitude, the frequency, and some of these measurements of PEMF?

Emilio:  Yeah, absolutely.  So, first of all, we have three easy settings on our system and it’s: the time (set the timer of what you want), then we have pulses per second (a lot of people get confused with frequency and pulses per second, I’ll cover that here in a second), and then, of course, the magnetic field strength (the intensity).

So, when it comes to pulses per second, one thing that I want to talk about is that in this world, there’s frequency generators and then there’s impulse systems, we’re an impulse system.  So, what I’d like to paint a picture of is a picture of a bell curve.  And so, every pulse that you’re experiencing, whether it’s one pulse per second or ten pulses per second, that’s the energy input, that’s the energy on demand, that’s the energy inputted to that cell that we’re talking about earlier with the Old Dominion professors.  So, that’s pulses per second, every pulse is that energy put into the cell.  Now, having independent control of high and extensively low voltage power and intensity is very unique to Pulse Center’s PAM technology.  And, if efficiency is coveted, more work can be done in less time with power and finesse, which we really love and love to talk about our technology in that way.  So, cascading benefits are cumulative and compounded with consistency over time.

When I talked about Old Dominion, one thing that I left off was that studies performed by the Old Dominion showed that mitochondrial function, oxygen saturation and circulation are significantly improved when our PAM technology is applied at those higher magnetic field strength and something I think is also important to add here, is not only from Old Dominion, but Dr. [24:58] ______ from [24:59] ______ University, along with other doctors, that this extremely high voltage power, fast rising impulses of power, are safe as well.  So, everyone asked me too is, one, “is it doing the trick?”  Yes, given some of the things that I said in the aforementioned.  And then, of course, “is it safe?”  And so, we’re continuously hearing from certain doctors and studies that that holds true in those cases.

Ben:  Okay.  So, each of the settings on this…  I’ll describe this to people, but I’ll also put a link in the show notes if you go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/pulsecenters.  That’s bengreenfieldfitness.com/pulsecenters.  I’ll put a link over to the website where you can see what this thing looks like.  But, this big control unit, it’s got time… and then the other two setting are what again?

Emilio:  Yeah, the other two settings are pulses per second anywhere of which goes one pulse per second, anywhere from 10 pulses per second.

Ben:  Pulses per second.  Okay.

Emilio:  And then, of course, our third one being the magnetic field strength which would be the intensity.  It can go anywhere from one to 104.

Ben:  Okay, what you are saying is that the higher up I turn that intensity, the more that the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is able to penetrate the actual cell membrane?

Emilio:  I’ll say that’s some of the things the bioelectric professors of Old Dominion University were talking about how it’s able to slip past the cell’s exterior wall to shock those vital structures within and to really have profound and very much varied results.  But, one thing that I do want to highlight again is that the fact that we’re able to go from very low to very high.  And, you want to be able to, sometimes we do want to go and slow for instance like if you just sprained your ankle right now and there’s a lot of inflammation in that area, what I would want to do is not shock the heck out of it.  I want to be able to go low and slow so that I don’t aggravate that inflammation.  And then, of course, on the higher end, especially for athletes or people wanting to provide a lot of hormetic stress for overall health, wellness, but in optimal health and wellness, they can really start to drive it.  And, what that’ll do, again, is really provide some therapeutic results in a shorter amount of time.  Let’s face it, time is our number one asset.  You’re extremely busy, I’m a very extremely busy person also travelling for business, family, friends, life, etcetera.  The fact that I can jump on this chair, for instance, or use a [27:18] ______ of paddles, in 10 to 15 minutes in unique ways and to charge my mind and body so that I’m prepared for a meeting, a phone call, or anything I think is pretty awesome.

Ben:  Now, what about this whole idea of, you called it, pulses per second.  I could put it at one and it goes prrrboom-boom-boom and depending on how much I turn up the power, I can feel it more or less.  But, I can turn it up to 99, which is what I had it on for my massage all night last night, it was like dot-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot, a lot faster.  What’s the difference between the lower frequencies per second and the higher?

Emilio:  Yeah, so, this is a great question.  I’m going to say two things.  We have about 1,500+ businesses who have our technology and any one of those businesses can have anywhere from one to ten of our units.  And, within those 1,500+, there’s been two different schools of thought.  Some of those doctors, or business owners, or massage therapists, acupuncturists, whoever has our technology, whoever has purchased our technology, I’ve been hearing two different schools of thought and both of them are…  The testimonials on both sides are very transformative, which is awesome, but on one school of thought is kind of that hammer, like you talked about, the one pulse per second where you’re just like boom-boom-boom or even if it’s 3.5, 4, or 5 where it’s very strong and you can feel like a hammer hitting you and a lot of people like that.  Not that this is massage in any way, because that’s very surface level, this is going to the cells, but when it’s going really hard like that, it’s almost like a deep tissue to somebody- really just pounding it out.

Ben:  Oh, yeah.  It feels very similar to a massage in that when I put it at from a one to a 55 and it’s shaking the muscles as you’re rolling.  I’ll sit on the pads sometimes and roll my hip back and forth on it if my hips feel locked up or roll my shoulders around on it and it frees up all the tissue in a very similar way as a massage.

Emilio:  Yeah, absolutely.  And, what I do when I’m demoing, really there’s no harm that can be done.  So, sometimes I’ll just let the user, whether it’s a first, second, or third timer or whatever, really control it themselves and let them feel what they’re feeling because on any given day, myself and anybody else on the chair, the bed, or with one of our accessories, will tend to like a particular pulse rate on any given day.  And so, sometimes they’ll play around with it, they’ll go to one to two, they’ll go to maybe 7.8, they’ll go “oh, I’m really liking that one!”  And, what I think is very important too as you know, to pay attention to your body to really listen in.  I feel like your body gives you a lot of clues and information and data.  And so, as I’m adjusting, on any given day, if my body is really liking that 9.9, very subtle brrrrrr or wants a hammer, then I’ll listen to my body.

So, that was the other point that I was going to make.  When I was talking about it in the beginning is these two different schools of thought where some people like to go very much like the hammer, anywhere from one to five pulses per second, but then some people very much like the past 5.5 where it actually gets a lot more pulses per second and it becomes a lot more gentle because you’re getting more pulses per second, there’s a lot more energy inputted to that cell, if that makes sense.  So, different schools of thought.

Dr. Gary Ryan in Hawaii, he’s one of our doctors in our network, he likes to talk about having a more of a response than a reaction.  He talks about, would you rather get punched in the face or would you rather get kissed?  He’s like, I’d rather get kissed.  So, he likes to utilize on a lot of his athletes 7.8 or 9.9 pulses per second which is a lot more gentle than the lower settings and still getting really some profound, profound results.  So, I think given the two schools of thought, but more so, listen to your body.  I will say though, if you are going to be doing the head, I really like, personally, to do the 9.9 where it’s really gentle and getting a lot more energy inputted into the brain.

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Yeah, you were showing me how I could do that.  How I could take a nootropic, for example, and then place the pads on either side of the head and deliver a 9.9 frequency to the head to enhance delivery to the brain, which you’d also use a very similar type of approach for a headache or a migraine or something like that.  And, you gave me a whole bunch of protocols!  You gave me one for my hips, you gave me one for my thyroid, for my heart, for my head, like I mentioned.  Can you walk me through some of those different protocols because I was floored at all the different ways that I could use it?  But, I’m still trying to fully understand how it works on each of these different organ systems.  So can you walk me through some of the protocols that you showed to me when you were up at my house?

Emilio:  Yeah, absolutely.  So, one of the things we’re formulating as a company, we’re in constant R&D.  We have this really profound technology right now, but constantly in R&D.  So, in the R&D, there’s a lot of different categories, but in the category of fast recovery, peak performance, things of that nature, or enhancing nootropics or anything else that you put into the body…  And, I do, just really quick, in terms of terminology, we don’t like to use the word “protocols” or anything like that, we’re not a medical device, we’re not trying to treat a specific condition.  We don’t do any of that, we just optimize, like you mentioned, or enhance the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating functions.  It’s very important to note.

Now, the things that we did were a few things.  I like to call them programs or positioning because if there’s a particular area that you want to work on, we’ll position the panels or rings or square pad there or position whatever that you’re using on that area.  And so, the things that we did at your house, was what I’m liking to call and we’re starting to formalize these fast recovery, peak performance programs.  So, yeah, when I think about this, and I got this information from our doctor, Dr. Gary Ryan from Hawaii, and I tend to constantly learn, as you were talking about earlier, whether it be books or through a lot of our doctors in our networks are constantly reading, like you are.  And so, this coming from him, he’s testing this on himself as an athlete, he rides some of the most crazy waves and he works on a lot of athletes and he does these particular programs on his athletes.

Ben:  This Gary Ryan guy?

 Emilio:  Yeah, this Dr. Gary Ryan in Hawaii.

Ben:  And so, he’s a physician in Hawaii?

Emilio:  Yeah, he’s a physician in Hawaii and he’s an athlete himself, he trains lots of athletes, and he has about I think eight or ten of our XL Pro Elite packages.  He’s doing some amazing work over there and I really plan to go visit him.

Ben:  Okay, so this guy uses your Pulse Center systems.  He’s got a bunch of them and he uses them with athletes and he’s the guy who introduced you to a lot of the protocols that you showed to me when you were at my house?

Emilio:  Yes, programs.  And, so when he thinks about…  No worries. When he thinks about increasing natural things within his body, he thinks about testosterone, good circadian rhythm, sleep, HDH, and other hormones that are beneficial for recovery and peak performance.  And so, one of the things that he’s been testing over a long period of time and has had very good results with, which is of course working the pineal pituitary gland, working the thyroid gland, working the heart, the liver, the adrenal glands, and let’s not forget the testes.  I know that your executive assistant or something, when we were working, ended up coming down right when we were working the testes of course.

Ben:  Yeah, that was awkward.

Emilio:  So, yeah.  So, I think he’s important.  So, just running thought it, when we’re going to be working the pineal pituitary gland, one of the positions, when you think about our paddles, is you can sandwich these paddles anywhere, right, shoulders, thighs, what have you.  When we want to work the brain, to paint a picture for the audience: so, we have a full contour, full-body mat, so you lay down on that.  We have a square pad that’ll place behind your head right there on the occipital point, the great entry point to the brain.  So, you’ll lay down on that square pad, then I’ll put the paddles and we sandwiched your head, kind of looking like Princess Leia, and we call this a 3D brain tent.  Just a 360 bringing maximum energy efficiency to the brain cells, to the mitochondria, and those brain cells, really charging that up.  Not only hitting pineal pituitary glands, but obviously the various lobes of the brain.  And so, we do that for about six to eight minutes, 9.9, all this stuff, by the way, will be 9.9 pulses per seconds, right where you feel it where it’s comfortable, and really charge that up.

And, by the way, how did you like that when you did that?

Ben:  On the brain?

Emilio:  Yeah.

Ben:  It’s amazing.  What I like is I can actually do this at night and it helps me to sleep, but if I just go out of my office, because I have the table right now in the living room, that’s where I get my massages on it then I can hook up the rings or the paddles or any of these other things that are like accessories, when I put those paddles on either side of my head, it’s kinda weird during the day, it’s like a cup of coffee for my brain, but then at night it seems to lull me into sleep mode.  I’m not quite sure how it works both ways.  How does that work?

Emilio:  Yeah, so I mean maybe because you’re doing some stacks beforehand because I know I told you to do some nootropics and some things?  What I love to do, and this is actually what our founder does as well, when you look at some of the brochures that we have and how his bone density and face [40:41] ______ are off the charts from some doctor like Dr. Martin Millner of Natural Medicine Professor in Portland, Oregon, when he’s looking at his whole body assessments, one of the reasons that our founder, Paul Webb talks about why he was able to achieve those scores was not only through our technology, but because our technology enhances or optimizes anything you put into the body, he would juice like crazy and put that in his body and then jump on the bed and work on the head and the whole body.

Ben:  What do you mean he would juice?

Emilio:  Yeah, definitely a clarification, right.  Just a lot of greens and a lot of vegetables and what not.

Ben:  Okay.

Emilio:  Good clarification there.  But, so yeah, it’s important to note that these electromagnetic fields are going to efficiently and effectively bring everything in to the cells.  One of the main problems that we have in America is absorption, not to mention if someone has an immune disease or something like that in terms of absorption being a bigger problem.  And so, the fact that whatever you intake, whether it be the nootropics stack or whatever you’re taking in the morning, Ben, and then jumping on the bed and or placing it on the head, you’re going to be, like you were talking about, enhancing those effects.  And then, of course, at night with your circadian rhythm, which I’m sure you’re really good at, and laying down on the bed and then working the brain, it’s definitely going to be…  When I do the head and or the brain for about 20 minutes at 7.8, I was talking to Dr. Mercola about this about just having, via my Oura Ring, deep and REM sleep off the charts.  I don’t know if you’ve measured that, but yeah, my deep sleep and REM sleep have been off the charts utilizing that particular program.

Ben:  Interesting.  Okay, so what about the one for the colon, the testes, there’s this pad that you can sit on or hoover your crotch over?  I know a lot of people have issues with their large intestine or guys have issues with ED.  I don’t know if women can use it too for this type of thing, but walk me through that type of protocol.

Emilio:  Yeah, and so that program…  I’m going to keep talking about programs, no protocols here.  So, that particular one is definitely in that men’s health category and the pelvic floor and prostate.  This is near and dear to my heart because I actually have a lot of friends who, for the past few years, have had some prostate cancer and things of that nature.  So now we’re in conversations about this particular program.  So, there’s a foot stool that we have and we place one of our most powerful accessories, which is our square pad, on top of that foot stool and we basically just sit down and every single one of our accessories has some stitching.  So, where the stitching meets the middle, there crosshairs if you will, there’s a big energy vortex there, especially in that square pad.  So, you’re sitting down where the prostate is meeting that center area…

Ben:  Yeah, it’s like a target.  I’ve found that if you move your body to a certain point over that pad, it’s super powerful.  Like, teeth gritting-ly if you’ve got it over a sore muscle.

Emilio:  Yeah.  Absolutely.  And so, because we can drive the intensity, you can easily just sit there on low intensity for a while.  A lot of people, whether it’s on the chair or footpad, will watch a TV show or a movie and just getting charged whatever they want.  But, for this particular program, if you want to do the pelvic floor prostate area, you can do as little to six to ten minutes, six to eight minutes where you’re sitting down there, crank it up, I’d say the pulses per second between 2.5 and 5 really hammering out, really going deep penetration if you will, so that it can really pass through and hit those vital structures.  On the magnetic fields strength, I would either go, what I like to…  My go to is, on a scale from one to ten, one being I can’t feel anything, ten being this is way too intense, really having myself and other people try to go to a seven or eight, whatever that is for them.  It’s just comfortably strong that really provides that therapeutic result in a short amount of time.  So, they just sit down on that to really maximize that, we didn’t get to do this, but I learned that if you put our six inch ring right there below the belly button and then sitting down on the square pad, you’re really going to maximize, that’s an extreme position to really charge the pelvic floor and the prostate area.  So, very good for the men’s health for sure.

Ben:  Okay.  Got it.  What about for the organs?  You showed me some for the liver, the heart.  How exactly do those programs work?

Emilio:  Yeah, yeah there we go!  So, the fact that…  These, I like to use and a lot of our doctors like to use, the paddles.  With the paddles not only can you sandwich anything, like the mind or body, but you can stack them, double pad them, and blue facing the body, we have a blue and black color on every one of our accessories, and so if you double pad them, blue to the body, you can not only by scanning your body, I don’t know if you know this, you probably do, but you can scan the body and if there’s a sensitive area, those are areas of low cellular voltage, areas of an electrical imbalance and if you leave it there charging over time…

Ben:  Yeah, that’s what I thought was interesting.  Sorry to interrupt, but whenever I’ve got an injury and I lay just on the table, the table, when I turn it on, will automatically make certain areas where I might be injured hurt just a little bit.  You can feel it more and then I can take the paddles or the ring and target that area for 15 to 20 minutes and the pain just melts away.  You can almost use it like a body scanning device.

Emilio:  Yes, absolutely.  So, what’s awesome about this, in the year that, I’ve been with the company is that it will automatically, like you’re talking about, identify any electrical imbalances in the body and then charge those compromised cells in that area and then of course, the longer that you do it there, then it’ll more [46:42] ______ some has a priority system and so it’ll identify the areas that need addressing first and then it’ll move onto the next and then to the next.  And so, it’s awesome to see, in demonstrations- the proof is in the experience.  So, one, they find that. Then two, they’re always like “oh my gosh” because my first question is where are you feeling it and then they tell me and then the second question is based on what you’ve told me, whether it be currently or in the past, anything going on in those areas.  And, ten times out of ten, it’s yeah!  And then then tell me the story.  So, it’s really awesome that we’re able to achieve that in some of these demos.

Ben:  Okay, so back to what you were saying about the organs and how you actually treat some of these organs like the liver or the heart, you’re basically moving it in closer and closer, the paddles I think is what you showed me, for example, and then you just hold them over that area for a certain period of time?  What’s happening to my heart for example when I hold that thing over my heart?  My whole body starts to heat up and I can feel that area shaking a little bit.  What’s going on from a cellular standpoint?

Emilio:  So, like we were talking about earlier, so really, I think what it’s important to note is that we want to do two things: we want to be able to work the entire body, like we talked about earlier, to identify any electrical imbalances, get those back charged up because, as you know, we all know, we’re very much interconnected inside whether it be the energy meridians, the acupuncture planes, fascial planes, whatever you want to call them.  If one particular area hurts, yeah let’s go and isometrically work that area, bring maximum energy efficiency to those cells, but also working a full body because we are very interconnected and by doing so, our doctors are able to see a lot of profound results.

Now, anything that is in dysfunction or pain or dis-ease in the body, again, nothing to treat, simply just knowing that there’s, based on evidence and some things that our doctors have written over time, that for instance, and I’ll just give this as an example, there is a doctor, his name is Herald [48:55] ______, he’s a professor of Anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine and he published 93 papers on biological electricity.  Now, one thing that [49:06] ______ discovered was that measurable imbalances, like we’re talking about, in the electrical field of an organ precede the onset of disease and if the electrical imbalance is corrected, the disease does not manifest.  So, very interesting guy, he’s a PhD, he wrote [49:25] ______, if you look him up.

But these areas that are electrically imbalanced that you’re feeling like “oh” one area might be more sore than the other, it’d be good to provide, whether it be the rings or the paddles, double pad them, place them on there, and again, you don’t have to do them very long since we can drive the power here.  But, at 9.9, so that it’s gentle, especially on the organs, just gently pulsating that area, again all we’re doing, we’re not treating, we’re just bringing the voltage, that energy, back into the body that has been depleted because we maybe injured it or had an infection or something is going on in that area, we’re just giving the body the energy and raw materials that I needs to heal itself because our bodies were intended to do that.  But, again, based on what we’ve done to our body, based on what the environment’s doing, that voltage level, that battery level, within those cells in that area are just depleted.  So, we’re just giving it the energy back.

Ben:  Interesting. Okay, so what about the paddles versus the rings versus the…  There’s a lot of…  Well, there’s the square pad that you can connect, then there’s the paddles, then there’s the rings, then there’s the bed itself, what’s the difference between each of those?  If someone buys this whole system and has it set up, how should they use those different apparatuses?  Apparati?  However you say that.

Emilio:  Yeah, right.  That’s a great question.  So, first I want to paint the picture from our systems and accessories.  And so, we do have three systems which are the  [50:58] ______ generators, if you will, which is the XL Pro, the one that you called the King Daddy of all PEMFs or you called the Cadillac, I call it the Ferrari or F1 vehicle, but we have the XL Pro, we have the X1, and then we have the X which is our portable model.  Now, we have three systems, we have five accessories.  And those accessories are the full body bed, which of course is that thick, quality-made, contoured bed sitting on top of a chiropractic table just for visuals here, and of course another thick, very quality-made pad that lays on a chair for the full-body chair, we have six inch rings, we have paddles, and then we have the square pad, one of our most powerful accessories.  Now, each of those five accessories that I just mentioned can plug into, like a plug-and-play, into any of the three systems.  You can plug-and-play into the XL Pro, the X1, or the X.

So, one, I just wanted to paint that picture and of course, this is an FYI too, on the XL Pro you can utilize two things at once, two out of the five accessories at any given time.

Ben:  Right, like you were mentioning.  So, if I was doing a lower body treatment for the large intestine or the sex organs, I can have the paddles plugged in and have those just below the belly button and then the square pad plugged in and I could just be sitting on top of that.

Emilio:  Right.  And one of my favorites is to just lay down on the bed and have that square pad on top of myself so I’m really sandwiching my entire body and then just moving that pad up and down whether that be close to the chin all the way down just tracing the pathway to be more efficient in that sense.

Yeah, and so the differences between each of those, of course a full body bed is fantastic because you’re able to get fully charged.  When you think about it, a lot of people don’t think we’re electric.  I think that’s a picture I want to paint as much as I can.  Just like your phone or your computer, we’re operating the same, we need to be charged.  And, if we’ve damaged in our body in such a way or the environment’s damaged our body, some of the normal health and wellness things that you can do, that charges cells like mineral water, exercise, grounding, raw foods and veggies, or swimming in the ocean, let’s say.  If something’s really damaged or wants some really optimal performance, that’s where we’re coming into play, whereas the bed is able to charge up the battery really efficiently and effectively.  And so, that’s what I call the full body bed.  It’s a fast whole body battery recharger.  Same thing with the full body chair, I’d say the difference is of course you’ve got a little bit more coverage on the bed and then even though both the chair and bed will identify all these electrical imbalances, we do have some concentrations on the bed for the core area, the shoulders, just because statistically a lot of people are hurting in those areas.  Full body chair also has some concentration on the lumbar spine area just because statistically there’s a lot of people with pain in those areas.  But, even with some of those concentrations, coils are lined up in all throughout the pads and is going to light up differently, charge differently, each person either sitting or laying down.

Ben:  Okay.

Emilio:  And then when it comes to the other accessories like the rings, the paddles, and square pad, the paddles are great.  I love the paddles.  Not only because I can work the brain, I can work the different organs and glands and really scan the body to see if I’m…  You can just move the paddles everywhere along the body and when you reach a sensitive spot, whoa!  Then there’s something going on there.

And of course, just like myself, I’m doing a lot of health assessments and baselines.  I’ll go to my liver and it’s like, whoa! very sensitive and of course when I get some scans back, I find that I need some liver work to do.  And so, I’ve done that, I’ve charged up the liver and I’ve gotten it scanned again and then it has improved.  So, those areas that you find sensitive while working the paddles, when you find that sensitive area, keep it there for close to ten minutes, really recharging that as much as you can until you’re not feeling that sensitivity anymore.

The rings are four times stronger than the paddles, as an FYI.  They also have holes in them.  So, a lot of people like to place their hands in between the rings for the wrists or their elbows or putting their feet, people with peripheral neuropathy or plantar fasciitis or things of that nature.  Those are a lot stronger.  So, when you’re working a lot of structural areas with a lot of bone, you can utilize the rings for that.

And then last, but not least, of course the square pad which is one of our most powerful accessories.  You can, of course, use that alone or sandwich yourself, like I was talking about earlier, it you’re laying on the bed or even on the chair and just putting that square pad on top of you letting it provide a 360 charge, if you will.

Ben:  Yeah, the other interesting thing that you showed to me was how you can use it on the long bones of the femur to increase stem cell production.  Can you talk about that?

Emilio:  Yeah, absolutely.  So, that was again, some of the stuff and information that I pulled from Dr. Gary Ryan up in Hawaii.  He was talking about being able to, you know, the long pink bone marrow, either the paddles or rings, whichever you prefer.  The rings, FYI, I talked about how they’re four times stronger, but the paddles having more surface area, do about four to ten minutes, the more the better, anywhere between 2.5 to 5 pulses per second, and then I would just maximize the magnetic field strength as much as you can.  And yeah, I think there have been studies that Dr. Gary Ryan has referenced and has checked out.  I remember reading this, maybe a few weeks ago, that…  And, by the way, not only, I think, for you we did the thigh and then just tracing the pathway in terms of working the thigh to the knee down to the shins, but also the flat bone pelvis and the sternum are other areas where you can trigger the stem cell production.

One thing that I will note, that I remember making notes on, and if you go to Dr. Gary Ryan’s website, I think it’s garyryanPEMF.com, he has lots of scientific literature and studies and whatnot that he’s constantly doing or referencing from some of his colleagues or other doctors.  And one of the things I remember reading in one of the papers there on stem cell research and therapy Maziarz, I think is what it is, M-A-Z-I-A-R-Z, was some stimulatory influence on EMFs on stem cells.  For instance, an increase they found out, in proliferation rate, increase in cell viability, increase in alterations and cell cycle, things of that nature.  And of course, it goes into very much detail, but without really diving deep into that, those are some of the things that I’ve been constantly learning and reading and applying and testing out.  So, I wanted to bring that to your attention, especially because I know that you’re in the stem cell world and I know that anything we can do to enhance or optimize these things, a lot of MD and DC combos out there, facilities, utilize PEMF and stem cell stuff as well, another good thing to know,

Ben:  Yeah, from what I understand, that was one of the early research studies done on PEMF was by NASA and they were actually using it to enhance stem cell production back in the 90s they hired one of the guys who runs, I know a lot of these PEMF protocols or designs a lot of them and designs a lot of these machines, Bob Dennis, who also designed the…  Do you know this guy, Bob Dennis?

Emilio:  Sounds familiar, yeah.

Ben:  Yeah, he runs I think the ICES program.  He makes this ICES model which is like a portable PEMF device and I think he worked with NASA on increasing stem cell production.  Of course, just because I’ve talked about all the other benefits of PEMF on other podcasts that I’ll link to if you all listening in go to the show notes.  You just go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/pulsecenters.  I’ve talked about increase in blood flow, reduction of inflammation, faster recovery, you get reduced muscle loss, for example, if you want to use it after surgery for something like that, faster healing of skin wounds.  The list of benefits for this, even accelerated nerve regeneration after nerve damage, I mean, the list goes on and on.  I wanted to focus in on the unique aspects of these paddles and rings and beds on today’s show because this entire system, this Pulse Center system, is one of the more unique systems.  For me, if I get a massage, I want to freakin’ feel it!  I don’t want a rub down, I want to feel it and it’s very similar to this PEMF.

Emilio:  Right.

Ben:  I feel it and it literally has an effect right away, it’s almost like having your own home doctor right there to treat just about anything you want.  You scan, you press the button, you treat, boom, then it’s done!

Emilio:  Yeah, yeah.

Ben:  Go ahead.  What were you going to say?

Emilio:  Yeah, I was just going to say, you’re absolutely right.  The vision that I have, as well as on behalf of Pulse Centers, when I think of five to ten years, my job as a Channel Development Manager is to really, if I had to say it in one thing, we have such an advanced technology and a very unique one.  And when I think about my number one job, it’s to really raise the awareness towards where the advanced technology is at.  And the reason being, like I said, I truly believe that I have this opportunity to really write a lot of the chapters not only with this great American business story, but something that’s going to change and is changing and really being a game changer and disruptor right now in the health, wellness, fitness, longevity space is because when you think about, you know you talked about having your own masseuse or what have you, it’s like the fact that if everyone had one of these in their homes or corporations or in the education systems, we’re able to really bring optimal health and wellness whether it be for cognition, focus, clarity, so that people are energized and they feel good.  To be able to do their jobs, to be able to feel good, to be present for their loved ones, their family, and all this kind of stuff.  In an overarching thing here, that’s what we’re doing at the end of the day.  But, we can provide that in a short amount of time.  We don’t have a lot of tine, we’re doing all this other stuff, and who knows that the future holds, but the fact that we can really quickly bring about some of these changes very quickly, I think it’s profound.

Ben:  Now, can you overuse this stuff?  I mean, with the Joovv light for example, photobiomodulation, whether you’re using a Vilight or a Joovv Light or any of these things for near and far infrared therapy, you can overdo it.  They produce reactive oxygen species, so you excessively use near and far infrared light and then get to the point where you’re creating too much nitric oxide synthase, too many reactive oxygen species, and essentially shoving the body into excess free radical production and that’s why, for example, if you’re going to use the Joovv light, you don’t just stand in front of it all day.  If you’re going to use a photobiomodulation for the head, you wouldn’t want to use it, for example, there’s this Vilight that I use no more than 25-minutes every couple of days.  With PEMF, are there any rules like that?

Emilio:  Great question because a lot of people ask me that.  You know, at first, I think like with anything, one of the things that first came up to my mind when I first started with the company is this thing of diminishing returns.  However, the longer that I’ve been with the company and the stories I have been hearing, first of all, I really hear people laying on a mat all night long very low and slow and then just sleeping through it, feeling absolutely refreshed and recharged in the morning.

Ben:  Wait, I thought you could leave it on for more than 90 minutes.

Emilio:  So, our portable box, the X, doesn’t have a timer.

Ben:  Oh, really?

Emilio:  And so, you can just plug in the bed or whatever accessory, one of our accessories into the portable X and it just can run all day long.  And so, a lot of our people will, individuals or businesses, will utilize that all day long.  Now, you’ll really like this, I’m glad that we’re actually talking about this.  So, a lot of the new XL Pro units right now are able to run long.  So, right now, I think it’s maximum 90-minutes I believe.  So, now if you turn it to 90-minutes, it will keep going and so the new units, I think it’s available now actually.  I just heard in a recent call a couple of weeks ago that now even the XL Pros will be able to have an unlimited timer, if you will.

Ben:  That’s pretty cool.  I’ve got to upgrade mine so I can do that because when I’m getting my massage, I get a… I know I sound like I’m totally pampered, but I get a two hour massage.  If I’m going to pay a massage therapist to come over to my house, I want them there for a while working on me.  But, the bed turns off after 90-minutes.  So, we might have to talk.  I’ve got to figure out a way to upgrade it and get it to go as long as it needs to go.

So, basically what you’re saying is you can use it pretty much indefinitely for a long period of time?

Emilio:  Well, let me share this, I think this might open people’s minds and I think it’s important with this kind of thing about really this paradigm shift with a lot of great technologies out there such as ours.  So, I’ll talk about this one, I recently heard this, literally two weeks ago, and it also opened my mind up as I hope that it will with some of the audience.  So, we have this doctor, his name is Dr. Lee, he was on vacation in Hawaii, we were just speaking about Hawaii, where he caught pneumonia, really bad pneumonia.  So, it was so bad from the airport he immediately went to the hospital right from the airport.  He went to the doctor, the doctor said that yeah, it was pneumonia and he had some other stuff that his oxygen levels were super, super low.  They wanted to admit him into the hospital, but he refuse.  He said no.  He went right back to his house where he has our technology and he did 36-hours straight on our system.  The only time he left was to go to the bathroom and to eat some chicken soup.  But, other than that, he did 36-hours straight, on the system, and the reason why he wanted to do that is because he had a teaching engagement he had to get to.  So, he wanted to recover as fast as he could from this very severe pneumonia that he had.  Well, he went right back to the doctor after 36-hours and the doctor of course did whatever test and whatever scans and was absolutely shocked.  He said I don’t know what the heck you did, but you’re looking really good.  Yeah, cleared him, I guess, if you will to travel and to do whatever he needed to do.  So, of course he went to his teaching engagement and on he went.  And so, yeah.

Ben:  Wow.  Interesting.  Now, you talked about the portable device.  How does that work?

Emilio:  So, the portable device is called our Pulse X.   We recently, after Paleo f(x) released our fitness package which is, because our Pulse X is a black box, but we now have this blue box.  It looks pretty awesome and it’s a package with the rings, the square pad, and paddles.  Basically, what the Pulse X is, it’s a portable lightweight system that has…  Let me just talk about the difference.  So, it has a lightweight design, it has a shoulder strap.  It’s either the little black box or the blue box.  It’s just a set pulse, so around the 2.5 pulses per second, you can only do one accessory at a time, but again, you can plug any of the five accessories, the bed, the chair, the rings, paddles, or square pad into this X, but it’s only one accessory at a time.  And, it’s about 45-55% of the power of the XL Pro, but really small black box, has a handle on it, or you can have a shoulder strap.  So, for instance, I’m going to LA for business next week and I’m going to be taking it on the plane and utilizing it real easy.

Ben:  Okay, cool.  And so, you can outfit your existing system with the portable system using the same rings, paddles, etcetera, but just travel with them?

Emilio:  Yup.

Ben:  Okay.

Emilio:  Yeah, so you just, if you have all the accessories, all you need is the black box or the blue one, given that’s the fitness one.  Yeah, a lot of our athletes and Olympians use it along with a lot of our, the [1:08:08] ______ side of our business, which a lot of people don’t know about, we have a huge, huge, huge [1:08:12] ______ side with our horses.

Ben:  Got it.  You’re also doing a lot of work with businesses, like business consulting.  How does that exactly work?

Emilio:  Yeah, I’m so glad you brought that up.  A lot of people don’t know this about us, we’re this type of business consultant.  So, whether it’s, you know you mentioned massage therapy, whether it’s acupuncturists, whether it’s various types of doctors, whatever, or even now CrossFit gyms.  Anyone in the health, wellness, fitness, longevity spaces that are interested in those types of things will purchase any one of our three systems and what we do is we have this advance training in Atlanta, Georgia where the first day is a head-to-toe application and our founder, Paul Webb, goes through in details, and talks about every person’s experience on each of the applications from head to toe.  Very powerful.  One of the main reasons as to why I know so much is because I was able to soak so much in on a few advance training.  Second day is the business side of things and so a lot of business who go to that advance training, especially that second day, will receive a lot of knowledge on our improving track record of what we’ve done where the track record is really increasing time, productivity, and return on investment (ROI) for a lot of our business.  So, this is actually one of the reasons why people start of, for instance, with our XL Pro Elite Package, which is everything, and then next thing you know they pay it off very quickly, not only because they’re really making an impact, but also because if people have multiple modalities, if someone’s laying on the chair, sitting on the chair, they’re helping another person and so they’re almost duplicating themselves.  And, next thing you know, they pay it off really quickly, they then get another one, and another one, then people with five units, for instance, are able to truly, 5x their ROI and that’s what we’re seeing and that’s what we really want to do.

Ben:  Okay, so some of these offices, if someone’s listening in and they’re a physician or a personal trainer or something like that, they’re buying these and renting out time on them?

Emilio:  Well, yeah, sure, it’s like let’s say I had a membership model here in Austin, Texas which is where I’m at, and let’s say I had five XL Pro Elite Packages, the fact that people coming in and out of my facility, let’s say, five of them are laying on the bed and let’s say I’m a chiropractor and I’m adjusting this person, using a laser on this person, so I’ve got five people on the bed and then I’m helping these two other people, in one hour, I’ve got seven people charging whatever I’m charging and I didn’t have to hire a staff of seven, I didn’t have to do so much.  The technology was doing itself and I was of course helping another person, or doctor is helping another person.  That’s where it’s really maximizing their time, their productivity because they’re able to do a lot more in one hour, and then of course their ROI over time.

Ben:  Hmm, cool.  I like it.  We have a lot of physicians and stuff listening in, and then of course I run Kion U where I train a lot of these personal trainers and chiropractic docs and physicians to enhance their businesses and to learn a little bit more about physiology.  So, this is kind of right up the ally for a lot of our listeners too, just to be able to add this as a value-add to their business.

What I like about it is it’s just like a freakin’ doctor right there in my living room and I go in, I scan whatever I want to scan, I identify the areas that hurt a little bit, or that need addressing.  I can hit my liver, my gallbladder, my testes, my colon, my heart.  I can lay there when I’m getting a massage, I can use it for sleep, I can use it for headaches.  My kids sit on it, they like it, my wife has used it on her migraines.  It’s pretty crazy.  As far as a PEMF device goes, this huge bed is honestly not the most portable PEMF device that I own, but as far as something that you feel, like, if you’ve used PEMF devices before and you’re listening, this is night and day.  You lay on this thing or you use the bed or the pad and, I mean, you can feel as though some massage therapist is just digging into tissue with this PEMF.  But, there’s nobody there!  It’s magic.  It’s just electrical fields.

So, anyways, what I’m going to do is I’m going to link to your guys’ website and also I’m going to link to any of the past podcasts I’ve done on PEMF, if you just need to learn a little bit more about what PEMF is.  I’ll put all the show notes over at bengreeenfieldfitness.com/pulsecenters.  I’ll also link to that excellent book, “Healing is Voltage”, which will really help you wrap your head around how electrical and how much of a battery the human body actually is.  That’s a fantastic book, I really like that book by Dr. Jerry Tennant, “Healing is Voltage”.  It’ll help you understand this stuff a lot more if you just want to geek out on the knowledge.  And then, I’ll link to the Pulse Centers’ website.  I can’t get you, listening in, any discount codes or anything on this and admittedly it’s pretty expensive, to get one of these units, talk to me a little bit about that, Emilio.  As far as cost goes, what can people expect?  Just so nobody gets sticker shocked.

Emilio:  Yeah, no, absolutely.  So, you definitely pay for what you get, right.  With anything, all the technologies or products or services that I get, I know that I’m getting what I pay for in terms of premium.  So, we are very premium for a reason, given that we are cutting the time when we’re saying that we can really drive a lot.  So, for business, we help a lot of businesses.  Private individuals will still buy, of course, but yeah.  The XL Pro, the one that you have, that’s about $31,200.  The Pulse X1 is $18,200.  Our Pulse X is $13,200.  And then, of course, you can buy any of the accessories, the rings, paddles, square paddies, those are about $700 each.  The bed is $3,000, the chair pad with rockers is $1,200.  You know what’s funny though, a lot of individuals who end up buying this really start to see the business side of things.  So, I’d say, 50% of the time what I’ve seen in the past year, is they’re doing it for themselves or their family or loved ones, they tend to invest in the technology for their overall health and wellness, especially while they’re aging and then they start to find out, oh wow! for dinner parties or whatever, people using it, like, “hey man, I’m sleeping a whole lot better man, I don’t have that thing anymore or whatever it is.”

Ben:  Pfft, dinner parties.

Emilio:  No, I’ve had a lot of people who’ve bought them individually and they share some really funny stories.  Then, the next thing you know, you find out these people are starting to operate or own their own businesses or set up their own “Pulse Centers” because they’re either retiring and they want to do something, but still generate an income.  But you know, I will say this, even though we’re expensive so that there is not any sticker shock, before I even worked with the company, I’ve been biohacking for about 7+ years, and there’s a lot of biohacking technologies out there.  And this is not, just by the way, not a biohacking technology, of course this is on the health, wellness, fitness, longevity side of things.  But in the past, biohacking, trying various technologies, and maybe this is just me, but I think it’s something important to note the fact that when I bought my first NeuOptimal Neurofeedback Systems, it was like $12,000 and the way that I looked at it, was I’m going to have this for the rest of my life.

And so, not only did I end up personally getting a coaching business at that point in time and charging some income really payed it off really quickly.  I’m still young and I have the rest of my life where I’m going to have that technology.  So, when I think about something as premium as this that not only can help myself, but my loved ones, my family, my friends, and eventually, if I want to earn a side-income, especially with a lot of the entrepreneurs and coaches that are out there in today’s world, this is something that’s very synergistic with a lot of people and what they’re wanting to do.  And so, I just want to paint that picture a little bit because people have a different perspective or lens on anything and it’s like okay this is something premium and it’s going to last your entire life and it’s able to do all those that I mentioned is something to consider because if you look at the proven track record that we have, in 11+ years of being in business, especially where we’re going with R&D and some exciting things I unfortunately can’t talk about today, there’s an exciting story that’s happening and if you want to be a part of it, I’d love to talk.

Ben:  And you can get financing on it as well?  You’ve got some information about that on your website?

Emilio:  Yeah, absolutely.  Yeah, we have some in-house financing that a lot of our customers will try out and love, and again, great rates and again, paying it off really quickly.  So, if you have any questions, let me know.  I’m happy to help!  This is why I’m in business for this company.  There truly is some remarkable things happening.  And so, myself, Ben, on behalf of Pulse Center is really grateful to be able to really talk about this stuff because it really matters.  In the past year that I’ve seen all the testimonials across the world with this kind of stuff, it’s truly, truly remarkable and it’s something in five to ten years people won’t be asking what is PEMF and what is it doing.  It’s already doing to be in motion, people are going to be using it across the board and it’s just going to be one of those things like, oh I’ve got to brush my teeth at the end of the day.  It’s just something you’ve got to do.

Ben:  Yeah.  Yeah, well I’ll be sure to link to everything again at bengreenfieldfitness.com/pulsecenters and yeah, if you haven’t tried one of these beds, I think you guys have a list there on their website a list of practitioners.  Just go lay on one, see what it feels like, mess around with it, look for one that happens to be in your town because these things are all over the nation now at different biohacking facilities and places where you can go and try it out.  A lot of times you don’t need to buy one of these if there’s a practitioner that actually has one and you don’t want to come over to my basement and try mine, you can always hunt one down somewhere.

Emilio:  Yeah, that’s important to note: pulsecenters.com, top right, locate button, either put your address or your zip code and again, like Ben said, whether it’s a biohacking facility, whether it’s a doctor, a massage therapist, acupuncture gym, a lot of people have our technology.  So, if you just go there, press the locate button, put your zip code or address, it will populate all the centers in your area and you can go and check them out.

Ben:  Awesome.  Alright folks, I’ll link to everything.  Go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/pulsecenters.  It’s the most powerful form of PEMF you’re ever going to try and I think it’s worth messing around with if you like to own nice things that make your body and your brain better, it’s probably one of the coolest things in my whole house actually in terms of something I use every single day.  So Emilio, thanks for coming on and sharing this stuff with us, man.

Emilio:  Absolutely.  Thank you so much, again.  I’m happy to be here.

Ben:  Yeah, alright folks.  Well, I am Ben Greenfield along with Emilio from Pulse Center and all of his protocols over there…

Emilio:  Programs!

Ben:  Programs!  I just said that to bug you, dude.  Go to bengreenfieldfitness.com/pulsecenters for the show notes and until next time, have an amazing week.



At my bedside is a tiny handheld unit called a “Flexpulse”, which I consider to be a small, portable “DJ for my brain”. By adjusting the frequency emitted by the device, I can use a 3Hz frequency to lull my brain into relaxed Delta brain waves, a 10Hz frequency to generate focused Alpha brain waves or a 23Hz frequency to produce high alert Beta brain waves.

The Flexpulse generates a special kind of frequency called “PEMF”, and I’ve personally found that placing the square pad of unit on the back of my head (directly on my occipital bone) for a night of sleep or a quick nap (often combined with the Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation you’ll discover later in this article), I can knock myself out in no time flat for a perfect portion of slumber. Lately, I've been experimenting with an even more affordable alternative to the Flexpulse that seems to elicit very similar results: the ICES M1, which, in particular, has been shown to increase blood flow in joints for up to three years after a single use!

While small, portable devices like this are a perfect introduction to the wide variety of potential therapeutic applications of PEMF, the true “Cadillac” of PEMF therapy is a very large unit – about the size of a massage table – called the PulseCenter XL Pro. Both myself and Tony Robbins, Gerard Butler, Brandon Routh, Stevie Wonder and Rick Rubin are huge fans of this massive, whole-body-treatment setup, which can be used for everything from muscle sprains to headaches to sleep induction. Not to mention lots of American Ninja Warriors, countless Nike Master Trainers, lots of professional athletes who wish to remain anonymous for fear of having their secret weapon yanked, high profile biohackers, MLB, NBA, NFL players, high profile sports team owners, motivational speakers, entrepreneurial leaders and even professional bull riders.

A few months ago, a guy named Emilio Palafox came to my house to train me on this table. The guy is a wealth of knowledge on PEMF therapy so I figured I should get him on the show! Emilio is the Channel Development Manager at Pulse Centers, spreading awareness of the game-changing, disruptive Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology. Emilio looks to identify individuals, organizations and corporations that are looking for healing, faster recovery, peak performance or all of the above. Emilio speaks about being the rising tide that lifts all boats and has been collaborating with people and organizations across the world that want to help impact humanity for the better. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Pulse Centers team, helping to lead and shift the collective consciousness of health, wellness, fitness and longevity.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How PEMF works…10:30

-How the cells respond to magnetic signals…14:45

-Why the earth has actually changed in terms of the grounding and earthing effect it's able to produce…19:00

-Why the PulseCenters table feel so much more powerful than the other PEMF devices…23:30

-The difference between PEMF frequencies, intensities, etc…28:30

-How to use PEMF to “charge” the brain or get nootropics delivered more efficiently to the brain…35:30

-How to use PEMF to treat areas like the testes, colon, heart, liver, etc…38:30

-The difference between the paddles vs. the rings vs. the chair vs. the bed…51:00

-How to use PEMF to increase stem cell production…57:00

-Whether you can overuse PEMF…1:05:15

-How the PulseCenters portable system works…1:08:00

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

The Pulsecenters website

-Book: Healing Is Voltage

-Article:  A Tiny, 1/2 Ounce Piece Of Game-Changing Sleep Technology (And How To Use PEMF For Sleep)

-Podcast: The Myth About “Grounding”, Acupuncture Without Needles, 400% Increase In Stem Cell Production & Much More.

-Podcast: The Potent Ergogenic Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Enhance Athletic Performance

-Article: How Something Called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Make You Sleep Like A Baby (And Do Much More Than That).

ICES® DigiCeutical® M1 Model System

ICES® DigiCeutical® A9a Model System

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2 thoughts on “[Transcript] – The Most Powerful Cellular Exercise Machine That Exists, How It Works & Exactly How To Use It.

  1. Eric says:

    Ben and team,

    I have used the Pulse X PEMF machine daily for about 3 months now. I would like to purchase a PEMF machine. You have experimented with both the Pulse Centers PEMF and also the BioBalance PEMF machine in your “Ben recommends” section.

    Can you please help me in comparing the two? I’d like to pull the trigger and purchase a mat system to lay on and the BioBalance has a sexier price tag.

    Any info helps.

    Thank you,


    1. The PulseCenters is best for high intensity treatment for injuries, inflammation etc. and is the gold standard but admittedly more spendy than the BioBalance mat. I own both. I use the former daily for injuries, relaxation, massages, etc. and the latter I just run all night during a night of sleep.

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